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Flicker of light. Then another. And another. Soon light floods the curved roads and twisted turns of Tokyo. The soft-ever so soft-glow of neon lights were alluring, captivating even, yet excruciatingly bright and annoyingly blinding. You look away and continue to walk towards the hotel, keeping your head low to avoid the curious, demeaning stares of the civilians. Soon you approached the bare outskirts of the town, and you sigh, slightly pleased to be away from the commotion that was threating to take over. Bam. A scream. The sound was runny, completely eliminating every sound that lingered in the area. It rang in your ears still as the scream faded away. Your heart rate climbed, crawling up the course of your throat. Whipping around, you face a bare road.

Just walk away. Do not go down that road. Where will it lead to? A cliff? Such valuable time should not be wasted on a situation like this. There are thousands, perhaps even billions, of roads around the world. Is this road any different? Perhaps the only difference is that this road leeks danger. It flashes a warning. Stay away
No. Take a leisure walk down that still road. Danger? It is about as harmless as a strand of your hair. Hush now, little one. Excitement awaits. She is calling your name. Will you answer?
Go. Stay. Go. Stay. Go. Stay. Go

Without even realizing it you find your legs moving up and down that barren road, towards that horrible sound. No. Barren wasn't even a fingertip close to being adequate. The grass, the wind, the moon, -the world- all seemed to whirl into a stilled silence. Your breath was the only sound, your heavy breathing. Somehow the noise was comforting, and your heart beat slowed to the steady rhythm of bird's wings flapping against the wind.
You felt apprehensive suddenly, once more, feeling like a stare was burning into your back. Your heartbeat raced, tensions rising. Faster, faster. The world whirled, light into darkness, color into black. The sky, the ground, the road. Gone. Slipped away from your very hands. It was just a dull gray. No moonlight to kiss the green blades of grass, no neon lights of Tokyo to illuminate your path. You squinted in the haze, trying to focus in on two figures looming ahead. Trees. They were of a shade of grayish-brown with branch ends shaped as human hands. Human hands with mittens. Some of the trees even ended with real human hands, elongated fingers pointing skywards. Soft, pink, glowing flowers jutted from the branches, giving the bleak world light. Characters on a tree? You blinked, squinting. Japanese words. Yet what could they possibly mean? As you passed by the trees, you can see the hands reach out towards you to carress the soft skin of your face. No, no, you're imagining things aren't you. This is so unreal. This is your imagination? The world world was unfocused, completely blurred.
A scream escaped your lips, echoing through the valley.
Somebody! Anybody!
Utter panic seized you, gripped and clawing you in, as you ran blindly through the vast spaces of gray.
Where am I? I'm lost. I'm lost.
The stare was beginning to become harsher, stronger. You had to turn. What other choice was there in this bleak world?
A black, no no, perhaps of a ligther color-dark gray-wolf-like creature stood there, staring at your face with mere interest. Its mellow, emotionless spring green eyes melted into yours. The bright colors of steelblues, magentas, oranges, purples and spring greens it bore were completely alluring, yet they flashed a warning. Danger. You took a hesitant step back, waiting, hoping that this...thing wouldn't hurt you.
W-w-w-who are you?
I am Serenniitee.


Who? Did she really just speak? Well, in this crazy world anything was possible, right? You tugged at your clothes nervously, looking anywhere but her piercing, devilish eyes.
I said Serenniitee
Her tongue was thick with danger, and perhaps even a trace of pity. She slunk around you stealthly, inspecting you carefully, bearing a completely straight face. You focused all of your attention and energy trying to decode her face, yet there was no answer. Utter blankness.
The scream
You heard it. Is that why you're here?
A cruel smirk was playing faintly with her eyes, as if laughing at an inside joke. Confusion seized as your mind throbbed. Danger. Danger. You stifle a scream. It was instinct to run at a moment like this, yet you could not. You were frozen in that blindingly cold stare. Locked. Sealed. Somehow, deep beneath the tissues of your brain, you knew running would end as your fa te. Serenniitee's eyes widened, narrowing with cold pleasure. She tilted her head back, and let her face become an emotionless slab of stone. She smiled, guessing already what you were thinking.
Run? Aren't you a bit curious?

