S'okay. Here are going to be tips for each of the four AC games. I'll also link things when it is appropriate. Sound good? Yes, yes it does. For now, we are compiling tidbits and morsels from the brains of fellow Haunties, but this thing will come together faster than Fanetti can save a goal because the quicker it's up the more time I can devote to yyb.


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Etiquette//General Help & Low-Res Links//Yooyuball//Make Some Noise//Slushie Slinger
Shootout Showdown//Scoring//Ranks//The Schedule//Motivation//Links//Credit!

Learn Some Etiquette Before You Begin Playing

DON'T BE A FREELOADER. Sorry about that, ahem. A freeloader is someone that joins a team because they want a trophy without helping the team. If you are going to play, play more than just the five games a day that you get neopoints for. Playing just ten a day would be better. More than ten and you're really helping out the team.

Also, NO TROLLING. A troll is someone that is rude to get attention. All it really accomplishes is making other teams think that all Haunties are rude n00bs and it is a waste of time and energy.

On the same note, don't be rude to other teams or players. Good sportsmanship is important, even on the internet, to keep the Cup fun for everyone.

Everyone has a life. Some of us have jobs, children, other commitments or responsibilities. Don't assume that those of us that reach all star have no life and don't assume that your time is more valuable than anyone else's. If you have time, great! If not, that's okay too. But it isn't okay to put others down because you didn't make time to play. That is all up to you.

Now, should you reach all star or any other goal, congratulations! But don't quit playing, because we still need you! After you break your goal, why not set another? Got all star halfway through? Why not aim for 30,000 goals? Even if helping out the team isn't enough motivation, think of all of the nifty things you'll be able to buy from the prize shop at the end and the jawdrops you'll receive from fellow Haunties when they see your name on Chris's Hall of Fame page.

STAY POSITIVE. Even if we lose a match or have a really off day, we have proven time and again that we are capable of besting any team, so don't stop playing because you have lost faith in the Haunties. If we all keep trying and don't assume that the team won't miss us the day after a big win or loss, we can excel.

General Games Help

-These games are repetitive and monotonous so stick on your favourite music and do your best to zone out.

-Cutting the sound can help if the game is lagging.

Low-Res Links: Shootout Showdown//Make Some Noise//Slushie Slinger

Yooyuball For HW ONLY (just click the team that we are playing against and it will open a low-res full-screen game in a new -blocked- =)):
Altador//Brightvale//Darigan Citadel//Faerieland//Kreludor//Krawk Island
Shenkuu//Lost Desert//Maraqua//Meridell//Mystery Island//Roo Island
Terror Mountain//Tyrannia//Virtupets//Kiko Lake//Moltara

The Yooyuball low res link you'll have to make yourself if you are not playing for the Haunted Woods.
Here's how:
Open a large game
Copy the url in the address bar
Open a new tab and paste the link
Change 'high' at the end to 'low
Hit enter and enjoy the pixelation

This is the link to see anyone's status in the altador cup:

Some Lingo

marathon: a goal or time-limit is set and a group of players play until the time is up or the goal is reached. During ACV, we began using to signify a marathon board.

race: two or more players literally race to see who meets a set goal first (ie- race to 150 yooyu ball goals)


abbreviation: yyb

controls: mouse (roll-over to select active player, click to shoot or pass); shift resets players to starting positions; space de-selects player

additional hints: to skip the cut-scenes after goals, hit the space bar. it doesn't save any game-time, but cuts out 8 seconds of real-time which keeps the flow of the game and really adds up during marathons

glitches: these are amusing and normal, so don't worry when they happen. they are speedy ball, speedy players, backwards players, slow ball, slow players

Yes 15-goal games count. It won't let you get 16. Once you get 15 goals, then it will immediately bring up the ref.

How Isis deals with different yooyus:

Darigan and Mutant:




Fire at the red X and Normal at the blue X:

How I deal with Darigan:

A guide with animations.

Make Some Noise

abbreviation: msn

minimum counting score: 3000

by Agh:

Slushie Slinger

abbreviations: ss, sls

minimum counting score: 300

Daisy made an Amazing Slinging Guide

Shootout Showdown

abbreviations: shsh, sosd, shosho

minimum counting score: 650

Scoring and Scorekeeping: Demystified

**working on an excel tutorial, maybe openoffice too, for setting up a scoreboard that requires no calculator for speedy scorekeeping. works for board or self or both. **

Adding scores to main board:
YYB: number goals scored minus goals scored against Fanetti
SS/MSN/SHSH: total scores

It isn't much of an issue, but scorekeepers appreciate if you let a few games accumulate before you post your scores so they don't have to take as much time out of playing to add everything up.


Playing games during the Altador Cup earns you a rank. The more you play, the higher the rank. I was gling to make a mini guide here, but then I found this one and, well, I could never beat that. Enjoy!

How the Schedule Works

It is a double round robin tournament, meaning that every team faces every tem in round one. Then every team faces every team in round two. After the forst two rounds are the finals, which consist of four brackets. Each bracket has four teams (the bottom two teams are not in these brackets as they are playing for not-last place). During the finals the top and bottom of each bracket play each other for two days, as do the middle teams. The winners of each match then play for two days, as do the losers of each. The outcomes of these last matches determine the final standings.

Keeping yourself Motivated

Stalking/chatting on the boards I saw a few ways that Haunties motivate themselves.

Chris posted this:
How to force yourself to play MSN, if you find it repulsive:
1) List down ALL letters of the alphabet.
2) Exclude the letters in NEOPETS (these don't appear in MSN games).
3) Strike off the two letters that appear in every game (bonus letters don't count).
4) ONLY allow yourself to switch to another game after you've struck off all the letters.

Jake brought this to the team boards:
0/50 Normal
0/50 Snow
0/50 Fire
0/20 Darigan
0/20 Faerie
0/20 Clockwork
0/20 Mutant
I'll go until Ive gotten that many of each YY

And Agh made this:

Fun Links!

Official Haunted Woods Devotees page

Chris made a HW Hall of Fame for ACV and a comprehensivestatistics page

Brittany made adoptables of the whole team that you can find here.

Boneh's made some nifty graphics if you want to show your HW support

People that helped out and/or told me what to put here:

any other Haunties (or honorary Haunties) that snuck something in before I started taking screenies of suggestions

Link back?


neomail tips that you feel need to be added