The Forgotten Aristocracy

Name: Siergiej von Krokov
Species: Grundo
Colour: White
Age: mid 20's
Resides in: Possesed Mansion, 98580 Dark Forest Path, Haunted Woods
Favourite colours: red and gold
Favourite Neopian band: Neopian Philharmonic
Can't imagine a day without: a cup of fine tea
Appearance: average as for a grundo, rather short. Likes to wear formal attire.


Irritable and sometimes irritating too. Although it seems he lost part of his memories, he is sure that before he ended living in the Haunted Woods he belonged to the elite. He won't miss an occasion to bring out his aristocratic heritage and it makes his blood boil if someone questions it. Generally it is easy for him to loose control or get into an argument.
Despite the faith in aristocratic roots, Siergiej still has some respect for others. When calm he shows that as a noble pet he does not lack manners. What is good about him is that he does not treat others basing on their looks, although he can be very critical on everything else. He pays much attention to his clothes, always trying to look neat and dignified. He speaks with a foreign accent and the more irritated he gets the worse his accent becomes.

Education goes first

Siergiej may have lost some memories, but still there is no doubt he received a very high-standard education. He is well-versed in history and literature. Furthermore it turns out his tuition also included music classes as he can play the piano well. His taste of art may be a bit questionable, since he adores the richly-decorated baroque art while not appreciating modern art much.

Ordnung muss sein!

His life is filled with planning, cleaning and putting everything in order. He is the type that doesn't like it when things are not following the schedule. Life for him should be predictable, which is far from the reality he has to face. He tries to avoid chaotic individuals and that too turns out to be a failure, since he is stuck under one roof with the most chaotic hissi alchemist and korbat who loves surprises.


With some reluctance Siergiej became the mansion's chef. At first he seemed displeased with the idea that he, a member of a noble family, has to prepare meals for others. But others didn't fit for the roles, having no taste, or willingness to cook. Carefully studying the recipe books and hours spent in the kitchen revealed that Siergiej has a talent and the meals he prepares are truly satisfying the aristocratic taste.

His petpet

Mini Alucard or Alu for short. The one thing Siergiej had been certain was that he doesn't want any small creature running around the mansion and making mess around. But then the little Bat Boy appeared and Neopia witnessed another victory of heart over the reason. Maybe Alucard seeing Siergiej's pale skin and red eyes mistook him for his mommy?
If you haven't noticed, Alucard is Dracula written backwards.

His roo... erm... Royal Chamber *cough*

Of course Siergiej has his own room at the mansion. The choice of furniture and decoration expreses his admiration of luxurious upper-class style. As an intelectual type he has a full bookcase and a writting desk. His wardrobe has a coffin shape to provide a cosy space for Mini Alucard to hide.
However, Siergiej has weakness for red velvet, golden frames and a barouque overload. This makes his bedroom a kind of tacky nostalgia display.

The Past

Neopia seems to be very much filled with pets who own a mysterious past and Siergiej is no exception to the rule. Judging from the explosion, which shook the ground of Haunted Woods he was extremely lucky to be found alive in one piece and still breathing. What once could be his vehicle, was shatered into estimately 37598 burned-to-coal pieces. To add to his good fortune, he was found by Zmij, a mutant hissi, who performed first aid and carried the survivor to Neovian hospital, where doctors were able to bring him back to health.
The patient seemed to suffer amnesia, a result of a possible head damage. That would be a standard scenario there, except for the fact that Siergiej did not have any serious injuries requiring long stay in the hospital, neither his skull had even a tiny So was it really that he hit his head and instantly forgot where he came from and why? Or was there something he did not want to remember?
Just when he realised that his future in this strange, savage world was bleak Zmij appeared for the second time and offered him a place to stay. Not the grand castle he imagined, having no choice he settled up in the mansion. Starting of with major cleaning and re-decoration of his new chamber.

After few days Siergiej got much better and could take off the bandages.

Before he knew about Haunted Woods from the books, but facing the reality was much harder. Siergiej was slowly learnign to adapt to the new environment. To better fit in, he decided to make up a story and pose as a vampire. After all, these nocturnal creatures are not merely legends in this part of Neopia and surely are one of the most respected magical beings, even if that respect comes from fear. But whoever had the chance to spend some time with him, quickly unmasked that lie. Mainly because Siergiej is really disgusted by blood...

Ouh...ewwww... Thiz thing is rawh! You call it cooking? Dizgrace!

Family, friends... foes?

Possessed Mansion

This is his current home.

She made quite an impression on Siergiej from the start, however, it was not very positive. Siergiej can't watch when Mirsza again devours something that looks gross and indigestible, but she on the other hand is always eager to take a bite of whatever he prepares. He is a bookworm, she doesn't even care about local newspaper. He can't stand dust on his shelves, she is quite content with fungi growing on her floor. She was born in the Woods and he somewhere far above the stars... Worlds apart, yet over time they found things they share in common...

Siergiej feels he owes Zmij a lot for saving his life, thus he helps the carefree Hissi to get out of debts. With his happy go lucky attitude and crazy ideas for twisted experiments Zmij is the main factor that raises Siergiej's blood pressure. Despite being brought to the verge of exploding on almost daily basis, Siergiej knows that if he left Zmij that would mean the Fall of the Possessed Mansion.

Count's estate

Siergiej gets along well with this even-minded kyrii. It's easy to imagine them sitting peacefully with cups of hot tea in their hands and having a late-night conversation... if Anui already went to bed, that is. Siergiej also doesn't know about Vlad's curse and may unintentionally feed him a freshly-baked apple pie...

