Hi and welcome to my Petpage! My name is Asi and I will Tell you about my life, so dive underwater with me, or walk through the city where I once lived...
While you are making you decisions, I will tell you about the main characters of my life:
Soul, he's the mate of Asi. They'd met each other in the deep sea when Soul was having some trouble with shark like eyries…
Drak, the shark eyrie Soul was having trouble with. He is hunting for Soul for quite a time, but Asi couldn't figure out why. Now she is having trouble with him too.
And last but not least, Asi's dark side. She has this kind of blackouts, but those blackouts are actually the defence mode the humans gave Asi. She goes over in instincts when she's threatened and doesn't think a lot in those periods of time.
So, did you make your choice? No? Too bad, dive under.

About Shivas_Deva

Name: Shivas_Deva
Nick: Asi.
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: City dog/Experimental water dog
Homeland: The City
Born: In a random ally
Personality: Sarcastic, doesn't show pain easy, is willing to obey orders but does have an own opinion.
Family: For so far she knows her family has forgot her.
Love: Soul
Kids: Idk if she can have them, she's 19 o.o.
Status: Fleeing from the lab with Soul.

Main fur: Brown with light brown spots.
Hair: Light green with dark green highlights.
Eyes: Granite of red to green.
Fins: Light green with Dark green features

Asi was born in the Big City, started with all of her 4 legs, in a big group of wild dogs. She grew up to be a scout, since her mom was also a scout and Asi couldn't be anything else. But she was happy to be a scout because she loved to walk through the streets of the city.
She met Cole in the suburbs of the city and have been friends since then. One day Asi had a stroll around the city and heard that the wild dog population was seen as a plague and had to get rid of. She first told Cole and wanted to tell the pack in the morning, but that morning the humans attacked.
Asi and Cole managed to escape and were trying to find a good place to sleep. They crossed a highway and when Asi wanted to cross the street she got hit by a car.
She doesn't remember much of the next couple of weeks after the accident and really doesn't like talking about the time she was in the lab, but you could see the change she's been through. Her hind legs were replaced by a powerful tail with a fin so she could swim. She had also got other fins placed on her.
One day she escaped with the defence instinct the humans thought was pretty good to handle. It was a blind rage instinct, unleashing a lot of power at once. This is because the humans injected her with something which boosts the muscles to make more tissue when adrenaline is made by the body.
Asi just swam away and she came across an island in the middle of the sea and there she met Soul, who was being attacked by a shark-like eyrie, Drak. She still wasn't out of her rage and attacked Drak without even hesitating, saving Soul. She passed out after defeating Drak and then she was healed by a strange looking Peophin who healed her soul, making the rage more controllable and fading out the scar where her tail was attached by the humans.
Now she is roaming the seas with Soul, being followed by Drak.

The Design

The story of this design/OC is quite funny because it was inspired by a single lamp at a concert I went to. There was one lamp shining right into my eyes and I thought it looked like a headlight of a car. And so was Asi born!
Now about the design! Asi had a brown fur colour with cream coloured spots and muzzle. Her fins and hair are apple green with darker green highlights. Her body build is slender, but powerful. Her tail is 'lent' from a dolphin with the tail fins removed, so she moves like a dolphin.
She has a ear mark in her left ear and it says: Exp 6277. Her eyes are green with a reddish glow around the pupil. When she gets mad/threatened her eyes will be completely red so you can't even see her pupil.
When she lived in the city she had brilliant green eyes and a nice apple green haircut. The darker green highlights are an effect of the muscle powering stuff she got injected with. She was always wearing a pair of goggles when she was in the city, but the humans removed them after a while when she was in the lab.
She did had them with her water form, but I updated her design a bit and removed those things. So if you spot a drawing with the goggles, that is an older drawing!


