The No-Sweat Guide to Earning the Deckswabber Avatar.

The Deckswabber avatar is currently available by scoring 1200+ in the game Stowaway Sting. This guide will explain how to easily score 1200+ even if you aren't very good at the game, so that you can earn the avatar :)

Much like the original Deckswabber game, the aim of Stowaway Sting is to make all of the "deck" squares match a particular colour (shown at the bottom of the screen). Be aware that some squares look like the background and are not "deck" so they won't ever change colour, I call these "ground" squares. The edge of the deck is also surrounded by an invisible wall so you can't fall off the side.
Your character is Scrap from the Lost Isle plot.
Move Scrap with the arrow keys (up, down, left right), and collect treasure along your way to earn extra points.

Scoring & Treasure:
At the end of each level you get a set number of points for each square of deck that was changed to the correct colour, plus a speed bonus of whatever time is left on your clock when you finish the level. But don't hurry to finish the levels as fast as possible, you will gain more points by waiting for and collecting treasure than you will from the speed bonus.
Treasure gives you bonus points - money bags are worth 20 points, diamonds are worth 50 points - always collect them if you can. Round blue or green gems will change the colour of some of your deck - don't bother getting them. Hearts will restore you to full health - they take the place of diamonds or other gems when you're health is quite low* so try keep your health up, but if you do see a heart, always collect it.
* If the health bar is between the H and E of "health" or lower, a heart will show up instead of a gem/diamond. Try to avoid this by using the code.

TIP: Play the game with the music off but sound ON. When the treasure (or an enemy) appears you will hear a noise. This is important because sometimes the treasure is partially hidden from view and you might not see it in time to collect it before it disappears.

Secret code:
At any point if your health is getting too low you can type the code scrap to restore Scrap to full health. Try to do this in between levels (while the next level is loading) to avoid interrupting your game, but you can also use it during a level if needed. I would only use the code during the level if your health bar is low enough that a heart would show up instead of a diamond/gem, otherwise wait until the end of the level to type the code.

There are four types of hazards to watch out for:
1) Spike traps - these are the squares of deck that look like they have random junk on them. If you stand on one of these squares your health will continue to decrease until you jump off the square. On some levels you need to jump through one (or more) spike traps to pass the level, but if you are quick you won't lose much health.
2) Enemy thugs - these characters (kougras & skeiths) appear in later levels. If you stand on the same square as them, your health will decrease as if you were standing on a spike trap. If an enemy is blocking your way just jump past quickly and you won't lose much health. They move randomly (rather than stalking you like some of the enemies in the original Deckswabber) but still be careful that they don't follow you and keep draining your health! Enemies can also steal the treasure before you get to it. If they steal one or two items you can probably still get the avatar but any more and you should restart the game.
3) Holes in the deck - if you jump onto a square that shows a broken piece of deck, it's game over! Avoid these at all costs.
4) Time - if the clock runs out before you complete the level, you die. I have written the guide so that you should be able to safely collect the recommended treasure and finish the level with a decent amount of time to spare so you don't have to rush, but still keep an eye on the clock.

How to get a guaranteed avatar score:
Please note, following this guide should get you the avatar fairly easily but it probably won't get you a trophy. This guide is aims to get you the avatar score with the LEAST RISK of death possible, so you will not be earning the maximum possible score for level 3 and up.
REMINDER: ALWAYS collect money bags, diamonds and hearts; NEVER collect blue/green gems.

Level 1: Once you jump on a square it will turn blue and stay blue. Complete the entire board except for 1 or 2 squares, collecting money bags along the way. Wait until you have collected FOUR money bags and then finish the level.
Approximate score at end of level: 160+

Level 2: Similar to the first level, turn all squares blue. Complete the entire board except for 1 or 2 squares, collecting money bags along the way. There are 2 blocks on the right hand side that you can't get to without jumping through a spike trap - make sure you don't forget about these! Wait until you have collected FIVE money bags and then finish the level. This level also has one enemy thug that you should try to avoid.
Approximate score at end of level: 325+

Level 3: This level has 2 enemy thugs, and there are two regions that you can only access by jumping through spike traps. As usual, complete the entire board except for a few squares. From now on you will see some gems as well as money bags. You should collect at least FIVE money bags (and up to TWO diamonds) before you finish the level. If you feel confident you can go for an extra money bag.
Approximate score at end of level: 480+ (no diamonds) to 580+ (two diamonds)

At this point if your health is less than about 40% use the code.

Level 4: This time the squares lose their colour if you jump on them twice. Try to move around the board logically and you should be able to cover most squares fairly easily. You will probably un-colour some squares as you chase after treasure, but you have plenty of time to re-colour them back. To help you re-colour all of the "deck" squares, you can make use of the "ground" squares. Another trick is if you are on one of the edge squares, jump in the direction of the invisible wall, and since you can't move that way you will re-jump on the square you're already on. This level has 2 enemy thugs but it's easy to avoid them; you should lose very little health on this level (I can do it without losing any). Collect at least FIVE money bags (and up to TWO diamonds). Again, if you feel confident you can go for an extra money bag.
Approximate score at end of level: 650+ (no diamonds) to 850+

Again, if your health is less than about 40%, use the code if you haven't already, otherwise wait for a heart to show up in the next level.

Level 5: Same as level 4, but this time there are 3 enemies. Collect at least FIVE money bags (and up to TWO diamonds), maybe an extra bag if you think you can.
Approximate score at end of level: 820+ (no diamonds) to 1120+

Don't forget the code if you need it and haven't used it yet!

Level 6: Same as level 5. Collect at least FIVE bags (and up to TWO diamonds).
Approximate score at end of level: 1000+ (no diamonds) to 1400+

If you are lucky you have already reached the avatar score, yay!
If you were unlucky and didn't get many diamonds:
- if your score is under 1050, definitely start again
- if your score is 1050-1120, you should try level 7, but an avatar score is not guaranteed
- if your score is 1120+ you should reach the avatar score in level 7, read on:

Level 7: This level is complicated because the deck turns blue, then green, then back to un-coloured again (your goal is green). Don't try to complete the level just wait for treasure and don't die! You should be able to collect at least FOUR money bags (and maybe ONE diamond) before the time runs out, which should hopefully bring you up to the avatar score.

I hope this guide has helped you get your shiny new avatar. If you have comments or questions please neomail me on my MAIN account, sweep_the_doghouse.