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Frequently Asked Questions - Intro

Question - How much NP should I have to get started on the Neopian Stock Market?
Answer - Ideally you want to invest about 15k into the stock market everyday, so you should have a minimum of 15,000 neopoints to start. More NP would be better and easier though, obviously. Alternatively, if you can earn 15k a day from games and whatnot, you should be good to go. That isn't too difficult nowadays, what with Trudy's Surprise.

Question - Is the Stock Market a good way to earn NP?
Answer - Yes, but this is a game of patience and it works best in the long run. The stock market is a waiting game, so don't expect to be making NP hand over fist right away. It can take weeks, months, or possibly years before a stock goes up, but it really is worth it. It's better to have your NP in the stock market than the bank.

You can earn TRUCKLOADS of NP!!

Question - Where is the Stock Market located?
Answer - You can type "stock market" in the search bar on the left hand side of most pages. You can also click "Games" on the Neopets tool bar at the top of most pages to go to the games room, and search for "stock market" on the right hand side of that page. Or finally, you can also click here.

Question - Does the Neopian Stock Market work the same way as the real market?
Answer - No, it's much simpler than that. The real market is decided on the economy; if everyone starts buying a lot of bread lets say, then a bread stock may do well. Obviously that's an over simplification, but you get the idea. The Neopian Stock Market does not work like that; if people start using the Shop Wizard, then SWNC will not necessarily go up. As far as we know, nothing we do has an effect on the various stocks. The market is unpredictable.

Question - How much NP can I earn from the Neopian Stock Market?
Answer - It depends on how much you invest, and how long you've been investing for. Things can vary from month to month or year to year too. It's not uncommon to see people who have been playing for a number of years making over one million NP in a single month though.

Question - What is a share?
Answer - A share is a small piece of a company. If you own a share, you own a small part of the company. If the price of the company goes up, then the shares you bought will be worth more NP. Thus, you would be making a profit.

Question - What is a port?
Answer - Port is short for the word portfolio. Your portfolio lists all the information on the stocks you've purchased. This information is totalled up at the bottom of the page, and includes the number of shares you have, the NP you've invested, the current worth, and percentage change. This string of numbers is often referred to as your "port" or "totals." Here is an example:

Totals: 123,000 1,852,000 2,175,000 +17.44%

Question - What is the Neodaq Index?
Answer - The Neodaq Index is the current price of all the stocks added together. It can be found within the stock market from here. It's a rather useless number.

Frequently Asked Questions - Buying

Question - What is the best stock to buy?
Answer - There is no "best" stock. However, anything currently at 15, 16, or 17 NP a share is a very good choice.

Question - Why 15, 16, or 17 NP per share?
Answer - 15 is the lowest you can normally buy a stock at (there are two ways to buy lower however, explained further on). By buying low you maximize potential profit.

Question - How many shares should I buy each day?
Answer - There is a daily purchase limit of 1,000 shares per day, so try to buy 1,000. If you're buying stock at 15 to 17 NP per share, this will cost 15,000 NP to 17,000 NP. If you can't afford 15k to 17k a day, then purchase as many shares as you can afford.

Question - How many shares should I have in each stock?
Answer - Don't worry about this too much. If you have 20k shares total, you'll find you should have a few thousand shares in a handful of stocks. If you have 100k shares, you'll probably have a few thousand shares in nearly all of the stocks. In other words, as your port grows and as long as you're making a conscious effort to diversify, things will even out naturally.

Question - What do all those words at the top of my portfolio page mean?

Icon - The picture of the company.
Ticker - The symbol for the company. What you type in to buy something.
Open - What the stock was at the start of the day (12 AM NST).
Current Price - What it's at now.
Chg - What its change has been throughout the day.
Qty - How many shares you've bought.
Paid - How much you paid for all of the shares you currently own.
Mkt Value - What you would get if you sold all of your shares right now.
% Change - The difference in percentage since you purchased your shares.

Remember, to sell your shares you have to click that grey arrow to the left of the Icon of the stock.

Question - Should I buy a stock when the volume is high or low? Should I buy a stock when the Chg is green or red?
Answer - None of that matters. It sounds like you may be over-complicating things, but that's okay, it happens with a lot of people. When we look at the stock market and see all those numbers, it can be overwhelming, even intimidating for a new player. A lot of people think that they would need an engineering degree to have any hope of understanding what's going on. Luckily, the stock market is much simpler than it looks. Most of that junk is for show. You really only need to worry about the Current Price.

Question - I keep getting this message: "Error: You cannot afford that! 1000 would cost you 15000NP!" What does it mean?
Answer - You don't have enough NP on hand to buy your shares.

Question - I keep getting this message: "Error: Sorry, due to regulations you cannot buy stock that is trading less than 15 NP a share." What does it mean?
Answer - You cannot normally buy stocks that are 14 or lower. The stock must be at least 15.

Question - What's special about having 43.8 million NP?
Answer - Maybe you saw someone on the neoboards talking about how they now have 43.8 million NP in the bank. This is a nice milestone to reach because it means that you will be earning 15,000 NP in daily interest, thereby paying for your shares in the stock market each day. Here are some other bank amounts and the daily interest they give:

29,200,000 NP = 10,000 NP
43,800,000 NP = 15,000 NP
58,400,000 NP = 20,000 NP
100,000,000 NP = 34,247 NP

Question - I'm just going to buy at 15; I mean, why bother with 16 or 17?
Answer - If you mean you are going to wait until something reaches 15 until you buy your shares for the day, no problem, it's your time. If you mean you are going to skip a day of buying because you don't see anything at 15, I would not recommend that...

If you typically sell at 60, you're making 45,000 NP in profit. If you skip a day of buying something at 16 to save 1,000 NP, you're actually losing out on a potential 44,000 NP. The 15 to 17 method allows for easy diversification. If you have 10,000 shares in a stock at 15 and only 2,000 in another stock at 16, go ahead and buy the one at 16. I'll buy at 18 or 19 sometimes; it's not a huge deal. I know a lot of people like to only buy at 15 to keep the numbers in their port even, which I never understood, but hey, to each their own.

