Hi, guest! Welcome to the coolest homepage in NeoPets! I'm a kyrii, the slickest, most daring, and (overall) coolest species of Neopia. My name is sindyaaa, and I'm here to tell you what we kyriis are all about! So listen up:


I've got an eye for finding the best deals, the biggest wallets, and an opponent's biggest weakspot.
With my range of hearing, even the quietest of Jubjubs won't be able to whisper bad things about fellow kyriis without me hearing about it.
My keen sense of smell will always catch the scent of a good meal!
The 'do. Don't even try to touch it.


Owner: redmadam
Age: 70073 hours old
Level: 3
Move: 7
Strength: 8
Defense: 10
Hit Points: 12/12
Intelligence: 29