Shiraiko's Shrine

The tale of the scorned priestess!

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She hears your cries…

Present Day

In an old deserted city named Oolaun, lay an abandoned shrine. The establishment looked as if it had seen better days, though the peculiar thing about the shrine was what lay inside. Inside the house of worship contained a dark and sinister spirit that was festering impatiently in captivity. The spirit was enclosed there in order to bring peace, joy, and good fortune to womanhood. It was once a symbol of femininity and its purpose was to revere the true beauty of being a woman. Though, how the spirit was captured inside the shrine in the first place was hardly a story that any woman would be proud of!

The shrine had been deserted due to the bad karma that followed after the spirit's confinement and the townspeople since left the city to reestablish a new one. But the spirit still remained, bitterly waiting for the day in which she would be released. Yet what was her purpose now? It wasn't like anyone came to worship here anymore.

But on the contrary, it was quite the opposite.

She had plenty of people who called out to her, asking…no! Begging for her guidance and she would listen to each and every 'prayer' with vicious glee while growing stronger each day.

-I can't stand him.-
-I doubt this relationship will work.-
-He doesn't seem faithful.-

Yes…. A dark voice from within the shrine hissed. It was low, but still powerful and intimidating.

-He really aggravates me.-
-He doesn't do anything I tell him to do.-
-He's not worth it.-

Yes! The voice was getting louder and more powerful now as the complaints increased.

-He's nothing like I thought he'd be.-
-He's such a disappointment.-
-I don't think he loves me.-

YES! the voice shouted savagely and it echoed throughout the area.

-I don't think I love him.-

An explosion of terrifying laughter erupted from the shrine.

Yes! Yes, my children! I hear you. You are not alone in this, believe me. Put your trust in me, give me your prayers, grant me the ability to walk the earth once more and allow me to solve all your problems. The voice practically cackled out triumphantly before dying once more.

A few minutes of silence passed before the voice whispered for the final time, giving out a chilling promise.

My children, no longer will you have to worry anymore. Let me handle everything.

A relationship corrupted from the start...

March 13th, 1779

Shiraiko was quietly walking in the Emperor's garden after relaxing from a long day's work of teaching and prayer. It was quite a beautiful day to take a stroll inside the garden with the sun shining brilliantly in the sky without a cloud in sight. The flowers seemed to be even more vibrant than usual, their colors blending nicely with each other. The scenery itself was breathtaking, though the shrine maiden had to admit that every day in Oolaun was breathtaking. Yes, she felt very fortunate that she could see this splendor and it was all, to the best of her knowledge any ways, to herself. Or at least she thought she was alone. The priestess had been so entranced by the setting; she hardly realized she was being watched …

A figure within the shadows smirked to himself while watching the girl with predatory eyes. Although Shiraiko was a highly respected individual, he could tell that she was quite naïve. A dreamer, if you will. A person that always had their head stuck in the clouds and looked for the best in people.

She was basically an easy target to manipulate and with the plans he had laid out, she would be a very important asset. Finally the figure made himself known by stepping out of the shadows and clearing his throat. The draik looked as if he were a person of great prestige, due to the regal garments he was wearing. But what stood out the most were his facial features. His face just screamed arrogance and he was devilishly handsome, but somewhat intimidating. He was the prince after all.

Shiraiko jumped in surprise at the sound and turned towards the direction in which it came from. Immediately she flushed with embarrassment and quickly gave a bow. "Prince Takeshi*, I did not see you there. I apologize for drifting off. I will… I will take my leave now." Her eyes were cast down towards the ground and a faint tint of pink could be seen on her cheeks. She couldn't work the nerve to make eye contact with him. She had realized that recently the prince had been staring at her, though she didn't know what the meaning behind that gaze was.

The prince noticed how obvious Shiraiko was with her emotions. He could already tell she had an attraction to him which only made the job easier. "You have nothing to be sorry about, Shiraiko." He answered with a smile, walking over to the nervous priestess. "You have every right to be here since you are highly respected by father." He took a stand right next to her and looked up at the blooming cherry blossoms. Shiraiko still faced forward unable to muster the courage to face Prince Takeshi and stand confidently by his side.

He made a note of this and continued on with a charming smile, "But who wouldn't marvel at the beauty of this garden? Father spent a lot of time making sure it's absolutely perfect. He said that only the finest species of plant from across the land could reside in a place such as this. It's really his pride and joy." He gave a side-long calculating glance to the girl before adding, "Though I must admit, its beauty pales in comparison to you, Shiraiko."

Shiraiko's eyes widened and her body visibly tensed as the blush on her cheeks spread further. Beautiful ? No one would had ever called her that before, much less seen her in that way. Of course men would talk to her, but usually it was always on a friendly basis and that was it. She was considered that girl men could easily interact with, but never seen as more than just a friend. And she accepted that. Shiraiko herself had to admit that she didn't have any physical attributes that were really outstanding. But the prince… he really thought she was… beautiful? Like she was really worth something?

She fidgeted a bit unable to come up with an answer to that. Shiraiko could already tell she was embarrassing herself in front of him which ultimately led her to conclude that it was time to go. "Your majesty, I-I really must be going. There are… lots of things to do back at the shrine." She responded lamely and made a step forward to take her leave, but Prince Takeshi quickly grabbed her by the arm and turned her around to face him.

For a moment a flash of annoyance crossed his face, but was quickly replaced by a look of sincerity. "Shiraiko, please wait. You've been avoiding me like the plague. Is it something I did wrong?" He asked and watched as the priestess finally met his gaze. She shook her head no which was all she could do at this point.

At that precise moment she couldn't get any words out while staring at him. Her heart was pounding now, and she was beginning to nervously sweat. All she could do was look at the prince helplessly and hope that he would lead the conversation which he gladly did. "Then why don't you have dinner with me tonight?" He smiled at her before letting go.

Shiraiko gave a slow nod in response to that. "That's perfect. I will see you tonight then." Prince Takeshi grabbed a few flowers hanging from the cherry blossom tree and handed it to her in order to seal the deal then walked off. After a while, he turned briefly and noticed that Shiraiko was still standing exactly where he had left her. Though unlike before when she had been staring at the cherry blossom tree, her eyes held a dreamy gaze at the flowers he had given her.

A sinister smirk danced across Prince Takeshi's face as he turned away from her.

The plan was already set in motion.

Takeshi- means unbending


Personality: Awkward, Withdrawn, Serious, Angry, Spiteful, Educated, Tortured, Lonely

Here's a summary for her story:

Shiraiko was once a revered priestess in the city of Oolaun. However, she had fallen prey to a corrupt prince who made her believe that he really loved her. The prince's original intent was to use Shiraiko for political means and once he was ordained as emperor, he was pretty much through with her. Heartlessly, he cast her aside and married another woman from a prestigious family. To add insult to injury, Shiraiko was then sentenced to execution in order to make sure she would not be an influence in starting a political uprising. Her soul was captured by her followers and placed into a shrine as a protecting spirit, in hope of righting the wrongs that were done to her. The initial purpose of Shiraiko's spirit was to act as guidance or a role model for women and encouraging the purity of love. Though given the circumstances leading up to her martyrdom, that was hardly what happened. Instead of bringing inspiration, Shiraiko vowed to do exactly just the opposite which brings us to our current view of her.

