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Mel's Blog

6.5.10 Summer Time!

Okay, I am finally out of school and have time to do requests. I know I haven't updated in forever or even blogged. I just quit and decided to come back in the summer. I am going to a art camp in July so I will be gone for about a week. I have already started making up my 100 requests! The new layout I hope will be up soon and I hope I will finish all the requests by the end of June.
These are the things I am going to do...I will put up more pages. I will do an affiliate contact and sweep. I will also recode and get rid of really bad layouts. Of course I will do more, but this is about it!
-Mel =)

4.6.10 Spring is in the Air

Wow! I haven't blogged or updated in two WHOLE months! This is crazy! I have SO much to do with my site, but cannot find time. I guess you could say I am on hiatus, but that is not what I would call it. FINALLY! My spring break is here. Although I said this was my main time to update, I can't. My projects for school are piling up and I need to accomplish them. So here is the final statement about MY NEW GRAND OPENING! Summer 2010. I am putting up a sign and not coming back to this before summer to REVAMP. I never wanted this to happen, but school is so hectic.
Anyway, if you are on spring break, I hope you are having a wonderful time! If you already had yours, I hope it was great! And if it hasn't happened yet, I hope it'll be full of fun and great times. I am on my spring break and it has been great!
MY BIRTHDAY is today and it is great so far. I got a GRAPHICS TABLET, so now I can do scribbles and all sorts of new layouts! I am so excited and am working on making and finishing all those requests...we'll see... -Mel =)

1.30.10 Goals

So it is almost 1:00 in the morning where I live, but I wanted to blog. This icon is one of my many new icons I made. What do you think?
So I mainly blogged to tell you what I want to accomplish before re-opening my site.
1. I want to finish most of the requests. I just dont want super long waiting lists.
2. I want to have one tutorial made.
3. An affie swipe.
4. About 10 premade customs made.
That is pretty much it. Once I get these accomplished (and of course my layout finished!), I will re-open. I am hoping at the beginning of summer I can do this, although I believe I will have TONS of summer reading and projects for my honors and AP classes. We will see how that goes.

1.17.10 Up and Coming...

Hey! Today's blog will be insanely long. This 4 day weekend has definitely freed up so much time for me. I have been able to start working toward the grand opening of my new and improved Signature Requests. I have been working on this new layout for four or five days I believe. I am loving the outcome of this new layout. After watching a CSS tutorial, it made sense of everything CSS. This current layout has CSS and I understood most of it, but now I understand everything. I coded my new layout from scratch. I am proud of myself. The thought of the new and improved Signature Requests makes me fill up with excitement. I cannot stop thinking about it. There will be a huge difference in the site.
1. The layout is the first part of this new site. It is mapped and has some nice tables.
2. Now my requests. I am hoping to get these done before the new opening. Many people don't need them anymore, which shortens the lists quite a bit.
3. My premades will be added too, since my requests do become my premades, which many are not being used. I also will be deleting some because they just aren't as great as I thought.
3. My premade customs will hopefully help with the request list. By making premade layouts with popular themes, will make it easier. It is on a first come first serve basis. A person picks out one of the premade layouts (available) adds their guild name, headers, and navigation.
4. My tutorials will help MS paint graphics makers improve.
5. My history page is just a fun page to look at. It will contain old layouts, starting with the VERY FIRST one. It will also contain old requests and premades I made.
Now for little details. I am adding a new counter on the homepage to document views since the new opening. I will also be adding counters to all the pages. With my 5 people waiting list and CLOSED requests, I will never get 100 requests EVER AGAIN!!! More info ll be coming tomorrow. I just don't want to make this super long.

