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The faint sound of seagulls reaches your ears as the afternoon breeze lightly tickles your face. The baby blue sky is riddled with white birds and fluffy cumulous clouds. You slowly walk down the old wooden pier, gazing out onto the calm vast ocean. There are several ships docked at the pier: some magnificent, obviously owned by nobles and other high-ranked Neopets, while others are more battered or just less grand. One ship, however, seems to stand out amongst all the rest. It's certainly impressive, but not too elaborate. It seems enchanted with age and history rather than gilded edges and excessive decorations. You find yourself eyeing the ship with careful attention. It's a medium-sized vessel with two red sails and one white. But the most curious aspect of the ship is the flag that's hoisted high and gently waving in the afternoon breeze. The flag is made from black fabric and in the center is a white skull.

Could this be a pirate ship? you wonder.

Before you have time to jump to any other conclusions, you hear something slithering behind you. You whirl around to find yourself face to face with a large, fierce Hissi. He has pale blueish grey skin, but a pinkish scar running down his right eye. The Hissi has two arms, but in place of feet, he has a thick tail which he uses to glide across surfaces like a snake. He is garbed in a tattered off-white shirt, covered with an elegant red coat with golden trim. His hat is also very curious. It's a large, brown leather hat with an elegant feather sticking out of one side. But in the center of the front of the hat is a faded icon of skull and crossbones. Suddenly, a glare blinds you momentarily. Once you regain your composure, you notice the source of the blinding light. In the Hissi's left hand is a unique dagger. It had caught the rays of the sun for a moment. It's a long, exceptionally sharp dagger with an intricate hilt, inlaid with gold and gems. The dagger is longer than your average dagger, but slightly shorter than a sword. The blade is a blinding white colour that glistens and sparkles when under any source of light.

Ahoy there matey! Says the Hissi loudly. I see ye be lookin' at me ship o'er 'ere! Aint she a beauty? I bet yer wonderin' how I came upon such a fine ship. Yer don't see many in 'er league out in these waters. Yer see, this ol' gal is built for speed. O' course, yer need lots o' speed to outrun... the Kraken. The Hissi emphasizes the last word with both respect and fear.

Registering your confusion, the Hissi adds on, Aint ya 'eard o' the Kraken? She's only the mos' fearsome beast e'er ter roam these waters. Ah, but don' worry. I hadn't 'eard o' the Kraken either until a few years back. Sit down an' I'll tell yer all 'bout 'er. Ahh.. but I forgot ter introduce myself! I'm Selothius, captain of the Sea Guardian.

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(the pirate accent has been dropped for ease of reading)

When I was but a wee little lad, I went on my first sailing trip with my father. I had always dreamed of letting loose, out on the open ocean, but that dream didn't become a reality until I was nearly passed my childhood years. But my uncle finally took me out on a cute little sailboat and we headed out for the vast, clear, blue ocean.

I can barely put into words how I felt on that first voyage. With the wind brushing fiercely against my face and my lungs breathing in the salty air, I was in heaven. I knew right then that I was going to live out the rest of my days at sea.

My uncle and I were both very inexperienced sailors. We had picked up a few tidbits of information before setting sail, but no one had told us about the Kraken. Perhaps we were never warned because it is such common knowledge amongst sailors and they simply assumed that it would be known to us too. The Kraken is a colossal monster of the sea, a bringer of havoc and death, and certainly the most fearsome creature to ever behold. The very sight of the Kraken could drive a Neopet into instant and irreparable madness. My uncle and I were unfortunate enough to encounter this terrifying monster on our very first trip to sea.

It felt like a perfectly normal day.. to an inexperienced sailor at least. Now, I could have easily predicted that the Kraken was moving swiftly below the water's surface.. but I didn't know any better at the time. It was a clear day, but there was an unexplainable chill in the air. It wasn't cold, exactly, but you could almost feel the presence of evil. Unless you knew what to look for, the feeling wouldn't mean anything to you and you certainly wouldn't be able to label it as evil. But that's what it was. For a moment, the world went silent. You could barely even hear the gentle lapping of waves against the edges of our small sailboat. The wind was nothing more than a faint whisper. There was not a single seagull or albatross in the sky. It was the calm before the storm.