Question - Why can't we buy below 15?
Answer - If we could buy lower, there would be even less risk to playing the market. The well known 15 - 17 method would turn into the 6 - 8 method. Basically, TNT has this rule in place because there has to be some challenge to the market, and that is it. There are two methods to purchasing stock as low as 10 however, explained further below.

Frequently Asked Questions - Selling

Question - How do I sell my stocks?
Answer - Click the grey arrow by the icon of the stock you wish to sell, type in how many shares you'd like to sell, then click the 'Sell Shares' button at the bottom. The button is not there at first, but will appear once you click the grey arrow.

That grey arrow on the left is what you're looking for.

Question - I keep getting this message: "Error: It costs 20 neopoints to sell any shares, you do not have enough!" What does it mean?
Answer - You don't have enough NP on hand to sell your shares. You must pay Nigel 20 NP for each sale you make.

Question - When is a good time to sell my stock(s)?
Answer - This is a totally personal choice. I want you to ask yourself these two questions... Are you happy with the profit? Do you need the NP now and/or will you need it soon? If you answered yes to both questions, then you should probably sell. If you answered no to both, then it sounds like you can risk holding out for more profit. If you answered no to the first question and yes to the second, or vice versa, then this is where greed will come into play. There is nothing wrong with being greedy, it can in fact be a good way to make even more NP. Whenever I'm faced with this tough choice, I ask myself this question:

I'm sorry to tell you, but you're in a no win situation here; no one is able to sell their stocks at the perfect time, all the time. You could sell a little bit now, and hold on to the rest in the hopes that the stock will continue to go up. Or you could pick a number to sell at, stick with that number, and don't look back. Looking back will only fill you with regret a lot of the time. As time goes on, you won't need the NP as much, so you may want to raise your sell point in the future.

Question - Is there a limit to selling, like there is with buying?
Answer - Nope, you can sell your whole port off one day if you'd like.

Question - If I sell 2,000 shares of something one day, can I buy 2,000 shares of something that same day?
Answer - No, it doesn't work like that. You can buy 1k shares each day, no ifs, ands, or BOTTs about it.

Want to grab some FISH and CHPS? No? Well then I'll CHIA later...
Quiggle - I see what you did there.

Question - Can anybody tell what will happen to a stock?
Answer - No. The market is unpredictable and no one knows what will happen. If anyone says otherwise, they are lying!

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Question - Where can I add the stock market to my favourites?
Answer - Here!

Question - Where can I add a PIN to my portfolio?
Answer - Here!

Question - I got a random event from Nigel telling me to buy a stock, should I buy it?
Answer - In most cases, no. That random event is totally... random. He may choose a stock lower than 15, he may even choose a bankrupt stock. Nigel may be a sharp looking chia, but he knows less than you'd think.

I NEED that commission!
Nigel - How can you say such a thing?!
Me - Why do you charge only 20 NP on sales?
Nigel - Because shut up.

Question - If everybody buys a certain stock, will it go up?
Answer - No. Volume does not affect the market. Just because a bunch of people buy a stock doesn't necessarily mean it will go up. Remember, the market is unpredictable.

Question - When do the stocks change?
Answer - The market used to update every half hour at 28 and 58 minutes past the hour, but over the years the timing of things on the site continues to degrade slightly. It updates every half hour still. Not all stocks will change during an update though.

Question - Does the market ever close?
Answer - The market is open 24/7. Some of the stats in your portfolio will "reset" to 0 at midnight NST, but that's all. Daylight savings time messes with this reset throughout half of the year, and it happens one hour earlier.

Question - How often should I check my stocks?
Answer - Most people tend to look over their ports only once or twice a day, perhaps more if they notice one of their stocks is getting close to their sell point.

I've heard that debits equal credits too.
Scorchio - According to this chart, buying low + selling high = profit!

Question - My stocks just won't go up, what should I do?
Answer - Don't do anything. Just be patient and your stocks should go up in time. If they are way down, don't panic. Just because they are going down doesn't mean they will bankrupt. There is almost no scenario where you should sell at a loss, especially if you buy low. Patience is the key.

Question - Is it better to have my NP in the bank or in the stock market?
Answer - Your NP is better off in the stock market. Why? The highest interest rate for the bank account is 12.5% for one year. Typical sales in the stock market begin at 300% and only go up from there. Yes, there is a limit to how much NP you can invest into the stock market... If you have hundreds of millions of NP then the bank is arguably better, but still, the market offers a better return on your investment. You should be investing in the market regardless of how much rich you are.

300 is 24 times greater than 12.5!Why wasn't I playing the stock market?!
Moehog - We're better than you!
Skeith: :(

Question - Should I put all my NP into one or two stocks and hope they go up?
Answer - This is called hyperstocking, and I advise against it. The risks outweigh the benefits. The best thing to do is diversify your portfolio by buying many different companies at the 15 to 17 NP per share range.

Question - But won't heavily investing give me more profit?
Answer - You might think so, but it doesn't. If you were to buy 20k shares of one company and you sell it at 30, that's 600k NP. But if you were to diversify that 20k shares into five companies (that's 4k shares in five different companies), if all of them were to get to 30 (which is not rare at all), that's still 600k NP.

Now what if one of the companies were to bankrupt on either side: don't you think it would be a lot better to lose 4k shares rather than 20k shares? We diversify both to minimize risk and increase sale frequency. Hyperstocking will not earn you more NP; it will only appear like this because you will be collecting all the NP at one time. You're going to be hoping for that one day when the stock skyrockets, which could take years; years with no profit. Diversifying will spread out your profit over time, you might get some NP this day, then that day, then a little more that day, etc.

Question - What's the highest you've sold at?
Answer - Although I sell most of my shares in the 60 to 100 range, after a long hiatus I came back to sell 25k shares of SKBD at 286 and 25k shares of VPTS at 600.