In general, Shira is quite the no nonsense type of person that can be seen as intimidating. She is straight-laced and often can be uptight and severe. It seems like she has a permanent scowl on her face, but every once and a while that's replaced by a sinister smirk given the situation. Shira didn't always use to be this way, but throughout the years and the hardships she's faced, she has little reason to be happy any ways. She's angered by man, love, and relationships in general. She basically wants everyone to be as cold and despondent as she is. She preys on the weak-minded and plants the seeds of doubt into a woman's mind then watches the chaos unfold from there. Ironically, Shiraiko isn't all bad. There are some instances where Shira gives hope to women that are being oppressed and gives them the confidence to move on. These are rare cases, but they have happened. She also has the ability to transform into a human, or remain as an invisible spirit.

It should also be noted that Shiraiko is not all powerful. She feeds off of negative energy since that's her purpose in life; however, if she doesn't have enough of that pessimism to sustain her, she grows weak. It takes a lot of energy to switch between her spirit and human form. If she is without human contact, or negativity then eventually she disappears and will once again be locked inside her stone coffin for another some-odd 200 years.

Furthermore, she's not the typical ethereal, desirable beauty. No, I'm tired of seeing the same 'beautiful beyond imagine' pets. I'm guilty of that myself. She isn't ugly, but she isn't gorgeous either. She's plain looking and average for the most part, with no physical traits that would really stand out in a crowd.

    General Information
  • Full Name
  • :: Shiraiko
  • Nickname(s)
  • :: Shira, The Ice Priestess
  • Scale Color
  • :: White
  • Hair Color
  • :: Black
  • Eye Color
  • :: Blue/Light blue
  • Height
  • :: 5'8
  • Markings
  • :: Black striped markings along her body
  • Age
  • :: 229 years old (Though she looks 25)
  • Family
  • :: None
  • Friend
  • ::Emi
  • Love
  • ::….You're joking, right?
  • Powers
  • :: She has the ability to transform into a human, or a spirit. Though she prefers being a spirit since that's much easier to influence her victim.

    Likes and Dislikes


  • Hatred
  • Suffering
  • Daydreaming
  • Revenge
  • Emi
  • Solitude
  • Nature
    • Dislikes:
    • Love
    • Happiness
    • Men
    • Hope
    • Stigma
    • People
    • Beauty

    Roleplaying preferences-
    She will be used in both anthro and quad surroundings. Preferably anthro though.

    Appearance-She will have blue eyes and the majority of her body will be white except the black stripes running along her body and her black underbelly. And what are the reasons behind these black markings? When she was living her entire body was actually white, though once she became a spirit, she also became corrupted. The black markings are the signs of a demon possessing her thoughts and filling her blackened heart with contempt over mankind. The white and black clash with each other in order to show the struggle Shiraiko has between being good and being evil. The blue in her is there because..well not only does it match, but because when a person thinks of blue they think of things such as calmness or optimism. Shiraiko's blue can be described in a lot of ways such as strength and confidence, but in this case her blue predominantly represents coldness. She is, for the most part, a cold and calculating individual. Hence another reason for giving her the nickname as the 'Ice Priestess'.

    Additionally, she has straight long black hair that's usually kept down and very well-groomed. In her quad form she walks on four legs and looks very similar to a white tiger. However, in her anthro form she stands up right and looks like a Shinto priestess, yet instead of the classic red bottoms, she wears dark blue.

    Aw. Don't you think she sounds pretty ? I do. ;o; I squeal over it every time I think about her or see a picture of her. Mmk. I'll stop being a fangirl now. Though I really do hope you enjoy the character idea and design. It's quite different from what you have (I've seen your art/page), but I hope that you find it to be unique.

    If you are confused by her design then wait a bit until the art section to see her picture. If you are still confused, or having any comments about her character please do not hesitate to neomail me at any time.

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    A friendship is formed.


    June 9th,1779

    The marketplace was bustling as usual that day, yet Oolaun always brought in such fascinating wonders from all across Neopia. The latest inventions, the exchange of scholarly information or artwork, and most importantly the latest creatures the land had to offer. Though Shiraiko herself was never one to be amazed by all the eccentric splendors those conniving salesmen tried to sell. You've seen one disturbing cross breed of a petpet, you've seen them all. Yes, the priestess had only come to the marketplace to pick up a few items, and that was it. Well, it seemed like a simple mission, but the streets were crowded due to some new 'discovery'. Out of sheer curiosity, the priestess made her way towards the gathering to get a closer look at this marvel. It had to be something big, right? There's no reason for everyone to be standing around otherwise.

    An overweight bruce in a petticoat and top hat announced in a dramatic way, "Come one, come all!". By his mannerisms he seemed more like a circus ring leader than a typical salesman. It was obvious that his gimmick was to try and make a few bucks by entertaining a crowd rather than selling a certain item. "Yes, gather around everyone to witness one of the newly discovered petpets from the land of Geraptiku."

    The crowd obediently listened and packed in closer with eyes wide and interest peaked. The bruce grinned in satisfaction then grabbed the sheet that was covering the cage to reveal… a small cat-like creature? Sure it was kind of cute, but that was hardly anything to boast about. Who hadn't seen a cat before, right? The poor thing was currently cowering in the corner, nervously looking at the large amount of people and trembling in fear. The crowd moaned in disappointment and a few people gave some biting comments about how this was all just a waste of time.

    The bruce furiously turned towards the petpet and prodded it none too gently with the tip of his cane. "Come on you miserable wretched thing. Transform! You're making me look bad." He feverishly continued to poke through the cage, not giving much room for the petpet to escape the attack. Eventually, the feline did comply and changed into its true form which was the size of a horse.

    The crowd stared at the beast in awe, but Shiraiko could hardly stand it. Not only was the cage unsanitary and small, it looked as if the petpet was lacking in a proper diet given how thin and sickly it looked.

    She had seen petpets before, but never one that had been through this sort of abuse."Excuse me, sir." Shiraiko finally called out, making her way through the crowd and over to the cage. The people parted immediately for her to show their respect. "What type of animal is this?" She asked curiously while the petpet in question transformed back into its original size.

    The bruce raised his brows in amusement then answered, "Eh? This ugly thing, miss? It's a Biyako. I managed to capture her during one of my many travels to Mystery Island."

    Shiraiko frowned at the bruce and glanced once more at the Biyako who was now staring at her in curiousity. "Yes, well I would like to purchase her. I always wanted a petpet and she seems like the perfect match."

    All the bruce could do was chuckle, but that quickly died when he realized that the priestess was being serious. "How much for her?" Shiraiko asked firmly, the look in her eyes clearly saying that she meant business.

    The bruce observed her critically for a moment then responded, "They are quite rare, so it will be a bit pricey. But for you miss, I think I'm willing to cut a deal."

