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1. Sarah / 10% Completed

2. Jewlz / 0% Completed

3. Name / 0% Completed

I regret to inform you that Route 10 is closed and has been for quite a while (although just inactive, not officially closed). I was really excited to get back into reviews but when I sat down to write it, I couldn't. I had feedback and suggestions and observations but I couldn't write any of it down. I believe I won't be able to write any future reviews so it is best to end my reviewing journey here and now.

To Jewlz and Sarah: yes, I will finish your requests. I will finish them even if I have to glue myself to my chair. I am so, so sorry for the extremely long delay and I really hope my feedback will help, even if it's just 1%.

If I do feel I can take on reviews again, check UC. I might offer them as part of the community portal, but I make no promise.

The site will remain for inspirational purposes. I was inspired by past review sites so I hope R10 will be of use even if inactive. Affiliates and listers, feel free to remove the site. It's up to you.

Thank you to my requesters and so many others who have left Neo for the real world. I broke 50 reviews in one year and you guys made it possible.

Keep moving forward.

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Welcome to Route 10

Allow me to welcome you to Route 10, a site services site hosted by yours truly, Malisha. Since July 14, 2014, my ultimate goal is to provide you and your site my undivided attention in fine-tuning your site by performing proofreads, link-checks and quick services. Should you need to contact me, my inbox is always open.

Whether or not you are seeking a change, Route 10 is here for you for when you reach a crossroad for a new beginning.

It's time for a journey...

...with the sun shining down on you as you walk down the dirt road. The backpack hung over your shoulders feel weightless as you are ecstatic with excitement, eager to experience life beyond your hometown. As you descend the miniature hill to continue on your journey, you stop in astonishment, blinking rapidly. Several different paths revealed themselves in front of you, offering you each a different beginning. A sign announced your location: Route 10. You are utterly confused by the turnout and your eyes light up when you see a small wooden house off to the side of the paths. You quickly approach it, knock on the door and wrap your hand around the handle.

April 22, 2016 // All routes are closed.

+ I picked a bad week to open requests. Having to help out at my mom's workplace and catching a cold and working 20+ hours at my own job left me with zero time to even log on.

+ I am so sorry to Sarah and Jewlz for the delay and thank you so much for your patience. My hours next week are even worse but I'll do my best to catch small moments to work on the reviews.

+ Routes are closed until all requests are completed. Thank you for your understanding!

April 22, 2016 // Routes 6, 7, 8, and 9 are open!

+ One request added to the waiting list! I apologize for the delay in advanced since the next few days will be busy.

+ Also, a reminder: R10 will only be updated when it has to be but that doesn't meant I'm inactive! You can check my status at my UL or at UC. Thank you!

April 20, 2016 // Routes 6, 7, 8, and 9 are open!

+ Requests are now open! They will be closed when all three slots are filled. Please take caution that the completion time will be significantly slower than before but it will be finished within a week. Thank you!

April 18, 2016 // Is that something in the distance?

+ I am making a comeback. I tried quitting Neo in January because of my declining lack of interest but it appears I can't let this place go. UC is back in full swing and so will R10.

+ At the moment, I am planning on opening Routes 6, 7, 8, and 9 only. The other routes are offered at other review sites and I wish to offer services they don't have so visitors will have a variety of sites to request from. I may open all routes in the future, depending on my interest and time.

+ Finally, requests will open on Wednesday. I have an exam on Tuesday and some writing to do for Haikyuu!! Week. Yeah, I'm prioritizing fanfiction over this.

+ Thank you for visiting and in the meantime, check out the lovely review sites that graced the community. Your support is greatly appreciated!


As Route 10 is the route of beginnings, we offer 9 overviews of the nine routes you can take. It's possible to look at all 9 but remember, only one route will suit you the best.

Please note that none of our rubrics offer scores.

Route 1 (First Impressions)

This is the shortest route leading to Pallet Town! If you need a quick assessment of your site and be informed of areas of improvement, this route is best suited for you. Read more?

Route 2 (Pros/Cons)

Slightly longer and slightly more in-depth, the route to Goldenrod City allows me to highlight my favorite parts of your site and the parts that require more attention or revision. Read more?

Route 3 (Q&As)

Through the treacherous desert to reach Nimbasa City can be frightening...unless you have a companion! Down this route, a travel companion will join you and you will be able to ask them any question you have and they will answer you to the best of their abilities. Read more?

Route 4 (Proofreads)

Down this route you will have to travel by ferry to reach Dewford Town so be sure to grab your reading material. If you would like, I can proofread it for you, correcting misspelled words, improper grammar, punctuation, odd sentences and the likes. Read more?

