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Hello stranger, I am Tiffany (giraffelover_77997) and I welcome you to The Star Factory! This small factory of mine has been up and running since 11 July 2012 and will hopefully still be around for years to come.
In astronomical terms, a star factory is the place where stars are formed and born. However, in this case, my star factory will be the place where stellar fonts are created to further beautify the neoboards. Each font is unique, original, and made just for you! This layout and all of my fonts look best in Chrome


- I've been out of school for a few weeks now but I've still be so busy. Hardly any time to even sleep! Also, I start an internship in the beginning of June and it's 8-10 weeks long. So basically, TSF is no longer going to be getting updated (at least, not until I can get a break which I've no idea when that'll happen). Sorry guys! It was fun working this site and I hope you all understand. I'm keeping everything up just in case there are people who still wish to use my fonts.


1. Do not claim my font as your own. It is pathetic and absolutely disrespectful. Please, just don't do it.
2. I would prefer that you do not get my font rated. But if you really want to get it rated, then just give me credit.
3. Credit for anything you use from TSF is not necessary.
4. You may edit these fonts as much as you'd like. However, it was still originally my font and therefore you cannot claim credit for making it.

a couple side notes

Fonts with a next to it means that you need a neoboard pen in order to use it.
If you don't have a neoboard pen but see a font you like that requires one, just send me a mail and I'll see what I can do.

Need help with anything or have some problems with a font? If so, just neomail me by clicking on that lovely envelope below.

text fonts  picture fonts

Text fonts

This section includes text fonts; some will match with avatars and others will not. If you like a font but want to use it with a different avatar, then go right ahead! I'm not stopping you from switching the colors around or something.
All of these fonts were made in Chrome and may look different in other browsers. If you do not use Chrome and are having problems with the font, send me a mail and I'll do my best to help you out.

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Valentine Chia // Hearts name font


Kau // Bigbang - Fantastic Baby
Note: The Korean text says, "fantastic

non-neoboard pen version

Peophin - Purple! // Bigbang - Fantastic Baby


Mortog Smooch // Let's Make a Promise - Supercell


Peophin // Vidro Moyou - Glass Pattern


non-neoboard pen version

Kau // Pastel name font


Whee! // Game of Thrones quote


Mutant Graveyard // Pumpkins


Kau // Warm Colors


Pteri Darigan // The Dark Knight Rises quote


Mortog Smooch // Let's Go - Cartel


Huggy // One Day, One Dream - Tackey & Tsubasa
Note: The Japanese text says, ❝draw your weapon❞

Island Quiggle // How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20

Deadly Dice // Fly Away - Izawa Asami
Note: The Japanese text says, ❝fly away, fly away❞


Battle Faerie // Mystical Adventure - Dragonball English OP

Space Faerie // Monochrome - Haruka Tomatsu
Note: This font is uncentered!

Kau // Canvas - Coolon

Grundo Faerie // Days - Flow (#3)

MSPP // Days - Flow (#2)
Maraquan Krawk // City - Hollywood Undead

Kadoatery Mew // Days - Flow (#1)

Master Vex // Rewrite - Asian Kung Fu Generation

Ruined // Constant Surprises - Little Dragon

BC spam font
Link color is not actually red, just shows up red because I use the V-day site theme. When posting in a guild, the link will appear light grey.

baby nimmo font

mootix // To the End of the World - Takada Kozue

fade line name font

ace zafara name font

non-neoboard pen version

Picture fonts

In all honestly, picture fonts are not my forte. I tend to make text fonts more since I'm more comfortable with making them. Nonetheless, I know that many neopians love picture fonts so I've decided to give it a shot and make as many as I can.
Please bare with me because I'm not used to making these; however, I hope you can still enjoy them. Feel free to make any changes (I actually encourage you to).

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Faded triangles

Crown and stars

the joker font

jazzmosis elephante font

rainbow popsicles font


Want a font made entirely for you? If so, then you may request a custom font that will perfectly fit to you liking. Of course, the same rules for my premade fonts apply for requested fonts. This means do not claim it as your own, do not get the font rated (unless you credit me), and of course, you may edit the font as much as you'd like but it is still my creation.

Text font requests

Write "Font request" as your subject
Waiting List:
1. Brooke
2. Mary Jane
3. Nika
4. Sabrina
5. Pin


Please do not use a font that is not yours. I worked hard on each request and I honestly hope no one would abuse that.
If you don't like how the font you requested turned out, then I'd be more the happy to change it. Just be polite and respectful; that's all I ask of you.


Since I've gotten a good handful of requests, I've decided to make a little section to showcase the fonts I've made for others. This portfolio can give you a little idea of how requests turn out so you can decide if my style is right you (in case you were considering getting a request).
If you wish to see more of my fonts, just go to my font page which is located here

In order from newest to oldest


Think of this section as a little goodie bag for you; I've made templates and palettes for you to use and I have even included a list of fontfaces. These extras are here because I want to help you become a better fontmaker so that one day you may end up making your own fonts. I will add more things to this section in due time.


These templates are just a skeleton of the font they'll eventually become - and guess who's going to complete them? That's right, you are! I've used monochrome colors in these templates to allow your creative juices to flow. You can use these with any colors and any avatar. If you have trouble picking some colors then feel free to use my palettes.

Simple fading line with text

Simple fading line

Two liner - name & quote

palettes with avatars

These are just some palettes that go with avatars; some may be fades while others are just a nice combination of colors that I've picked.

palettes without avatars

Here I will be putting up some palettes for you to use for a font (or something else if you wish). Just copy and paste the color codes from the text box (they are in the same order as the palette).



List of font faces

These are the most popular and common font faces that neopians use. I highly recommend using these and not something like "impact" or some downloaded font (since most cannot see them).

Sitely and credits

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Sister Site

Chrysalis is a wonderful font site created by the amazing, and talented, Shyann. Her fonts are lovely and very high quality. As a friend, and fellow font maker, I'd say her fonts are some of the best. If you're looking for a unique font then I highly recommend checking out her site.


Affies are opened - 24/25
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Layout- bedazzled
Dividers, bullets, and request sign - the lunch box
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Disclaimer: A couple palettes are from Colourlovers (not all, however)

started on 14 July 2012