Soul is a very calm Gelert who doesn't care much about the world around him. He loves to spend time with Asi because he feels happy when she is around him. Without Asi his life wouldn't be much worth, he wouldn't have a goal in life.
Soul is a bit of a chicken when it comes to a fight, he likes to hide behind Asi to be defended by her. She doesn't mind it at all though. He doesn't remember much of his past, but he thinks it was horrible. He has nightmares about his past, which are horrific and contains a tall horse.
Asi met Soul when she was in a rage and just left the humans. She had a fight with Drak which Drak didn't win and after that she was so blinded that she ran into a rock and lost consciousness. Soul dragged her to the surface to a rather strange Peophin. This Peophin spoke a strange language and shared his soul with Asi to make her better. Her tail, which was greyish first, began to get her coat colour and she could go underwater for a long time now.

Drak is everything except friendly; he is mean and thinks only about himself. He doesn't like social contact because he is too aggressive. He was kicked out of his school of shark eyries because he was too aggressive and all he wanted to do was fight and challenging his whole group.
He plays tough, but he is lonely, he doesn't want to admit it so he is aggressive to others. He wanders around in sea, looking for a challenge and then she stumbled across Soul. They had a fight and Soul was on the losing hand. Lucky for Soul Asi came by at that moment and fought with Drak. After that fight with Asi, Drak felt so ashamed that he wanted revenge on Asi and Soul. And so his goal became hunting Asi and Soul down until one of them were dead.


Chapter one: Meeting Friends
It was a rainy night in the city and everybody was walking fast with their umbrella's popped open. Some persons were walking with papers from their work; others were walking with their dogs. Those dogs were slaves of the humans and just did what the humans wanted, but in the allies of the city lived a wild group of dogs.
Those dogs just did what they wanted, of course they listened to their alpha male, but for the rest of the time they just had fun. One of those dogs was called Asi and lived there her whole life: Stealing food from butchers, foraging the city for places the pack could sleep and also just walk around.
-'Asi! Come over here now.' The alpha male sounded serious.
-'What's wrong?' Asi asked.
-'You must investigate a rival area. The pack is expanding fast and this piece of ground can't give us all we need.
-'And what if I get caught?
-'You will find a way out Asi, I'm sure of that.' And with those words Asi began to walk towards the rival area, but not with joy.
The area she was send to was in the rich suburbs of the city. The pack of Asi lived in the cramped city centre on garbage dumps, so this was a whole new experience for Asi. She walked cautious in a garden of some human and then saw a pet dog. She froze and waited for the dog to respond. When he didn't respond Asi did a step forward. The ears of the dog turned fast in her direction and he opened his eyes.
-'What do you want in my garden?!' The dog demanded to know.
-'Just looking, didn't want to wake a dumb dog's sleep.' Asi said with a haughtily voice.
-'DUMB DOG?!?' The dog got up and ran towards Asi, growling loudly. Asi stepped back fast and the next moment the dog made a funny noise and fell back. Asi saw that his chain was too short and she began to laugh.
-'That…is...the…most…stupid…thing…humans…ever…made!' The said with the little breath she had left from the laughter. And the dog began to bombard her with swear words and his commander, the human, came outside and began to yell at him with things as: 'Bad dog, Bad Fifi!' and Asi couldn't hold her laughter and hid beneath a thick bush to calm down.
-'So, you like to tease the dumb human slaves too?' Asi shot away from the bush, turned around and looked at it. Did it just talked?
-'He, don't freak out! I'm a free dog, but I haven't got a pack yet…' And from under the bush a Gelert crawled out, smiling shyly. Asi looked at him, checking for anything useful for the pack. The gelert was just plain, could be a decent scout. He does have a slender body which indicates that he is agile.
-'Well, I could take you back to the Alfa leader, but I need to finish my business here first.' Asi told him, but he just stood there waiting for something.
-'What are you waiting for dog?' Asi snapped.
-'Well, could I help with your scouting here?' He asked. He did seem willing to walk for a few miles.
-'Ah, why not, you're in for now until the Alfa dog says different.' And with those words Asi walked out of the garden and began to walk through the street with the gelert on her heels.