    The bruce stated his price and the two exchanged currency. "I don't understand what you see in this scary little beast, but it's your choice miss." He shrugged then opened up the cage for Shiraiko.

    TheBiyako stood there hesitantly for a moment a little unsure of what was going on. "Go on you stupid thing. You've been bought." The bruce growled out and the Biyako literally jumped before scurrying out of the cage and over to Shiraiko.

    The priestess smiled warmly and gently took the Biyako in her arms. "It's alright now. You no longer have to be afraid. I will protect you." She looked up at the bruce and gave a curt nod before walking off.

    Once again the crowd (who had been standing there the whole time gawking at the ordeal) moved out the way so that their beloved priestess could come through."You know, I wouldn't mind having another friend to help me with my work anyways." She stated with a smile, accepting the feline's presence. "You don't talk though, correct?" The petpet shook it's head no in response to that. "But you do understand me, which means you're quite intelligent. Let's see…what should I name you then?"

    Shira thought about this for a while as the cat stared up at her curiously. "I think I'll call you Emi ." Shiraiko finally responded, for the most part pleased by the idea

    Emi meant blessing, which was what saved the poor petpet from such a bleak fate."Yes, Emi is a fine name indeed and it's quite fitting, don't you think?" Shiraiko asked while heading towards the shrine with Emi still lying in her arms. Emi nodded in acceptance with this and clung protectively to the white kimono of her new master. "And the two of us... we'll stick together, won't we?" Shiraiko looked down at Emi with a soft smile, "I'll take good care of you and you will always be my friend Emi."

    The two walked off underneath the bright afternoon sky, both knowing that this would be a start of an everlasting friendship.

    .::THE SIDEKICK::.

    Behind every bitter immortal priestess there is a sidekick.

    Emi was rescued by Shiraiko and has since been a long time friend even through death. Although Emi is hardly considered evil, she still follows her master to the ends of the earth, hoping that one day Shiraiko will once again become the benevolent priestess like before. Even though Emi doesn't have the ability to talk, she uses her facial features and sounds/movements to communicate.

    Ironically, Emi plays as a conscience to Shiraiko and when she feels like her master has gone too far, she makes that known. Emi is quite possibly one of the reasons why Shira isn't as obsessed with destroying relationships as she could be. In fact, Emi believes deep down inside Shira doesn't believe in half the ideals she preaches, but Emi isn't exactly sure how to help her realize that. So in the end, Emi is saddened by Shiraiko's fate, but faithfully stays by her side waiting for that miracle to occur some day.

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    .::THE STORY::.

    Present Day

    It was raining pretty hard that day in Neopia, but among the snowy tops of the mountain, amidst the tallest trees and fog, lay the dead city of Oolaun. Oolaun was so far away from civilization it was almost impossible to find it on a common map, only the locals of Shenkuu really knew of its whereabouts and hardly anyone bothered to go there. It had once been a great extravagant city. Scholars, artisans, merchants, and people of all social backgrounds came to marvel at Oolaun's glory, or found it a great opportunity to find work. Yes, it was truly a sight to behold, but during the Revolution near the late 1700s the city had fallen after a corrupt government ran it to the ground. The remaining people of Oolaun vowed to reestablish a just administration and left the city to create a new one. Shenkuu was then constructed and has since been flourishing to this day.

    But Oolaun itself was a deserted, run down, ghost town that was now reduced to merely a shell of its former magnificence. It was quite obvious that nature seemed to have taken over as being its sole inhabitant. Moss, mold, weeds, and other wild vegetation had grown rapidly throughout the abandoned town, covering almost every inch of each building structure. What were once homes, hospitals, schools, were now occupied by plant and wildlife. It was a sad sight to behold, though one establishment stood out from the rest. A cracked pathway that travelled through the city, led up to a winding staircase, on top of a hill where a shrine was strategically located. The shrine was placed at the highest point of the city, acting as a beacon of hope and protection. Clearly the structure was weather-worn, but even still it was still an impressive sight to see.

    The building itself was quite large and was made of old oak and the roof was adorned with rusted red and gold plates. Designs of different gods and spirits were carved along the outside building's walls each with a name and its purpose. There were two wooden pillars out front for a long entrance that led to the inside where old teaching banners were draped around the room. But the marvel to observe was what lurked beyond the banners into the center of the room. In that area was a space filled with beautiful statues of many deities as well as zigzag paper strategically placed along the wall. More banners of old spiritual teachings aligned the wall and ceiling as well, but in the middle held the spirit. The spirit of the beloved shrine maiden Shiraiko who had passed away so long ago. Her soul was captured there as reverence to womanhood. Her spirit was supposed to have brought peace, love, and kindness to the citizens of Oolaun though the story behind the shrine had lacked all three.

    The tale of Shiraiko was quite a sad one, one that had been past down from generation to generation. It was a story about a tragic unrequited love that eventually led to the downfall of one of the greatest dynasties the world had ever known. And it all started with a ruthless prince who so badly wanted to reign supreme


    January 1st, 1780

    The kingdom was as lively as ever that day and people were buzzing about trying to get ready for the party. It was the one of the biggest celebrations that hit Oolaun in years; it was the welcoming ceremony of the new Emperor. The old emperor Toshihiro* had surprisingly stepped down from the throne and ordained his son as the new ruler. It was on such short notice, but the Oolaunites made do with what they had. Decorations and activities covered the palace grounds, making it look like the lavish party a new Emperor would rightly deserve. Everyone was excited and the happy atmosphere that filled the area was completely contagious.

    Shiraiko too was absolutely thrilled about the ceremony. She was in the main hall, awaiting the prince…no… Emperor, and going over the events that led up to this. She had managed to talk Emperor Toshihiro into retirement and give the position to his son, which he eventually complied with. The emperor highly respected Shiraiko as she was one of the most influential and well-liked people in their time period. Furthermore, he had hoped that with this new gain in power, his son would finally come to his senses and wed Shiraiko which he cheerfully confessed to the priestess on numerous occasions.

    The priestess blushed slightly at the idea, but couldn't help but to smile. Maybe that's why he had called her for a private meeting? The two had become closer over the past couple of months and she felt like there was a real connection between the both of them. Shiraiko subconsciously adjusted her ceremonial outfit in a nervous manner. Her dark blue kimono was custom made just for the party and she hoped that Takeshi would like it.

    Just then the door opened and the new Emperor walked through. Shiraiko turned to him with an affectionate smile and gave a bow, "Your majesty, it's an honor to see you. You look very handsome."

    Takeshi was already wearing the extravagant ceremonial garbs and walked with regal dignity like he had been in the position all along. "Shiraiko, I wish to thank you for persuading my father and allowing me the opportunity of becoming Emperor." He stated formally while walking towards the window to look out at the festivities for the night. "I feel like this new change for Oolaun will be good in the long run."

    The priestess smiled once again and replied, "Yes, the citzens of Oolaun are quite excited of what's to come. I'm sure you won't disappoint. The people have been faithful to the Yamamoto* dynasty for generations and wish to continue to serve them for many years to come."