Route 5 (Link-Checks)

The final destination down this route is Snowbelle City and it requires the sharpest of eyes! I can accompany you and sweep all of your inactive links while you focus on traveling. By the time we reach our destination, all of your links will be up to date. Read more?

Route 6 (Recommended Status)

There are so many shops in Lumiose City! Will your site be one of them? A guide will tell you if your site is deemed recommended or not by browsing through your site and pointing out flaws. Read more?

Route 7 (Layout Inspection)

Are you ready for the spotlight in Hearthome City? Let an expert quickly inspect your layout and point out problems they may find. Read more?

Route 8 (Content)

Endless books are waiting for you at Nacrene City! Examine their content and find flaws so you can help further improve the material. Read more?

Route 9 (Mock In-Depth)

Only the best of the best can take on the Sinnoh Pokemon League. Do you have what it takes? First, go for a quick inspection of everything your site has to offer and decide for yourself! Read more?

Route 1 (First Impressions)

Destination: Pallet Town, Kanto
Motto: A Pure White Beginning
Length: Short

In this review, I will be briefly glancing over every section of your site upon my first entrance. Some will include:

The format is: each paragraph will be a summary of my first impressions of each section of your site. Examples: here, and here.

There will be closing comments as to if I will revisit your site or not.

Route 2 (Pros/Cons)

Destination: Goldenrod City, Johto
Motto: The Festive City of Opulent Charm
Length: Medium

In this review, I will be looking at the positives and negatives about your site in two separate lists.

Pros can include:

Cons can include:

The format is: the pros will be listed first, followed by the cons. Examples: here, and here.

There will be closing comments as to if I will revisit your site or not.

Route 3 (Q&As)

Destination: Nimbasa City, Unova
Motto: Lit by the Flash of Lightning!
Length: Long

In this review, you will be able to ask me up to 50 questions, if needed.

These are several questions you may ask below:

Please include your first question in the requesting form if requesting a Q&A review. All answers will be written on this site and each question will be answered on here as well.

There is no closing comment with this review.

Route 4 (Proofreads)

Destination: Dewford Town, Hoenn
Motto: A tiny island in the blue sea
Length: Long

In this review, I will be using an expert eye to pick out every little error in your writing and providing a corrected version. Please note that I am still a high school student and will not be able to catch everything but I will do my best to proofread your work!

This review length is impossible to measure as it depends on the type of site you require a proofread for. If you require a proofread for a character page or story, please visit Diabolical Box for proofreads.

Any misspelled words, improper grammar, punctuation, odd sentences, improper capitalization and such will be pointed out and a revised version will be provided. Examples: here.

There is no closing comment with this review.

Route 5 (Link-Checks)

Destination: Snowbelle City, Kalos
Motto: The city of everlasting winter
Length: Long

In this review, I will dedicate time to sweep all of your inactive links. If you own a directory, I will inform you which links are dead, closed, on hiatus or on revamp so you will be able to mark them accordingly.

The time for this review can take anywhere from an hour to several days depending on the number of links you have. Please note that I myself run a directory and sweep links thrice a day. Also as a student, my time is limited but I will do my best to finish in a timely manner.

There is no closing comment with this review.

Route 6 (Recommended Status)

Destination: Lumiose City, Kalos
Motto: The City of Light
Length: Medium

In this review, I will look at your site with a judgmental eye and determining whether your site should be recommended or not.

If your site is deemed recommended, I will list my reasons why such as:

If your site is deemed not recommended, I will list my reasons why as such as:

The format is: the verdict will be announced first followed by reasons explaining why. There will always be a section for areas needed for improvement or suggestions to further enhance a visitor's convenience. Examples: here and here.

There will be closing comments as to if I will revisit your site or not and suggestions to further improve your site.

Route 7 (Layout Inspection)

Destination: Hearthome City, Sinnoh
Motto: Where hearts touch each other
Length: Short

In this review, I will be looking at your layout only. This review if perfect for sites whose layouts were recently switched or in preparation for an in-depth review. I will also point out problems such as:

Note: I am not a graphics maker and so I am unable to judge graphics professionally. Instead, I will judge graphics as a visitor and will do my best to provide in-depth explanations as to why I like or dislike a graphic.

There is no closing comment with this review.

Route 8 (Content)

Destination: Nacrene City, Unova
Motto: A Pearl of a Place
Length: Medium

In this review, I will be examining your content only. This review is suitable for sites who have plenty of content and require suggestions for improvement. This review can also benefit new sites that are starting out and would like to know if their content is sufficient.