SUH : REN : UH : TEE -invalid_words-
»[Referred To: Serenniitee
»[Alias: Renii
»[Age: Immortal, but forever 17
»[Family: Vantic & Chezaii
»[Friends: Juiniva & Sacrafiice
»[Love: None
»[Language: Japanese, English, some Chinese and Korean
»[Voice Tone: Soft, Alluring
»[Personality: Mysterious, Curious, Silent, Broken
»[Caretaker: Raven
»[Packlands: Mondain Voros
»[Rank: Nonaligned
»[Figure: Slender, Petite
»[Species: Man-made wolf/lupe
»[Gait: Graceful, Lithe
»[Fur Shade: Dark Gray
»[Fur Type: Semi-long, slightly shiny
»[Eye Hue: Spring Green
»[Eye Type: Spring Green with a black pupil, no white surrounding.
»[Tongue Color: Steelblue and Orange Stripes
»[Pad Colour: Magenta
»[Ears: Long, Carcal-type
»[Wings: Feather, broad, retractable, lighter gray with steelblue
lining, magenta ends, and spring green feathers to top it all. Two purples rings mark the middle of the top-most wing and right are two purple dots. In the middle of the wrings are orange streaks.
»[Paint Brush: Rainbow



Strange, you thought, she change personalities by the second. One moment she was soft and almost gentle, the next she was dark, cold, sinister, and the next she had no emotion on her face. You stare at her, a questioning look on your face.
She chuckles. A scientist's journal will tell you everything you need to know about how I came...if you really must know.

March 17, 1991

Scientists have gathered all around the globe on this day with one sole purpose: create the dream chip. For years they have designed a computer chip to create dreams. Of course good dreams come naturally but the key of this device is to make the dreams come true. So far technology has not progressed enough to create such an invention as the dream chip. Perhaps in the future there will be enough knowledge to devise this...

October 3, 1991
Technology, surprisingly, has progressed enough to create the chip. We have started today with the basic outline and wires. The finish time is currently set for two years, but if the amount of scientists continue to grow and help then there is a strong chance it will be finished by next year

May 29, 1992
At last we have finished all the dream chip. We have named it XY-23. Currently we are gathering 100 volunteers exactly to test this computer chip for a year. So far we have implanted the chip directly to their brains, and the process went by quickly. The process to remove the chip, however, is more risky and it would take more then two hours. The head of the scientists, Dr. Chang, seems unsure whether or not to continue this. Whether or not this could k 1 l l...

July 10, 1992
Two months have passed since we implanted XY-23 into the brains of the 100 volunteers. So far they have reported to us that everything is going well and that they really enjoy it. However, Dr. Chang is still worried about XY-23. Her face remains emotionless and anxious, yet somewhere lies a secret in her eyes.

August 2, 1992
Three months have now passed, and something has been reported back to us by a third of the volunteers. They have claimed that they are seeing a strange...creature lurking outside of their windows just before falling asleep. The morning they wake up after the incident they realize they've had a nightmare instead of the dream. And the nightmares have come true. Thankfully the nightmares are harmless, but volunteers have told that the nightmares are getting more harmfull each day. The creature was hazy so not enough information, or rather accurate, about the creature. The information we have so far is that it is a dark gray creature with mysterious colors of magentas, steelblues, oranges, purples, and spring greens. Currently investigators are tracking down the creature. It's a 79 percent chance it's the cause of this, yet we have no scientific evidence. We will continue researching this theory and examining the volunteers.

August 23, 1992
Twenty one days have passed and the nightmares have gone worse. Destruction wreaks Tokyo as the nightmares have come true. The monsters in the nightmares are beyond your wildest dreams. From vampires, to zombies, to creatures of the night, the nightmares have taken toll already of 23 volunteers. 77 volunteers remain.