Chapter Two: Danger Ahead

-'He, Asi, we found a pretty nice garbage dump across the road. Would you like to go with us?' The Gelert looked at her with pleading eyes, he wouldn't go without her.
-'Maybe tonight Cole, I'm not in a mood to go to the dump at daylight. And if we go there in daylight we will be captured you know.' Asi loved the dump yards in and around the city, thee was always something new to find there.
-'Okay, tonight it will be. And no turning back Asi!' Cole laughed. 'I have to do some stuff before we go, so after the sun is down can we meet here again?
-'Sure Cole, I'd love to.' And after that Cole ran off and Asi thought of what she would do now, she thought of the first meeting with Cole. Back then he was a rookie who had the nasty habit to speak too much and being annoying. The suburbs were no place for him, although that dog was very amusing.
-'I can't cross the road now, it is too busy. I hate rush hours.' She spoke to herself and began to wander into the allies of the city.
A few minutes Asi arrived at a TV shop and looked through the -blocked-
-'…For our next subject, let's switch over to our reporter in the city.' The newsreader disappeared out of sight and someone else appeared.
-'Thank you Tom, well, the situation is going out of hand isn't it Jared?
-'It is indeed, the dog population on the streets is increasing and we, as dog catchers, need to do something about this, but for the number of dogs we catch there will be a new litter of puppies which will replace the caught dogs and then we have more to catch.
-'What are you going to do about this?
-'Well, the government has allowed us to kill the dogs we catch if they don't have a collar or something, even if they are kind towards people.
-'I hope that will solve the problem of the dogs, sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night. Well, back to you Tom!
-'Thanks Edward, our next subject is over…
Asi had seen and heard enough and was in shock. She and Cole were going to be killed if they were caught by those humans! She needed to disappear from the streets back to the meeting spot.

After a while Asi arrived at the meeting spot and Cole was already waiting.
-'What took you so long? The sun is already under for quite a while now.' Cole wasn't happy.
-'Sorry Cole, I hade to take another route than usual, but listen to me now: the humans have another way of getting rid of us. They'll kill us Cole, they will kill us…' Asi was still shocked about that news.
-'W-w-what…? They'll KILL us? They couldn't get rid of the problem so they decide to KILL us? What a-*censured* really.
-'Cole, mind your words, but I agree.' Asi looked around. 'But we are still going to look at that junkyard?' Cole nodded and than he stood up. Asi followed him and so they took off to the junkyard.
When they arrived the whole pack was there.
-'Maybe someone else of the explorers has found this place?' Cole guessed, but Asi was still in a bit of a shock about the road. It was a highway and they were lucky it was after the late rush hour. Asi almost got hit by a car and Cole could just barely avoid a car.
-'Asi, Cole, happy to see you here!' The Alfa male greeted them and the greeted him too.
Asi waited until the next morning to tell the news of the humans and their evil plans. They greeted most of the pack and after that Asi lay down and began to sleep.