Now that was an awesome day.

Question - How often do stocks go bankrupt?
Answer - It's extremely rare. So rare in fact that you probably shouldn't even worry about it. As long as you diversify, any losses incurred due to a bankruptcy will be negligible compared to the profit being made by the other stocks.

Question - How many stocks have gone bankrupt?
Answer - Thirteen stocks have gone bankrupt, and seven stocks have been created.

HAKA – October 10th, 2000.
BBBB – February 4th, 2002.
SILL – February 4th, 2002.
TEFV – February 4th, 2002.
NTV – February 7th, 2002.
KATE – November 7th, 2002.
FUZZ – June 20th, 2003.
BODA – July 9th, 2003.
NEGG – July 18th, 2003.
SSGS – October 28th, 2003.
BOOM – April 23rd, 2004.
TCAG – August 3rd, 2004.
JCK – November 15th, 2004.
HUW – April 27th, 2001.
SMUG – February 7th, 2002.
VPTS – February 13th, 2002.
MPC – April 23rd, 2004.
LDSC – January 27th, 2005.
ACFI – January 31st, 2005.
TNPT – January 31st, 2005.
Although ACFI and TNPT were added January 31st in the news, they weren't actually buyable until March 16th.

This was taken from the news the day of JCK's bankruptcy:

Question - Sometimes I see people buying stocks below 15. How are they doing this?
Answer - Currently there are two ways to buy stock as low as 10 NP per share: through the week long Battleground of the Obelisk stock boon, or the year long Charity Corner stock perk.

Question - What is the stock boon?
Answer - Every two weeks there is a little event in the battledome (three days to join a team, four days to fight, and one week of rewards/rest). You can join one of three randomly selected teams every round. If the team you join wins and you've reached the minimum amount of wins (ten wins minimum, difficulty of the opponents you face doesn't appear to matter), you'll be rewarded with an avatar, site theme, and a boon. A boon is a bonus that you'll be able to use around the site. If you wish to purchase cheaper stocks, The Cheaper by the Dozen boon is the one that you're after. It lowers the minimum buying price from 15 to 10 for one week. The Sway and The Thieves Guild both have access to the Cheaper by the Dozen boon. The Awakened have their boons chosen randomly, and have a chance to get the Cheaper by the Dozen boon.

Don't forget to battle!
Techo - What do you mean I need to fight to play the stock market?!

Go to the Battleground of the Obelisk main page to find out when you can join a team. Check out my battledome guide if you'd like more detailed information on boons, or if you'd just like some help with the Battledome.

Question - What is Charity Corner?
Answer - Charity Corner is an event held every... Year or so. Unlike other recurring events (like the Altador Cup or Games Master Challenge), it is not held during a specific time each year. It was held in December of 2014, September of 2015, February of 2017, and March of 2018. During the event, you will be asked to provide items of a specific rarity. These items could be category specific (Toys, Books, etc), or it could be an "anything goes" kind of deal. In return, you will either get prizes back immediately, or points to be spent on perks at the end of the event. Trophies and/or avatars could also be awarded. The date of which the event is held, the prizes, even what must be done in order to participate all vary. This is a very inconsistent event.

Many people attempt to stock up on items that they think will be useful for the next Charity Corner, however, due to the inconsistent nature of the event, this can be difficult. During the last Charity Corner, it didn't matter what kind of item you donated, only the rarity was important. Anything from r1 to r179, and r181 to r200 (r180 denotes a retired item, that's why they were left out). Generally speaking, a higher rarity item would provide more points. At the end of the event you would have access to the perk/gift shop. The Cheaper by the Dozen perk required 5,000 points, which meant you would have to donate anywhere from 334 to 5,000 items to have enough points for it.

Selling Strategies - The 15 / 30 Method

- you don't need much NP to start off with
- it's great for building your portfolio
- you can easily switch to another technique at any time
- there are more profitable ways of playing the market
- you won't get much profit, if any, in the first few months

I am only briefly touching on the 15 / 30 method below; you can find the full 15 / 30 Method here. Special thanks to outlaw for letting me briefly describe it

What you want to do for roughly 45 days is buy 1,000 shares of any stock at 15, 16, or 17 NP per share. You can simply play games to earn NP, or any other way you are comfortable with to get 15k a day; it's not too hard with enough effort. If you're on everyday to collect the Trudy daily, then you're already good to go.

Try to diversify the shares that you are buying. This means to buy shares from as many different stocks as you can. Once you have these 45k shares in your portfolio, you can start selling some shares. Sell off 15,000 shares of anything that hits 30 NP per share or higher within the next few weeks, and use that cash to buy another 30,000 shares of anything at 15, 16, or 17 NP per share.

Since you started roughly 75 days ago, you should have a port of 60k shares or just under 1 mil now. Your portfolio should be built up to the point where it is somewhat self supporting itself, meaning, you're making enough sales from the stock market that you don't have to go out of your way to earn 15k to invest daily. At this point you can continue to follow the 15 / 30 Method, or you can choose a different selling strategy further below.

For the next three to six months you'll be continuing the 15 / 30 Method, buying 1,000 shares of anything at 15 to 17 NP per share while also trying to diversify your port. Sell off 1,000 shares of anything past 30 every other day to pay for two days worth of stocks. By the end of the six month period, you should now have a port worth about 150k shares, or almost 2.5 million NP.

At this point, you should really move on to another selling strategy, as other methods can earn you more NP. You can continue the 15 / 30 Method if you'd like, but keep in mind that this technique is for beginners who wish to learn how to play the stock market and build their portfolio.

Selling Strategies - The Set Sell Point

- your port will be earning enough NP to be self sustaining, and more
- consistent profit; you will be making NP year round
- many people use this technique to make a mil or more in a month
- it can be hard picking a sell point

The Set Sell Point method first requires you to pick a sell point. This number is the point at which you would be happy with selling your stocks. It should be at least 45 NP; otherwise you're pretty much sticking to the 15 / 30 Method.