1.11.10 New Ideas!!!!

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't updated nor blogged in a while. So I am going to have a new grand opening. I am planning for it to be sometime in the spring, like over my spring break. I wanted to do it over my winter break, but I was SOOOO busy! You would not believe. So I am trying to learn CSS and stuff so I can improve my graphics' coding. I am soooo excited. I have been looking at tutorials for 2 hours. So that's about it...still trying to finish all of my requests. I WILL do it. I promise!
-Mel =)

11.05.09 Open Up the Doors to a New Beginning

Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you some good news! I finished 3 requests! That is such an accomlishment with my limited time everyday to go on the internet. Also, I have three more lined up to do. I already started one, which is indicated on the waiting list.
So I decided to reopen over my Winter Break! I don't have a specific day set, but will announce it soon! I will have a new layout, new pages, and a new waiting list. So get ready and keep checking back! -Mel =)

10.21.09 Getting On Track

I am so sorry I havent updated or made anything new. School started and everything just got crazier. I usually can get on to answer neomail, but that's it. Today I had barely any homework and was able to get on. So I ended up getting my dictionary and have used it! I also was able to finish one book, but only 1/10 of Great Expectations. Anyway, I am sorry to all my affies and requesters! I promise to get those requests done no matter what. I am deciding to reopen soon. I will have a few more pages added to my site. The site will stay Signature Requests, but I will have more premade examples and a waiting list of 5 people.
Now for all the requests. I am still gonna do them no matter what it takes. My goal is one a week and I know that will take forever, but when I get motivated...I can make SO MANY requests. I also have to make one guild layout monthly for my guild so that takes some time away. And for my affies? Well, I will be sending out a letter to you guys. Thanks for putting up with my site. I am aiming for this reopening over Christmas break. So that pretty much concludes today's blog...OH! And Julie and Julia was a pretty good movie. Interesting enough to keep my attention, but my favorite movie? NO WAY! The Proposal and While You Were Sleeping are my main two favorites. Both with Sandra Bullock. One with the lovely Ryan Reynolds.
-Melody =)

8.16.09 eager a. anxious to do or get

Hey it's Melody! There isn't anything new about my site. I just finished two button requests. I am planning on adding a few pages to my site: a history page, portfolio, premade customs, and an explanation page. Besides that, I am planning to code and post my new layout. Also, I would like to finish some requests. Again, I really apologize about the wait. I have been busy. I went to summer camp and then to my aunt's house. I am behind and know so. Also, I have summer reading and must finish the books and do the projects by the 27th of August so don't expect me to finish anything or be on as much. I am trying to update as much as possible, but I still have a book and a half to read.
For some reason I have become obsessed with the dictionary lately. My old pocket one has fallen apart and my dad promised I could get a new one. I want to get a big one and learn the meanings of many words and know the spellings and stuff. for the past 3 years I have looked up pretty much any word I didn't know that I came across while reading books. I love reading. I am currently reading the Outliers for school. It's pretty good. Of course I would never choose to read it on my own. Same with Great Expectations.
Anyways, I just lost an affie. I don't know the reason why. She deleted me, but I am fine with rejection. I don't get mad like some other people... My old affie listed me in her directory so it's fine.
Anyway, I am so excited to get my new dictionary. I am so excited and eager!


Hey everyone! I am blogging to give you some updates on my site. First of all I will be starting school soon and may have more time than in the summer so I am hoping to get many requests done in the next month or so. Also, I may not have time because of homework, but it depends. I will definitely at least blog once a week. As I said before I don't always have time to blog everyday. I am staying a week at my cousins' house. That is where I am now and won't be able to make graphics because I don't have a good program here, nor will I spend 12 hours on the computer at my cousins' house. Later I am seeing Julie and Julia. I hope it is good and will be sure to tell you how it was. I know I have not updated in a month, but of course summer is somewhat a busy time for me. I am also trying to work on new pages for my site and stuff. Gotta go! I will continue in another blog.

7.8.09: Ridiculous Much?

WOS Update!: So this girl now is neomailing all my affies and telling them that I am on unless you really hate me and want to rub it in, no person would do that! Now only one declined so far...but I am not totally sure yet. Hey if she takes my button down should I put her on my WOS...NO because that is just ridiculous. My good affies will stick by me. I can tell you that, like Candace and Gem! Absolutely adore both of them. People seriously need to be mature and not get mad over affies...I mean really. There will always be people who just delete your button because you weren't what they were looking for. All experienced graphic designers know that. People will delete your button for no reason.
Sorry for rambling!
=) Mel