    He turned to her briefly then glanced back out the window, "That is good to know. I will need the support of my people to be a strong ruler."

    A brief moment of silence ensued until Takeshi finally spoke up once more, "Now as the new Emperor there are things I would like to modify. My father was too lenient with his ruling and I wish to make Oolaun a strong political power that has a firm grasp on international policy. In order to do that, we need a strong military and I plan on putting Oolaun on the map by ruling with an iron fist." He gave a pause, staring out the window with a vicious smirk as if he could see it all now. "Anyone who dares to get in my way will be punished immediately. My dream of making our fair city a world power will not be deterred!"

    Shiraiko stared in complete confusion at this. This wasn't the Prince Takeshi that she knew. He was kind and gentle, and the man before her was neither of the two. "Sir, I don't think that's such a good idea. The population of Oolaun is quite small and it would sever all ties with many of our allies. Something like starting a war? It would be absolutely insane." Shiraiko quickly protested, already knowing that such a plan would fail. Oolaun was not a military city, it was known for being the melting pot of all cultures. This was how they had prospered over the years. If they broke all connections with the other lands then Oolaun would greatly suffer and very well be reduced to nothing.

    She gave him an uneasy smile hoping that this was all just sort of joke. However, she did not receive a response immediately. Silence filled the room for a few moments and then…"Of course there are always going to be people who doubt my word and oppose my vision…" The prince sneered and finally turned to face her. "People with great influence like you won't keep quiet about this. Which leaves us with a problem."

    The priestess looked taken aback at the cold stare directed towards her and moved a step or two backwards from him. "What are you…" She started to say.

    The prince interrupted her and answered firmly, "I'm afraid your services are no longer needed here Shiraiko. You pose too much of a threat and with great remorse I must… arrest you for high treason."

    By the appearance on Shiraiko's face it looked like she had been dealt a huge blow. "H-high treason?" She stuttered out in disbelief, "For what?" But did he really need a reason? He was emperor after all. His word was law.

    A sadistic smirk travelled along Takeshi's face when she asked that question. "You are arrested for the crimes of conspiring to dethrone the royal family and initially enacting violence against a royal family member. You are hereby sentenced to execution." He ordered and called for the guards to come collect the 'traitor'.

    Once again it looked as if the wind had been knocked out of the priestess until she regained her equilibrium once more."I would never do such a thing!" She cried out in absolute outrage and betrayal.

    And what did he mean enacting violence against a royal family member? Was he conspiring against Emperor Toshihiro as well? It would make sense to have his father out the way so no one could overthrow his power. "How could you do this? How can you be so selfish? I thought… I thought you lo…" She let those words die immediately in her throat; she couldn't bring herself to say it since she had already been through enough humiliation.

    That smirk of his never left his face and it seemed to grow even more in size when she almost blurted out her confession. "You thought what?" He asked in cold amusement, "You actually thought I loved you? Do you really think so highly of yourself? How could I love such an ugly thing like you, Shiraiko? You meant absolutely nothing to me. You were the one that gave yourself such false hopes about our relationship."

    Prince Takeshi walked away from her, by now the guards had already seized the shrine maiden and were leading her out of the main hall. "Besides, it would never work out between us, my dear. I'm to be wed to the eldest daughter of the Yhen family. I'm sorry it's come down to this, but you are of no use to me any longer."

    Shiraiko looked totally mortified and ashamed to let her emotions get so out of hand. It had completely blinded her from his true intentions. But even still she called out to the prince, begging him to turn around and stop this madness.

    He did not.

    Tears of anger and hatred were running down her face by now, but she still had enough in her to make one last promise while struggling against the guards. "The pain that you have caused me, the same will be done to you ten times over, Prince Takeshi! You will be the cause of Oolaun's demise and run this city to its knees. Everything you do will fail!" And with that, Shiraiko was forcibly led out of the room to await execution.


    During that night, while the evening festivities for the imperial ceremony were going on, another ceremony with a much darker purpose had taken place. The people were astounded to hear the next morning that not only was their former emperor dead, but their beloved priestess was as well. And they were even more surprised to hear the reason behind it! Shiraiko, as well as a few others, had conspired against the royal family and successfully managed to kill one of them? Sure the emperor and Shiraiko had been quite close, but they would never believe she had anything to do with his death.

    It was an outrage, but the people could do nothing. All they could do was mourn over the loss of their loved ones. Besides, if anyone went against Emperor Takeshi's wishes then they would immediately be dealt with and suffer severe consequences. Despite being labeled a traitor, the citizens of Oolaun were still very adamant about giving Shiraiko the proper burial that she so rightfully deserved. They placed her beneath the center of the shrine and her devout followers prayed over her body for many days trying to capture her spirit. It seemed like the only right thing to do since she had tended to the shrine for so many years. On the seventh day they had successfully managed to lock what they thought was Shiraiko's soul and sealed it inside a box coffin made of stone. Each vowed that this would be a shrine that would bring good will and good fortune to the people of Oolaun, especially the women. The love and benevolence Shiraiko had showed while living would surely be bestowed upon the people.

    But that didn't happen.

    Immediately following the scandal, Oolaun had taken a turn for the worst. The emperor's harsh ruling had not only upset the citizens, but also the other worlds. They had severed all ties with trading which left the small city with nothing. Hardships immediately followed and the Oolaunites were becoming desperate as their city was practically crumbling to the ground right before their very eyes. The people begged for change, but the imperial family was of no help either. Already there were scandals occurring within the palace walls between the royal families. A decade soon passed until the citizens could no longer take their ruler's brutal tyranny. In the 1790s a revolution occurred almost close to the anniversary of Shiraiko's death as well as the Emperor's ceremony. The reigning family was finally overthrown and the remaining citizens agreed to set up a just government and start anew. They soon abandoned the city and created a new one in its place, leaving Oolaun and its past behind them.

    And that is where Oolaun sat today, unattended to, without any life. Or so people thought.

    On the contrary there was a life form still living within the Oolaun walls, a sinister individual that wanted revenge and was growing quite powerful throughout the years.


    Present day

    The rain was coming down harder now and the wind was howling. Lightning cracked and danced across the dark sky while the rumble of thunder rolled throughout the land. It was a terrible storm and yet, it all seemed to be centered on one place: The shrine. The wind and rain relentlessly swept at the wooden building and it creaked in protest. Lightning was rapidly hitting the structure at such an alarming rate, it was a miracle it hadn't been engulfed into flames.

    Whether it was a freak accident of nature or not, one bolt of lightning managed to seep through the shrine's outer surface and strike dead on to the stone coffin that enclosed Shiraiko's spirit. It sounded like shattered glass as the beam collided with the stone casing. The casing had practically been removed from the impact and was hanging limply to the side. And then everything stopped and went silent. The rain, the wind, the thunder and the lightning, everything came to an immediate halt. The only thing that could be heard was the sizzling aftermath of the stone case as it emitted smoke from its shell.

