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Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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Hello and Welcome!

This the Pokemon Directory, where you'll find all Neopets named after their Pokemon counterparts and more! ^_^ I created this page out of my love for Pokemon, I hope you find it entertaining!

But first: a little bit of Poke-history...

Pokemon dates way back to the year 1996, when creator Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri (better known as Game Freak) first created Pokemon Red and Green versions in Japan. It took the gaming community by storm after players discovered the capturable legendary Mew was coded within the game, encouraging Game Freak to continue on with their Pokemon creativity. The Pokemon Trading Card Game was developed and released with the first ever set of Pokemon Cards in October 1996 and also became extremely popular.

The original four games - who remembers playing these way back when? ^_^

The games became ever increasingly popular, enciting the first episode of the anime series where we first meet Satoshi (Ash Ketchum) and his feisty but faithful companion Pikachu. Soon after, manga and other paper publications began to roll off the press, and the first Pokemon merchandise store was opened. The official Pokemon Company was established soon after. Pokemon, both the anime and the video games, were introduced to North America in 1998 with the slogan "Gotta Catch 'Em All", while Pokemon Stadium was introduced and released in Japan. It was also the year the Mewtwo Strikes Back hit theaters, causing the franchise to reach a new record for its time; it held the highest grossing opening for an animated film.

Pokemon Yellow, Snap, and Pinball were all released in 1999, clearly indicating it's huge success throughout Japan and North America. The company also released a sequel to the Japanese Pokemon Stadium, which became well known as the original in North America. September 2000 marks the only time a game was created for the sole intention of North American release only, and thus the puzzle game Pokemon Puzzle League was created. From this point on, many more Pokemon video games have blossomed.

Pii... Pikachu!

The Pokemon company has developed and released six more generations of fun-filled games, all with new Pokemon to catch and collect, bringing the Pokemon count to a whopping 809! The anime has been on air since the first episode, with Ash battling his way through each region with Pikachu, making new friends and learning important lessons along the way. Each generation has been paired with many spin-off games and has their own set of Pokemon movies as well - which one is your favourite?

The games have continued to evolve (hah), revealing new ways to play - Pokemon Go became so popular, local law enforcement deemed it necessary to warn players to maintain their safety! The Pokemon craze has ceased to stop there with the new Pokemon Let's Go games releasing for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, combining Pokemon Go into a new interactive playstyle-blocked-ing Pikachu, Eevee has also made it to mascot status for the new games. The anime has maintained its popularity with its Sun and Moon season, and personally I don't see the Pokemon Company stopping anytime soon.

From the anime to the games, I think everyone can agree that these amazing digital monsters will always hold a special place in all our hearts. We have our favourites, and not everyone will use the same battle style, but we definitely share the love for just how awesome the Pokemon community has and will always be! If you read this short and sweet history of Pokemon, thank you! Now... on to the pets!

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Generation Two: Johto

Generation Three: Hoenn

Generation Four: Sinnoh

Generation Five: Unova

Generation Six: Kalos

Generation Seven: Alolan Islands

NPC & Anime Characters

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Fandom & Pokemon Related Names

Untaken Misspells

Commfey Klefkie Awdino Pyukkumuku Mimikew Mimikyoo Pumpkabew Zerraora
Nihileggo Bhulbasaur Clefairee Cubowne Vyleplume Wigglytoof Pershian Goalduck
Cloystur Marowhack Kangiskhan Kangeskhan Flareawn Porygawn Meganiuhm Cindaqhuil
Jerachie Sqirtlle Charmahnder Iviesaur Veenusaur Charizharde Butterfhree Jerachie
Mhareep Clehfable Shmoochum Raikew Mudkippe Ralltz Ghardevoire Slakothe
Vigorothe Slakhing Slakinge Myllotic Castforme

All Things Pokemon - Pokemon Extras!

Smeargle - The Shiny Hunter!
Looking to find a shiny Pokemon, but not having much luck? Try this moveset for a Smeargle (works best in Sun/Moon/US/UM):
Make sure your Smeargle is holding a Leppa Berry, and you should be good to go! This moveset works really well when you're trying to get the Pokemon you're battling to call for help!

Build Your Own Awesome Teams!

While some people enjoy catching, collecting and hatching their own Pokemon, a lot of people just enjoy battling! From personal experience, you need to be on your A-game in order to pull off an awesome team: below are some sites that will help you test out some teams you'd like to build before you put in the actual work!

Smogon University - Learn what movesets, EVs, IVs and items for each Pokemon have become top tier in the battling world! These combinations are -not- meant to be taken as gospel, but act as a guideline for you to work with and improve for your play style. This site is meant to be used with your Nintendo DS/DSi games, but does not provide the Pokemon for you.

Pokemon Showdown acts as a battle simulator! This is a free-to-download program and it meant to be paired with any Pokemon setups from Smogon University - or test your own setup from your Pokemon games and use those to battle against other Showdown users!

Pokemon Trading Card Game is a fun way to practice using any card decks you'd like to build in real life for competitive play! You can use the code cards you receive from physical individual booster packs to acquire a digital copy of every booster pack you buy! I recommend saving those digital boosters and buying the cards you really need to build the decks you want to make - opening digital packs may result in not receiving any worthwhile cards.

OU7C4ST is a general price guide for all the more expensive cards within the online TCGO. While this is meant to be a guide, it seems that a lot people use this to price their digital cards.

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