You don't have to stick with your sell point forever. If you think you're making too many sales, or wish to build your portfolio, you could raise your selling price. If you feel that you're making too few sales, lower your sell point.

Keep in mind that selling higher is not necessarily better; few stocks will reach 100, even fewer will make it to 200, very rarely will we see a stock hit 300, and so on and so forth. Putting your sell point at a very high number could (in some cases) actually earn less NP than selling at a lower number.

What's a good number then? I would recommend 60. Most people sell somewhere between 60 and 100 NP per share. This area has thus far proven to be a very reliable range to have a sell point at, as most stocks will reach this area somewhat frequently. My average sell point has been around 80 for the past few years.

If you're really having trouble picking a sell point, there is one other method you could try...

Selling Strategies - Stagger Selling

- enables you to have a self sustaining port with consistent profit
- many people use this technique to make a mil or more in a month
- good for people who have a hard time picking a sell point
- it may or may not be as profitable as the set sell point method

This method is very similar to the Set Sell Point technique above. The only difference is that you will move your sell point as you are selling.

Again, pick a sell point, one that you are happy with when selling your stock. Let's use 60 in our example. Also pick another number that we'll call the "increment value." Let's use 10 as our example.

When your stock gets to the sell point (60), don't sell all of the shares, but only a fraction (one third, one half, one fifth, etc.) of your shares. Continue to sell another fraction of your shares in increments of your "increment value" (10). For example, if you have 4K shares in a stock, you could sell 1k shares at 60 NP, 70 NP, 80 NP, and 90 NP per share.

Another example; if your sell point is 75 and your increment value 25, then you could sell 3K shares at 75 NP, then 100 NP, then 125 NP, and so on until you run out of shares to sell.

What if a stock jumps multiple increments when you weren't looking? Do you sell according to the number of increments it jumped by, or just the same fraction of shares? That's totally up to you. That's the great thing about stagger selling, it's flexible. Sell based on your needs.

I find that this technique works well, and in my experience on the Stock Tips Chat most people seem to use this technique now. Give it a try if you are having trouble picking a sell point.

I've been switching between a set sell point and stagger selling over the years. Sometimes I just want to sell all my shares of a stock and look forward, other times I feel like taking a bit of a risk and begin stagger selling, getting some NP but also hoping for additional profits.

I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to play the Neopian Stock Market. The above are not examples of the "right" way to play the stock market, but examples of how to play it well. You don't have to stick to all the above rules of course, the stock market is a game and the point of a game is to have fun. Play however you like most!

Having said that, the above are tried and true methods to earning NP. There is a reason why so many people use them; they have years of statistics and research behind them. You WILL profit using these methods, if you are patient enough.

Selling Strategies - Other Methods

The three examples above were profitable methods of playing the market, below are three more methods that are not widely used. They are not used because of various reasons, usually because they do not provide the best profit. I post these methods because you may hear these terms on the Stock Tips Chat from time to time, and it's good to know what other people are talking about.


Collecting is just what it sounds like, collecting shares. Collectors, as they're sometimes referred to, don't sell very often, if at all. They hold onto their stocks, even if they are presented with the opportunity of a sale. This can be done for various reasons.

Be careful not to choke on your aspirations...
Nigel - I find your lack of sales disturbing.

Collecting can be good if you simply want to build your port to a larger size. A larger port can increase your frequency of sales... If you ever decide to stop collecting and go back to a more reasonable sell point that is. Once you start collecting, it can be difficult to stop. Some can get carried away and collect stocks until they have hundreds of thousands, even millions of shares. There's nothing wrong with that of course. If that's how you want to play then so be it, but the more sales that you pass up, the more NP you're throwing away.

Eventually you'll just have to ask yourself, are you playing the stock market to build a massive port, or are you playing to earn NP?

Day Trading

This technique is meant to dish out quick, albeit small profit. Day trading is when a stock is bought very high and sold the day of, or very close to the day it was purchased. Since stocks that are very high tend to fluctuate more than stocks that are low, the idea is that a quick profit can be made.

For example, a stock bought at 500 could be sold the same day for 550. If 1,000 shares were bought, that's 50,000 NP earned that day. This is a short term method.

You could have made 43K in a single day by investing in SSS.

Or you could have lost 49K in another.

If you've been reading this guide or know anything about the stock market, you'll notice that this method goes against everything that has been taught. It is very rarely used and for good reason. It's a very risky method that can ultimately lead to great losses just as quickly as great gains.

No day trader has ever made more NP than a long term investor in the long run!


Hyperstocking is when a massive amount of shares are purchased in a small number of stocks. The buying range is usually a little higher when hyperstocking to help build up the shares (15 - 25 for example). The shares build up over time and eventually the player will have a massive amount in one or two companies. When a sale is made, the player can sell all the shares at once for one massive sale.

For example, a player could buy 100,000 shares in a company over the course of a year. Eventually, if that stock rises to 100, all shares could be sold for 10 million NP. Let's just hope Snigel doesn't steal those shares...

Snigel is Nigel's evil twin!

The idea is to get one huge sale instead of many small sales here and there. Overall, it's not a terrible method. It's just not widely used because the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The disadvantages being; the risk if that stock goes bankrupt (although this isn't much of a concern nowadays), the long wait time until the sale, and the lack of profit up until the big sale.

The biggest problem with all of these techniques can be summed up in one word; consistency. There is no consistency to the profit. With collecting you are passing up too many sales, day trading only offers possible profit when a stock is very high, and hyperstocking can take years to pay out.

Miscellaneous - The Stock Market Avatar

Neoboard Fonts
How to obtain this avatar: Have over 1,000,000 NP invested in the Neopian Stock Market, then view your portfolio!
Additional notes: Follow this guide and you'll eventually get the avatar. If you don't care about the stock market and just want the avatar, click here for a quicker, more detailed alternative method.
[font c=444444]neoHTML[/font]
[font c=00FF00]neoHTML[/font]
[font c=FF0000]neoHTML[/font]

Miscellaneous - Other Things to Keep in Mind...