The format will vary depending on the site, however, I will always provide suggestions for improvement as well as praise for what you have already. Examples: here and here.

Note: I am not a graphics maker and so I am unable to judge graphics professionally. Instead, I will judge graphics as a visitor and will do my best to provide in-depth explanations as to why I like or dislike a graphic.

There will be closing comments as to if I will revisit your site or not.

Route 9 (Mock In-Depth)

Destination: Sinnoh Pokemon League
Motto: The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!
Length: Long

Note: This is not a proper in-depth review. There will be no score at the end, no statement whether I will recommend your site or not, or surplus of text.

In this review, I will be sweeping over your site with a critical eye. I will be reviewing your site as if in an in-depth review but this will only prepare you for one. I will be assessing:

First Impressions.
Does your layout catch my eye? Do the navigational links work and bring me to the desired category? Does your introduction make sense and compel me to keep looking?

How much content do you have? Is it enough for your site's age? What is the quality of it? Which pieces could be improved or left alone?

Professionalism / Spelling & Grammar.
Does the overall tone of your site give me the impression that you are firm with your rules yet lax, or are you harsh and strict? Do your requesting forms make sense? Do the rules make sense and addresses different issues at once? Are there any errors that impede your content or site as a whole?

Miscellaneous Pages.
Are your extras necessary for your site? Does your pick-up page look organized? Do you have a link to your portfolio? Are there mistakes in your credits?

Final Comments.
What can be improved on? What did I like the most about your site? Is there anything you can change? Will I revisit your site?

Requesting Rules

Before sending in your request form, please allow me to address a few rules and guidelines below:



If a route is open then you are free to take that route. If a route is closed then you must wait until it is open again for traveling.

Open Routes

Route 1 (First Impressions): Closed
Route 2 (Pros/Cons): Closed
Route 3 (Q&As): Closed
Route 4 (Proofreads): Closed
Route 5 (Link-Checks): Closed
Route 6 (Recommended Status): Closed
Route 7 (Layout Inspection): Closed
Route 8 (Content): Closed
Route 9 (Mock In-Depth): Closed

Send in your Form

Pick- Up

Here is where your completed service will be placed. After you pick it up, you are free to use it however you like. All services will be moved to the Archives every month so please go there if you need to refer to your service again.

Collect Your Service

Hannah / Content / View?

Eve / Rec. Status / View?

Monkey / Rec. Status / View?

Maddie / Layout Inspection / View?

Sensation / Route 9 / April 2016

The format is: the review will follow the categories as mentioned in the rubric.

Reviewed in: Firefox.

First Impressions
Upon entry onto the site, I'm greeted with the name of the site, its subtitle, as well as a coding error, as seen below.

An easy fix to this is changing the div dimensions to the updates box so it will fit the length of the page instead of the Updates title being crammed in the corner. I may not be too accurate about this but it should fix the problem.

Your introduction is well written a

Radioactive / Route 7 / October 2015

The format is: the site will be viewed in every browser.

Internet Explorer
I'm not sure if this was intentional or not but when the links were clicked on, the background turns white instead of remaining black. Also, as a minor thing, the counter is centered in IE whereas Chrome and FF, it's aligned to the left.

Drag and drop for full size.

Google Chrome
No problems found.

A minor issue: the header for the rules cause a scrollbar to appear whereas Chrome and IE don't have it.

Drag and drop for full size.

Other than those minor issues, nothing impedes a visitor's view of the site. Excellent job!

Thank you for requesting! Feel free to use this service however you wish. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at any time!

Beta / Route 6 / October 2015

The format is: the verdict will be stated first followed by reasons explaining it.

Reviewed in: Firefox.

Verdict: recommended.

From Echo Lake, to Anthem, and now Beta, your graphic abilities have grown tremendously. Your buttons have a style to them that make them stand out in the community. I can tell the texturing methods you use are something similar to Cam's but the two can be differentiated: Cam's animations are slower than yours. It isn't a problem but that's the subtle difference.

Your newer icons are similarly textured like your buttons, which again, isn't a problem. The two icons for Flaunt lack a focal image but since the text is more important, a focal image isn't necessary. You do not have many new banners made but I am still partial to your Attack on Titan banner.

The coding for your layouts is also more advanced than previous layouts. I noticed many of them are scrolling but so far you have yet to create a new anchored layout. I look forward to seeing it if you do create one!