Suddenly, the glassy water parted a few yards in front of our boat to make way for a terrifying eight-armed creature. I suppose you could have called it an octopus, but it was so much more than that. It had dark yellow-brown, scaly skin, which was covered with several bumps oozing with some kind of slime. At the end of each arm was a long, perfectly shaped claw. But even after we managed to peel our eyes away from the wretched scales and threatening claws, there was a greater terror to behold. In the center of the eight arms that had begun to wrap around our tiny sailboat like tendrils, were two small, piercing yellow eyes. The Kraken did not speak, but with eyes like that, it didn't need to. It was here to conquer and devour. When it had a firm grasp on our poor, weak ship, it opened its mouth up wide. Like a snake, who can gulp down animals far larger than itself, the Kraken opened its mouth up impossibly wide, displaying ten rows of dazzling white teeth. Each one was curved to perfection and each one caught the rays of the sun, making them even more fearsome.

My uncle and I huddled together for comfort, though that would not save us from our impending doom. Without warning, the Kraken let out a deafening roar and raised one of his arms, bringing it crashing back down towards my uncle and I. No scream escaped my lips when the claw ever so slightly grazed my eyebrow, running down to below my eye. Although I was in excruciating pain, even from just the lightest touch from the claw, my voice seemed lost. Or perhaps it was because this whole thing seemed so surreal to me. But even as my eye began to bleed, the red liquid trickling down my cheek, I remained silent.

When all hope seemed lost and the Kraken seemed about to make his final move to destroy both us and our boat, I heard a voice behind me shout, Oi! Climb aboard mateys! Behind us was a ship beyond anything I had ever seen. It must have been at least ten times the size of our puny little sailboat. Engraved on the side of the boat were the words Sea Guardian. Reaching out over the bow of the boat was a Pirate Wocky. He stood tall and proud, and clearly hardened from several years at sea and war. Sitting atop his head was a faded red leather hat with a skull and crossbones on the front. Slung around his right eye was a black eye patch, hiding away the result of a battle wound, no doubt. He also wore a tattered red shirt that matched his hat. And glistening in the rays of the sun were several gold earrings. The Wocky threw a crude ladder over the side of the ship and beckoned for us to ascend. My uncle and I did so hastily and without question.

As soon as we were safely within the ship and greeted by several other pirates, the Wocky shouted to his crew, Watch the tail, ye scalawags! We be headin' to the mainland! The Wocky then turned to us and said, Wow sunny! Yer lucky that was a shallow cut! If yeh'd got that claw full-on, yeh'd be dead! 'ere, let me get yeh a towel er somethin' for that.

My uncle and I took a moment to catch our breath while the Wocky fetched me a towel and a pack of ice. He then returned and said, That's gonna leave a scar, but I reckon yeh'll be okay.

Then I remembered my manners. Sir! I said, addressing the Wocky and accepting the towel and ice. Thank you so much for saving our lives! Who are you? And what was that.. thing?

Ah, it be nothing, youngin! 'S a pleasure, and the duty of the Mateys! I be cap'n Galleous an' this be me loyal crew! And that creature be the mighty Kraken.

Who are the... Mateys? I asked curiously. And what exactly is the Kraken?

Well we really be the M-A-T-I-S. But we say it like Mateys cause it sounds better, yeh see! It stands for the Monster Attackers and Treasure Inquirers Society. Tha's quite a mouthful aint it? Mateys be much simpler, dun you think? We're a deadly group of treasure-seekers and monster fighters. Our true passion be trackin' an' drivin' off the Kraken, so yer lucky we found you two! But when the Kraken be sleepin' or lurkin' under the waters where we can't get ter her, we pillage and plunder like any other pirates ye may have 'eard of!