She gives Siergiej (and everyone else) chills. He quickly decided never disturb her again.

It's not that he doesn't like children. But Anui is a little typhoon that un.cle Siergiej cannot tame. He will not allow Anui to touch any precious things fearing that the kid might damage them and that makes Anui want to get his paw on these things even more!

A very quiet and calm type. But at least she listens to everything Siergiej has to tell from fun fact about Altadorian history to his opinions about greatest Meriddel poets. Or at least she looks like listening... Huh, wait is she listening at all?

The Island Cottage

Siergiej just doesn't get how electronic may be music or what turns a pile of trash into a piece of art. Fortunately Artisaki is a quiet type (literally) and will just go his own way rather than argue with Siergiej.

When he thought he left his past behind, a part of this past has unexpectedly found him. Lornea is Siergiej's younger cousin. The most striking thing about them is how different they are. Yet they are ready to help each other out if in a pinch.

They share more in common with Theovius than with his real cousin. Theovius was at first very reluctant (as to everyone he meets), but they got along just fine, as much as these two could. Theo just set his borders: he won't attend any social gathering with strangers even if it is just a 5 o'clock tea party.

The Tower

She's filled with pride from tail to ears, so Siergiej's aristocratic way of being does not impress her. If in good mood, she would spare some time for a conversation, but that's all that can be expected from this dark lady. Most of the time she will ignore him, unless he spills out a bit of information that may strike her interest. Generally it's best for Siergiej and everyone else not to get too buddy-buddy with this Sharpbeak or else he can get burned.

Siergiej cannot stand even a minute of what Danakar calls "music". Danakar is to say the least a weird and spooky individual so it's hard for him to find a common language with other pets. Maybe if Siergiej was a trash metal fan or something...

When looking at him, Siergiej gets reminded of Zmij. But Theatre and Opera are common topics to these two. If Siergiej was the director and Hollygrove the star... that could be either a full success or a total disaster.

That girl is timid and polite, so she will just listen to Siergiej's lectures, nodding from time to time, because that is what you expect from your single-pet audience. There is probably no way Siergiej could make her angry (sleepy – maybe, angry – fat chance), fortunately for him and any living creature nearby...


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(late) Halloween picture:

Masquerade BC entry:

Goldfish suit entry (+a cartoonish comment to it ;) )

New Year's picture (someone pulled a prank on poor Siergiej...):

Siergiej is much displeased that I attemtped to sketch him without full clothing...

Ok, this one is a fail, but whatever...

Notable Neopet!

Siergiej was beaming with pride on that day!


Look, they're like... little Siergiejs!


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Vignette (literature) - short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting.

Alexander's Farewell

They stood in the kitchen. Alexander nibbled on the leftovers from last night's supper:
Mmm... I must admit your cooking is great!" Alexander licked his lips and picked up a snack from another plate "Even at the palace they don't serve us anything so delicious, although I can't say the food at the academy is bad". Siergiej knew it could be impolite not to thank for the compliment, but he could not speak a word. Before him stood an ideal. Alexander was tall and slim, moving with a feline elegance. But he was also strong and very protective, especially towards one korbat. Although they both were "whities", Siergiej for the first time felt contempt for his pale skin when looking at Alexander's spotless, soft fur. Besides Alexander was nowhere close to an albino: his eyes were crystal blue and the double pair of wings could let the Monarch Butterfly feel like a pitiful fly. Siergiej knew that feeling too well after these few days spent with the unexpected visitor.
The silence was broken by Mrisza's sudden appearance that startled them both.
You can't stop doing that, do you? I almost choke on the food!" Alexander didn't even try to make it sounds like an accusation.
Oh, that would be a pity to waste the food." They both smiled and looked each other directly in the eyes before Mrisza turned back to the table and examined what was left from the supper. She didn't know how much longer she could keep that smile up before they finally part again.
You should take something with you orelse you'll starve on your way back.".
Siergiej felt ignored like never before. He would have left the kitchen but somehow he was unable to take the step. Like a thunder from blue sky Alexander with a mischievous smile on his face grabbed Mrisza, and embraced her in a hug, keeping his face close to hers.
Hey! It's my job to sneak from behind!" Mrisza yelled to hide her embarrassment, but at the same time she did not struggle to break free from Alexander's arms.
Siergiej was ready to leave at this point.
Alexander giggled "What? Can't I give a goodbye-hug to my sweet little sister?
...sister?" the last word echoed in Siergiej's mouth. Alexander released Mrisza and covered his mouth, but he could not help the snort and laughter that came after.
Don't say! Mrisza did not tell you?" Alexander observed through tears as Siergiej shook his head slowly with a dummy expression on his face. "Then Sir Siergiej I am highly disappointed with your observer which I thought were worth of a great detective! Didn't you notice we have the same smile?" Alexander and Mrisza smiled together to give proof. "Zee? De lefd fangz bihher" Alexander said grinning and pointing at his left fang.


Still in the state of light shock and confusion Siergiej went out with others to say farewell to Alexander. He realized he also don't want the korbat to move out so quickly. Mrisza could be good at hiding her emotions, but this time she did it very badly. But Alexander reassured her that soon he will visit them once more or maybe be able to invite them to Faerieland when he sorts out his business at the academy.
Took good care of my sister, guys!" he said to them with a wink, but Siergiej felt that Alexander did not really meant Zmij, who had obvious problems taking care even of himself.
The End

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