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Heya people! I'm Seyram, and welcome to my portfolio!. You can use the navi to your left for your convenience.
This page is mostly for me to keep track of my goals, to show off my progress in neo and mostly for people to get to know me better. Read as much as you'd like!
All credit is located in the sitely tag. However! If you see anything missing, or if you have any questions or request (or if you just wanna talk!) feel free to drop me a neomail!


Psst, these are in DD/MM format

  • 18/10: Plushie Gallery Updated and back in order
  • 10/10: Pound Updated and back in order
  • 10/10: Adopted Kevandree as my new labbie
  • 09/10: Updating my portfolio
  • 08/10: Saw Venom. It rocked
  • Days since last hiatus: 30

    Tattoo counter: 4

  • Currently reading: Harry Potter and the goblet of fire (again)
  • Currently playing: Hollow knight
  • The entity behind the screen

    Name's Seyram, and I am constantly coming in and out of hiatus like nobody's business. I am a neo veteran (2000 *sigh* what a time), however I've been hopping in and out of accounts due to, er- technicall issues. Not all of us can remember the accounts we made when we were seven, you know!
    Inside neo: I'm a collector, plushie hoarder, board lurker, pet zapper. I tend to dissapear often so I don't like to be really commited to project pages of other people, or guilds (even though I love them!). I have my own pound where I list the pets I'm zapping and those ready to go to a new loving home.
    I like roleplaying, but most of the time I'm online on my phone so I'll poof often. I'm still getting the hang of this new 2018 neo, so any help is appreciated!.
    Outside neo: I'm a student and I work seven hours a day, so I'll be poofy. I write, so you'll be seeing a lot of stories for my different pets. I love reading, mostly fantasy, so feel free to chat me up with lots of books. I like tv shows, movies, comics and games, so chat me up with those too!

    A few of my favorite things....

  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Name of the Wind saga
  • Six of Crows duology
  • Chaos Walking trilogy

  • Movies
  • Mary Poppins
  • Tangled
  • Wonder woman

  • Tv Shows
  • Doctor Who
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Game of Thrones

  • Games
  • Legend of Zelda
  • The Witcher Saga
  • Binding of Isaac
  • The Clan

    The Aces


    the Desert Eyrie


    the Pirate Kougra


    the Stealthy Draik


    the Pirate Krawk


    the Faerie Lenny

    Some of my goals

    For the detailed list of my goals and my wishlist visit here!

    I got my counter at!I got my counter at!I got my counter at!

  • [] Pets adopted out: 12/100

  • [] Sitary's customisation

  • [] Milerys' customisation

  • [] Silkar's customisation

  • [] Kvothre's customisation

  • [] Epyca's customisation

  • [] Petlookups updated

  • I need 178 avatars to finish off my list!


    Babaa - Maths Nightmare

    Number Six

    Grundo - Snowthrow!

    Wheel of Excitement

    Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle


    Space Faerie


    Grarrl Warrior

    I Taunt the Pant Devil

    Freaked Korbat


    Edna - Cackle!

    Avatar Collector

    Extreme Potato Counter

    Count von Roo

    Stamp Collector - Mystery Island

    Stamp Collector - Virtupets

    Stamp Collector - Tyrannia

    Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

    Black Pteri

    Drackonack - Hungry

    Stamp Collector - Lost Desert


    Magax: Destroyer

    I Love My Rock

    Mutant JubJub

    Chia Bomber


    I *heart* Sloth

    Elephante Surprise


    Blumaroo Court Jester


    Evil Eliv Thade

    Kacheek Swim

    Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!

    Neoquest II - Devilpuss

    Dr. Grumps

    Master Vex

    Meuka - Snotty

    Caption Contest - Funny

    Raider of Maraqua

    Neoquest II - Bionic Cybunny

    Wheel of Monotony

    Grundo - Forever Orange

    Tyranu Evavu

    Super Attack Pea!


    Island Quiggle




    Kiko Ninja


    Neopian Times Star



    Meerca - Chase

    Emo Usuki

    Freaky Factory - Yoinked

    Mutant Graveyard of Doom

    Kadoatery - Mew!

    Techo - The Buzzer Game


    Gormball - Gargarox

    Skeith - Jelly Processing Plant


    Grarrl Keno

    Hannah and the Pirate Caves

    Random Contest Winner

    Attack of the Slorgs

    Snowager - Rawr!

    I ♥ Happiness

    Aisha Scalawag

    Must... Keep... Smiling...

    Ace Zafara


    Lever of Doom


    Ice Cream Machine


    Destruct-O-Match II

    Wheel of Misfortune

    A Meepit! Run!

    Bon Appétit


    Meepit Vs Feepit

    King Kelpbeard

    Petpet Rescue

    Top Gamer

    Fishing - Titanic Squid


    NeoQuest - Wise and Powerful

    Tuskaninny - Spotted

    Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

    Neopian Times Writer

    Ruki - Mummified

    Blumaroo - Fire!

    Typing Terror

    Grand Theft Ummagine

    Volcano Run

    Techo - Cheesy

    Skeith - Snargan


    Revenge is Sweet


    Extreme Herder

    Faerie Bubbles

    Chia - Florg

    Jub Zambra

    Yes Boy Ice-Cream

    Skeith - King Hagan

    Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley

    Evil Coconut

    Altador Cup Player

    Nimmos Pond

    Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

    Carnival of Terror

    Grundo - Discarded Plushie

    Sell! SELL!!

    Stamp Collector - The Battledome

    Dark Lurker

    HT - Richest

    High Roller


    A53 - LIKE A BOSS

    Battleground: Brute Squad

    Battleground: Awakened


    Battleground: Seekers



    Stamp Collector - Faerieland

    Kiko Pop

    Beauty Contest

    Neopian Lottery

    Aaa's Revenge

    Stamp Collector - Others II

    Stamp Collector - Maraquan

    Stamp Collector - Sea Shells

    Stamp Collector - Shenkuu

    Caption Contest - Hilarious

    Stamp Collector - Neopia Central

    Altador 2018 - Altador avatar

    Altador 2018 - Brightvale avatar

    Altador 2018 - Darigan avatar

    Altador 2018 - Faerieland avatar

    Altador 2018 - Haunted avatar

    Altador 2018 - Kiko Lake avatar

    Altador 2018 - Krawk avatar

    Altador 2018 - Kreludor avatar

    Altador 2018 - Lost Desert avatar

    Altador 2018 - Maraqua avatar

    Altador 2018 - Meridell avatar

    Altador 2018 - Moltara avatar

    Altador 2018 - Mystery Island avatar

    Altador 2018 - Roo Island avatar

    Altador 2018 - Shenkuu avatar

    Altador 2018 - Terror Mountain avatar

    Altador 2018 - Tyrannia avatar

    Altador 2018 - Virtupets avatar

    Stamp Collector - NeoQuest II

    Stamp Collector - Meridell vs. Darigan

    Stamp Collector - Battle For Meridell

    Stamp Collector - Other

    Stamp Collector - Scarabs

    Stamp Collector - Space Station Coins

    Stamp Collector - Coins

    Stamp Collector - Altador

    Stamp Collector - Evil Coconuts

    Stamp Collector - NeoQuest

    That's Not Rubbish

    Trudy Avatar

    Good Day at the Bank

    Brain Tree Quest


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