The bargain stocks page is a list of stocks from 6 to 19. You can use this list to quickly view the cheapest stocks and decide what you want to buy for the day:

The entire list of stocks (including the bankrupt ones) can be found below:

Both of these links behave a little weirdly when I try to direct link them through the guide, which is why I've posted the full addresses. Blame TNT.

If you have a question that's not in the guide, feel free to neomail me any time, and I'll do my best to help. Or, you could talk it up with the kind people of the Stock Tips Chat. Keep in mind that the STC is a slow moving board, so you may not get an answer for a little while.

Need even more stock guides? Here are a bunch of 'em: 5nps, Angus_Mcgyver, Antiole, BetterKnow, dogooderneoneo, dreadknight_2, Daundest_Blue, Elric_Ward, Gloisaina, hoppy4747364, Jazzember, KegglesJr, kuraddo, lannine12205, lawoto, Mharkis, MySharonRose, slightlypsychicpaper, stepchild2, stock_stats, stocktycoon, Torrenzara, and yiacatecuhtli.

If you've created, or know of a stock guide that you'd like to see here, neomail me and I'll enter it in.

Here are two stock guilds that I approve of: Neo Stock Benefit Guild and The Neopian "Stock Brokers Association" Guild.

You're done!
As far as a stock market guide goes, you can stop here if you'd like. Yup, you're done, above is all you need to know. What's below then? It's what I call "fluff"; extra information about the stock market that I decided to add. I would say that it's not necessary to read anything below in order to play the stock market, although reading it may provide a better understanding of how the stock market works.

Fluff - Interesting Stock Market Facts

I wrote a stock market article that was accepted into the Neopian Times. It celebrates the market being around for 14 long years, and is filled with interesting facts about the Neopian Stock Market. Click the image on the left to take a look.

Fluff - Random vs. Unpredictable

A long time ago on the Stock Tips Chat (back when things were a lot more active), there were debates about whether the stock market was random or unpredictable. Is there a difference? Is it important to know? Well, not exactly, but it may help you in deciding which stocks to buy and sell.

Webster's dictionary defines random simply as lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern, while unpredictable is defined as unforeseen; that cannot be anticipated; tending to rash or unexplained action. Based on these definitions, we can conclude that the stock market is unpredictable and not random. Why?

Some stocks behave better or worse than others. KSON and VPTS are perfect examples. These are the only two stocks that have broken the 1,000 NP per share mark in over 16 years. If things were truly random, wouldn't we see more stocks reaching these heights more frequently? We don't, because stocks do not necessarily have a plan, purpose, or pattern, but rather behave in unexplainable actions, as previously defined.

The problem with saying that the stock market is random is that you cannot be sure. Only The Neopets Team can definitively say how the market is run. It could follow some sort of complicated computer algorithm that only they know of, or maybe they play a major role in deciding which stocks skyrocket and which bankrupt, or perhaps they have 43 hamsters running in cages... If one of them starts running really fast then the stock associated with that hamster will go up... Okay, maybe it's not that last one, but the point is that we simply don't know how things work exactly.

In other words, the Neopian Stock Market is unpredictable and not random for two reasons:
- by looking at the history of the stock market we should clearly see good and bad performing stocks, which we do, and
- we don't know how the market works exactly, so it's entirely possible that certain stocks could be programmed in different ways.

Does any of this really matter to the average investor? No. Does any of this matter to the hardcore investor? Probably not. It's just that I've seen the topic come up on the STC from time to time, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about it. Perhaps it will satisfy the curiosity of some people.

In conclusion, let me just say this... Since everything is unpredictable, it is impossible to predict what stocks will go up. Although there are good and bad stocks, it's impossible to know if those stocks will continue to perform that way forever.

A stock's history is useless in the sense that it will not tell us its future. There is no best stock that will continually go up and down, making you a fortune. Try to invest shares in all the companies.

Fluff - History of the Neopian Stock Market

July 24th: From New Features
We are also working on the Neopia Stock Market, just so you know :)
July 25th: From New Features
Still working on the Stock Market (its going to be here in a couple of days)
July 28th: From New Features
Just a quick note from Adam - we have been really busy since we are installing a new database server (double the power!), so things like the Theme Parks and Stock Market are going to take a couple more days. Sorry about that!
July 31st: From New Features
Hi there. Its going to be a busy week, the first few days we are installing a lot more servers to keep the site fast, and we will also be adding the Theme Parks and Stock Market this week.
August 2nd: From New Features
ALPHA TESTERS WANTED The Stock Market goes into alpha today.. you can buy shares, and view companies, but nothing else. If you want to check it out click here.
August 2nd: From New Features
Added 20 more companies to the Stock Market. Its going to be good!!!!
August 3rd: From New Features
Added 'Volume' to the Stock Market. Now you can see how many shares are being traded daily.
August 3rd: From New Features
You can now do a company profile in the Stock Market, and there is a Pick of the Day!
August 7th: From New Features
You can now sell shares on the stock market, its nearly finished!!!
August 8th: From New Features
All the Stock Market images have been uploaded.
August 19th and 20th: From New Features
UPDATE : Just so you know what we are working on : I (Adam P) am working on the Training School, Chris is working on a safe way to trade items (a trading post), Dallas is working on the Stock Market, and James is working on Guilds and Clubs! We hope to have all this completed soon. The training school will be opening soon!
August 24th: From New Features
The Neopian Stock Market has finally been launched!
August 29th: From New Features
The stockmarket is now working a lot better (we made the price changes more realistic), so why not buy some shares here.
August 31st: From New Features
The Stock Market daily limit of shares has gone up to 1000. We will be improving the stock market also.
September 22nd: From New Features
STOCK MARKET IS HERE... AGAIN Apologies to one and all who bought shares in our Stock Market, and then saw it go down. We had some real problems getting it launched correctly, but we have been working on it all night, and its here! The stocks will even move properly, like a proper market, depending on who buys and sells. Check it out here
September 22nd: From New Features
Added a new section to the Stock Market - Bargain Stocks. Now if you dont have many NP you can list all the cheap stocks!
September 23rd: From New Features
Stock Market Update - a lot of people have been selling their shares, and the index has crashed from 219 points to 190 points. Dont worry about it, I see a good next week for buying :)
September 23rd: From New Features
The Neodaq index is now on the front page!
September 23rd and 24th: From New Features
Edited the Stock Market so that the shares have more chance of moving.
October 10th: From New Features
Oh no - HAKA, Hakaheke Island flights went bust today on the Stock Market. Looks like they weren't making a profit - a warning to all companies!
October 18th: From New Features
Are you confused about the Stock Market or Training School? Why not take a look at our new Help Sections? They may have the answers you are looking for.
December 5th: From New Features
There has been a big crash on the Stock Market today. All the big overvalued companies took a beating as investors pulled out at the last minute. As a result, the smaller undervalued companies all shot up in value! CHPS was the biggest offender of blatantly inflated stock prices...they fell by over 94 percent today. Remember, you can never trust in a single stock!
December 12th: From New Features
SECURITY UPDATE - We just found a lot of people using a program that was designed to cheat our flash games. Even whole guilds were taking advantage of this program. Every single person (over 200 of them) has been frozen and will not get their accounts back. Please do not do this, it unbalances the game for everybody else and is blatantly against our terms and conditions (and we can easily track it, too).