    For a few minutes nothing happened, but then a blue like mist crept out of the coffin. It was insignificant at first until it continued to grow in size and became thicker. The fog engulfed the room before it started to take shape. Shrill laughter permeated throughout the shrine walls as the mist began to take the form of a woman: a woman that looked to be in her mid-twenties. The figure looked like a miko with the white kimono and white tabi, but what was different about her was instead of the traditional red hakama, her hakama was a navy blue. As the body finally took a definite shape and gave clear feminine features it revealed the shrine maiden Shiraiko. Through the power of negativity building throughout the years, she had finally risen.

    The laughter finally died down as she let out a sigh of contentment. "Finally, finally I'm free." The priestess practically gave a cackle as she slowly made her way to the entrance of the shrine. It had been so long since she had seen the outside world… and from the looks of it she hadn't missed much.

    She snickered to herself. "That selfish idiot should have listened to me when I warned him."

    Shiraiko walked down the steps leading to the forgotten city. "How foolish did you look when they took over the city? Oh, how I wish I had of been there to witness the look of horror on your face before they punished you relentlessly for all the pain you caused them." She stated out loud to the quiet town, though she didn't expect an answer. Silence was fine with her. "A stray mutt probably had a better funeral than you and your precious wife." She practically spat out as a flare of hatred washed over her body. It was a hatred that was directed towards the prince as well as… herself.

    Even after all these years she still couldn't help but to feel jealous. Jealous because she had been cheated out of life and cheated out of love, but no longer would that affect her. Shiraiko had a duty to fulfill. She was supposed to help the women of the world; they had called for her guidance. Yet, she could not do this job alone.

    Shiraiko's mist that was from underneath her body glided throughout the tattered city as if searching for something. " Emi, my dear friend, where are you?" Emi had been the only true friend that stood beside her in the end, and the shrine maiden believed that reviving her was the least she could do. Minutes passed and her question went unanswered. The priestess was about to give up, believing that her poor companion had worn and rotted away naturally… that is until she saw a blackened figure about the size of a horse emerge from the woods. The figure had a skull bone on top of its head with blue markings, and blue spikes travelled down its spine to its tail. Its shape was quite similar to a velociraptor. The creature looked around for a bit before spotting its master and walking towards her.

    Shiraiko gave the beast a sincere, affectionate smile of relief and went over to her. So Emi was in her attack form? The dragon bent her head down and allowed her master to envelope her in a hug. Shiraiko lightly touched the scarring on top of Emi's head with a sad smile. The gashes on her head were deep and disturbing as if the poor beast had been through such a brutal attack. "What kind of fight did you have to endure, my friend, before they put you out of your misery?"

    Emi could not answer, but gave her owner a light nudge as a way of comfort before bending low to the ground. Shiraiko nodded in understanding and hopped on top of Emi's back. "Come along then. We are on a mission, no time to dawdle around and discuss the past." Emi stood up fully and began to walk off and down the path that led to Shenkuu.

    After a while Shiraiko gave a cruel smirk. It was as if reality had finally hit her. "It's time, my friend. The world has been waiting for us." And with that the two disappeared into the night.

    Toshihiro- means wise

    Yamamota- means mountain

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    .::ART SECTION::.

    I apologize in advance if some of my art makes you want to smash your head against the keyboard repeatedly until you turn into an unconscious heap to rid yourself of the images you're about to see.

    My art

    The pros now.

    My friend's first attempt at Human Anthro. You rock Ruse. *_* My friend Ruse is credited for this pic. My friend Abra is credited for this pic. All I can say is amazing.
    Tockine drew this. 8D Tiff drew this. *.* And Tiff drew this one as well!
    Kari drew this. Sarah drew this. Stephanie drew this pic.Stephanie's rock. :3
    Jennier drew this. :3 Kiru drew this. Ruse drew this again. They're so precious. ;o; -squishes them together-
    Dexter drew this for me. Euro drew this for me. *.* Sai drew this for me.
    Z drew this. Nikki drew this. ;o; So cute. Anne drew this. Blobs are so cute. D8
    Angie drew this


    So that ends the art section and I'm so grateful for everyone who decided to help. Thanks so much guys. *.*

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    Yay! Now onto my favorite part: The roleplay section. This is a glimpse of what Shira's life would be like. And her first encounter with Stigma. So let's go! =D –shot!-

    Night crept forth inexorably, shrouding the wood, transforming even the benign into lurking shapes of unknown intent. The silver-rimmed moon and pinprick stars were cold and distant, obscured by cloud and the thick tangle of branches overhead. Below, Stigma waited.

    Dark of scale and shrouded in shadow, the lithe reptile lay in the dim recess between two trees. As if that weren't enough to hide him, he was still to the point of unnaturalness, a stoic statue rendered in exquisite detail. Twin horns spiraled from his head, yet they were made nearly inconsequential by the razor-sharp spikes that marched the length of his spine, and the fangs that curled towards his chin. The only part of him that seemed remotely alive were his eyes-- lacking pupils and the colour of a raging fire, it was impossible to tell what they were focused on, or what thought might lie behind them.

    A faint rustling announced the arrival of a mouse. Jewel-bright eyes darting about furtively, it nosed its way around a tree root. It could sense him, undoubtedly-- feral, unintelligent creatures did seem to have an irritating ability to do that-- however, it was uncertain. In one swift motion, Stigma's barbed tail whipped around; the mouse gave a convulsive jerk as the spikes went through it. Stigma lowered his head to drain what meager blood the rodent possessed, his previously stony appearance marred by a bitter twist of his mouth.

    Unbeknownst to the other, he was being watched by a set of dark blue eyes lurking within the brush. At first glance she almost looked catlike, but her form was much too tall to be a feline. In the thick vegetation stood Shiraiko and she was gazing at the male in curious contempt. It figures that her first encounter with humans would be with a man… and a weird one at that. But she would have to make do with what was given to her. Already her transformation was beginning to take its toll. The priestess had used way too much energy trying to revive herself as well as Emi PLUS maintaining both forms. She was beginning to feel weak.

    And this actually horrified her! She had just been revived and already she would be sent back to that stupid coffin. No, she had waited too long for freedom and she wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by. This man reeked of negative energy and it would most definitely be enough to sustain her until she made it to civilization. So with that in mind, she turned into her spirit form and allowed her mist to creep towards the other individual, circling around him slowly like a predator would do towards its prey.

    Shiraiko was closing in on him when Emi had the bright idea to reveal herself. The happy little dragon (Now in her diminutive form) burst through the mist and walked over to the man. She hadn't seen a human in a while either and apparently she couldn't help, but to be fascinated by the other. Emi sniffed him curiously for a bit then looked up at him. Her tail began to wag in excitement as if waiting for him to play with her, or at least give her a pat on the head.

    At this point Shiraiko couldn't help, but glare at Emi.

    Way to ruin her dramatic entrance.

    Her mist twisted and turned until she was once again in her human form. "It seems like my pet has taken a liking to you... That's unfortunate." She rolled her eyes at Emi, wondering how she could betray her master so easily.