September 18, 1992
Now only five of the one hundred volunteers remain, due to the nightmares. The volunteers claim that no one else can see the nightmare or the b l 00 d except for themself, and they also claim right before the nightmare they see the creature. Dr. Chang is going beserk over this matter and she has confirmed that the creature is causing this. She must be stopped.

February 2, 1993
We have successfully removed the chip from the remaining two volunteers, hoping that it was destroy the creature. Sadly the creature has not been destroyed. We've tried weapons of all sorts, but nothing seems to affect her. She is immortal. But she is appearing less often now, and not only to the two volunteers but other people as well. The nightmares are milder now, but there is no way to stop her. We have concluded she was created with the chip and that she at first caused the dreams. A glitch in the system must've reveresed her works into nightmares. Hopefully one day we can reverse it again.

{[~:--»HER WORLD

Renii's world is a place closely linked to Earth, in an alternate dimension. Legend has it that there is a direct hidden path into the world in the outskirts of Tokyo, however, few have found it, and even fewer have returned. Those that have returned are all of the children that have ventured down that path, surprisingly, and a few local civilians. People that return strangely cannot find the path again. Every once in awhile Renii opens up paths in various countries in order to bring more people to her world, for unknown reasons. Those that go in, never come out...except for the children.
The world, however, isn't exactly a planet but more of a dimension, linked directly with the underworld - with the bottomless pit, Hades, whatever you may call it, itself - therefore countless restless spirits, demons and all, pass through, able to reach Earth in some cases. It's completely black with no color except for black and white. However Serenniitee somehow keeps her colors. There is no ground in the dimension- it's as if you were walking in thin air. Directly above are floating bodies of blue, glitching, almost as if they come directly from a computer. The only things that adorn the place is Serenniitee and a grove of cherry blossoms. However the cherry blossoms are not ordinary - the ends of the branches are shaped as human, mittened hands. This is unknown why exactly they are shaped as this. Some trees, however, have normal hands, with long bony fingers that stretch skywards. But the main oddity of the trees is that they have japanese characters engraved on the trunks of the trees. Japanese translators who have somehow managed to visit Renii's dimension (most likely through the hidden path) say the characters are human and lupe names.
The names engraved on the trunks are her victims


I try to resist it. I don't want to be this. I never asked for this, never wanted this, never...never. No. She pauses silently, her glistening eyes drilling into your forehead. You stifle a whimper at the ghastly sight.
The other side of me comes out when someone is asleep near by. I can't resist the temptation to turn that dream, that precious dream, into a nightmare. I can't resist the k 1 l l. And when it happens, I turn into something...something I never wanted to be.


Vantic...well, what can I say? He falls for every woman he sees. That's...pretty normal, but what's worse is he stalks them. For what? Do I really need to answer? His life is at the clubs, all night long. I can only imagine what he does there. At day he's pretty sleepy, and just as the sun sets he visits every child and puts them to sleep and gives them dreams. Funny, we shouldn't get a long since I give nightmares. Yet, we do. He's very enjoyable to be around, actually. Definitely will brighten up your day.

Chezaii is one of the sweetest females I've met. Yet I feel so sorry for her. She was r-@-p-e-d at the age of fifteen and ever since she has been incredibly androphobic, which means she is intensly afraid of males. Cheza avoids them by all means. And because of this tragic incident, she has transformed from a happy, cheery lupe to a timid, frightened, and anxious one. I sincerly hope she will get over her fear and become the lupe I once knew long ago. I wish I could help...



Sacrafiice has a whole story of his own in his emerald eyes and his scars. He's much older then me so perhaps it seems he has much more knowledge and wisdom then I do. Sacrafiice seems to be very interested in my tale...and my markings. I'm sure he hasn't seen anything quite colorful as me. I've asked at least twice about his past, considering the scars that mark his body, but I've come out with nothing. A little reserved, I might say. Funny, I enjoy his company. Is this what it feels like to be normal? To be...alive?