Also, we would like to point out that creating multiple accounts to artificially inflate stocks on the Stock Market is also illegal! Please just play by the rules to make Neopets more fun for everybody.
December 29th: From New Features
Fixed a baby bug with the stockmarket where sometimes it wouldnt let you buy shares. Thanks for pointing that one out, Katherine :)
December 31st: From New Features
A lot of stocks on the Stock Market have crashed heavily today, due to really bad end of year results. We hope that 2001 is a better year for these companies :(
January 10th: From New Features
The Neopian Stockmarket just invested in a NEODAQ ticker - check it out! ** UPDATE ** Now you can click on the scrolling names to bring up the company profile!
January 19th: From New Features
IMPORTANT NEODAQ WARNING - We have discovered that guilds have been set up for express purpose of influencing the Stock Market. Artificially inflating the stocks in this matter is not allowed, so we have removed the guilds and will freeze any people that are caught doing it in the future. Sorry about this, but the Stock Market is a single player game, and by abusing it the Neopian Economy can become unbalanced.
January 20th: From New Features
After yesterday's announcement, a lot of stocks in the Stock Market took a battering. The Neodaq, now at an all time low is being tipped by an alysts to recover over the next month, now is a good time to invest.
February 19th: From New Features
We have added the Neopets Battledome and the Neopian Stockmarket to the new look Games Room. This should make finding your favourite games much easier.
April 27th: From New Features
Keep a close eye on the latest company to enter the stock market, HUW (Huberts Hot Dogs) went on sale today!
June 5th: From New Features
OOPS! - There has been a major Stock Market Crash due to fears of profit taking from the bullish past few days.
June 15th: From New Features
We have a new Mystery Pic today - the answer to last week's Mystery Pic was 'the laptop in the stock market section'.
August 20th: From New Features
The NeoDAQ value was not changing much, so we have made it a lot larger. This doesn't affect the Stock Market at all, it just means you can notice smaller fluctuations in the market.
August 27th: From New Features
More improvements to the speed of the site today! The Battledome just got much faster, as well as the Neofriends, Abilities, Trading Post and Stock Market!
November 21st: From New Features
Doh! Some of the high-flying companies on the Stock Market took a major nosedive today :(
November 22nd: From New Features
Following yesterday's Stock Market crash, most of the low-priced stocks have surged in value!
February 4th: From New Features
The regulators of the Neopian Stockmarket are frankly sick and tired of people purchasing shares at 6 and selling them for a 9 to 10 - its just not helping the companies grow. A new regulation means that you can only purchase shares of companies that are trading for 15 NP and above!

Oh dear... there has been a massive downturn in the market... and a couple of companies have gone bankrupt. We aren't sure of the reasons yet... watch this space...
February 5th: From New Features
We have a lot of questions about yesterday's Stock Market change, so here is the official reason why we did it :

Firstly, if people bought at 6 NP before it would be impossible for them to lose money. We want the Stock Market to be more like a game than a freebie. Now there is more risk, and as a result the game is more exciting :) Just remember, it's all relative... if you have a million Neopoints, that is great - however if every other person in Neopia has a million too, then its not so great.