7.7.09: Crazy Hey. First of all, I am blogging at 1:00 am where I live so I counted all my updates and this blog for the 7th. Speaking of the 7th, it is my Best Neofriend's Birthday today, Candace @ Turbulence. I made her a birthday card and everything. If you want to see it, click on the link to her site and check it out. I drew the cake on there too! I know I haven't been blogging lately, but I have been updating. I have been so busy lately with requests and my life off of Neo. It's been crazy! Also, I rearranged and added stuff to my site. How do you like my new format for my blog? I personally love it. As of right now, all the icons I use in my blog were made by me. I may use others, but I doubt it. I like using my own icons and graphics. This one I used is of Pongo and Perdita from Disney's 101 Dalmations. It is a cute picture too! Neomail me and tell me what you think of my new blog format or just to chat.
Since I haven't blogged lately and haven't told anyone about my new ideas (besides Candace), I will post them in this blog, but first I need to tell you guys (whoever is reading this about how i was just put on a WOS. Hopefully my requesters (clients) and my affies are reading my blog. Now if you know anything about me, I have been put on three WOS' and have been removed from one. I apologized to the one and she took me off and I took her off...nice girl. Then the first WOS I was on was gabriella_of_texas' WOS. I am over it, but will not take her off. I have info on my WOS about the Gabby situation.
Now I was going on an affie search and found _silentstriker_. I thought she was good and was like I'll apply to be affies, but she told me to give her my application because she wasn't good at making applications. So basically I said don't apply I will just accept. Now in my opinion that's like me accepting her. So then she was like I don't have a button I will make one. I told her I couldn't add it yet because I was on SignatureRequests in the middle of doing something else and making requests. Well basically I never added it because I was always busy. She kept demanding it. Like I have to go, but when I come back it better be up. So I was like Um I am busy right at this moment, but I promise I'll add it. Then she wa like it only takes 30 seconds so I said no thanks I don't want to be affies anymore. Now she put me on her WOS and was making a big deal about it...what do you think? I believe she put me on there for a stupid reason. She was impatient and wasn't understanding. Her WOS and site are offsite. It's on neo-spark (dot) co(dot) nr. Just tell me what you think??
Anyway, like I said. It has been crazy lately. I am going off to summer camp in a week and won't have access to Neo. Also, I have been going on a mad hunt for affies! That's all I did one day and meant to blog, but couldn't find time! Another thing that makes life on Neo crazy is my requests list. Someone is spreading the word...besides me...and I can't figure out who. I have about 88 people on my list...I cannot believe it at all, but people are waiting!!! It's kind of like waiting at the door at 5:00 in the morning waiting to get your copy of the newest game system, game, movie, or book.
So about these new ideas...I have added a blog, button, icon, blend, sign, logo, and banner waiting list so people who have simple graphic requests can get their's quicker. Also, I decided to add a Current Layout section in my layout so I can have a preview, the name, and stuff like that. Also, I am making a portfolio with my favorite and best graphics I have ever made. The portfolio also includes info about me and my graphics making. Then I am adding a history page for Signature Requests.
Another idea to make Premade Customs. These are premade graphics without text or coding. Then people who would like them pick the one they want and I add navigation, coding, and text. I am picking really popular topics. It'll help clear up the long waiting lists and allow me to make requests, but in an easier quicker way.
One more thing...please vote for me in the icon contest that Candace is running.

Also, I just made my first scribble layout! I am obsessed with making them, but I am so busy with requests I have no time!
WOS Update: She put one of my nice neofriends on it for defending me! Fair...I don't think so. Feel free to neomail me and voice my opinion.
=) Mel

July 1, 2009:Hey! I made an icon for Candace's contest.

I am hoping to win!
=) Melody

June 5, 2009: Hey it's Mel! I am just blogging because I want to. I am getting back into doing requests. I also just posted a premade glitter. It is very simple...and my first one! Anyway, I will soon be adding a feedback form. It is so people can give me feedback about what I do. Not the graphics as much, but my attitude and kindness and stuff like that. =) Melody

June 4, 2009:NO MORE SCHOOL!!!! Until next fall of course. I plan to redo my site. I will still do requests, but I will have a new layout. I will do this around June 20, 2009! I am condensing, hopefully) the waiting lists. Also I am still doing AOTM. I also officially learned how to make glitters on my program I use now instead of Photoshop CS3. I never got it fixed. Then I should have tons of premades! I am so excited it is ridiculous. =) Melody

