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Frequently Asked Questions - Intro

Question - Is it true the Fathers Sword does more damage against the final boss?
Answer - Yes, it's absolutely true, so don't sell that sword! You can actually use the Father Sword against the final boss of the game, Terask II, and do more damage to him than you would with the other high end swords in the game. You cannot get the sword back if you sell it; just keep it as you upgrade your weapons. It is not absolutely necessary to use this sword against Terask II, so if you did sell it, not a big deal.

Question - I just started, what is this game?
Answer - NeoQuest II is a turn based RPG (Role Playing Game). You fight enemies, gain experience, gain levels, and fight more enemies. It is rather slow paced, and some people will like it, others won't.

Question - Where can I find NeoQuest II?
Answer - You can type "NeoQuest II" in the search bar on the left hand side of most pages. You can also click "Games" on the Neopets tool bar at the top to go to the games room, and search for "NeoQuest II" on the right hand side of that page. Or you could click here.

Question - How long can it take to play through a game of NeoQuest II?
Answer - There are a lot of factors; how good your internet connection is, how often you can play, how good you are at theses types of games, what difficulty you're playing on, do you know where you're going, etc. Your first time through, or your InSaNe! play through will probably be your longest. My InSaNe! time clocked in at over 20 days, so you should be able to do a game in under a month. My fastest time was on Evil difficulty at a little over 2 days.

Question - A month? Is it really worth putting that much time and effort into a game of NeoQuest II?
Answer - If you plan on playing Neopets for a long time, then yes, I'd say it is worth it. You can make a lot of NP from NeoQuest II. The bronze, silver, or gold trophy is cool to have too.

Question - What can I earn for playing NeoQuest II?
Answer - You will earn NP for each boss you beat. At the end of the game you will also earn a trophy, some NP, and one of four random prizes based on your difficulty.



10,000 NP

Mipsys Charm Bracelet, Rohanes Armor Polish, Talinias Whittling Knife, Velms Healing Potion


30,000 NP

Halo of Devilpuss, Ramtors Spellbook, Scuzzys Comb, Tooth of Terask


50,000 NP

Bow of Destiny, Staff of Righteous Fury, Sword Of Apocalypse, Wand of Reality

It should be noted that a prize can only be received once on InSaNe mode.
It's also against the rules to play NQII on multiple accounts.

Question - What were the prizes you received for beating NeoQuest II?
Answer - I beat NeoQuest II six times. These are the six prizes I received:


Mipsys Charm Bracelet

Ramtors Spellbook

Wand of Reality
2nd Evil

Tooth of Terask
3rd Evil

Halo of Devilpuss
4th Evil

Ramtors Spellbook

Question - How much NP have you made from playing NeoQuest II?
Answer - At the time of selling the items, I received about 5.5 million NP. Back then these weapons were very good, but to be honest, nowadays they really aren't that great. You could still make over a million NP if you get lucky and receive a Wand of Reality or Bow of Destiny though.

Question - Some of the areas are like mazes, how do I know where to go?
Answer - There are some really good sites on the internet with maps of all the NeoQuest II areas, however, due to Neopets rules I cannot post a link to any of these sites, nor can I encourage you to use a search engine to find them

Frequently Asked Questions - Enemies and Bosses

Question - I'm having trouble with regular enemies, what should I do?
Answer - It really depends on how much experience you're earning per enemy. 75 to 100 per enemy is a good amount. For example, if you defeat two enemies then anywhere from 150 to 200 experience would be a decent amount. If you're earning less than 75 per enemy, you should continue onwards to harder enemies. If you're earning more than 100, then staying back might be wise.

Early in the game you may be earning less as it will be hard to maintain a decent amount of health without great healing power, but later on in the game when you have Velm's healing powers, it's not uncommon to earn 450 or more exp from 4 enemies at a time.


Question - I'm having trouble with some bosses, what should I do?
Answer - Make sure you have a lot of damage potions, haste potions, and slow potions to use on the enemy, especially as you get further through the game. These are a great help and will usually help you win a lot of your battles. These are my recommended levels for fighting bosses:

Miner Foreman - 5
Zombom - 11
Sand Grundo - 15
Ramtor - 17
Ramtor 2 - 20
Leximp - 21
Kolvars - 25
Scuzzy - 29
Silicast - 32
Gebarn - 34
Revenant - 36
Coltzan - 38
Anubits - 40
Meuka - 42
Spider Grundo - 45
Four Faeries - 46
Hubrid Nox - 49
Esophagor - 50
Fallen Angel - 51
Devilpuss - 52
Faerie Thief - 53
Faerie Thief - 54
Faerie Thief - 55
Pant Devil - 56
Terask - 59
Terask II - 60
Miner Foreman - 6
Zombom - 12
Sand Grundo - 15
Ramtor - 18
Ramtor 2 - 21
Leximp - 22
Kolvars - 25
Scuzzy - 30
Silicast - 33
Gebarn - 35
Revenant - 37
Coltzan - 39
Anubits - 41
Meuka - 43
Spider Grundo - 45
Four Faeries - 47
Hubrid Nox - 50
Esophagor - 51
Fallen Angel - 52
Devilpuss - 53
Faerie Thief - 54
Faerie Thief - 55
Faerie Thief - 56
Pant Devil - 57
Terask - 59
Terask II - 60
Miner Foreman - 7
Zombom - 14
Sand Grundo - 16
Ramtor - 18
Ramtor 2 - 22
Leximp - 23
Kolvars - 26
Scuzzy - 31
Silicast - 34
Gebarn - 35
Revenant - 38
Coltzan - 39
Anubits - 42
Meuka - 44
Spider Grundo - 46
Four Faeries - 49
Hubrid Nox - 52
Esophagor - 52
Fallen Angel - 52
Devilpuss - 54
Faerie Thief - 55
Faerie Thief - 56
Faerie Thief - 57
Pant Devil - 59
Terask - 60
Terask II - 60

These are just my suggested levels for beating the bosses.
If you feel comfortable beating them at a higher or lower level, then do so.

Question - One or more of my characters have fainted, how can I heal them?
Answer - Any inn you rest in will heal the fainted characters back to full health. You can also start getting revive potions in Act 3 and on.

Question - I sometimes find weapons after battles, why?
Answer - In the Evil and InSaNe difficulties, it is possible to find weapons after winning your battle. Just a little something The Neopets Team added to make your adventure a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions - Specifics

Question - I just started, what do I do?
Answer - Don't go too far away from your starting city, Trestin. Train until level 4 or so. Talk to your mother if you need to be healed. Once you're about level 5, you can either go North of Trestin to enter a cave and fight your first boss to get even stronger. The cave is fairly straight forward, and at the end is the first boss. Fighting this boss isn't necessary; you could skip it and travel east of the cave to get to White River City.

Question - When and where can I get people to join my party and fight with me?
Answer - Mipsy is in White River City in Chapter 1, Talinia is in an inn in Chapter 2, and Velm is in Wasset Village in Chapter 3.

Question - What if I forgot to pick up one of these characters?
Answer - You can do two things. If you're still in the chapter where you can get the character, you can go back and pick them up. If you are in a different chapter, then you must continue forward to get your next character. The previous one will be with them. For instance, if you are in Chapter 2 without Mipsy, then when you get Talinia you will also get Mipsy.

Question - I'm in White River City, what now?
Answer - You should train and earn gold near the city for buying the damage potions to use on Zombom. Zombom is a very tough boss and is who you'll be going for next. He is in a cave to the north east of White River City.

Question - Zombom is quite difficult, how can I beat him?
Answer - Zombom is one of the harder bosses in the game, so don't worry if you've lost a few times. Make sure you're at least my suggested level depending on your difficulty. Buy about ten damage potions from White River City. These should take him out, or at least damage him enough for you to take him out with some ease.

Question - Where do I go after beating Zombom?
Answer - You can now travel back to White River City, where the bridge in the centre of the town will now be crossable. Go to the southern part of the city to talk to Mipsy who will join your party. Leave through the south part of the city and travel east until you get around the mountains. Then continue south west to the city of Lakeside.

Question - Where is the hermit (Meridell - Act 1)?
Answer - He is in the top left hand corner of the city Lakeside. He's behind a bunch of trees. You must go to the very top middle to find an entrance in this forest like area.

Question - Should I be a high level for Ramtor II?
Answer - Yup, because after you beat Ramtor II you will go straight to Chapter II. The enemies will get harder, and if you can't beat them you may find that you'll be in trouble at the beginning of this act.

Question - Why can't I understand what the Chias are saying in Chia Oscuro?
Answer - You need to get the word stone to understand them. This is obtainable by beating Leximp in the cave to the East of the city. Beating him is not necessary, nor is talking to any of the Chias.

Question - Where is Talinia?
Answer - Once you are out of the Caves of Terror, you will be in the Eastern Pass. Talinia is waiting for you in the Mountainside Inn, which is located north east of the exit of the Caves of Terror.

