Update 30.03.2019 / Check done: 154 pets were adopted in March!

Update 26.02 / Check done: 198 pets were adopted in February!

Update 29.01 / Check done: 251 pets were adopted in January!

Update 5.01 / Check done: 318 pets were adopted in December!

Update 21.12 / Thank you for an amazing year, with many pets who found a home, incredible people who have supported and helped to make this page better and better. I wish you happy holidays and happy new year! Thank you!

Update 28.11 / Check done: 228 pets were adopted in November!

Update 3.11 / News: There will be an announcement for every new "Neopia Stuck board" I'll make. You'll see the next date in the updates, go check! In other news, I'm not going to add anymore the names of the adopted pets in the left list, this way will be possible for me to update the page more frequently.

Update 31.10 / Check done: 176 pets were adopted in October!

Update 27.10 / News: Sorry for the delay on some updates, but I'm doing some behind the scenes work to make later updates faster and to find better pets, which I did. Stay tuned for a future "Neopia Stuck" board on the Pound chat.

Update 2.10 / Check done: 251 pets were adopted in September!

Update 2.09 / Check done: 330 pets were adopted in August!

Update 29.07 / Check done: 298 pets were adopted in July!

Update 2.07 / Check done: 127 pets were adopted in June!
News: there will be less updates during the summer, it's too hot and my computer will go on fire checking that much.

Update 6.06 / Check done: 223 pets were adopted in May!

Update 3.05 / Check done: 72 more pets were adopted in April!

Update 18.04 / News and check done! News is that Shimmel is BACK! In the meantime 223 pets were adopted.

Update 03.03 / Check done: 348 pets were adopted in February!

Update 31.01 / Check done: 286 pets were adopted in January!

Update 25.01 / So many great people have messaged to let us know that you adopted pets.. thank you so so much! Collaborators are incredible, but news is that we have two more affiliates, so go check OWA and Need-A-Name Center! They are awesome!

Update 19.01 / As I mentioned before, we have affiliates now! Go check TMH!A and adopt a pet from them!

Update 6.01 / Big news! Yes, the new year brings all the new updates, so here finally is our first button!! I know it's not that much and I'll try to actually ask some button page to make us one, but pls be kind to Lotta for now c: We will have affiliates soon, so expect another update.

Update 4.01 / Check done: 184 pets were adopted in December!

Update 28.12 / This is a very important update. We are sorry if many of you will be disappointed or will complain about this, but the page is becoming too much work and there are too many decent name pets, so from now on the page will be updated with ONLY WN capped pets and painted pets of all names.

Update 30.11 / Check done: 174 pets were adopted in November!

Update 31.10 / Check done: 483 pets were adopted in October!

Update 02.10 / Check done: 132 pets were adopted in September!

Update 20.09 / Finally I'm back with another update. In this one there is a new feature I hope you'll love.
I added a suggestion someone made in one of the boards: a new 'painted pets' box has been added check the link and check the pets c;

Update 02.09 / Check done: 157 pets were adopted in August!

Update 19.08 / Updates seem to be very slow. That's cause they are, I'm very busy but I'm still updating the page and I didn't forget your suggestions.
Soon everything will be like how it should be c: For now just understand my busy situation and thanks for the neomails.

Update 31.07 / Check done: 226 pets were adopted in July!

Update 15.07 / Trying a new experiment: in the future updates, links will be added.

Update 30.06 / Check done: 177 pets were adopted in June!

Update 23.06 / New pets added & new feature added: you can search level 10+ pets.

Update 20.06 / New pets, FAQs added.

Update 17.06.2017 / New Neopia's stuck pets page was created.
Hi, we are Lotta and Delliah, the owners of this page. In this page you can check for WN/DN pets!

Last update (80 new pets) - 11.04
Last sweep done - 10.04

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Listed at


How can I adopt a pet?
Just click on the name of a pet.

