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Skei Chan


Skei glanced up at the pale moon hanging like a picture frame on a pitch black sky. Her blood red eyes seemed to glow from the moons reflection.
She sighed and looked back down the cliff she had perched herself on. The river below looked like a small, silver string from a spiders web, and the trees seemed like tiny vegetables. The smell of rain in the air caught Skeis attention. She stared at the horizon to see storm clouds far ahead.
Skei likes to stand on this cliff often. It feels as if you can see the whole world just from right there. However, as much as she likes her spot, she hates the rain. Skei turns and begins to walk away from her throne. After about 100 feet from the cliff she stops at a huge rock. Skei placed her boney paw on the rock. Suddenly the wind swirled around her, and the forest around her seemed to dissappear. A black and shadow portal opens in front of the rock. Inside the portal lied the depths of the underworld, Skei's home. She put one paw into the portal and glanced back at her cliff. The smell of rain was stronger now, so she walked into the portal. The underworld, home of demons and devils alike.

The Demon Herself

Name: Skei_Chan
Alias: Shei
Age: Imortal
Gender: Female
Species: Xweetok
Birthday: November 13
Crush: None
Love: Not important to her right now
Element: Darkness
Offspring: No way
Roleplay: Open

Likes and Dislikes

Her cliff
The moon
Others like her...

bright lights
The sun
The rain


Their might only be a handfull of people and creatures that Skei actually likes... She doesn't "play well with others".

Killer is her best friend. Although she'd never say it out loud. He isn't a demon like her, nor is he a mortal or a god. He's just a floating spirit. He lives in an abandoned pumpkin patch not too far from the Haunted Woods.

Ill is a peophin. And he is the only demon that Skei has ever met that actually LIKES mortals. In fact, he's married to one. Other than that though, Skei likes the fact that he is a bit of a daredevil. He always seems to be going off an doing something that could kill him (if he wasn't immortal, but his wife doesn't know that).

Torn is what Skei considers a "Fallen Angel". He is an aisha with a lot of emotional issues. Skei and Torn have a kind of love-hate relationship.

Skei isn't quite sure is Shade is mortal or not. Frankly, Shade has no idea either. Shade is a shoyru that can control the dead and sense evil. Skei and Shade met as Shade was trying to escape an attack on her village when she was very young.

Personality and Powers

Skei is a very dark soul. She seems to enjoy the suffering of others unless it is someone close to her. She is known to be very sadistic and can get a giggle out of the thought of a box of kittens on fire. She is quite sarcastic and crude around her friends. However, they all know it's just her way of saying she likes you.
Chances are, if you have met Skei and are still alive, she...doesn't HATE you. She has many dark and a horrifying powers that can scare you to death...literally. Her peresonal favorite, is when she peers into the soul of another and burns it alive. That soul then goes straight to the underworld. Her demonic homeland.

Her Personal Companion

Anarchy has been around Skei ever since she can remember. He is an odd litte ball of fire. He can only burn things if he so chooses. Also, he can only talk to Skei. The are both psycicly linked and no one else can hear him but Skei.

Clones from others

Someone's up to no good...


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Don't be Foolish...

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