Also - the price of shares can go up if they are below 15. We designed the Stock Market so that it is not 100% reliant on who is buying or selling, its a lot more random than that :)
February 7th: From New Features
The Faerie Queen has reduced the price of ALL HIDDEN TOWER ITEMS by 10%. I think she feels sorry for this weeks Stock Market crash!
February 7th: From New Features
Another Stock Market upset today, NTV has declared bankruptcy due to false accounting practices and a mysterious CEO resignation. In other news, the Smugglers of Krawk Island have entered the market with ticker SMUG.
February 8th: From New Features
VERY BAD NEWS about the Stock Market today... four companies have filed bankruptcy meaning that their stock price is now 0. These companies include... hehe just kidding!
February 13th: From New Features
A new company has been added to the Stock Market, ticker symbol VPTS. Hmmmm, that sounds familiar....
May 4th and 5th: From Editorial 38
Is it true that Adam is tired of Neopets and Neopia and so the changes to the Shop Wizard, the Stock market, et al, is actually designed to drive people AWAY from the site?
No, those changes are to keep Neopets balanced and fun. If it was too easy everyone would have millions and what would be the point of playing.
November 10th: From New Features
Argh! Kacheek Telecommunications have just announced bankruptcy after mis-stating their earnings for the last three years. 7,902,297 shares were outstanding, we hope for your sake that you didn't own any :)
June 20th: From New Features
STOCKMARKET UPDATE - The company Fuzz-I-Ow (NEODAQ: FUZZ) released its earnings today, and promptly realised that it should have gone out of business two years ago (but nobody realised). Oh well, hope you didn't have any of their stock because it just hit 0.
June 20th: From New Features
Bankrupt Companies no longer come up as Stock of the Day!
June 28th and 29th: From Editorial 97
I read a somewhere you said cars don't exist in Neopia and Neopets don't drive but in the haunted woods in the haunted house, that choose your own adventure game, there is a car, and a Neopet is driving it. Also in a game I played once I remember there was also a car, um... so I'm confused now. Can you make me not confused anymore?
Ok, cars don't exist in Neopia. Nor do laptops, computers or anything super high-tech (except in the Space Station). Some of our games are just jokes (such as the stock market) and have little parody images like Nigel in his car. These games are seperate from the fantasy world that is Neopia, they are just on the site for fun. (By the way the Quiggle in a car for the Mcdonald's drive through is just a sponsor thing. The drive thru will not ever be featured in cartoons, computer games, books, etc. because it doesn't really exist in Neopia)
July 9th: From New Features
It's been a massive day on the Stock Market today, the Neodaq Index is currently up 168 points!!! All investors are really really happy, well, apart from those who invested in BODA (they just declared bankruptcy :( ).
July 18th: From New Features
It's been a great day for Balthazar's Faerie Bottling Inc. (NeoDAQ: BOTT), they are up over 122% on the Stock Market. However, the latest company to declare bankruptcy in this recent rash of bad news is NEGG :(
August 9th and 10th: From Editorial 103
Do bankrupt companies ever go back up in the stock market? - Lenorinel_sci
Nope, once they declare bancruptcy thats it, they are out of the stock market forever.
October 28th: From New Features
What was in those sausages?!?!?!?! Well, it seems that somebody found out, and Meri Acre Sausages closed its doors today, SSGS plummeting to the ground.

Other food-related stocks such as KAUF and FISH are also feeling the heat, dropping as much as 52% in mid-morning trading.
February 13th: From Editorial 128
Does the Neopian Stock Market run 24 hours, or between certain hours? I check my stocks a couple times a day, and want to know if I'm completely wasting my time... - Sheforcedme64
You are quite correct to check all the time. The Neopian Stock Market is open around the clock, so you never know when those stocks are going to sky rocket.
April 23rd: From New Features
Oh dear, a bit of an upset on the NeoDAQ today. Due to a corporate scandal and accounting irregularities, BOOM have filed for bankruptcy. Oh well. The newest company to join is the highly-talked about Meridell Potato Company, debuting at 37 NP a share.
May 15th and 16th: From Editorial 140
Can you pleeeeeaaassssssseeeeee increase the number of maximum shares you can buy a day to 2000 or maybe even 3000? Thanks :) - Pokeruby25
It has been a while since we have added anything to the Stock Market, I don't see why not!
August 3rd:

Although no news is mentioned about the bankruptcy of TCAG, this is when it went bankrupt.
November 15th: From New Features
Neopian Newsflash. Jacko of Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. was taken away in handcuffs today after allegations that he was involved in insider trading. Shares plummeted from 726 NP to nothing in a matter of minutes. Just goes to show that the Stockmarket isn't such an easy gamble after all :)
November 16th: From New Features
Stocks that have gone bankrupt are no longer displayed in the Stock Ticker.
December 3rd: From Editorial 168
I love playing the stock market cause it's fun and reaps lots of profits (if you play it right). I consider myself astock market whiz and I was wondering if you could release some stock market avatars or shopkeepers? - Lgoody16
Of course, we do tend to leave the Stock Market to run by itself, but we will add some more stockmarket related things soon.
January 21st: From Editorial 174
I'm getting bored of the same old stocks, same old things... Add some new stocks!!! - kikik312
Wow, it has been a long while since we added anything to the Stock Market. New companies should be expected to go on sale shortly.
January 27th: From New Features
New Game
A new stall has been set up in the Lost Desert selling all kinds of new scratchcards including Geb Gajillionaire, Sutek's Riches or Bagguss Bonanza. Are you feeling Lucky?

Lost Desert Scratchcards has also been added to the Stock Market with the ticker symbol LDSC.
January 28th: From Editorial 176
I think it might be interesting if there was a huge stock market crash, like the one in 1929. The stock market would go down and the bank would run out of money and there would be total CHAOS as everyone loses their money... But that's just my opinion... And I think it would be funny (for me anyway)... - willman93
Oooh that is such a nasty idea hehe. I think a lot of people would be very distressed if anything like that happened, but who knows... The Stock Market has been a little too stable recently...
January 31st: From New Features
Two new companies have entered the Stock Market. Now you can invest in The Neopian Times (TNPT) and Achyfi Enterprises (ACFI).
May 12th: From New Features
On Friday we will be taking the Stockmarket offline for a few hours for some maintenance. This should take approximately three hours, but we will try to get it back up as soon as we can.
January 6th: From Editorial 222
I was just wondering, are you allowed to use the Stockmarket on more than one account, or is it just like playing games? - 22billie22
The stock market is considered a game. Since you are only allowed a limited number of shares each day, it's very important that you don't play the stock market in multiple accounts to try and circ umvent this limit. This would unbalance things, and would be considered cheating just like playing any other game on your alternate account would be.

Sorry, I can't talk now. BUY BUY BUY SELL SELL SELL
May 4th: From Editorial 290
Personally, I really like the new layout and everything. Yes, it took some getting used to; I had a bit of trouble finding some things, but most have been found by now. One thing I really did like about the old layout, though, was the link to the Stock Market on the home page. I have remedied the difficulty in finding the Stock Market (going to games, searching for Stock Market) by adding it to my favourite games. But, do you think you could put a link to it on the home page again? Please? – igloolik
Way ahead of you! If you check out the main page (you can get there quickly by clicking the Neopets logo in the upper left hand corner) you'll notice that Neodaq Index status is now a link! We noticed a lot of people having difficulty getting to that area, so we decided to make your Neo-life a bit easier in that regard and changed it a couple days ago. :) You can also get to the Stock Market (and the Battledome) via the Games Room.