Chapter Three: Bright Lights

The following morning Asi woke up and saw everybody running panicking all over the place. Asi got on her feet and looked around for Cole and he was running for his life, he was chased by a human.
They'd began.
Asi shot out of her shelter and bit the man in his arm and then she ran after Cole who was running towards the Highway. Asi noticed it was still very early in the morning and it wasn't too busy on the road.
-'COLE! Stop!' Asi ran as fast as she could towards him and Cole looked behind him. Asi was almost caught by a human but she escaped with biting him in the hand when he tried to muzzle her. Cole ran to her and bit the man in his arm so Asi could escape and they both escaped from the junkyard.
-'Let's cross the highway on a less busy place.' And they both ran on the side of the highway. They kept walking for the rest of the day and in the end they decided to wait until it was deep in the night to cross the road. They were in the neighbourhood with large gardens and spacious houses.
-'We should have warned the group last night.' Said Cole and he looked at the silent highway. 'Lets cross it Asi.' Cole looked to the left and then to the right and then shot across the road and waited in the middle.
-´Asi, are you coming!?' he yelled to her and Asi looked to the left and then to the right and saw nothing. She ran as fast as she could, but when she was almost at the end by Cole when a car was speeding down the highway. Asi could only remember two bright lights coming to her and a heartbreaking yelp from Cole. Then she felt a terrible pain in her middle and legs and then she felt nothing and slipped away.
What happened was that a car hit her on her hind body and broke her spine. Cole looked astonished and couldn't believe what happened to Asi, his best friend and his secret love. He couldn't say it to her, but now it was too late. Cole saw a man getting out of the car and rushing towards Asi. Cole also ran to her and the man was spooked by Cole, but then he threw a leash around the neck of Cole and put him into the car, which was more a van with cages for pets.
Then the man ran back to Asi and picked her up very carefully and put her in the car and gave her some pain killers.
From that moment the car hit Asi, she never saw Cole again. Cole grew up with a nice family with a lot of land so he could run free, but he never stopped thinking about Asi and in the end he died of being miserable of missing her.

Chapter Four: A Brand New Name

The next thing Asi knew was that she was in a huge ball of water with a muzzle on, helping her breathe. She began to panic and starting to trash around her legs, but she missed something.
Her hind legs were gone.
Now real panic began to hit and she wanted to go away from here, but then she felt a pain in the place her right hind leg was supposed to be and lost consciousness again.

The next time Asi woke up again was in the plain air and she felt miserable. She heard a lot of human voices and thought back at the last night she could remember were those big bright lights coming towards her and then the hell of pain she felt after that.
She opened her eyes and she didn't see in normal colours, but to the middle everything had a reddish glow. She saw all kinds of humans run around her, screaming stuff to each other. She remembered she didn't have her hind legs and then she felt something else.
She lifted her head to look behind and saw that she had a strong tail with a fin at the end. On her back she had back fin and between her legs and body she had a thin fin-like membrane. Asi couldn't bring herself up to panic and dropped her head again and at that moment all people came running towards her and she lost consciousness again.

The next moment she came by a couple of weeks had passed by and she had recovered of the experimental operation the humans had did on her. She got help of the humans to control her tail in water and told her that she could hold her breath longer than a seal. Asi didn't liked all of this but didn't have a chance so she worked with the humans.
-'Stupid karma.' She often thought and wished she hadn't made fun of that dog in her early days of being a scout. She thought of Cole, what had become of him? Was he safe? Was he happy? Asi didn't know and often cried about him, she felt lonely.
One day the humans let her swim in deep water, to see how long she could hold her breath and Asi obeyed. When she was underwater she felt also alone, but less alone than normal. She couldn't stand the humans at all and could finally think clear.
She had to get out of this place.
And then she ran out of breath and swam to the surface. She was underwater for at least an hour and with training she could be underwater for a little longer. So the next weeks they trained her to be underwater for a longer time.
After that hey began to put her outside in salty water to see how that would affect her. The first time it was horrible and cold, but Asi get used to it and now she is living in a zoo like area with a tick glass wall faced to the sea.
Asi wished she was strong enough to break that glass wall and just swim away from this torture place. She wished she could.
Only if she knew what was waiting for her…