As for the site itself, everything is arranged in an organized fashion. I suggest you should enlarge your rules by a size or two because the small font may be too difficult to be read by some requesters. There is also a small problem I noticed:

The link for Achievements is higher than the other links. It may be a coding issue.

Beta is an amazing request site with fabulous service and a great owner. I will revisit in the future to request graphics for my own!

Thank you for requesting! Feel free to use this service however you wish. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at any time!

Cherry Blossom / Route 6 / September 2015

The format is: the verdict will be stated first followed by reasons explaining it.

Reviewed in: Firefox.

Verdict: not recommended.

I admit, I am not a fonts expert however, when looking through your fonts, I noticed you used the same font face quite a few times. Some of them are also plain. For example:

The font for Wintermyth is simple and not very eye-catching compared to some of your other fonts. It is something anyone can make when given the proper characters to do so. Advertising fonts are meant to be eye-catching and straight to the point. Rather than using characters to ask the question need help opening a site? it could have been used to have a new font face or size. The most important part of the signature is the name Wintermyth and the link to the page. That is enough for someone to click on it.

Although simplicity is appreciated in a font, especially with limited characters, it is important to use all of them in a font. For example, this font below:

This font is simple, perhaps too simple. What font makers are excellent at is using the space to create beautiful yet simple fonts, meaning they use special symbols, spacing, or different fonts. In the font above, smileys can be used or a variety of fonts instead of having the same font for the phrase.


Becoming familiar with image fonts will greatly boost the variety of your premades. For example, for a request you did below:

Not everyone will be able to construct this easily. It is simple yet original and if you can master other images, they will enhance your current fonts.

You can also experiment with other font faces. Instead of using the default arial font, choose others. There are many resources that list fonts that can be used for signatures as well as symbols. Play with them and make different combinations with them.

Cherry Blossom is off to a great start with many premades available and requests open all the time. I will revisit in the future to see what you will come up with!

Thank you for requesting! Feel free to use this service however you wish. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at any time!

Sakura Express / Route 8 / September 2015

The format is: there is no discernible format.

Reviewed in: Firefox.

Your layout and layouts are all gorgeous, simple, and minimal. As CSS layouts, it's best to do just that and most of your layouts follow a theme. Just a caution: TNT doesn't like it when other people mention names to other sites so mentioning where the source of your inspiration so often could get you in trouble. You can change it to the place that tumbles or to TBLR to stay on the safe side.

At the moment, the coding and textarea is very light, making it difficult for anyone to find the code at first glance. Upon closer inspection, they'll notice pink squiggles beside the screenshot of the layout and then they'll realize it's the code. You can change the color to #F2A7AD or another shade that matches that is brighter and will catch someone's eye better.

You have links that lead to the two categories of your layouts but not on the side. Adding them there will make navigating through your layouts easier for visitors rather than linking to the top of the page where the links are.

Normally, I would suggest you to organize your layouts in rows to minimize scrolling but this layout is fine as it is because the screenshots are easy to see to give visitors a good sense of what the layout is.

Sakura Express has many beautiful layouts available for the public already. Although you said content will not be added frequently, what you have now will prove to be useful for many others. I will revisit to use your layouts myself!

Thank you for requesting! Feel free to use this service however you wish. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at any time!


Achievements & Awards

We are proud of what have accomplished during our time helping others find their beginnings and this is the place where we display them! Read more?


There's a limit one person can do so this is where you can find out what Malisha is good at and what she isn't. Read more?

Route 10 History

Are you interested in how Route 10 came to be? Learn more about Malisha! Read more?

The Archives

Guarded by the mysterious Darrius, the Archives is where old services and story requests are shelved. If you ever need to refer to your service, it will be here. It is an external link. Read more?

Route 10 Achievements & Awards

Thank you so much for recognizing Route 10!

Route 10 History

During 2013, I had always fantasized about opening a review site named Route 10. However, I had one major flaw: I am very biased in some cases. During my time in a past site-owners' guild named Fuse, I was in charge of the guild newspaper and I would spotlight different sites. In each article I would highlight the best parts of their site. That sparked the reviewer within me.

I decided to open Route 10 as a site services site to act as a prerequisite to reviewing. I enjoy helping others and reviewing will also improve my writing. So don't hesitate to send in your request- you are helping me as I am helping you!

A little bit around me- call me Malisha on Neopets. I manage my sites on my side accounts and malisha9 is my main account. I am a high school senior who dreams of becoming a writer and plans to study social sciences. I enjoy watching anime, reading, writing and singing. You can learn more about me at my journal.

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