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New affie here.


Things have not moved a lot around here lately... sorry about that. I just joined The Seekers for the Obelisk War event and created a looked around that theme. Enjoy!


New We Are Maraqua lookup. Sign-up open on friday. Get pumped!


New We Are Maraqua lookup. If other Altador Cup Chatgroup would like to see premade featuring them, drop me a neomail.


Nothing new to report. However, I should be able to produce a design or two as soon as the winter semester ends! SOON!


New lookup featuring the Advent Calendar.


Sorry for inactivity. All my final projects are due this week *panic, panic, panic!* New affiliate here.


It's a productive week (remember it when I won't have time to add anything new for a while... teehee!) Just added a new lookup for Halloween... The Graveyard Near The House.


New Zafaras themed lookup.


New affies here and here. Also my next premade will be a Zafara one as per a visitor's request. Then I'll try to do a spooky one for Halloween.


New affie here. Also learning really cool skill in Autodesk Maya. That's not relevant to this site, but it's taking a lot of my time. :P


New affie here.


New affie here. Did a major clean up of affiliates to remove closed sites or sites that didn't have my link back button visible.


Added a new lookup featuring Kanrik the Gelert. Made some adjustments to most of my premade layouts.


A little bit late on schedule... but I have added a new lookup featuring a Royal Girl Peophin. Enjoy!


New affie here. Also working on new designs... they should be up on this page by the end of the week.


New affie here.


New affie here.


New affie here.


New premade lookup featuring Uni.


New affiliates here.


I have added two new userlookups. One is featuring Dr.Sloth and the other one is featuring a Fire Faerie. PS. I also fixed everything so the new ad wrapper does not display on my lookup design. Enjoy!


Still swapped in homework! Rwar. Next userlookup with be about Dr. Sloth as per a request from a visitor. Also, I added a huge paragraph in my FAQ that explains why I won't allow people to adapt my code to their own images. Please read it, as it's important to understand!


I went through all my designs and fixed code that were blocked and made a few little changes (mostly regarding positionning elements). I suggest that you regrab the code if you are using one of my premade just to be sure that you have the latest version of the code :). Also, what I said in the previous news regarding custom layouts still applies. Get in touch with me and I can fix it for you!


!!! I have not verified that codes are working. I just fixed the page so it displays properly in my browser. Feel free to submit bug reports. If I design a lookup for you in the past and it needs to be fix, get in contact with me. Most of the time, I save codes so I can reuse them later but in some situations, I might have lost the code to your premade, so try to have it handy somewhere for me. Things seem to be quite unstable as far as editing petpage goes for now...


Really sorry fo my inactivity. I'm overwhelmed with my University assignements. But... here is a brand new Xandra themed lookup! I honestly believe it's epic, so I hope you enjoy it!


Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best for 2011! Be crazy, do things that make you smile and become a better person! (No lookup today, sorry... But I have quite many ideas for future premades!)


New affiliates here. On a complete unreleated note, christmas break is almost here which means I'll have time to add a few new premades :)


New affiliates here.


Another new affiliates here.


Another new affiliates here.


New affies here and here.


New lookup featuring The Faries' Ruin plot characters (and stone faeries!) Life is particulary busy since school year has started, I'm sorry for the lack of updates.


Yay! We can update petpage again! To celebrate, I have added a new lookup featuring The Wheel of Excitement. Enjoy!.


New affie here. I have also added 2 new lookups. The first one is featuring the Wheel of Knowledge and the second one is featuring a Mutant Jetsam.


New lookup for We Are Maraqua. Also, added new css tag to fix all my lookups accordingly to the new (disturbing and uggly) ads images.


New affie here


New lookup! This one is about Meridell Castle.


New affie here


New layout featuring AAA. Just in time for the Daily Dare!


Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm going through a rough time in my personal life. New affie here.


Happy New Year everyone! New affie here.


New affie here.


New affie here. Working on custom requests. (They are closed unless you are a WAMer guild member. Co, you're at the bottom of the list.


New affie here. Christmas is almost here. I cannot wait :D


New affie here. I've also removed closed sites from my affiliates.


*gasp* I won the User Spotlight today! (#247). New affie here.


New Christmas lookup. Fixed navigation images to suit new link order.


New Atlas of the Ancients lookup.


Fixed navigation on some lookups. Need to update images of some others to follow the new navigation bar.


Tentatively fixed lookups again. If it doesn't work in a particular browser, please let me know. Also, I've added 1 new spooky lookup!


New layout! It's the first time I change the layout of this site and I tried to improve it slightly. Thanks to this petpage, all my lookups code should bypass the new filter glitch. Also, special thanks to TJ for his coding assistance (IE is just plenty EBIL! I'm telling you!). I've a new affiliate: Amber's CSS. Check it out!

Welcome to Xepha's Lookups!

