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As you are walking along the Krawk Island shore you stumble upon a port with monumental ships all waiting at the dock. You see a large white building with a sign on top of it. As you stare against the blazing sun you squint to read the words "Kraken of the Sea". Curious you walk inside the building. As soon as you walk in you see five desks with a person behind each. All but one have an open line. You walk to the desk and see a pamphlet that says "Welcome to the tropical cruises of Kraken of the Sea. Hop aboard and glide through beautiful oceans while you stay in our marvelous suits!

Welcome to Kraken of the Sea, a cruise themed review site. Hop aboard an adventure of a lifetime while you sail past breath-taking views! We have 3 reviewers so your reviews are done fast without a low quality so we can take our time. Thank you for visiting us and have a great sail!

June 30, 2012
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June 29, 2012
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June 28, 2012
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June 27, 2012
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You open the pamphlet see a description of all of the cruises.

???/10 | 5-30

The Stargaze: Here is our basic review. We will review your layout, links (if they work or not), and the over all idea of the site/guild. We will also tell you what needs to be fixed. This review is best for guilds.

???/20 | 30 min - 1 hr

The Paper Lantern: This review is a little more advanced. We will review your layout, links, grammar, overall idea, and your forms (if there is one). We will also tell you what you need to add and what needs to be fixed. This review is best for guides.

???/50 | 20 min - 30 min

Maraqua: Take a cruise on our marvelous Maraqua cruise ship. We will review your layout, premades, graphics, layouts, buttons, banners, and/or shields. This review is only for graphic or layout sites.

???/100 | 45 min - 1 hr

The Sea Snake: This once in a lifetime getaway if great for just about any neopian. Here we will review your layout, grammar, links, forms, graphics, premades, and/or banners. This review is best for graphic or layout sites.

???/20 | 30 min - 1hr 15 min

Seaweed This review is a level up from The Stargaze. We will review your layout, webbie, portal, grammar, events, activities, and we will tell you what needs to be fixed and suggestions. This review is only for guilds.

???/20 | 5-30 minutes

Kraken of the Sea: Our original review is great for any directory looking for the best review that suits them. Here we will review your layout, grammar, links, buttons, and activity (how active you are). This review is best for directories.

???/50 | 5-20 minutes

Krawk Island: Need someone to critique your application? We will read all the way through your pet app and review your layout, grammar, links, images, story (optional), and the overall idea of the app. This review is best for pet applications.

???/10 | 5-30 minutes

The Blue Reef: Cruise through our beautiful blue reef. This review looks at everything and tells you what needs to be fixed. This review is best for all review types.


You flip over the pamphlet up and come across a rules page. You better read it just in case.

Always leave a credit
Be patient. Do not keep neomailing asking when we will be done.
If you are in a hurry please tell us. Click "Rules to continue".
Please look at your review. It will be deleted within days. Tell us if you want us to neomail it to you.
Don't neomail us saying "give me a review". Fill out the form like everyone else. Hover over the chia.
If you don't like our review, do not criticize us. We will be happy to redo it AFTER your site has been changed.

Buy Tickets

Overwhelmed you ask the person behind the desk how much this will cost you. She responds with a smile on her face, "Nothing at all! All you have to do is fill out a form and we can get you on your cruise today!". "Great!", you say with a smirk. You fill out their form and put it in their mailbox. The girl behind the desk then says, "Excellent! As soon as one of our managers receive it, you will be on your way! Thank you for choosing Kraken of the Sea".

Click on an envelope below to select your reviewer and neomail us

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As you drift into shore your journey comes to an end. You step off the boat and walk onto the shore. What a trip! I can't wait to get home and tell everyone about my adventure!

Carissa @ Cavalia


Carissa @ Cavalia (homepage review only) | The Stargazer| 07/21/12

Layout (3/5):
I click on the link, and what do I see? An absolutely beautiful layout! The navigation is fine, but the only thing wrong is that you spell webbie, webby. Usually in guilds we spell it like 'webbie', so you should change that. Although the layout is simple and pretty, it should be a text layout (where you can insert all your text), not an image layout, because if you want to make an update, you have to go through a long process to change it! The ranks and rules should be moved to the webbie. The Point System and Account Improvement should go on the webbie/a new page, it makes the guild layout way too big and long. The only thing should be there is the 'All About' box, and the council as well.

Links (5/5):
All of your links are good! Nothing broken/linked to the wrong page.