Question - What do I do first in the Lost Desert?
Answer - Leave the main city and head North East. You'll come to a pyramid; Silicast is at the end. Once he is defeated, head North West of that pyramid and you'll come to the Ruined Temple.

Question - Where do I go after defeating Gebarn II in the Ruined Temple?
Answer - The mountains to the left and right of the temple will now be gone. It's a simple matter of going around and behind the temple. You'll then be in Wasset village where Velm is obtainable.

Question - Where is the hermit (Lost Desert - Act 3)?
Answer - Make sure after saving Lifira, you talk to her in Wasset village. Lifira tells you to find this hermit. From Wasset village, go North West until you get to some rocks. Follow the rocks and you will eventually get to the top. Keep going up until you can't see the rocks at the bottom, and then continue West and you will eventually get to him.

Question - I can't find the gem the hermit tells me to get, where is it?
Answer - Go straight up from the hermit until you hit mountains. Continue east following these rocks while always sticking to them though. You'll eventually be able to dig in the sand.

Question - What do I do after getting the gem in the sand?
Answer - After that you're heading South East to fight Coltzan's Ghost, where you'll receive another gem leading to the rocks in the shape of a face. 3 spaces left of the rock nose is the final gem leading to a pyramid South West of Wasset Village. Fight and beat Anubits there, and you're done Act 3.

Question - Where do I go in the Haunted Woods?
Answer - The Haunted Woods is fairly straight forward; you should only need maps in a few areas. First however, follow the path to a castle and beat Count Von Roo.

Question - I'm having trouble with the Four Faeries, any advice?
Answer - Make sure you're at least my recommended level up top. The order in which you take them out is debatable, but I suggest the order of Fire, Dark, Water, and then Earth. Fire deals a lot of damage and it's good to get her out of the way first, dark powers her team mates up so it's good to get her next, water heals and earth is just HP mostly. Make sure you also use damage, haste, and slow potions.

Question - Should I fight Hubrid Nox?
Answer - I suggest you do, even on InSaNe! mode. Hubrid may be hard yes, but his tower is filled with enemies and you can gain a good 1 to 5 levels, roughly, depending if you hunt or not. You can also get some good weapons after beating him. Plus, the Esophagor will be a breeze if you beat Hubrid.

Question - So I should really risk fighting Hubrid Nox even on InSaNe! mode?
Answer - I say yes unless you're really worried. I did, although it was the closest I came to losing...

If you do manage to beat Hubrid though, you should have no trouble for the next bit of the game. The Esophagor and Fallen Angel will be a piece of cake.

Question - Where do I get the two avatars for NeoQuest II in Faerieland?
Answer - You can get one of the avatars for beating the Devilpuss, the boss right after Fallen Angel. The other is beating a Bionic Cybunny, which can be found almost anywhere after the Devilpuss.

Question - The Faerie Thief fled after I beat her, what now?
Answer - You have to go find her again and beat her two more times before you can get into Faerie Palace. The second time she will be in the building to the left of the one you defeated her in first, and for the third time she will be North in front of the Palace.

Question - What do I do in Faerie Palace?
Answer - This is one big maze, but keep at it because you're in the home stretch of the game! You can get through the first floor easier with a map. Once you're on the second floor, you're heading to the East and West towers to defeat the Pant Devils there. Talk to the faerie at the beginning of the second floor to fuse the key back together. Head for Terask I, who is South of the Pant Devil in the East tower.

Question - Is there an easy way to beat Terask I without having to save my haste, slow, and damage potions?
Answer - Yes actually. You should have roughly 20 Coma Potions, 20 Speed of Light Potions, and 20 Hurricane Potions by this point. Feel free to use all these potions, because after beating this fearsome beast, a faerie on the next floor sells all three of these potions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Points

Innate Melee Haste, Critical Attacks, Stunning Strikes, Innate Magic Resistance, and then Damage Increase
Group Direct Damage**, Innate Casting Haste, Innate Melee Defense, and then Damage Shields
Increased Bow Damage, Innate Melee Haste, Shockwave, Innate Magic Resistance, and then Slowing Strike
Group Healing, Innate Casting Haste, Celestial Hammer, Innate Melee Defense, and then Group Shielding

**Many people argue whether Group Direct Damage or just Direct Damage is better. I used to like simple DD, but over time I moved to GDD, and now use GDD. I also suggest you use GDD. I just thought it's better to deal 64 points of damage to 4 people, rather than 100 to 1, but it's really up to you. I wouldn't get both however as that seems like a waste of points. Just stick with one or the other.