May 30, 2009:YAY! I get out of school in 3 days! That means summer vacation! I promise to make those requests. I have had so much homework you wont believe the load. Sorry for the wait! I havent uploaded anything in over a month!!!! I am so ticked I havent, but I havent had time! Sorry! =)

April 7,2009:Hey! OMG! So mad...I think I may finish up this dose of requests and then turn to a NON REQUEST SITE! Everybody always requests, I double check they still want it, make it, and then they dont use it. Sorry for all the people who followed the rules. It may turn to Signature Graphics instead. I almost think I may make an application and only pick a few I want to do. Anyway...=(Melody

March 29,2009:Wow! It has been almost one month since I have blogged. Once again I have had a homework overload!I know I say I won't blog everyday, but a ALMOST A MONTH!!!! Also I moved everything back to the homepage in a good order. I hope to get a review done so I can see what people think of the new order. Also my homepage doesnt scroll as long because of the scrollboxes, which help alot. I also decided to add a welsome section so the first thing someone sees is an explanation of my site. =)Melody

March 1,2009:OMG! I know I start every entry with OMG!, but OMG! It is the start of a new month and I am getting really absorbed into my graphics again! I am also sick and tired of people using their request for 1 day! Then I figured not to get mad because I love all the requests I do so I just keep the request in the editing format so I can go back and switch somethings before they become premades. =)Melody

February 28,2009:OMG! I am soooooo excited for my site! I just made a new layout of my fav Disney Character...Tinkerbell. The two pictures are from the movie Tinker Bell. I think it looks great and I am hoping to change my site a bit. Just some rules, requirements, and forms. Especially because my family got a new scanner, I can do scribbles and that is one change! I know I did change it when I made my homepage less long by putting the rules, WOS, Updates and Blog, and graphics on separate pages and put alinks section! I am sooooooooo excited! I also started making more requests. Over the past few days I have gotten a few requests done plus I have recoded a few premade examples. Also, I talk "walk-ins" now, where if I have no requests to do because people havent replied to my neomail, if someone needs a graphic made, I make them it. So if you see 4 requests started and finished in my updates, but no names on the waiting list are crossed off, then that means those requests were walk ins or I just deleted the crossed off names. Also on my side account I have added a pet page that has all my old layouts that were made on paint. I think I am also gonna post my old site layouts ona pet page or the homepage...IDK. Anyway, I also have a tutorial on coding a blog layout on that page. :) Melody

February 23,2009:Just to let you know, I am not going to blog everyday because I mean I dont have to. Updates I do everyday so I mean that is enough. This is just extra. So I made a whole layout a girl didnt want it because it had rain on it. I said it would take awhile to fix, but she said it was okay and that she liked it. Well guess what? She liked it so much she deleted it. Luckily I found a new guild that needed one. The leader liked it so I tweaked it a bit and she is using it. YAY! And she is so excited about it. I am sooooo glad I found someone who actually wanted it. I didnt put the other girl on my WOS. I mean, yeah she broke a rule, but I am more mad at her and what she did. I really dont care. Honestly, that girl doesnt deserve to be on my WOS...and did I mention the girl asked me for it in 24 hours so I did and she didnt use it, but at least I found a use for it. I love blogging though because I can get out all my feelings. I am not saying this girl is mean or anything, I am just mad at her. Then I sent her two neomails and she did not reply. Anyway, kittycatisginger18 apologized very nicely and I am taking her off my WOS. I am not taking off gabriella though, but her friend was very nice in her apology and she explained everything. I am sooooooo gonna screenie her apology. And also, kitty should neomail gabby and tell her to omit the part of her WOS when it says I am on two. Anyway...I will try to write more tomorrow or just write more in each entry because I dont do it everyday so it works! :) Melody

February 21, 2009:OMG! I have not been on in awhile nor blogged in awhile. I have had soooooooooooo much homework, but luckily my photoshop will be fixed tonight and I will be so much faster and have much better graphics.

February 9,2009:I am soooooo excited because I redid the site yesterday. Now it does not take so long to scroll down the homepage. Also I am trying to get on more.

February 8,2009:Hey! I know I haven't blogged in forever! I have just been so busy. I promise I will get all my requests done though. I am trying to get on more, but I have been reading Twilight...that explains it all! LOL. I am actually really suprised how many people dropped out of April's list. I mean I understand. I just thought more would stay, but that's okay.