Love. Love. Love. I've heard it pass so many times through my ears, seen it portrayed so many times in plays and films, but alas I've never felt such a powerful emotion. I was not created for love. I was not programmed for love. Therefore I cannot love. However, I long to feel it, long to feel that...transformation and the whirls of emotions that course through the mind. What does it feel like? I've heard that it transforms you, makes you whole, is the driving force behind every action, every thought, can make you feel truly, really, alive...and it stays with you for life.
But I know that it will never be.



Mondain Voros is fairly new to me, and I have yet to trespass on their lands. It is silly to say, but I watch from a distance. Obviously there are three packs, and a great evil has befallen them - except for one. I have an almost uncontrollable urge to go confront them and join one of the three sides - I have been wallowing too long in lonelines. But which side? Nirvana, Enfer, or Verre? Most would say Enfer - for a creature like me belongs there, strutting among evil, although its obvious I don't look like it whatsoever. Only time will tell.

The pack is gone



T o y k o
C h e r r y Blossoms
C o l o r s
D r e a m s
N i g h t m a r e s
C h i l d r e n

A m e r i c a n s
W i l l o w T r e e s
T h e C o u n t r y
S u m m e r

T h e i v e s
A d u l t s



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The world spun wildly once more, colors returning, light flashing around you. You jolt upward, looking around.
I' room...
Everything was familiar, to the touch of your pillow and to the warmth of sunlight streaming through the window cracks. Was it all a dream? You look down, seeing two patches and the scientist's diary. Blinking, you look out the window and see two bright spring green eyes glowing in the morning light.
No. It wasn't.



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Oh how we shouted, how we screamed...Something Wicked This Way ComesEnteite watch it burn...visit.intruYou look familiar...leaching awayFlaming green stars... a life in the shadowsA never ending battleOnce upon a time...Would I lie to you?

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A. Not really a question...but...HIII!!!

Q. Can you draw me something?
A. No. Too busy with life, friends, school. Sorrryyy

Q. Where are your customs?
A. False

Q. why is Serenniite named a peaceful name like that?
A. It symbolizes everything what she wants her and the world to be. It's the opposite of her true nature

Q. You mentioned Serenniitee is linked with the underworld...with demons. How so?
A. That will be revealed one day...

Q. So why is she all colorful when she's a monster?
A. Have you heard of carnivorous plants? They're alluring so they can attract you...and then k i l l you.

Q. So what's up with the paper in the layout?
A. Well, before one of the volunteers d i e d, they drew a quick sketch of Renii. It got torn up and the scientists found the pieces and put them up to Serenniitee to see if she was the cause. Yeah.

Q. Oooookay. So can they be friends?
A. Through roleplay, yes. But I'm VERY strict about who she roleplays with. You MUST have a decent petpage with YOUR excellent art! I'm really picky, so don't feel offended when I say no. ^-^

Q. How about....mates?
A. This is the strictest I will get. You HAVE to have good art! Not crappy art. PETPAGE is a must, and he has to match with her! Roleplay is preferred for this. Remember, she's not programmed for love, so it'll take awhile

Q. Jeez, you're picky
A. That's what the mom says

Q. So. Do you have a DA?
A. Sadly, not anymore. Long story about that.

Q. Where did you come up with Serenniitee's design?
A. Well...I knew she had to be alluring so I thought, bright colors! Actually most of these markings used to be my DA fursona a long time ago. Just different color/colors.

Q. about her story?
A. That's...tricky to explain. Shastii was an inspiration, let me say that. And the dreams coming true...that's always been a mystery for me when I was younger since SOMETIMES parts of my dreams actually (and nightmares) come true. NOT KIDDING! It' I just remembered that and made the baseline for Renii's past.

Q. Interesting. ^-^ Are you on the boards alot?
A. Mmmm...occasionally I go. But always on the FC boards. Maybe you might catch me there! Lurking...o3o

Q. Have you applied for Shukumei before?
A. NEVER. It's too crowded for me, though I do love a guild full of wonderful artists...Maybe one day!

Q. What about Mondain Voros?
A. I LOOOOVE IT! But everyone is so busy...hopefully it'll be alive again.

Q. Can I join?
A. One day.

Q. You're not as mean as I thought...
A. Not to people I don't know!

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