Fix (3/5):
Some of the fixes I already mentioned (in the layout section), so I'll mention new mistakes now. In the introduction, Neopia needs to be capitalized since it's a proper noun, a planet. In the 2nd sentence in the introduction, you should put a ! instead of a period, because it would make more sense exclaiming you could have the best horse guild in Neopia. After the words 'The guild has so much to offer', put a comma after offer. Here's another grammar error: 'Once you've looked around, (add a comma) I'm sure you'll find that we have something for everyone! (! would be better than .) In the last sentence, remove the word 'so' and the ;). The winking face doesn't make your guild seem professional and mature anymore. Also, on the navigation, your name is nor capitalized. Although it's only a tiny detail, changing it won't hurt!

Other (4/5):
I don't have anything else to note about your guild! The only things I need to say are these:
You're a small, tight-knit and chatty guild! That's the perfect thing for your guild. It's also not too old and it lasted for a few months, which is uncommon for guilds nowadays because they get deleted within 3 months! You should also change the logo since it's a little blurry and doesn't match the layout, and change the color scheme a bit as well. Other than that, great job!

Overall Idea (5/5):
If I loved horses, I would probably join your guild after this review! It's so unique, beautiful, and established! It looks like a fun-loving guild, with a touch of a little wildness! It's the most established horse guild I've ever seen, and I'm sure you'll do fine!

Reviewed By: PF (poundfreeze)
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Jasmine @ Visible Sketches

Jasmine @ Visble Sketches | The Blue Reef | 07/04/12

I really like your layout, it's made by the talented Monky! The navigation looks great, just like a sketch, and whenever you hover above it, it has a soft glow that's not too strong or light. There aren't many flaws, but the content box looks out of place somehow. Next time the image should be bigger, and a few things could be switched around.

Whenever you see something bolded, you should fix it.
(italicize funny) Funny, you thought, (italicize this too) the window is not even open. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a piece of paper fluttered to the floor.
A girl walks (remove e from walks) up to you, and introduces herself as Anne. (Also when Anne talks, remove the quotation marks and italicize her dialogue instead.)
You follow her into a room full of tables, books, and of course, paper and pencils. Anne turns around and explains, (remove quotation marks and italicize instead) Here, you can look at these site names, and brainstorm your ideas. Well, if you need anything, you can ask me. While you're at that, please feel free to look through the books! (remove and stuff, it doesn't sound professional) I hope you have fun! Good luck!
If you would like to submit a name, please fill out the form below.
If you have an ugly link back button, then no one will think your site is appealing. There are a lot of button request sites out there, but I'll list a few here: Open Eyes, Euphoric, Radiance, and Asylum.

The front page is perfect in content! It has an introduction and story that's interesting and isn't boring to read. The updates box is a little bit big, so you'd be better off clearing it once every few weeks/months. The Key should have more things, like favorite name or recommended name. Instead of putting a name on hold, remove the name from the site and save it instead. In the You have a lot of names, but some of them are too long. Go through the long ones and think if they'll fit on a button, or if they're easy to type. If not, remove them.

I already mentioned some things you can fix above, but here are some more things: In the 2nd row of buttons, the 2nd and 3rd buttons are low quality. Remove them. In the last row of buttons, the 2nd and 4th one are out of season, I'd remove them and then pt them back up when winter comes again. It'd also be much easier to list your affies, reviews, and listers in alphabetical order! Also, in the reviews section, be sure to make a hover code on the buttons so when people hover, they'll know your score! Last but not least, in the credits section, it says 'Resources by The Lunch Box'. Be sure to specify which ones!

Reviewed By: PF (poundfreeze)
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Nikki @ Chevreau

Nikki @ Chevreau | The Blue Reef | 07/06/12

In my opinion, the layout doesn't seem appealing to me. Whenever I think of the word Chevreau, I think of exquisite and golden. Instead, your layout is blue, neo-related, and not really fancy. The content box and the review boxes are fine. The navigation doesn't look good, because when you scroll down, it covers up text. The tabs are also too small.

Whenever you see something bolded, you should fix it.
We opened on the 3rd of July, 2012, so we have been open for 0 months and 3 days.
If you don't have one, check out my sister (remove 's from sister) site Unique, and she might make one for you if requests are open.
Do your "tricks" take away from the actual rules, or do you have one at all?
Anyone guilty of this will be disqualified.
Most of the people that I review are very nice site owners, but there are some rude people out there. (remove and) I promise to be civil with everyone.
Thats the guarantee! If I break it, then I am eternally sorry and will do something in return for you.
The idea for Chevreau's Guarantee came from Turnip at The Lunch Box, Open Eyes and Frequent Flyer. (remove parentheses)