Chapter Five: Attack

The following days Asi was ignored by the humans and she was wondering why. She did hear some of their conversations.
-'…Have to try it; we really want to know if she can activate the defense on her own.' Defense? What defense? Asi began to try out stuff, but she got nothing. She did thought it would only kick in when she is threatened, but how could she recreate the feeling?
She tried some situations with believing very hard and imagining threats, sometimes she did see the world in reddish colours, but that was over very fast. The humans began to show interest in her again, but they also began to poke Asi with long sharp sticks. As snapped at the sticks and then swam away.
The next day Asi saw a lot of humans with long sticks coming into her cage and now she really felt threatened. She began to see more reddish tints instead of colours and she began to feel strange.
The humans began closing her in and to stab her with the sticks. Asi evaded every attack, humans were so slow. Asi ran to the water, but even there she wasn't safe.
The humans began to enter the water with those sharp sticks and Asi began to see more and more in red.
And then it happened.
Asi began to growl and stormed towards the humans, snapping their steel sticks like they were twigs. The world was in red and Asi was in a rage. She snapped at the legs of the humans, breaking at least one leg.
But in the back of her head she felt wrong, very wrong. She stopped snapping at the humans and went underwater to the glass wall. She began to trash against it, scratch it and bite it. After the scratches came dents and then the glass wall broke.
She was free.
Asi spurted towards the open sea, hearing humans go after her with boats and harpoons. She barely evaded them and she surfaced for the last time to take a deep breath and then she dove to be never seen again for the humans.

After a while she surfaced again to breath and she was in a wide, calm and open sea. She didn't see any humans around and then she felt safe again. But the red colours didn't go away since she thought the humans could come back any moment.
Asi dove again to search for some food, the fish was horrible in the lab. She swam and swam, but never found a school of fish. She became frustrated again and the red got worse again. She began to sprint in the water to have something to do.
After a while she saw a rock in the ocean, quite a big one and it had quite a strange glow. Spooky, but not scary. Asi dove again and saw a school of fish. She sprinted as fast as she could to that school, but before she was there another, bigger fish drove the school apart.
And then she got really furious.
She spurted to that bigger fish and began to claw and bite into it and she was surprised of how easily it went. She ate a bit of the fish, but she was then distracted by something else.

Chapter six: Strange ways

Asi saw something else in the school of fish, she saw a bigger fish. She swam around it at quite a distance, but could clearly see the fish. It was shark-like and had a beak just like an eyrie. Asi saw that the fish was hunting something else, something smaller and obviously weaker. Asi wasn't interested in the smell weak think, she wanted that fish.
But what was she thinking? Attacking a bigger fish out of nowhere? Her instinct was stronger than her common sense, but she did think of that. What if she saved the weaker thing? No, the bigger thing was better than the weak thing. And then she spurted towards the fish.
All she remembered was that she slammed into it and began to fight it. It was so much weaker than she thought and the fish began to whimper under her attacks and then it got a chance to get away.
Asi tasted that there was a lot of blood in the water and that made her system go even wilder and her instinct sense went over board and she couldn't control herself anymore and slammed into the rock wall of the island. The last thing she saw was that the world was getting normal colours and that the weak thing was coming to get her.
Asi feared the worse.

Once she gained consciousness again she didn't want to open her eyes to feel the wounds she got, but she didn't felt any pain. She only has a soar throat. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw were two brilliant blue eyes and she was spooked by them and jumped on her feet.
-'What the heck just happened!?' Asi asked and the other creature looked at her with a dull look, but recovered fast.
-'You slammed into a rock…' The creature muttered. Asi looked at the creature and was thinking. She didn't see the world in reddish colours anymore, she wasn't in the rage form.
She was free.
-'I'm free…' Asi said and smiled and closed her eyes. At that moment a strange peophin came out of his cottage and started to treat her wounds she still had. Asi felt the salve he had working and it soothed the pain, but then it began to sting.
-'Argh! It stings…' Asi said and began to rub the wounds, which was punished with a knock of the hooves from the peophin.
-'What are you?' The creature with the ice blue eyes asked. Asi looked at him and she never asked herself that question. She was this because of those humans, because of that accident. She wished she never had crossed that highway.
-'I don't know what I am, bloody humans.' The last thing she muttered, she really wanted to kill every single human from that lab. She started to see reddish colours again and wanted to change the subject.
-'That eyrie almost killed you down there.' Asi laughed, but the creature, which Asi assumed it was a Gelert, stared at her in wonder.
-'Who…?' he asked.
-'That creature which attacked you earlier, you know?' The gelert muttered something and looked at his paws.
-'I'm not so familiar with the outside world.' He said and Asi wondered what his past was. He didn't seem to be that smart.
Who is that?' and I nodded to the peophin, but he didn't know either and then we were listening to his strange language.