*I only listed 4 stats for Mipsy as opposed to 5 like the other characters because since you shouldn't get DD (or GDD), this leaves 2 left: Group Haste, and Slowing. I find these stats to be somewhat of a waste as you get to use better versions of them with the slowing and haste potions you can buy. If you have a few points left over though, feel free to spend them on either. They can also be good if you run out of potions.

IMPORTANT - Do not spend all 15 points on any stat. At the end of the game, you get weapons that give you bonuses of up to 5. Thus, bringing anything to 15 is most likely going to be a waste of at least 1 point.

For example:
Radiant Holy Chain
- Innate Casting Haste: +3
- Innate Melee Defense: +2
Holy Chain Armour (def 48)

Training Innate Melee Defense to 15 would be a waste of two points since no stat can surpass 15. You don't have to worry about this too much for Normal mode, but I highly suggest not maxing out your stats for Evil, and especially InSaNe! I usually train one stat to 10 or 11, then move on to the next. Remember, you may not get a weapon that has good bonuses near the end for a certain character, so its a good idea to keep about 10 points not spent on anything, until you beat Terask I. Terask I gives you the last of the best weapons in the game, so you will know what bonuses you have and what you will need to spend things on. I stop spending points at level 50.

Nearing The End - King Terask (Mk. II)

So you've faced the big one, King Terask (Mk. II), but you can't beat him you say?
Well here are a few strategies that should help with the annoying dragon:

Preparing for Terask II
In the Haunted Woods by the Brain Tree, Augur Faunt sells many good potions. Buy 20 of his Corrode, Eyrie Flight, and Sloth's Sloth potions. Try not to use them though. Once finished the Haunted Woods, continue on the path in Faerieland until you get to the Northern Watchtower. Go to the 2nd floor and talk to Gustano, the cook. Buy 20 of his Typhoon, Speed of Wind, and Slumber potions. Try not to use any of those potions as well; they may be needed for Terask II. These potions are almost as good as the next versions further on that you'll get in Faerieland, and by not using them, you could basically have 60 good damage, haste, and slow potions ready to use for Terask II. Try to save up any potions if you can, as they can be helpful against bosses.
Staying Ahead of Terask II
First off, make sure that before battling him you have at least 20 Coma, 20 Speed of Light, and 20 Hurricane Potions. The previous potions also help. Make sure Terask II is always slowed by the Coma potions, if you run out then go to the Slumber potions if you have any left, then Sloth's Sloth potions, etc. Also make sure all of your characters are hastened with the Speed of Light potions, and again if you run out just keep going down the line to your next best potion.
Dealing with Mesmerization
Mesmerize, (which can be used by Velm, Terask II, or many other enemies and bosses) can do quite a bit of damage in the long run if you're unlucky enough to be hit by it. It's also a good tactic to use on Terask II. If you get lucky and mesmerize Terask in one of the first few turns, you can slow him, haste your party, put damage shields on, determine Rohane, and put the group protection on without Terask II hitting you once. But what if Terask II mesmerizes one of your party members? Well you might have seen that if one does get mesmerized then attacked again, they will recover, but it's much simpler than that. If you didn't already know, when the party members HP changes, they will be cured of the mesmerization. This is where Velm's Group Heal can come in handy.
Dealing the Damage
5,000 HP, 6,250 HP, or even 7,500 HP can be quite a tower to scale. This is where the damage potions come in handy. The best one says it can do 170 damage, but it can actually do anywhere from 0 to upwards of 200, depending on how lucky you are. As long as Terask II does not have his protection up, I suggest using Rohane and Talinia for hitting Terask II with the damage potions. Use Velm for healing if you need and Mipsy for her good magic attacks. If Terask II does have his protective barrier up however, I would refrain from using the damage potions as the shield tends to block them and you'll be wasting most of them. But that also works the other way around so make sure you have your shields up as well.

Following those steps, you should have no trouble with Terask II, good luck.

Miscellaneous - NeoQuest II Avatars

Lose to a Plains Lupe anywhere in the first chapter.

This one is pretty easy. Just find a Plains Lupe anywhere in the first chapter and lose to it. These are some of the first enemies you face.

Beat the Devilpuss in Chapter 5.

The Devilpuss is a boss in the 5th chapter, Faerieland. The Devilpuss can't be missed, so you will get this as you progress through the game.

Beat a Bionic Cybunny in Chapter 5.

Bionic Cybunnies can be found after the Devilpuss, near Cirrus. You'll be fighting them for a good while, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one and collecting this avatar.

Miscellaneous - Other Things to Keep in Mind…

If you still need help with something, why not chat it up with some of the people on the NeoQuest + NeoQuest II board? They may be able to help.

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