Wow.. and the Kraken? What can you tell me about it?

The Kraken be a she, youngin. Yer gots to show some respect. She be a fearsome and deadly creature o' the depths. The stories say she's ageless. That she been roamin' these waters - and other waters - for centuries upon centuries. They say... Galleous's voice was barely a whisper now. Yes, they say, youngin, that she can't be killed! But me crew and me be determined to give it a go anyhow! But yeh must always respect your enemies. Especially when your enemy is the Kraken 'erself, you have to acknowledge their sheer power. Otherwise yeh won't have a chance o' winnin'!

Fascinated with the Wocky, his band of ruthless pirates and their life mission, I stared admirably at Galleous's battle-hardened face. Can I join you guys? Can I become part of the Mateys?!

Galleous let out a rough chuckle and gazed at me long and hard with a twinkle in his eyes. Yeh know, I reckon yeh'd fit righ' in 'ere. Yer seem excited 'nough 'bout this and I reckon you could stand proud 'gainst our enemies. I was surprised that I didn't see yer screaming like a little girl in front o' the Kraken. Many Neopets do!

I then flashed the biggest smile that had ever crossed my face to that day. Galleous slapped me on the back affectionately and turned to my uncle, who hadn't spoken a word during that whole conversation.

Hope yeh don't mind if we steal yer little boy away now, do yeh?

Well he's not 'my boy' exactly. He's more like my nephew, my uncle replied. My uncle then stared at me with a very curious look on his face. It was a look of pure understanding. My uncle had observed me on our little sailing trip before encountering the Kraken, and it was as if he knew the affect the sea was having on me. It was as if he could read my thoughts and knew that I was planning to make my life at sea. He felt the ecstasy and adrenalin running through my body. He too saw that the sea was my life. Well go on then, Selothius. Make me proud, said my uncle, smiling at me happily.

I embraced my uncle, just as we were making port. My uncle returned the gesture, but then pulled me back to look at me one more time. He patted my head affectionately and turned to face Galleous. He shook Galleous's hand and thanked him again for saving our lives. He then whispered something into the captain's ear that I couldn't hear. Galleous smiled at my uncle and then at me. My uncle then hopped over the side of the ship in one swift motion and began climbing down the ladder, back onto land. With a final wave, I watched him disappear into the crowds, not knowing if I would ever see him again.

Later that night, I was officially initiated into the MATIS. As a sign of my membership, I was given a leather hat. It wasn't red like Galleous's, but a deep brown colour. Although like the captains - and every other crew member's - it had a skull and crossbones stitched onto the front. I was also given a clean white shirt to wear, but my new comrades told me that it wouldn't stay clean for long!

Over the next few days, my wound closed up, but left behind a large, clear scar. My crew mates began showing me how to run the ship and teaching me about our policies. It was clear to me that they were very excited to train a new member, and it made me think that it's a rare occasion that Galleous makes new additions to the crew. I learned a lot about the Mateys in a short period of time. Our main goal, I learned, was to destroy the Kraken in order to save countless innocent lives. But every crew member said the Kraken with such enormous respect that it made me wonder if any of the Neopets actually wanted the Kraken dead. If the Kraken was to die, would the crew have anything left to live for? Casting that out of my mind, I concentrated on learning all about the society. When it came to plundering, everything was equal share. Should a crew member attempt to hide some stolen gold from his mates and keep it for himself, he would be cast out of the society forever.

The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and the months even turned into years. We encountered monsters both small and large, we drove away the Kraken and saved countless lives, and I became a battle-hardened pirate. And we scored treasure. Big time. As our adventures doubled, tripled and quadrupled, so did my rank among the Mateys. On my two year anniversary of becoming initiated into the society, I became the First Mate. But more importantly, I was happy. Not because of the treasure I scored or the promotions I had earned, but because of the life I was living and who I was living it with. By waking up every morning and still smiling when the salty air brushed against my face, I knew that I was where I belonged.