The introduction doesn't really describe anything about your site, add more to it. It's quite boring and not really interesting, so maybe you should revise it and add some surprises, or something the visitor will want to read. The Neomail Me Here sign is very low quality! Instead, you can use the comments/questions resources from TLB. For the rules and rubrics section, you need to remove the 'to the top' button. It's a small box and you could just scroll back up if you needed to. The rubric status also needs some work, and Bedazzled has some nice reviews are open signs for you to use! The competitions are very messy. In the SOTM, there're way too many competitors! The icon for the competition is very low quality, and I don't think anyone can do anything with it, honestly. Try getting another icon from Neopets instead. The review archives don't work. The 3rd Up and Coming button is low quality, remove it. The 1st 'I won 1st at Chevreau' is low quality, remove it. You need to request afew 3rd place buttons. The 1st and last buttons of Nikki's picks are low quality, remove them also. The link back section is very messy, but 4 buttons in a row and put the code below them, and so on. These are the low quality buttons you should remove:

The 1st one doesn't look clear, has a bad animation, and messy text. The 2nd one has a small, uneven font, and the image looks out of place with the button. The 3rd one has a poor, odd animation. In the awards section, remove the peer reviewer. You're doing it for service, not as a reward.

Why did you make the updates box on the content page if you have one on the right? The bullets don't match the layout, the signs don't either. You don't need to list the time in the review pick-up section, it's not useful. Why did you put buttons at the pick-up section? Explain. Your layout base isn't from The Forge. Please specify which button base is from Zeal. You could list your site at Affinity and Dragon's Lair. You're new, and you need some improvement. Keep at it!

Reviewed By: PF (poundfreeze)
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Pamela @ Pamela's Lending

Pamela @ Pamela's Lending | The Blue Reef | 07/09/12

To be honest, I really love your layout! It isn't fancy or graphic-based, but instead simple and neat. This is perfect for lending sites, and easy for the visitors! The only thing that needs improving is the update box, since it's too small. Other than that, the layout is perfectly fine!

If you see something bolded, that's the fix.
Welcome to Pamela's Lending! Here you can find lends for the battledome avatars, just about all of the pet and petpet avatars and plenty of pets with a Mootix (proper noun, name of a P3) attached. All I ask of you before you ask for a lend is that you take the time to read the information I have on this page regarding my lending.
If you have any questions at any time, please do not be afraid to ask me. You can ask me by Neomail or on my board.
I'm sorry, but I do not lend side accounts.
I'm sorry, but I do not keep record of people that want to be a part of a full list.
Are you being lent by any other lenders in the same month? If so, what lender?
If so, what pet combo and what month/year?

You lend a lot of pets, and that's great since there's a plethora to choose from! The BD Guide is also really helpful, as some people (and myself) aren't really good at Battledoming, and you provide a quick and easy way to do it. I also really like the customizations, they're really cute and they can make people smile! Your buttons are high quality, but some aren't. Here are some you should remove:

The 1st one has small text, has a thick border, and is too plain. On the 2nd one, you can hardly see the animation and the image looks a little too much edited. The 3rd one has a messy font and scrolls too fast, and the text also comes back too fast. The 4th one's animation is too fast and the design (the stripes) are too visible and not that faint. The last one has touching text and doesn't have a border, so it looks like paper.
I also think you should remove the older updates, as some of them aren't important and were from 2011/early 2012.

For the form, you should remove the numbers and put the form in a textarea instead. (textarea)formhere(/textarea), remember to replace the () with pointy arrows. Instead of using that envelope, I think this one will match your layout more:

Remember to credit! I really like your site, I'd recommend it to someone who needs some pet avvies!

Reviewed By: PF (poundfreeze)
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Christine @ Blue Box

Christine @ Blue Box | The Sea Snake | 07/09/12

Layout (17/20):
I like the layout! It's neat, cute, and nice. It's a little too big though, because at the bottom it has 2 scroll bars. If you scroll out, the scroll bars disappear, but the text is small and the layout isn't as nice. I like how whenever you hover over the bows they turn blue, and the premades one that says 'opens in new page' is very alerting! One other thing is that the extra should go in front of the sitely. Overall, it's not too fancy or simple, but just right!

Grammar (15/20):
If you see something bolded, that's the fix.
Greetings and salutations, (lowercase s) my good fellow.
My speciality is (remove in, and make the u a lowercase) userlookups, but I have been known to dabble in other kinds of graphics.
Opened: June 18th, 2012
Once you've selected a lookup, wander over to the User Info and paste it in. You will need to change PETNAMEHERE to your own pets name. If you need help getting this step done, then check out the Extras section.
Well, then you really need to go and watch Aladdin.
Well, because I'm not a fan of harsh and snappy rules.
Oh, what's that? You want some real rules as well? Hmmm, well, okay then.
Add (lowercase b) bits in.
Want to make changes, but don't know how? Then check out the Extras section for help on editing the code to your needs.
If I don't put your name here within 24 (put a space here) hours, then give me a poke. (remove as) I have most likely forgotten.
Use the (lowercase n) navigation below to find what you need help with.
All lookups are set to a default of 6 Pets, if you want to show more than that, check below for coding for 9 and 12 pets ( (lowercase a) as well as coding for one if you have an odd number of pets).
It's possible to do in Paint, apart from the fact that you can't use layers and overlay.

