Snow Roller Game Guide

This is a short compilation of tips to reach 6,500+ points, the score necessary for the Snow Roller avatar. *this is in rough format right now, will soon be adding pictures for emphasis*

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The are three main levels of this game, with each level divided in half. In each level you must navigate a variety of obstacles while collecting items for points. The items have red arrows pointing at them telling you what to collect.

The space bar and side arrows allow you to avoid obstacles and collect items. Pressing the up arrow key will make your snow ball slow down, while the down arrow key will make your snow ball speed up. Using the space bar to jump over obstacles is key to getting through each level.

For each level, you get a score ("Current Score"), plus a bonus that is added on to that score. The bonus is your item score multiplied by the percentage size of your snowball. For example, if your item score is 700 and your snowball size is 90%, the "Bonus Score" will be 630. This 630 gets added onto whatever you scored in the level, the "Current Score" (for example, 1000) to make your "Total Score" for the level (example, 1630).

The main way to gather a lot of points in this game is to have a large item score as well as a large snowball size at the end of the level. Your item score gets higher the more items you collect. Your snowball size is obviously how big your snowball gets. Every time you hit an obstacle, your snowball size is decreased by 5%.

It has been proposed that in order for the collected items to count towards increasing your "item score," the items need to be "banked" by the snowball. Banking items means that your snowball must roll a certain distance, "covering" the item with snow to fully incorporate it into the snowball. It has been proposed that hitting obstacles before an item has been banked will cause its point value to be subtracted by the "item score" which is shown at the end of the level (Thanks Simon & others for an explanation of this!)

Overall, the strategy I propose in this guide is one of keeping your snowball size low until near the end of each level, focusing on collecting items for the majority of the level.

Here are the main tips for playing this game:
-Use a slow or slowed-down computer.
+If you have a fast computer, there are ways to slow it down by having various programs or games (Habitarium, etc.) open; however, this may be considered cheating so please do this at your own risk.
-Press the "up" button throughout the level, which will slow down your snow ball if you have trouble controlling it
+Note that hitting black (Super Traction) slushies appears to take away the use of the up arrow key, so you may want to avoid them even though they give points. Additionally, the slick spots that appear as obstacles take away your ability to control your movement in any direction, essentially until you hit another obstacle.

*A common problem is the snowball gets too big and starts lagging the game*, so much so that the snow ball is rolling very slowly and you are getting far fewer items. This used to happen to me around the middle of the third level. The key to controlling this is keeping your snow ball small. I keep my snowball around 50% until partway through the second part of each level.

At 50-60%, your snowball is manageable, moving at a decent pace but slow enough to catch items, and the game is still giving you items. At about halfway through the second portion of the level, you will want to start focusing more on jumping over every obstacle and less on collecting items, in order to start building the size of your snowball. As your size increases, you obviously won't need to steer side-to-side as much to gather items.

Here are my recommendations for scores to have at the end of each level. These are guidelines I used personally, there is obviously some variability depending on how many items the game gives you in each level.
-After level 1: around 1800-2000
-After level 2: around 3800-4000
-During level 3, you want to make sure to collect as many items as possible for a score, before multiplier, of around 5900-6000

The numbers above rely on a high item score and high snow ball size multiplier to provide for enough points in the end to get you over 6500 points. Having a slowed computer makes the game longer overall, and thus exposes you to more items than if you play the game on a quick computer. On the quicker computer, the game goes by quicker with fewer exposures to items and thus fewer possible points.

Good luck!

Feel free to neomail me any comments, questions, or suggestions!

Please do not copy or otherwise 'steal' this guide. I put a lot of work into putting it together.

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I'm proud to say that a version of this guide was published in the 627th issue of the Neopian Times!