Umm... could I get one of those fancy redraws? PLEASE?
June 27th: From Editorial 349
Hello, I have some stocks at the Neopian stock market and I've always wondered: do the stock prices change randomly, or do certain things influence them? – hantsik
Years ago user interaction had an effect on the stock market, but that was stopped after guilds started getting together to manipulate it. These days it's entirely random.
August 7th: From Editorial 404
Have you ever considered making a High Score Table for the Neopian Stock Market? That would be awesome! (Thanks for 8 years of fun, by the way!) ~cry884
It's a very nice thought, but we don't think that everyone with a lot of NP invested in the Stock Market would want it publicly broadcasted on a High Score Table. A lot of people prefer to be private about just how many Neopoints they have. (Thanks for hanging with us for so many years!)
October 9th: From Editorial 413
Why hello there, TNT! How are you guys doing today? Oh, you're excited to answer my question? That's splendid! I'll get on with it, then! A lot of us Stock Market players feel as though we are being a little neglected. :( Where is our avatar? *hands out muffins* Please? - melayeti14
Actually, we've been meaning to release one! Thanks for the reminder. We'll make a note to schedule it relatively soon.
October 29th: From New Features
Savvy Neopets should be able to figure out how to get this new avatar...
November 12th: From Editorial 469
Hi, TNT! Are you allowed to buy stocks on your side account if you send the Neopoints over from your main account? ~michaelxzhang_side
No, the Neopian Stock Market is a place to invest and (usually) make Neopoints. It's not a side account activity. Sorry!
March 18th: From Editorial 486
Alright, TNT. Kacheek and Sons Landscaping has had their fun at the top of the stock market for quite some time now, and all of us investors are tired of kicking ourselves in the shins daily for selling way too early. Could you give another stock a chance to rise to the top so that we can start bringing in some revenue again? Our shins would appreciate it. ~buildabearnamedkilo
/jawdrop *_* Man, there are some of us here that wish we'd invested in that, too! We don't manually control the Stock Market, so... yeah, wow. Guess we'll just wait and see what happens.
April 8th: From Editorial 489
Hey, TNT! I was buying stocks in the stock market when I noticed some of the companies (such as BOOM and NEGG) were completely bankrupt, with their stock values at zero. Curious, I looked through the old Editorials and found one that said if a company goes bankrupt, then its stocks will be worthless forever! Could this still happen to my stocks? I don't want to lose my hard-earned Neopoints. :( ~phdinmagic
O.O *watches another Editorial writer get dragged off* Well then... uhh, where were we? Ahem, to answer your question: unfortunately, that is one of the risks of the Neopian Stock Market. D:
March 7th: From Editorial 635
Hey there, TNT. You guys are the bomb -- pun totally intended, by the way. Getting to the point, I recently submitted a comic that included a curly-wired telephone and it apparently got rejected because those things don't exist in Neopia. However, I've noticed that the business-y Chia on the main page of the stock market is talking on a cell phone and driving a car, which is another technology that is supposedly nonexistent. I'm not angry or anything, just curious (and maybe a little suspicious *shifty eyes*). ~gamertron676767618
Yeeaaah, Nigel's a bit of an old cheat in that he has items that don't exist in Neopia. One of the reasons why we haven't redone his art is because we'd have to take away his classic car and cellphone.
May 9th: From Editorial 644
So, in my Personal Finance class we're learning about the stock market. This made me remember that I've invested in the Neopian Stock Market, so I decided to check mine. Lo and behold, my LUPE stocks had gone up a whopping 3,800% and I got a profit of 700k! I showed my Personal Finance teacher and she sees the Neopian Stock Market as a great teaching opportunity. This site DOES have a real world use, no matter what ANYBODY says! ~horsey0luver
We agree! We seriously doubt anyone who grew up playing Neopets is going to fall for Internet scams! ;) We've also gotten countless thank-yous from players who have grown up to be artists, writers, and programmers, thanks to their start in Neopia!

Fluff – Recording Your Stock Data

A handful of people like to keep track of their stocks. Buys, sales, or other stats can be interesting to look at after keeping track of them. Keeping track of your stock stats is not necessary of course, but I do encourage people to do it if they have the time.

Some may be reluctant to record their data, perhaps because it looks daunting (you could start recording just your sales to keep things simple), or perhaps they've already built up a substantial portfolio and feel like that ship has already sailed (I had 324,000 shares when I began recording my stock data). I prefer using a spreadsheet program, but if you're unfamiliar with many of the commands, I know some people record their data with pen and paper.

A spreadsheet is a little bit of work to set up, but once it's done, it only takes 30 seconds or so to add some data each day. Microsoft Excel, Office 365, and OpenOffice are all good spreadsheet programs. If you know most of the different commands, then you could make your own, but feel free to borrow some ideas from the one I've created. I've changed my spreadsheet quite a bit over the years. Below are some examples

An old example from when I first started recording my buys and sales, using Microsoft Excel.

A modern day example of how I record things, using OpenOffice.

Here are some other examples of people recording their stocks: Hydro and Micky.

If you'd like to see your records linked here, feel free to neomail me. I'd love to see more data!

Fluff – My Stock Data

Something to note... It's entirely possible that a stock may have gone to 60 and back down to a buyable price in a quick time, and I didn't sell it because it didn't reach my sell point. Or maybe it went to 80 for a short time and I missed a sale. What I'm saying is that just because I have a certain amount of runs recorded, doesn't mean those were the only runs. Keep in mind that the above is just my stock data. This is all just a small piece of a very large puzzle.

Furthermore, stock history is not important! A stock may have performed horrendously in the past, or it may have performed phenomenally... That does not mean it will always behave in a similar manner in the future. Do not make your purchases based on the history of a stock! Why do I record my buys and sales then? Simply because I and others enjoy looking through the data.

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