Links (17/20):
Some good places you aren't listed at yet are Affinity and Dragon's Lair. The envelope in the extras section is linked to the wrong page. I also don't get the purpose of the general links page. You should rename it My Favorite Sites, My Resources, Recommended Sites, or something like those. I don't see any other link that needs fixing!

Requests (19/20):
The requests section is fine to me, but you should add screenies of what their requests look like, so they won't be anxious to see it.

Premades/Graphics (18/20):
The little box pixels are so cute! They look petite and neat, and I just love it! You have a lot of lookups and finished a bunch of requests, and they're all high quality! You're also good at finding fonts/resources that match the layouts. I don't have much to say, but you make graphics very well! Here are some low quality buttons you should remove:

The 1st one has some faint and small text, and the animation is light and too fast. The border is also too small and a tree sticks onto it. The 2nd one has awkward fonts and a border, and the animation isn't too great either.

Reviewed By: PF (poundfreeze)
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Jenny @ Laonei's Paint Brush Guide

Jenny @ Laonei's Paint Brush Guide | The Paper Lantern | 07/16/12

Layout (2/5):
The layout was not the thing I had in mind! I thought it'd be colorful since it's a PB guide, but it's black with a little pink, two common colors and their shades don't go together. You can ask someone it edit a layout for you, or request somewhere when requests are open. There's not much to say about the layout.

Links (4/5):
Silver Directory is now The Den. Effects closed. The Bumber Shoot is closed. Nothing else is broken/gone.

Grammar (1/5):
When you see something bolded, that's the fix.
New features: Petpet paint brushes are all added!
Retired, (lowercase c) can be a prize in Key Quest
Retired, (lowercase c) commonly called (remove colon) Sketch
Pet can be turned Invisible during a random event (r and e are lowercase)
Sometimes in the PB section, you capitalize uneeded words, like random event, paint brush, can, commonly, and so on. Make them lowercase.
You've also been a little lazy by putting Key Quest instead of Prize from Key Quest. Remove all the ones that say Key Quest and replace it with Prize from Key Quest.
If you see an error, please contact lotr_and_hp_crazed.
This page is best viewed with a screen resolution of (remove colon) 1024x768 or higher!
For the Black Petpet Paint Brush, the 'Yes black, not shadow ;)' isn't needed. Replace it with n/a instead.
For the Fire Petpet Paint Brush, put They simplified its name instead.
Unlike the pet paint brush, this cannot be bought in the Hidden Tower.
Unlike the pet paint brush, this (remove brush) cannot be bought in the Hidden Tower.
(capital u) Unlike the pet paint brush, the word Mystery is droped from Mystery Island.
You can still use paint brushes marked "Retired, the term just means that it is not sold in a Neopian Shop.
These items are not paint brushes, but change can your pet's color. (remove and not species)
Changes your pet into 8-Bit (if available). This potion is new and I have seen no official uses as of Jan 28, 2012. (The price is now about 6m)
This item appears on the market very rarely and the price is always changing.
You've also had a lot more grammar errors in those sections (capitalization, punctuation, and so on), so please be sure to proofread and recheck the prices!
You also have the same problems below those sections, so be sure to proofread! I won't be listing them, but I' listed the more uncommon grammar problems.

Other (3/5):
The banner is low quality, request another one. Some good banner request sites are Mesmeric and Glow. Instead of that pink 'back to the top' Poogle, use a sign from Bedazzled. You should remove all your link back buttons except these two:

All the other buttons have bad animation, poorly cropped images, and overall, low button quality. I suggest checking out NS Magazine's Status HQ for high quality and recommended open button requests. You could also get listed at other directories, here are some good ones:

For the sites you like section, you should make a hover code mentioning what they do/help with. You also didn't link back to us in the review section, please do so. Remove all the button credits, as it looks messy and you already credited them by linking back to the button. Laonei's story and art aren't needed, put them on his lookup instead.

Overall Idea (4/5):
A PB guide is nice, but this one really needs some work! Follow my tips, get a new layout, and sort everything out - you'll get there! With a lot of hard work and dedication, your PB Guide will soon be well-known and pop all over the place!

Reviewed By: PF (poundfreeze)
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