One day, the whole crew was celebrating. Even a dedicated monster-hunting society deserves a little party now and then. The music was blaring, the mead was being passed around, and everyone was dancing. It was a crisp, cloudless night and the stars were twinkling overhead. The moon was but a thin sliver in the sky. I was sitting down at a table next to Galleous and we were merrily chatting. Suddenly, the wind picked up and whipped against our chilled faces. Galleous and I both looked at each other. Evil, we said together.

By now, we were both experts on detecting the Kraken and picking up his cold aura. CREW! Galleous shouted. The Kraken be about!

The whole crew went silent for a few seconds, and then broke out into a cheer. We be Kraken huntin' tonight! someone shouted from the crowd. In unison, every crew member pulled out their weapons.

Fan out, give the call, then regroup in position! Galleous commanded, the authority very clear in his voice.

Every Neopet spread out across the ship, searching for any signs of the Kraken in the water: a shadow, breaking water, a slimy tentacle, or the beady light of her eyes.

HERE! one of the crew members shouted. We all responded with haste. Soon every crew member was gathered around the spot that the Kraken had been sighted. We then got into position, with Galleous and I up front, leading our crew.

Then, we heard it: the sound that we always hear before the Kraken attacks. Silence. Knowing that she could strike at any moment, every Neopet stood in a battle-ready stance. Then, the silence was broken. On the other side of the ship, a tentacle broke through the water and reached over onto the ship. We all spun around in shock and before we could react, a second tentacle appeared on our side of the ship, but behind us since we had all turned around. The tentacle latched onto Galleous and began pulling him overboard. In a desperate attempt to save my captain - and my friend - I whipped around and darted toward him, ready to slice off the Kraken's arm with my sword. Just as I hurled myself into the air with amazing velocity, another tentacle reached out to stop me and I collided with it. Because the impact was so great, the Kraken's claw came right off that tentacle and clashed on the deck beside me, where I had fallen. The Kraken howled in pain and when I finally regained my strength and got to my feet, Galleous was nowhere in sight and the Kraken was descending back into the depths.

I dropped my sword, listening as the clatter echoed into the night. I felt... defeated. Foiled. Despair. I pulled off my hat and gazed, unmoving, at the spot where I had last seen Galleous. I could sense the other crew members taking off their hats behind me and we all stood in silence.

After what could have been hours - or perhaps only a few minutes, I don't know - the silence was broken. A crew member approached me and asked, Where to, cap'n? The comment stunned me for a minute. Then I realized, with Galleous's death, I had become the new captain of the Sea Guardian. I turned to face the crew and picked up the Kraken's claw that had been torn off. Careful not to touch the ends, as I knew that they would cut my flesh if I did, I gazed at it curiously. Then, meeting the crews' eyes again, I said, To port. I have a new sword to make.

To be continued....
(if I am chosen as Selothius's new owner)

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About Selothius

Name: Selothius
Pronounciation: {Sell-oh-th-e-us}
Nickname: Selo
Companion: Ashley
Gender: Male
Species: Hissi
Colour: Pirate

Age: 109443 hours
Level: 252
Strength: 401
Speed (land): 108
Defence: 362
Intelligence: 1072
Hit points: 360/360

Petpet name: --
Petpet breed: Gallion
Petpet colour: Pirate

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Likes / Dislikes



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Selothius: Corrinto, or Cor, is a regal Fire Peophin! She enjoys roamin' the ocean with Nitocrisca and Chemiqual. They enjoy playing among the coral reefs and sometimes they come up ter the surface to spy on land Neopets! Corrinto and Chemiqual were sisters born of the same parents. When they were very young, there was a terrible accident that killed their entire family except for them. Corrinto and Chemiqual stayed together as much as possible during these difficult years. They grew up tergether and taught each other 'ow to live and survive in the ocean. Those early years were very difficult for them both. As Corrinto grew older, her magical abilities began to develop and grow. She had the ability to create and control fire. As odd as it seems, Corrinto is connected to both water and fire. It is a very unique gift, but also very dangerous since Corrinto is connected to two polar opposites. She must use her powers wisely and carefully, which is sometimes challenging because her ability to create fire is also connected to her mood. If she gets upset, she can unintentionally unleash her powers in a destructive way. Nowadays, Corrinto spends a lot o' time on the surface of the water, where she can create fire. In isolated areas, she creates firey tidal waves. To her, it is an art. She is not destructive with her powers and always makes sure that there are no nearby creatures when she unleashes them.