    His senses were sharply honed, a natural extension of what had been done to him, so the sudden realization that he wasn't alone and hadn't even noticed it came as a shock. Clearly, the other presence was of a mystical nature itself-- something that became abundantly clear as he watched the mist drift towards him. He eyed it shrewdly, unafraid; it was unlike anything he'd encountered in his admittedly long life, but there were, after all, only a few things that could harm him in any significant way, and he knew precisely what they were.

    And there was someone else, too. Or rather, something. His head swiveled to face the cheerful-looking reptile as she bounded over, and he favoured it with a blank stare. "Get away," he told it curtly, thereafter choosing to ignore it. His main attention remained on the drifting mist-- which was now coalescing into human form, he saw. He tossed the lifeless rodent away and assumed his usual malevolent dignity as if it were armour. He felt revulsion enough at himself as it was without anyone witnessing his meal, though he supposed it was rather late for that.

    He watched as the stranger formed completely in front of him, and addressed him. "Apparently," he replied dryly. "Feel free to take it and leave. I don't have any desire for company." As if to prove the point, he turned to saunter away himself. His steps were almost too elegant and deliberate, carrying him with an unearthly grace, a killer in every line and movement of him.

    And it was even more typical that she would find a male so blunt and rude she huffed to herself and looked down at Emi who more or less held the same look. Or at least the shrine maiden thought so. Her gaze then went back to his retreating form and Shiraiko had half a mind to smack him, but she knew that would not go over well.

    Especially given the fact that she had a proposition for him that she couldn't afford to lose. "Not so fast." She as well as Emi trailed after Stigma and fell into step with him."Please don't pretend like you have somewhere important to be when you're out in the woods practically in the middle of nowhere." Shiraiko wasn't exactly thrilled to be stuck with him either, but she needed that energy before she permanently disappeared.

    Finally she voiced those thoughts."Let's cut to the chase. I'm a spirit that has risen from the afterlife with only one mission in mind: To get revenge and wreck havoc on society. I was brought up through hatred and negativity, and with that negativity I'm able to stay within this realm. However, I didn't realize how much energy this transformation would take. Rising from the dead is not any easy task my friend. The two of us obviously don't like each other, but for the moment I need you for survival before I get locked away inside that stupid shrine once again."

    Shiraiko moved herself in front of him."What I'm getting at is this. I need your negative energy, or at least enough until I make it into society. It won't exactly kill you..."

    The priestess surveyed him slightly, she could already tell he was very, very different from the rest. "You have quite an unnatural aurora around you. What exactly are you any ways? Or is it a natural habit for you to feast on the blood of a rodent?"

    That she would state something so outlandish so bluntly his immediate reaction was that... it must be the truth. No one who was used to the ways of the world would announce something like that as if it were a perfectly believable statement. Yet even if it was a pack of convoluted lies meant to disguise what she truly wanted with him, there was no denying that she wasn't a regular creature. These facts skimmed through his mind, not making much of an impression; his overwhelming feeling was still one of irritated indifference.

    When she moved to block his path, he flowed to a halt, staring at her with his unreadable eyes. "Well, like anyone else, it's always been a dream of mine to have my-- what was it?-- 'negative energy' drained to the point where it 'won't exactly kill me', but I think I'll pass on this thrilling offer, thank you. As for what exactly I am, I fail to see what that has to do with you." Though he felt a brief rush of shame and anger at her mention of his meal, his face remained devoid of emotion, except for a slight tightening of his mouth that betrayed his annoyance. "Get away from me." His tone, already low and apathetic, flattened further with those words.

    He possessed strength and reflexes that were beyond what most living creatures possessed, as well, but he wasn't sure what abilities she might have. Thus, he resisted the impulse to fling her aside and simply walked around her, traversing roots and undergrowth without even seeming to need to see them.

    She grinned flatly as he rejected her offer. "Well, aren't you just a ball of pessimism?"

    Unfortunately for this one, Shiraiko could be just as stubborn too. "Look child, I was trying to be nice by giving you an opportunity of a choice. I was hoping that you would respond with a yes and be on your way. But I'm afraid it's not that easy."

    Her eyes narrowed slightly as she turned around to once again watch him walk away."I don't take rejection lightly." She stated ironically as her hand outstretched and went straight through his back. Just as quickly as the attack occurred, she withdrew her hand to reveal a black like blob. Some of the goo dripped between her fingers, lightly hitting the ground and soaking into the soil.

    Shiraiko stared at the energy quietly then devoured it completely without any concern for manners at all. "Hmm....yes, yes, you are quite different. Now was that so bad? And see, it didn't even kill you...unfortunately." She frowned a little at that statement, though she knew stealing his energy wouldn't do too much damage to him. At most the transition would have made him feel light headed.

    Once she finished the 'meal' she glanced up at him."What is your name boy?" She asked while licking the black remnants off of her fingers and hand. Although he didn't tell her, the priestess was already picking up subtle hints on Stigma's true nature. Nevertheless, she would have liked a confession from him to confirm those assumptions. "I didn't know something like you could exist in this world, which is quite ironic considering what I am. You would think I wouldn't be being in the presence of a vampire."

    He could sense that she was about to attack him in some sense, and was ready to whirl and counter it, but even his reflexes weren't quite quick enough, it seemed-- and the moment her hand plunged into his back, he froze. The sensation was an extremely odd one, though not precisely painful. When she retracted her hand, he turned slowly on the spot, watching her devour what she claimed was his energy. He felt a combination of disgust and reluctant interest.

    Perhaps he'd found someone whose method of feeding could rival his own, in terms of being viscerally unpleasant. "Well, we learn something new every day, don't we?" he muttered, playing for time until he stopped feeling light-headed. He shook his head slightly in an attempt to clear it, lank hair swaying. "Perhaps you know less of the world than you think whatever your own nature is." The implication that he was a child was certainly not something he was used to, and though there was a certain patronizing insinuation in it, he didn't say anything. If she believed it bothered him, she would likely refer to him that way all the more. Abruptly, without warning, his hand shot out to grab her wrist-- he was intently curious as to whether or not he could touch her, given that she had reached into him with such ease.

    She gasped when he grabbed her by the wrist and her brows furrowed slightly. Well, she had not expected that. This man was such a barbarian, touching her without permission. Who did he think he was? "What do you think you're doing, you cretin? Are you trying to prove whether or not I'm real?" The priestess growled out to him.

    She was very much so at this current state. Unfortunately, her skin was unnaturally cold though it was still tangible. "Or is it because you didn't get your fill with the rodent?" The shrine maiden asked while giving him a critical stare. It's not like she wanted to help him out since he had not been a willing participant in the feeding, but for whatever reason she felt like the deal should go both ways. Or maybe it was to prove her convictions further. It was a thin line really. She gave him one final glare before retracting her arm. Shiraiko then cut her wrist that he held before with the nail from her other hand and curiously watched it bleed.

    She barely felt anything and just like her skin, the thick crimson trickling out from the wound was also quite cold. "Hmm.."She watched it for a few seconds longer then snapped out of her day dream. "Here." Shiraiko extended her arm towards him, this time closer to his face. "Go on then. Try it."

    The priestess watched in anticipation waiting for his reaction. Would he take her offer, or turn away in disgust?