January 25,2009: I am so excited! I just added a counter that shows how many people are on the site!

January 19,2009: I know I missed a day, but I was not feeling good at all. Anyway, I found out, by the help of a person who got a request from me, that all my Join and Chat links on my full page layouts scroll with the text. Now I have to recode all my full page layouts, but I dont think it should take long and will probably do it then.

January 17, 2009: Now that I am flying solo I decided to switch out the "Staff" section for a blog. Now I am not going to ramble on about my life. This blog is for things that happen with the site. First off I created a side account signaturerequests. Signaturerequests is gonna be my main GRAPHICS account so neomail me for requests on that, but I still have Hamibabe's link up just in case I am on that account. Signaturerequests is NOT MY MAIN ACCOUNT just MAIN GRAPHICS ACCOUNT. I am tranfering the hompage to that account.
Also, my real name is Melody. No one new took over the site. Hamie is one of my many nicknames. I prefer Melody or Mel, but if you cant break the habit that's okay. Also, April stopped making graphics. She said I can keep her premades up. Also I will have one waiting list,but I have 2 for now because I am taking over April's list. April said she doesnt have enough time in her busy schedule to make graphics so she quit. Also she will not remain doing her review site.


First off...please read the rules.
1.Fill out the request form when requesting a graphic.

2.One request per person at a time, unless I give you permission.

3.Make sure I am able to make the type of graphic you would like. I am mostly open to any topic.

4.When I start your request, I will neomail you to tell you I am starting. At this point, if you would like to change your request you can do so. Changes are aloud to be made while I am making it or after I have coded it. Please no drastic changes please.

5.When I am finished, I will neomail you. Please fill out the feedback form and send it to me so I know how I did.

6.Your request will stay on the homepage for awhile just in case you lose the code. After awhile I will delete if off the homepage, but it WILL STILL BE USUABLE.

7.Please do not steal my coding, steal my graphics, redistribute my coding, alter my coding, or remove the credit link or credit on my graphics.

8.I will not code something you made, nor alter someone else's coding.

9.When requesting a layout for a guild, you must be the owner or have some form of power.

10.Please warn me if you are going to use a request for less than 2 weeks. I prefer if you use it for 2 weeks+. I dont mean to be rude, but I take all this time to make a good quality request and then people dont use them. I find it disrespectful.

11. I love whipped cream!

12.Please be polite and patient. No hatemail!

13.Updates are appreciated if your guild name changes or if you aren't in the guild anymore. Also, please tell me if you don't need your request anymore.


June 22, 2010:Finished 1 request!
Added krypteria!

June 14, 2010: Added new link back button!
Added two new affies!

June 13, 2010: Affie sweep.
Deleted an award.
Added 2 new affies!!!
Waiting list.
Added link back buttons.

June 12, 2010: Finished coding and put up new homepage layout.
Made, coded, and put up requests page.
Updated homepage stats.
Added new homepage counter.
Updated requests page stats.
Updated requests page right sidebar.

June 10, 2010: Rules.
Top Affie Requirements.

January 31, 2010: 1 Request finished!!!!

January 19, 2010: 1 new affie.

January 16, 2010: Updated main waiting list.
Updated affies and top affies.
Changed AOTM and AOTM Info.
Updated rules!

January 10, 2010: Finished one request!!!!

December 23, 2009: Finished one request.

November 29, 2009: Finished one request.

November 27, 2009: Finished one request.
Added one new affie!
Updated AOTM information.

November 5, 2009:Updated waiting lists.

November 2, 2009:Finished 2 requests.

November 1, 2009:Finished 1 request.

October 21, 2009:Recoded the layout (for new filters)
Finished a button request.

August 20, 2009:Finished 2 requests.
Updated my "Image Credits" list.

August 18, 2009:Replaced one affie button from her old with a new one from her new site.
Removed one affie button and added the link to "listed in."
Replaced COTW's old button for a new one.
Finished 1 request.
Updated the waiting list (Not the whole list yet).
Added 1 new affie.

August 17, 2009:Moved the petpage from hamiebabe's account to signaturerequests' account.
Finished 3 requests.
Fixed 1 request.

August 16, 2009:Finished one request.