Chapter seven: Sail Away

The peophin was done rubbing the salve on Asi and walked to his cottage.
-'Well, my name is Asi. What is your name?' She asked to the gelert, which looked a bit stunned. He clearly didn't have his mind here.
-'Oh, my name is Soul, I think…' He said and Asi laughed, that felt great, to laugh again and being careless.
-'How can't you be sure of your name?' Soul kept silent and looked up. Asi thought it was too painful for Soul and decided not to ask. Asi yawned and she felt really tired. She hadn't slept since she escaped from the lab.
-'I'm going to take a nap if you don't mind, I'm exhausted.' Asi began to lay down.
-'No, it's fine. I'll guard you.' Soul said.
-'I won't trust that much if you don't mind.' Asi laughed and then closed her eyes.

When Asi woke up she saw Soul snoring next to her and began to laugh. She looked up to the sky and saw all sorts of colours swirling in the sky. She wondered what they were and saw the peophin sitting on the highest rock of the island and Asi thought the peophin did this.
She stared to the rainbow clouds for quite a while until they disappeared. She watched the peophin when he was on his way back to his cottage. Soul was still snoring and Asi decided to wake him up. She poked his cheek and he opened his eyes.
-'I think I still hear you say: I will guard you.' Asi teased him and he muttered an apology when he got up.
-'That peophin is really strange you know.' She said to him, but he stared at me like I was talking about something very complicated. 'You really don't know much about the creatures around here, do you? That there is a peophin.' And Soul nodded his head.
Asi shacked her head and began to look around the island. Nothing here indicated that humans had been on this island and she relaxed and looked back at Soul, who looked quickly away with a very light blush on his cheeks. I pulled a raspberry and looked over the sea. It was quite high so I could see far over the sea.
-'Is there a chance that there will be humans anywhere around here?' I looked at Soul and remembered he really didn't know much about creatures. 'Humans are strange two legged things, can't miss.
-'Haven't seen them around here.' Soul said and Asi felt relieved. 'But why are you so afraid of them?' Soul asked and Asi felt a rage building up.
-'Afraid!? No, they have to be afraid of me!' Asi yelled and she began to see reddish again and began to calm herself down.
-'I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to upset you.' Soul said quickly. 'What have they done to you?' I really didn't want to spend hours talking about my past which I missed so much. I really didn't like this alien world and missed the streets of the big city.
-'I rather don't talk about that.' Asi said and looked into the distance.
The next moment the peophin creped between us and stared at Soul, who was spooked by the peophin and fell. Asi laughed, Soul had something she also saw in Cole. The peophin pointed at the sea and looked at Asi and then at Soul and Asi thought it wanted to send us away from his island.
-'Does he want us to go away?' Soul thought for a while and then came to the same conclusion. 'I like the sound of that.' Asi said, 'I really hate those dry and rough rocks and the lack of deep water.
-'What if that eyrie attacks us again?' Soul asked and Asi laughed.
-'Don't think he will attack us very soon, but if he does attack us, I will chase him away. Are you afraid of adventure?' Asi really wanted to go away and go to the city for the last time, to say a proper goodbye. The peophin poked into the back of Soul and Asi dragged him along until they were on the edge of the island and Asi jumped over the edge and Soul was more pushed off by the peophin.
And there we went, on our way with a great adventure in front of us.


*yawn* Hiya! Come adopt me!!


Thanks Onnie C:

Thanks lisa!

Many thanks Jodie! :D

Famous Last Words

This is the end of my page, I hope you enjoyed the page. I will say goodbye and may we see each other again in the near future.
If you see any of the lab scientists, please don't tell them where I am. Don't say that I'm dead; they will find another test subject to try what they did with me. Have a nice journey from here.
And then the Gelert pushed the boat and you floated away into the open sea.


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