Scarvogue: Corrinto was one of my VERY first Neopets. I originally created her on my account, Lylbayescuex, a long time ago when it was my main account. Her first colour (other than the basic colour she was born with) was Brown. I know that sounds lame, but I had a great design for her! I just liked the idea of a Brown Peophin and I didn't need/want anything fancy. But shortly after the new random events came out, she got turned blue :( By this time I had moved to my new account, Scarvogue, and was deeply involved in World Challenges. One day when converting a map, I received a Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire paint brush and I decided to use it on her!


Selothius: Mummify is a tarnished soul of the undead. 'er tragic story is that of Uni myth. Mummify, formally and previously known as Annakurah, was betrothed ter a famed war hero, but fell in love with a commoner. She an' her love did their best ter keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible - maybe even forever.. but their plan was foiled. Somehow, Annakurah's parents found out an' were furious. Ashamed that their daughter was in love with a Uni not of royal descent, Annakurah's parents put her love ter death. Annakurah's grief tore her apart both mentally and physically. According to Uni myth, when a Uni dies they bond with the element that they most identify with. Annakurah's love bonded with water when he died since he was a calm, pure, innocent figure. But Annakurah, who was headstrong and passionate, became that of the firey undead and evolved into Mummify. She now remains restless, torn between the world of the dead and the living, unable to fully join either, and seeks revenge upon 'er royal family as she searches for 'er long-lost love. She spends a lot of 'er time by the beach an' river banks. She longs to get as close to water as possible, but because her element is fire, she cannot actually touch the water. The grief is often too much for her to bare, and she ends up sending fields up in flames. One day, when she was particularly distraught, the hills were set ablaze, with flames licking the smoke-filled sky. The fire was so thick and Mummify was so filled with sorrow, grief and anger, that her fire creation took on a new form.. a solid form... a live form. Through her anger and misery, she actually created another creature: a Moltenore. This Moltenore, whom she named Pyre, became her companion. Because it is of the flame and therefore of herself, they are bonded. Pyre is her only companion and probably the only one creature who understands her and what she is going through.

Scarvogue: Mummify is one of my absolute favourite pets, and probably THE favourite of mine to draw. For several months - or longer - she was the Lab Rat of the family. I used the Lab Ray on her to both raise her stats and in hopes of having the ray turn her Halloween for me.. which I doubted would happen, but I tried anyway! Whenever the Lab Ray changed her species I would morph her back into a Green Uni. But when Selothius moved onto my account, I wanted him to be the only Neopet so Mummify's Lab Ray days ended and I finally turned her into the beautiful Halloween Uni that she is!


Selothius: Nitocrisca is the queen of Maraqua and other seas of Neopia. With Cor, Nitocrisca and 'er Lutra enjoy explorin' coral reefs and meetin' new friends. All creatures in the Neopian waters love an' adore Nitocrisca. She is a fair, honest queen and kind ter all. She don't spend time locked up in a coral palace. Instead, she mingles with the creatures of the ocean, as if she is one o' them (which she is!). Nitocrisca also secretly loves huntin' for treasure, though she doesn't like ter admit it! She'll pro'lly get mad at me fer tellin' yer this, but she has even accompanied my crew on a few expeditions! We sail the seas but don't swim it like she does, so sometimes she knows the location o' buried treasure better than any o' us. She doesn't do it for the monetary gain, but for the thrill of discovery and adventure. Nitocrisca enjoys stoppin' by the Kelp Café for a quick bite of Pate a la Kelp or a glass of Thornberry Brew. It's her absolute favourite restaurant in all of Neopia. She probably goes every day! Nitocrisca is also very good friends with the Water Faerie, who visits her in the ocean from time to time.