August 15, 2009:Finished 2 requests.

July 31, 2009:Edited 1 request.
Added 1 new affie!

July 28, 2009:Finished one request

July 10, 2009:Finished 1 request.
Earned a new award.
Posted the new award.
Added a review site link.
Added 1 new affie!
Added 7 signs.
Added 1 blend.
Added another new affie!
Added 4 people to the waiting list.
Updated the waiting list.

July 9, 2009:Earned a new award.
Posted a new award.
Added a new review site link.
Finished 4 requests.
Added 1 new affie!
Added 6 more people to the waiting list.

July 8, 2009: Added 3 new affies!

July 7, 2009:Put on a WOS...more info in my blog.
Added 5 people to the waiting list.
Added a Blog, Icon, Button, Logo, Sign, Banner, Logo, and Blend Waiting List.
Edited credits list.
Added people to my waiting list.
Updated my waiting list.
Added 3 affies.

July 5, 2009:Finished 1 request.
Added one new review site link.
Added two more people to the waiting list.

July 3, 2009:Added 4 new affies!
Added the Current Waiting List.
Added more people to the waiting list.
Remove one affie.
Add 2 new affies.
Added sign request form.
Added to the "I Make..." list.
Edited the rules.
Added a rule.
Added one new review site link.

July 2, 2009:Finished 1 request.
Rearranged my site.
Added a request form for a blend.
Changed an affie's button.
Edited the affie requirements.
Edited affie application.
Added Top Affie requirements.
Added Top Affie application.
Added two new affies.

June 30, 2009:Edited request forms.
Added to my credits list.
Added someone to my WOS

June 25, 2009:Finished 2 requests.
Recoded a request.

June 24, 2009:Finished 1 request.

June 23, 2009:Finished 1 request.

June 22, 2009:Finished 1 request.

June 21, 2009:Finished 5 requests.

June 20, 2009:Finished 4 requests.

June 19, 2009:Finished 2 requests.
Posted new AOTM.
Updated AOTM info.

June 18, 2009:Finished 1 request.
Added the request forms.
Removed 2 links.
Changed 2 links.
Edited the rules.
Moved the rules.
Added something to the "I Make..." List.

June 17, 2009:Recoded a guild layout.

June 16, 2009:Finished request.

June 15, 2009:Finished a request.

June 14, 2009:Added 2 affies.
Edited the requirements for my affies.

June 13, 2009:Finished a request.

June 11, 2009:Edited the Finding Nemo link back button.
Finished a request.
Recoded a request.

June 10, 2009:Finished a request.
Edited credits list.

June 9, 2009:Edited layout.
Added feedback form.
Edited reviewer list.
Edited my affie list.
Made and posted a new button for SR.

June 8, 2009:Added an icon.
New layout.

June 5, 2009:Added link to the "Disney Rocks" glitter.
Finished a request.
Updated credits list.

June 4, 2009:Updated waiting list.
Updated the "Do not do" list.
Added a new glitter.
Updated credits list.

April 8,2009:Updated waiting lists.

April 7,2009:Updated AOTM.

April 3,2009:Posted request.

April 2,2009:Finished a request.

March 29,2009:Rearranged site.
Added "Welcome!" section.

March 15,2009:Rearranged a few things on site.

March 1,2009:Started 2 requests.
Finished a request.
New entry in blog.

February 28,2009:New Layout.
New button.
Changed Request Form.
Changed Affie App.
Removed kittycatisginger18 from my WOS.

February 27,2009:Removed an affie.
Removed 3 people from the Waiting Lists.
Added scribbles/drawings to "I can do..." list.
Started a request.
finished a request.

February 24,2009:Edited AOTM App.
Edited Request Form.
Added one review site link to the list of review sites.
Finished 1 request.
Recoded a premade full page guild layout example.

February 23,2009:Edited one of my requests for another girl who actually wanted it.
Recoded a premade full page guild layout example.
Entered an entry into my blog.

February 22,2009:Added someone to the waiting list.
Finished one request.
Recoded a premade full page guild layout example.
Started a new request.

February 21,2009:Finished one request.
Started another request.

February 10,2009:Switched for blog and updates page with rules.
Finished a request.

February 9,2009:Changed link to WOS.