Hello stranger and welcome to Xepha's lookups. This site was created entirely by me, Xepha, and its main purpose is to offer different Neopets Related premade lookups. If you wish to contact me, visit my userlookup and send me a neomail!

Affiliates, Listed At and Link Back Buttons

My Affiliates

Affiliation is now opened.
Please note that I'm mostly interested to add your graphics related sites.

Listed at...

Link me!

Terms and Conditions

Please read this section with attention. I've put a lot of my time and energy into creating lookups for users. If you steal any codes or images from me, you will be reported to the Neopets Team. Considered this as your only warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often get Neomails from Neopets users. This section tries to answer the frequently asked questions. Please give it a read before sending me a Neomail.

Which programs do you use to create your lookups?

I use Photoshop CS5, on my ubber awesome iMac to create my lookups. I generally code them directly on Neopets, using my own coding library that I've developped in the past years.

Could you teach me how to make my own lookup?

No, I cannot teach over Neopets. Here is a lovely guide written by my friend Izzy that I recommand you for all your css and html needs.

So anyway, what's the language of the 'about me' text on your premades?

It's some filling text, in latin. By all mean, please remove it and write something about you in that space. I use Lorem ipsum as filling text to see how my layout looks and to position box correctly.

Could you make a special lookup just for me?

My graphics requests are CLOSED which means that I will NOT make a lookup just for you. Please, don't insist as it would only make me mad and I perfectly know how to block people who are harassing me.

I was wondering if I could use your code, replace images with my own and still credit you?

No, please don't do that. It's against my terms and conditions to steal my codes and it could get you in trouble. And do not reuse just some of my images either!

But it's just basic coding... why can't I base my lookup on your code?

Alright, we will do an analogy here. English is made of 26 letters that can be arranged into different words. With words you can make sentences. With sentences you can write a paragraph. With paragraph you can perhaps write a book. A book can be published and copyrighted to the author who wrote it. HTML and CSS are comparable to English. You use different code to create a syntax. You can arrange it in a way that is creative if you want. So I did not invent HTML and CSS. The language were not develop by me. But the order in which the codes are used, the particular trick that I use such as employing h4 for my headers... it's my signature. My way of doing it. I spend a lot of my time to fix my design so they work in all browsers when TNT change the filters for instance. Because I spend my time to arrange code, it means they are mine, and can be considered as my property. Yes everyone can possibly "use" code. Just like everyone can "use" English. To a certain extend, you can understand the code and be able to debug it (that's something I do, as I just explain). Codes, like English, can be used in a creative way.

I think you should make a lookup about...

Suggestions are welcome, but I won't necessary make them. I create lookups according to my mood and when I have free time.

I'd like to be your affiliate?

Contact me, be sure to include your petpage url in your message and I'll look at it and get back to you as soon as possible. I don't want to take too many affiliates either, so I'm looking for clean layouts, original graphics, etc. Include your page views stats for brownies points ;)

Neopets Related Lookups

How to use my lookups?

All you have to do is to choose the lookup you would like to use and to copy (1 click in the box, ctrl + a, ctrl + c on pc, cmd + a + cmd + c on mac) all the text written in the box under the preview picture. Then, go to edit profile page, paste (ctrl + v on pc, cmd + v on mac) the code and to save your new userlookup, select 'change my details'. You may replace the filler text with real information about you too.

If you get an error, report it to me as soon as possible. Don't forget to mention the title of the broken lookup!

NB: All the codes below only work on userlookups. Don't try to use them as pet lookup, pet page layout or in your shop and gallery.

Holidays and Neopets Events Lookups

Altador Cup Fanatic

Happy Holidays!

Valentine's Day

Happy Easter

Sinister Graveyard

Atlas of the Ancients

A Maraquan Present

Aristotle A. Avinroo

The Faeries' Ruin

The Graveyard Near The House

Advent Calendar

The Seekers

Neopian Characters Lookups

Swordmaster Talek



The Space Faerie

Malevolent Sentient

Cybunny Scout

Zafara Double Agent

Embrace my darkness

All Hail to Queen Xandra!

Fire Faerie

Dr. Frank Sloth


Pets and Petpets Themed Lookups


Faerie Xweetok

Make a wish...

Apple Chia

Pirate Krawk


*Does not work properly in IE.


Kadoaties *Mew*



Royal Grace


Other Lookups

Fading Memories

Mystery Island



Shenkuu Paradise

Good Night!

Plushie Palace

Meridell Castle

Celebrate Knowledge!

Excitement Awaits!

Altador Cup - We Are Maraqua


Everyday in everywave...

Fear The Wave

Fish at heart

Custom Neopets Related Lookups

In this section, you can find codes of Custom Lookups I've made. Code will be removed once the lookup is claimed by the proper user. Please do not ask me for a custom lookups. I only do requests for my closest friends!

None right now :(

Random Presents