Scarvogue: Nitocrisca is named after the Egyptian queen, Nitocris. She was one of the first pets that I created on Scarvogue and she is certainly a Beauty Contest star! She is the first Neopet of mine to ever win a gold Beauty Contest trophy!


Selothius: Fzv - or Fizzy as some of us like ter call him - is a Pea Chia and he be quite the storyteller! O' course, most o' his stories aren't exactly true.. but he don't mean any harm. He's just a small boy with big dreams.

Scarvogue: Fzv, the Pea Chia, is the very first pet that I ever adopted. I applied for him in early July of 2oo9 and received him on August 1st of 2oo9! He is the first pet I have ever owned that I did not create myself or adopt from the pound.


Selothius: Faichu is a royal Draik with very dragon-like qualities. His kingdom resides in a barren, desert-like land near Tyrannia. There he rules over his Draik clan. We don't know much about Faichu since he is very solitary and mysterious. He doesn't like to mingle with many Neopets other than Draiks. He has done a fair bit of battling and I would definitely call him "battle-hardened" because of it (though not as much as me, o' course!). Ashley told us a story about Faichu and his Draik clan. Many years ago, there was an invasion in his land. The humans wanted to capture all the Draiks and ride them to get around Neopia. The Draiks would become trained, domesticated pets. That's when Ashley found 'im. Ashley was exploring in the deserts o' Tyrannia when she came across his Draik clan preparing for battle. She volunteered to help Faichu in the war against the Neopians. It took a lot of convincing on her part to help him trust her, but he finally allowed her to help. As part of her service, she gave him a Ukali petpet (and a Mootix), who is very skilled in war. Together, they drove the Neopians out of his desert kingdom.

Scarvogue: Faichu is another one of my most treasured pets, and it pains me because I can't draw Draiks! Haha! Faichu was created by me and immediately morphed into a Draik and painted Royal Boy. A few months later, I gave him a petpet (his Ukali), and a few months after THAT, I gave his petpet a Mootix. Faichu started to become my battle pet, but then I never trained him very religiously. Then I got Selothius and stopped training all together!


Selothius: Chemiqual is a Royal Girl Faerie Peophin. She spends much of her time with Nitocrisca, as they have similar personalities and can both be found in the Neopian waters. Chemiqual's sister is Corrinto. They were born of the same parents. Unfortunately there was a terrible accident that killed their entire family except for them. Chemiqual and Corrinto became very close and stuck together as much as possible as they grew up. As the years passed, they eventually found their own ways and began to separate. They were still very close but they 'ad different ambitions. Corrinto was more adventurous and Chemiqual was more mature and ready fer a steady life with a clear purpose. One day, while roaming the skies (that's another difference - Corrinto cannot fly or be out of the water for too long), Chemiqual met Queen Fyora. The two talked and had lunch in Faerie City and Chemiqual left with a job. She became the "spokespet" for Queen Fyora in the Neopian waters (since Queen Fyora can't go in the ocean). As Chemiqual can survive in both sea and air, she works closely with Queen Fyora and helps carry out her orders. Chemiqual avoids battling and other forms of violence at all costs. As she puts it, she prefers a "diplomatic solution." I don't think she likes me very much, since I'm more of a rough-houser! She is, however, capable of defending her territory when she has to, but only as a last resort. She is kind and compassionate towards every Neopet.