Added someone new to the waiting list.

Started a request.

February 8,2009:Updated my blog.
Posted AOTM award.
Updated waiting list.
Updated rules.
Added one person to the waiting list.
Moved some unwanted requests to premades.
Condensed, "I dont make..." list.
Edited AOTM requirements.
Edited Request Form.

February 7,2009:Updated waiting lists.

January 28,2009:Put up new AOTM's button.
Posted new AOTM info

January 25,2009:Added a visiting now counter.

January 19,2009:Recoded one request.
Added an entry to my blog.

January 18,2009:Finished two request.

January 17,2009:April quit making graphics.
Updated site.

January 13,2009:Added a person to the waiting list.

January 10,2009:Removed people from April's Waiting List.
Deleted one top affie.
Hamie made a premade example.

January 9,2009:Added one new person to the waiting list.
Hamie finished one request.

January 7,2009:Finished one new request.

January 6,2009:Hamie started to make a premade example.
April made new link button.
Hamie made a "New" Button-
Changed premade example previews to drag and drop previews.
Hamie finished a request.
Added one top affie.

January 5,2009:Both started using Photo Paint.
Updated waiting list.
April started making new button and layout.
April finished the Cars layout.
Hamie finished one request

January 2,2009:Rearranged content on SR's homepage.
Affie cleanout.
Directory cleanout.

December 29,2008:Updates waiting lists.

December 28,2008:Updated waiting lists.

November 10,2008:Hamie finished one request.

November 6,2008:Announced new AOTM, removed Twilight, HP, and vampires off our Do Not Make List!
Added new AOTM dates.
Hamie made and updated new layout!

October 13,2008:Finished one new request!

October 07,2008:Updated AOTM dates and info.
Also posted October AOTM.

September 20,2008:Added 4 people to the waiting lists.
Added one new affie!
Added one new review site link.

September 17,2008:Added one new affie.

September 13,2008:April made and coded new layout.

September 12,2008:April finished one new request.

September 1,2008:Added one new affie.

August 30,2008:April added one new premade example guild layout.

July 27, 2008: Started using Photoshop CS3
April made our new homepage layout
Hamie made new banners for our Examples, Requests, and Premades pages


No Current AOTM!

Next AOTM Announced

Time of Observation

*NOTE: Any applications neomailed before or after this time, will not be considered. (You must send it again between the right dates.)

The AOTM is affie of the month. Each month, I pick an outstanding affie. There are no more applications for this.

*You must be the owner.
*You must be our affie.
*You must have Signature Requests link on your site.
*You must be our affie and still meet the requirements for being an affie!
*Your staff has to be friendly.
*You CANNOT have stolen, bad quality, or inappropriate content.
*You CANNOT have any content made on Blingee.

Previous AOTM's
August 09-June 10- No one...
March/April 09/May 09/June 09/July 09- Superstar Graphics
March/April/May/June/July 09-Superstar Graphics
December 08/January 09/February 09-Bedroom Mirror
November 08- Footlights
October 08- Unique Universe
September 08- Take Me Away Graphics
August 08- Stratosphere
July 08- Turbulence


Requests: CLOSED!
Affies: OPEN!

Counter started: June 12, 2010

Counter started: May 27, 2008

Page Last Updated: June 22nd, 2010
Affie Count:

Affiliate Application
Affie Requirements
*You must be the owner of the site.
*You must be able to code graphics. You have to have some graphics that have been coded by you.
*Your site CANNOT just have backgrounds, banners, glitters, blinkies, icons, or icons. Must have some
*You or site CANNOT have been on a Wall of Shame! Unless you can prove that it wasn't a terrible offence.
*Your site CANNOT have inappropriate, stolen, or bad quality content.
*Your site CANNOT have graphics made on Blingee (or any sites like that).
*You CAN be offsite, but you must have a Neopets page I can link to.
*Must link me either before or after I accept...if I do.

*You must have been my regular affie for at least 6 months.
*You must meet all my regular affie requirements.
*You must link me in your TOP AFFIE section.

Top Affie



Link Us!

Thanks April for the amazing Cars button to match our layout!(Original images for site layout and button:magicalscreencaps)
Outstanding Guilds and Shops
I scored an 80% at DDSR! 83/105

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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