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Here we have some Basic Html Coding:

In order for you to do any kind of Web Page you need to know the Basics Html Codes. Here You will find a quick and simple explination of what you need to know starting with the definition of HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. These are the codes that mostly all web pages are written in. These codes are always going to be in triangular brackets.
Everything you add to the webpage you make must be in these brackets: .
These brackets are also known as tags! Which are the Commands that tell the computer what it is you are doing. The most common mistake that people do is not to end the tag. A tag must have a Beginning and an End! Also you must remember that the ending to most of the commands need to be ended by putting a backslash / right before the closing tag. For example if you want your text in bold you must write it like this:

it would show up like this:
Your bold text!

Here you have the Basics Tags
(Codes) that every web page you make must have;

Just remember that you need every tag in order to properly display your content. We wouldn't want any part of Sebastian the Kougra to be missing. Would we?

For more Html Help you can refer to our Html Help Page on the web, coming soon.

Here we have some Basic Table Coding:

The 1 Colunm Basic Table Coding
Looks like this:
Put your stuff here... You can insert text and images...Also you can change the width of the table and add a background color or a background image.

The 3 Columns Basic Table Coding

Looks like this:
This is the First Column.
Remember you have to make each column width equal to the total width of the table.
This is the Second Column.
If your table is 300, then each column should be 100 each or 50, 50, & 200.
This is the Third Column.
You can insert text and images...Also you can change the width of the table and add a background colors.

Table with Heading Cell and 2 Rows and 2 Columns

Looks like this:


COL 1, ROW 1 COL 2, ROW 1
COL 1, ROW 2 COL 2, ROW 2

Inserting Images

Here are some Neopet Images

that you can insert in the Tables.

To insert an image all you need to do is follow these steps.
In the Text Boxes above are some image tags. Copy the Tag and Paste it where you want it to go, and your finished.
If you have a different image you would like to use just change the URL to where your image is, then your image should show up..
To get an image from Neopets just right click on the image and look at the properties, there you will find the URL copy that and add the following codes to the front;

guest, if you would like me to get an image for you, just neomail me and I'll get it and place it in a text box for you to copy and paste...
Here is the code to remove the white around your images...

Alignment of Images with Text

Alignment Description Codes
ALIGN="left The image will be aligned left and the text will be aligned to the right.
ALIGN="right The image will be aligned right and text will be aligned to the left.
Two images, One will be aligned to the left the other to the right with text in the center.
One image aligned to the left with the text separated by space. The space is determine by the amount you put in.

Here we have Coding for Backgrounds:

Here is the code for adding an Image as a background.

Here is the code for making your background a single color.

Here we have Text Box Coding:

When your using a Text Box in your pet's page Neopets does not allow you to directly use the word "TEXTAREA". You must place an underscore ( _ ) between (text) and (area) in both the begining tag and the closing tag.
The rows determine how long your text box is.
The cols determine the width of your text box.

Fun with Fonts

Changing the color of Fonts and the Actual Font Family?

Making the Font to Glow

You can change the glow color to any color you like.

Changing Font Format


Here is the Code to Align your text in the middle:

Text Alignment in the Center

Changing the Colors of your Scrollbar.

Here is the code to change the colors of your scroll bar.
To get different color use the Chart at the bottom of this Page.

Internal Tags (Anchors)

This goes in the Index
These tags are called are internal tags. They can be used for Text or Images. An Internal tag will make the text or image clickable to another section of your page. These are also called links.
This goes on the top of the Page
This goes where you want the Index clickable to go too.
This goes where you want it to click too.

Fun Stuff
Flipping Image while Hovering

Changing your Shield

Adding or Removing Stuff

The Hexadecimal Color Chart Codes

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