What type of names do you list?
We list: Well Names (capped), Decent Names (with this format XxxxXxxxx or similar) and painted pets with all type of names. Colors or any other detail will be stated near the name.

How can I add or remove a pet?
Neomail Lotta the name of the stuck pet to add or remove, if adopted by you or someone else.

Checks are done twice a month.

Why can't I adopt a pet?
Either the pet was adopted by someone else before you or you have an account under 4 months: you can see brown, checkered, glowing, invisible, orange, pink, purple, shadow, silver, skunk, speckled, split, white and the basic pets, BUT you can't see all others or pets above level 2 or LE/restricted pets (with the exception of Grundos and Rukis).

Checks twice every month?
Actually the page is update every time Lotta (me) has time, but normal updates should happen twice every month because of time involved in the process and mostly because some pets are adopted and then pounded again after few days, so they really don't need to be removed.

How can I contribute to the page?
Just send a neomail to add or remove a pet. To find stuck pets we use Lost and Pound Guide or Quigglebaby's stuck pet guide.

Casual Collaborators?
We decided that some people needed to have their credit for their hard work. They provided a great variety of pets either by neomailing or posting the names in our boards. We have totally permission from them to add their names as we asked each of them if they wanted to be added on the page.
Stuck Crew



Host of the page & Stuck pets finder

Dandi. Providing pets by nm.
Ashli. Posting pets on our board.
Aqua. Posting pets on our board.
Chrissa. Credit to her great board.
Elizabeth. Providing pets by nm.
Alyss. Providing pets by nm.

Thanks to everyone who nmed to tell us you adopted a pet, you are many and you are awesome!!
Adopted Pets of the Month (88)

Layout by Lotta
Every new stuck pet will be listed here. Here you will be able to check the names, use the list on the left to quickly jump to your preferred specie and adopt your favorite pet.

Neomail Lotta (if you get a message about a "full inbox", just refresh, it's a glitch) to send some names of stuck pets you adopted or known in the pound that you want us to add to the page or neomail just to ask questions, send suggestions.

















Painted Pets

(Christmas) - ArikTwanDimiAppieC
(Disco) - freezy143
(Invisible) - Shazzah__

(Polka Dot) - Blue_Aisha_Blue__

(Gold) - sniffle3
(Island) - Bluefunkyfresh
(Speckled) - Turtlduv
(Water) - spc6

(Ghost) - Sesilleah
(Striped) - KingJakeOfTheWorld

(Christmas) - Lil_Glory
(Christmas) - snowbrotth
(Gold) - tyrsec
(Island) - JustinAnthony
(Snow) - pinguina_32
(Spotted) - Brussels3112
(Wraith) - bunniblew

(Ghost) - botoc
(Ghost) - Conformacion
(Ghost) - Shuanairraina
(Snow) - fumlo


(Ghost) - tonaine
(Gold) - cuterattler
(Spotted) - tyrannian400

(Christmas) - megatri
(Pirate) - Stannee
(Pirate) - tinyyettangy
(Speckled) - Rolan8
(Tyrannian) - NotAPrincessFaerie

(Camouflage) - Miizu___
(Christmas) - Miki_0345896
(Starry) - Second_Dimensional
(Water) - Steven389

(Christmas) - tridah
(Cloud) - Dinosorin_choco
(Cloud) - Sharkle_got_Pwned
(Ghost) - misterfuzzay
(Silver) - Trilxi
(Speckled) - dino89276578
(Spotted) - drfgh
(Starry) - JumboJebboJebo
(Starry) - MuiMwee
(Starry) - SourCreamer
(Starry) - Tingahok

(Christmas) - turlui
(Speckled) - grundude67
(Spotted) - flexi_gordon

(Christmas) - jubjub_143_234_2
(Christmas) - JubJubzinhoLindinho
(Purple) - coldywing1

