Gone...Poof. Disappeared!!!
So, Samm Will Be Working On This Over The Course Of This Year

Yes People, You Heard Right. SAMM WORKING?! OMG THAT'S INSANE!
Yes Very. Here's My Boring Stuff That You Can Read About Me.

Name:| Skareen.
Alias:| Ren.
Pronunciation:| Skuh-Reen.
Age:| 16, 17.
Gender:| Female.
Brush:| Pink.
Height:| 3' 2" at shoulder.
Weight:| 133 lbs.
Dame:| Not Sure..
Sire:| Not Sure..
Siblings:| _Vindy_, Navuk, Rhayvnne, And Zehmee.
Caretaker:| Samm
Pups:| ...
Desire/Love:| I Haven't Met Anyone Special To Me Yet.
Build:| Average/Slim.
Pelt:| Semi-Busy, Medium Length.
Eyes:| Teal/Sea-Green.
Nose:| Small, Black.
Ears:| Average.
Accessories:| None.
Markings:| Black Spot Around RIGHT EYE And A Zodiac Sign (Pisces) On My RIGHT HIP.
Personality:| Bubbly, Sweet, Overcaring, Loveable.

Count: 14

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