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안녕! Welcome to 포부{Dream}'s website. Dream is a semi-literate, private, chat-based guild for Korean-pop and Korean-culture lovers. If you're searching for an outlet to fanboy/fangirl over your favourite idols and dramas, or to learn more about the culture and their lifestyle, Dream is definitely the place for you!

Our layouts are occasionally to expose members to new idols, groups, actors, or events. With summer going by, what could be better than having fun with BLACKPINK? This month's layout is dedicated to their song, "As If It's Your Last." If you would like to submit a layout for the guild, feel free to do so. We don't bite~

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Guild Stats:

Page Views: 575000
Members: 24
Messages: 22900
Founded: 06/22/2012
Last Updated: 07/07/2016


Just like every other guild, we have some pretty easy rules to follow.

♔♔ One.
No chatspeak, with the exception of the common ones like 'LOL' and 'BRB'. Of course, it's okay if you make a few mistakes here and there, everyone does.

♔♔ Two.
Please be kind and polite towards each other. Do not start any unnecessary drama. If there's any dissatisfaction, do it through neomail between the affected parties, and do not bring it over to the guild. If there is a problem within the guild, report it to a council member.

♔♔ Three.
No spamming and no more than 3 posts in a row. We don't want short sentences that will spam the board continuously, which means we ask you to have a minimum of 3 words in your posts.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning from a council member. If you have received 3 warnings, you'll be banned from the guild.

Note: Please include all members in conversations, especially the new members. If new members feel left out, please neomail the council members and we will post a reminder.

Due to people not reading through our rules and policies, we ask that you place the phrase "Confession Song" in your application.


♔♔ Activeness.
Please be active. We understand that you have a life outside Neopets so we don't expect you to be on everyday, but we'd hope to see you once a week. When you join, please take the time to introduce yourself. We will give you one week to post before you will be deleted as we do not encourage zero posters.

♔♔ Member Sweeps.
We will have monthly member sweeps. Now and then, we will also have a surprise sweep if the council feels that too many members are inactive.

Note: If you know you are going to be inactive for a period of time, please inform our councils, so we don't delete you on accident in a member sweep.


♔♔ Hopeful
This is the default rank. Everyone starts out as a hopeful, dreaming of becoming a star. So you dance, sing, train, whatever you do to try and get into an entertainment company that will transform you into a star. Until then, keep practicing!
In order to achieve the next rank, you must post 150 post and have been in the guild for at least a week.

♔♔ Trainee
This is the second rank. A trainee is someone who has made their way into an entertainment company and is going through strenuous training to see if you've got what it takes to be a star. It's a long and rough journey, but if you persevere, they just might let you debut!
To achieve the next rank, you must have 500 post and been in the guild for at least 2 weeks.

♔♔ Rookie
Rookie is the third rank. Lucky you! Your entertainment company has decided you were ready to debut! But don't let that get to your head, this is just the beginning.
The next rank requires you to have 1000 post and been in the guild for a month.

♔♔ Artist
Artist is probably the last rank most of the members will stop at. You are now an established artist with a nice solid base of followers and experience behind you. You are well-known in Korea and some of the surrounding Asian countries and guest star in some variety shows. It is the highest rank before the sub-council rank/special rank.

♔♔ Global Star
Global Star means you are a global star! Haha it's pretty self-explanatory. You are known around the world and have achieved significant fame and glory. But you remember to stay humble and be grateful to your fans for making it possible.
Global Star is the last rank you can achieve in a guild unless you become a council member. This rank is reserved for sub-council. At this rank, you will have various responsibilities in managing the guild's content, pages, etc. This rank is given at the council's discretion unless you reach the hardest requirements of 5000 post and been in the guild for 1 year.

Meet The Council

♔♔ Vicky (xxdemilovatoxxd)
Annyeonghaseyo dreamers ~ I'm Vicky, you're royal leader, so BOW DOWN TO ME. Just kidding! c; You can usually find me on the guild boards spazzing over BTS and Big Bang and whatnot. Nice to meet you!

♔♔ Criz (ckang14)
Hello Dreamers! I'm Criz and I'm flattered to have been offered the co-owner position. I am Korean-American, and I enjoy listening to kpop, kindie, khiphop, and watching kdramas and the occasional kmovie. I really like most of the YG artists and my #1 bias is TOP with GD at a close second. I'm not much for graphics or code, but I enjoy contributing content for the guild. Oh and I like squid.

♔♔ Celi (xo_complicated)
Hi Dreamers! I'm Celi your resident kdrama expert*! I work full time so I'm not on all the time. New to kdramas? Ask me! I'd love to get you started on a beautiful relationship of tears and feels.
*Romance, Rom-Coms and Melodramas only, terms and conditions may apply.


There are two applications below: one is to join the guild and the other is for councils and sub-councils.

Please fill in the proper applications and neomail them to either xxdemilovatoxxd or ckang14

Application To Join

Note: From experience with members we are requesting that you be 3 months or older when applying. There will be some exceptions.

What timezone are you in?
How long are you usually on per day and when do you usually get on?
When is your birthday? (optional)
Who are your favourite K-idol/artist?
Do you have a favorite song?
Why did you want to join 포부 {DREAM}?

Council & Sub-council Application

Due to previous experiences, we would like it if you would be in the guild for at least one month before applying for a Council position. Thank you.

Age: (optional)
What timezone are you in?
How long are you usually on per day and when do you usually get on?
Any HTML/CSS/graphic experience?
Why do you deserve the council spot?

GC Board

Below is information for our board makers/monitors or even members to create a new board for when the old one explodes.

First, you have to make a new title of course. It's boring if we just use an old one. For symbols, please feel free to use this page. Please include the guild name, 포부 {DREAM}, with kpop/korean culture to tell what the theme of the guild is, as well as a creative korean/kpop reference.

If you guys are still confused about it, I'll post an example below.

Next, on the first post for the board we would of course have to introduce ourselves. So please, post the following paragraph below. Along with introducing ourselves we would have to transition to the next post where the information to join and pages will be posted.

As I've said on the previous section, the next post is where we will have information how to join and pages for them to check out. Please paste the following paragraph for this post.

The last post is where we give the lurkers an update with what's going on in the guild, so they know the situation of the guild and then state the board dedication too. Example is below.

Here is a template for this post:

That was the last post. Now post the link on the guild board and change the link on the guild layout and let the bumping begin.

Sistar Guilds

포부{Dream} is always looking for SISTAR guilds. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and neomail it to any of the council members.

Username: (of leader)
Guild Name: (if private please specify)
Theme: (Your guild's theme/s)
Members: (Total member count)
Link: (The link to your guild or application page)


None at the moment. ;(

Past Layouts

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Codings by: Vicky.
Content by: 포부 {Dream} Council
Featuring: DAY6 - Hi Hello
Layout and coding for 포부 {Dream}.
Texture by: Details.
Images by: JYP Entertainment.

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