Scarvogue: Chemiqual was created as a Peophin and even then I intended to paint her royal some day. As time wore on and I earned more and more neopoints, I bought both a Royal and a Faerie Paint Brush. I painted her Royal first, for the clothes, and then painted her Faerie immediately after. However, this was all done on Scarvogue.. So when I adopted Selothius and moved all my pets to my side accounts, her Royal Girl clothes remained in Scarvogue's closet :( *cries* Eventually I will create yet another Peophin to paint Royal and give the clothes to Chemiqual.. but only once I can justify dishing out 1.75m for clothes! XD


Selothius: This fierce warrior be my partner in the battledome! None of me other family members are much of fighters, so it's great ter be able to play with zaphior! We spend a lot o' time trainin' together at the Mystery Island Training School and doin' Kitchen Quests. But zaphior also likes being ZAPPED every night by the Lab Ray.. I could never do that!

Scarvogue: zaphior belongs to my boyfriend, Chris. He is a Lab Rat so his colour and species often change, but Chris borrows a Kacheek Flour as often as possible to make sure that zaphior remains a Kacheek.

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Lost Sea Scrolls

Call To Honour

Some say that they only pillage and plunder
but this group of pirates does much more.
Danger lurks behind every reef
but the Mateys are always prepared for war.

Their mighty ship tears through the glassy waters
and toward danger it doth glide.
Every monster is the Mateys' to defeat
and every wave for them to ride.

The Mateys took and ancient oath
hundreds of eons ago.
To protect and serve is their duty
they can match most any foe.

Such a noble band of ruthless pirates
could only be led by one.
A Pirate Hissi has been named captain
and next to him stand none.

A pink scar is carved down his face
down the center of his right eye.
Atop his head - a pirate hat
and his sword hand held high.

To the Kraken he leads his crew,
despite the impending doom.
She is immortal, the legends say,
but the Mateys will send her to her tomb.

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Monster Encounters


Current Training Goal
252 / 250 Level

Future Training Goal
401 / 400 Strength
362 / 400 Defence
360 / 400 Hit Points
108 / 201 Movement


Highest Hits
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313 Strength: 653 Damage

Defenders of Neopia
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Random Fights
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I thought yeh might like some adoptables to take home in me image. I 'ave one for every colour so go on and go find yours! But please be sure ter follow the rules. If ye don't, me crew will not stop the Kraken from comin' after yeh!

Rules When Using My Adoptables

- You may not enter any of these adoptables in the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery.
- You may not remove my name.
- You may not trace these images to make your own.
- You may not edit or change these images, regardless of whether or not you give me credit.
- You may not claim these as your own.
- You may not remove the link back to this page.
































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Yeh know, guest, you seem like a good mate. Yeh can't officially join the M.A.T.I.S, but how would yeh like to be an honorary member? Course yeh would! What am I thinkin'.. But there be a few things yeh need to do 'fore joinin' up. We can't just 'ave everyone runnin' 'round braggin' 'bout bein' a Matey! Yer got to be able ter represent the society an' cast us in a good light!

Listed below are the criteria that I look for when finding a winner for this award:

- Attractive layout
- Unobtrusive background
- No distracting/unattractive elements (excessive flashing images)
- Original artwork and content
- Captivating story (not too short but not so long that it drags on unnecessarily or bores the reader)
- Unique elements/sections that aren't found on every petpage
- Extra flare, pazazz or a certain aura that captivates the viewer

If your pet's page fits the above criteria then I will neomail you, saying that you may claim the award and I will put your name in the next section, in the list of winners. If you would like your petpage to be considered, please neomail Scarvogue and I will evaluate your petpage. Polite requests are fine, but begging is not!

Here be a list of Honorary Mateys! Go on 'nd check 'em out! They be some wonderful Neopets!:

None yet!

And 'ere be the awards that I 'ave won!

None yet!

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So yeh 'ad a good time 'ere? Well be sure ter come back some day! There might even be somethin' new for yeh ter see! I 'ave a few buttons here that yeh can use on yer petpage to guide yer friends back 'ere too!


And o' course, I 'ave some friends yeh can visit too! If yeh want yer button shown here, yeh can neomail Ashley an' she'll set it up for yeh!


Scarvogue's Pets

Frzngonz's Pets


I kill for love

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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