    The moment his hand closed around her wrist, he was conscious of nothing but the feel of her veins beneath his fingertips. He was vaguely aware that she was speaking; however, it reached him as though from a long distance, incoherent, unimportant. It was all drowned by the siren song of the blood pumping through her veins, drawing him, crooning to him, calling him...

    He didn't resist as she pulled away, but his gaze followed her arm as it was withdrawn, and he gave a faint shudder of longing as crimson blood spilled onto her white skin, contrasting beautifully."Don't," he murmured faintly, the word escaping him unintentionally. The blood of vermin was bitter and unsatisfying at best, and this-- this was everything he wanted, offered freely, and as he stood motionless and useless, it was trailing invitingly down her arm, dripping softly onto the ground... shining, wet and filling, the blood was life itself, and he was hungrier than he could remember being in a long time.

    Before he knew what he was doing, his fingers had once again closed around her wrist in an iron grip and dragged the wound to his mouth. He drank as if her blood was his salvation, although it was of course the exact opposite...

    And then the full realization of what he was doing slammed home. He pushed her violently away and moved back a few swift steps himself, shuddering again, this time in repulsion. Even so, his gaze remained fixed unwaveringly on the scarlet stains on her arm.

    She flinched slightly, feeling his teeth grate against her skin. It didn't hurt, though it was still a very weird sensation. He had attacked so viciously she wondered when the last time he had nourishment was. But when he threw her to the side forcefully, she couldn't help but snap out of her musing and stumble away from him. His reaction caught her off guard, but she managed to keep her balance.

    The shrine maiden sneered at him and allowed her wound to close up as the remnants of blood disappeared."Is this how a savage repays his benefactor? Pushing her forcefully to the side?"Shiraiko muttered more insults about him being a wild, ungrateful beast before calming down. She stared at him warily wondering whether or not he was going to attack. For the most part she doubted it, but just in case she knew that Emi would be there to protect her if the situation got out of hand.

    She finally stepped up to him; a plan had already formed in her mind. "Clearly it seems like you haven't eaten in a while." She hated to admit this, but the shrine maiden needed him."It seems as if we can both benefit from each other if you haven't already begun to notice. I feed from you and you feed from me. I can remain present in this world, and you...well you can control your insatiable blood cravings. It seems you're a bit ashamed of yourself because of what you are; I can only imagine how much you've struggled with your little problem. Why not feast from an everlasting supply? You have nothing to lose, but so much more to gain. Why not come with me?"

    Despite the fact that he'd pushed her away, he couldn't help licking the last stray beads of blood from his mouth and teeth. He paid no attention to her muttered imprecations against him, instead lost in his own thoughts, which were suddenly tumultuous. How many years had to pass before he learned to control it? Clearly, it wasn't an impulse he was ever going to master, which proved he was absolutely correct in keeping to himself and away from others he might harm. Not that the priestess was a helpless victim of the usual sort, but she had flinched, and he had hurt her, and that in itself was enough to bother him. He was nothing but dangerous to anyone unfortunate enough to stray across his path.

    His face showed little of his thoughts, but a faint sneer graced his features as her offer penetrated his reverie. "Why would I do a thing like that? Tolerate your continued presence just to feed? Rodents suit me well enough. And your blood is cold. That's unappetizing." Still, he didn't move. The idea had inherent logic he couldn't ignore. An everlasting supply, she had said... so there would be no worry of killing her. And perhaps having such a supply would satiate him for once; keep him from attacking other innocent people.

    She stared at him with bemusement and a smirk travelled on her face."Ah. Apparently you don't understand how this relationship works, child. When I give you an offer, you don't have a say in the matter. It's not like you have the ability to get rid of me either seeing how I'm immortal and I doubt you're going to do a complete 180 and turn into a tolerable person."

    She frowned at him once more."And blood is blood. Of course it's going to be cold; I'm not entirely a living being if you haven't realized that by now. Quit complaining and get used to it. Sadly from the way it seems it looks as if we need each other. I'm not exactly thrilled to have a man travelling around with us. Even more so since it's a man who won't even tell me his name?"That was quite hypocritical seeing as how she didn't give him her name either.

    And she realized this which eventually led her to cave in. " So why don't we start over? My name is Shiraiko."She said slowly to him as if he were a small child having a hard time understanding."And this is Emi." She pointed to her small companion who had been eagerly watching the two this entire time. "Now what is your name vampire savage?"


    His eyes narrowed, and he didn't respond immediately. She was right, of course-- it was the obvious course of action to take, however unlikable it was for him-- but if he gave in now, it would seem he was bowing to her assertion that he ought to be a good boy and quietly accept whatever she wanted to do or say to him. Finally, he replied, "If we are to travel together, you will stop referring to me as though I'm a wayward child you're taking firmly into hand. You're not in charge, and you won't be. But, to be fair, I won't be, either. It will be..." He studied her doubtfully for a moment, arms folded. "A partnership. Mutually beneficial."

    He briefly contemplated whether he ought to give his name in return, but there was no reason to keep it from her aside from childish spite. So, to show that he could in fact be something akin to gracious, he gave her a smile, though it was closer to a mirthless bearing of his fangs. "Stigma. My name is Stigma." It was less a name than a malediction, but he had adopted it as one. His original name, whatever it had been, was long lost in a haze of long years and repression.


    Her eyes narrowed slightly at his words."I treat you like a child because you choose to act as one." She answered simply to him. It was that and mostly the fact that she believed she was older than most people that walked the earth. The key word there was 'most'. If she existed, who knows what other type of monsters were out there. "A partnership." The priestess repeated slowly as if that word was foreign to her. He said this now, but she had that eerie feeling one of them was selling their soul to the other. Shiraiko didn't know who, but she sure wasn't going to be the one with the short end of the stick.

    Yet a strong emotion overwhelmed her as she observed Stigma. She felt the need to control him. She would have to because that rebellious nature of his could pose a problem. Shiraiko felt that men were stupid and could easily be swayed given the right amount of persuasion. She didn't think Stigma would be any different.

    But for now, for the sake of their fragile relationship, she would remain passive " Alright, Stigma we've wasted enough time already. Come along then." She gave him a bland smile that almost rivaled his own before walking away and immediately expected him to follow her. Emi had already fallen into step with her master and happily walked along side her."I suppose you can help me adapt to this new world. We have much work to do. Spreading heartache and pain to individuals is not going to be easy."

    She turned back to glare at him "Just try not to get in my way."With that said she disappeared into the trees.

    Isn't this a great start to a beautiful relationship? ^^;; They'll warm up to each other… hopefully. O.o;

    Doodles Courtesy of me and Ruse. Let the insanity begin!

    These are doodles of Stigma and Shira and what their relationship will be like.

    Ruse pretty much summed up their everyday life in three slides:

    Lol, the two of us have waaaay too much fun. D8 But we couldn't draw just one without having inspiration to do more!

    Now here is a roleplay example with Shiraiko by herself. :3

    What was so great about love any ways?