(Electric) - Grarll_Flinstone
(Electric) - Tom_Mathew_DeLonge_

(Cloud) - MooLooBBF
(Speckled) - Moo_moo123_8656
(Starry) - bigsimmokau

(Christmas) - cuddly__korbat
(Spotted) - Sharu_

(Christmas) - Sweetie_Stephanie
(Purple) - My_Baby_Girl_Shakira
(Rainbow) - Flotsam9240

(Orange) - DrMeemersWorth

(Christmas) - losonjr
(Fire) - sunrayt
(Ghost) - Angels_of_Kylie
(Tyrannian) - piney3

(Brown) - Touchie_
(Sketch) - TomHarison
(Split) - Tuskkkkey
(Spotted) - ryryj

(Faerie) - ShiverTimber
(Sketch) - Sketch_Sketchy_Wolf
(Starry) - Spqup

(Camouflage) - cherry_2400
(Christmas) - bettweens
(Ghost) - Poodle08
(Snot) - Simanam
(Spotted) - bonny0207
(Tyrannian) - Sir_RazorNut

(Mutant) - MrMillyie
(Mutant) - Soniiiaa
(Purple) - BrownEyedOgrin
(Relic) - SunShine_755
(Sketch) - Megaskkeit
(Snow) - cortacorforever
(Starry) - asqsq
(Striped) - metalifous

(Brown) - milliandra
(Camouflage) - POU53
(Christmas) - Monkeyalla
(Christmas) - Tommyislief
(Electric) - princess_10_11
(Island) - a_MonkeyManX_a
(Purple) - __happy__christmas__
(Rainbow) - rorororo2
(Split) - TinglePal
(Spotted) - Monkii_143_
(Tyrannian) - Frisch_und_lecker

(Christmas) - notenboom
(Christmas) - troyani
(Fire) - ryu199
(Pirate) - Sunshinai
(Spotted) - Joshua_234
(Starry) - rosamiyuki
(Tyrannian) - DrewLansing

(Christmas) - MyoneandonlyOgrin
(Christmas) - MysteryZombie
(Desert) - skeithlive
(Elderlyboy) - ashley_1039
(Snow) - sennaroo
(Tyrannian) - Brenton17

(Brown) - Pummelfee
(Cloud) - Starfire272
(Speckled) - Tisha_B_Av_2015
(Split) - snow140

(Glowing) - star_fray

(Camouflage) - momorerer5
(Brown) - Bleyzer17_te_amo
(Electric) - Roboggle69
(Purple) - ___SuAPea___
(Skunk) - shift251the2nd
(Spotted) - Shini88
(Striped) - blumaroo1857
(Striped) - sun2b
(White) - Snotballlllllll

(Brown) - rukiwanderer
(Camouflage) - Furry1256_1
(Christmas) - ruikale
(Cloud) - Shemini_Atzeret_2014

(Christmas) - sparky2364
(Starry) - pokemon_queen
(Striped) - conf00zled

(Christmas) - Christmasster
(Speckled) - moosie920
(Striped) - DragonKing_Star1

(Tyrannian) - shinyobsidiman

(Christmas) - MissTecho
(Orange) - grusje
(Pirate) - PiratenPinsel
(Pirate) - Rimoriiaa
(Pirate) - TripleN

(Glowing) - tiimis_mi

(Strawberry) - Riksmal

(Christmas) - plxrcr
(Gold) - sofofa
(Starry) - Snowytail_
(Starry) - Sooyoung_unnie
(Starry) - Star_Shy

(Camouflage) - silver_powerplant
(Christmas) - snoticeboard
(Shadow) - doonod
(Skunk) - Buck_Bumbl

(Brown) - Kokiert
(Christmas) - GreenDust_1
(Electric) - MuscleManHair
(Snow) - Snowstormi
(Strawberry) - mitensz

(Christmas) - stayto

(Spotted) - Superfluicity

(Christmas) - Smurger
(Christmas) - snowflakeangel__
(Starry) - micminia