    The shrine priestess could never fathom the reason behind it. After many years of hearing women harp about love, and also through her own experience, she often wondered why people would go through such a risk to obtain an intangible object. Making yourself completely vulnerable to that person's whim and sacrificing your own happiness just to see that they are satisfied? And for what? It all ended up the same: heartache and pain. Disappointment and misery, it was all the same for each and every story. Despite common belief, there are no such things as happy endings. It was just silly dreams that the ill-advised naïve thought of.

    Loving someone and being in love was a weakness and oh, how Shiraiko absolutely despised weakness. Nothing good came out of it, and at the very least one person would come out of the situation looking like a fool. That was much too high a cost. Yet people still strived for it any ways. They were obsessed with it. They make music and...and pictures and…what was that word again that Stigma used? Shows? Yes, they would make shows that glorified it! Made it seem that love was something worth having. As if existing without love was utterly impossible. Love was nourishment for the mind, body, and soul, or something cliché and flowery like that.

    But how could something that was supposed to be so good have a darker side?

    One minute love could lift you up, making you feel so alive and in the next shatter your entire world. It was absolutely terrifying to try something that hazardous, but people did it any ways. Love was such a cruel and bitter game, only fools would be stupid enough to play it…

    Just then the sound of footsteps snapped the shrine maiden out of her thoughts.

    Shiraiko sighed to herself from the branch she had perched on in a quiet park. She had aimlessly come to this place to reflect after a long day of travelling to the small city called Aldenburg. You would think after 200 years of being in quiet captivity, the maiden would be tired of 'reflecting', but that wasn't the case. Goodness knows she needed it more than ever now when she had a bouncing Emi by her side and an enigma of a man that proved to be more irritating than she expected. He contradicted everything that she believed in which only angered her even more. Everything about him exuded… Well, Shiraiko didn't know what, but he wasn't worth her reflecting time to actually think about. This was her peaceful moment; it was not a time to lament over her fate in this new world. Though she had to admit, it was getting pretty late. Shiraiko had been gone for a few hours and it was now evening. That meant... it was time to feed. Silently Shiraiko crept out of the tree though it made no sense to be silent since it wasn't like anyone could actually see her in her current state. However, it was the principle of the matter and on her way down something had caught her attention.

    The priestess leaned against the base of the tree peering at the man standing not too far from her. How long had he been standing there? She hadn't really noticed. However, she did notice that he looked as if he were waiting on someone.

    How boring.' She thought to herself and mused at how the man looked like a lost puppy waiting for his owner to return. The priestess stared at the man for a few moments longer before finally losing interest all together.

    Just as Shiraiko was about to turn away, the man turned towards her. "Ah. There you are." He exclaimed and gave a sincere affectionate smile.

    Immediately the priestess froze up and gaped at him much like a deer would while caught in the headlights of a semi-truck. She stared at him quite stupidly while his eyes gazed at her with such intensity it was, for the most part, overwhelming. It was filled with so much warmth and comfort. The sweetness on his face was mesmerizing and that smile of his was shining brilliantly like the sun. Shiraiko had never seen that look directed towards her before. Even the prince's stares did not hold such magnitude. Yet, here this man was standing there unabashed and resolute as if his whole world revolved around her. Only Shiraiko mattered and no one else could fill his life like she could. The shrine maiden felt a peculiar old feeling stirring within her stomach and for a moment she had thought she felt warmth in her cheeks. Was this… ah…could it be? It must be!

    So… this is love?

    Love in all its purity was looking her straight in the face and all she could do was gawk at this man. What scared her the most was… she found it remarkably alluring and the priestess found herself not minding it at all. She opened her mouth as if to respond to him, still in a daze when another voice caught her attention.

    It was a voice of a female who had called out to the man in response. "I'm so sorry I'm late. I must have kept you waiting for a long time." The woman apologized while walking straight through Shiraiko. For a moment the woman turned back giving a shudder at how cold she felt all of a sudden. "I think I should have brought a jacket."

    The woman looked at the man who had immediately taken off his own coat and wrapped it around her gently. "Not to worry, love, I think we can still make the movie in time. Let's go." He stated with a grin before taking the woman by the hand and walking off.

    Shiraiko watched the two interact with a pained look which was soon replaced by humiliation. Even though she was all alone and nobody could see her, she still felt ashamed of her actions. How could she have responded so easily to some guy she didn't even know? Of course he wasn't talking to her, much less couldn't even see her, but she had reacted without any doubts.

    The shrine maiden herself made excuses in her mind about why she acted in such a way while walking away (Such as the light from the street lamp was shining in her face), yet deep down inside she knew that wasn't the case. She knew the real reason behind it, but she would deny it to the end. It was too mortifying to admit. Her confusing thoughts were suddenly broken once again as she heard a faint sound of shouting. It sounded like a few people were in a heated argument.

    As the priestess walked closer to the scene, the noise grew louder. It sounded like there was a battle going on in there." I hate you!" Shiraiko heard a girl scream and looked up at the apartment building she had managed to stumble across aimlessly. "Get out of my house right now!"

    More rustling could be he heard outside. It was obvious that various objects were being thrown around."Oh yeah? I hate you too!" A man retorted, "Who needs you any ways!?"

    Shiraiko gave a smile of relief while hearing the argument increase. Now this! This is what she lived for. This is all that she knew and oh, how happy she was for this distraction. People fighting and filled with such negativity and hatred. This is what life was really about, not that love stuff. Love was a false emotion that poisoned the mind and the priestess would not be persuaded any other way! Shiraiko joyously floated towards the building content with the fact her troubled mind would be at ease once more.

    Well… at least for the moment.

    I know I'm so mean, but I wanted to show that Shiraiko isn't totally void of emotion. :P She's a much more complex character than someone who is solely set on revenge.

    This ends the roleplay section. I have many more ideas swimming in my head, but I don't want to overwhelm you too much and keep you here longer than necessary. But keep in mind, there will be other characters that Shira will interact with such as the pet Mira! Mira plays as a cupid and it will be quite interesting seeing the two interact/go head to head on their ideals.

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    Emi - Shiraiko does not have any biological family that is still living, but despite this fact, Emi is someone who is very close and dear to Shiraiko's heart. She is something akin to family. Emi was rescued by Shiraiko from captivity and the two have since been inseparable even through death. Emi plays quite an important role in Shiraiko's life not only as someone to confide in, but also as a conscience. Emi is quite intelligent and probably knows more about her owner than Shiraiko does herself.

    Frie--…. Feeding partner

    Stigma- Shiraiko isn't exactly sure of what to make of this one. Their first encounter wasn't exactly a great start to a 'friendship' and neither of the two actually enjoys the other's company. Stigma's not really an ally, but she doesn't see him as much of a threat either. She finds him to be quite immature, pompous, disrespectful, rebellious, sarcastic…err… well, let's just say: The list of complaints goes on. For right now the sole purpose of their relationship is to feed off of each other and despite her indescribable hatred towards men, she puts up with him for her own sake of survival. Oh, how ironic and cruel fate can be. Regardless, as long as he doesn't intend to meddle in her affairs she feels like it's worth the sacrifice.


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