about me

SamathaAnn (Sa-may-i-tha Ann) Fur Color: Black and Grey
Eye Color: Green
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: October 8th
Height: (from floor to top of shoulder) 2 feet
Weight: 100 pounds
Likes: The color blue, flying
Dislikes: Rain, staying indoors
Form: Quad
Personality:Carefree, athletic, tomboyish
Hey, I'm SamathaAnn, but you can call me Sam or Sammy. This is my pet page. Below are some cool pictures people drew of me!

Wow, I love this! Thank you so much!

Aww, thanks kiizuna! How cute! ^^

Thanks Wicky! :)

Thank you Nova for the AMAZING artwork! Don't tell Wicky I said this, but it makes her artwork look terrible. XD

This is so awesome!

So cute! ^.^

This drawing as awesome! Thanks so much! :)

Thank you jaybzieh!

Aww, thanks lovely_vampiress! SO cute! And it looks just like me. ^^

Aww, look how cute this little pixel is. :D Thanks Chuckles! ^^ It looks just like me!

Look how cool this picture of me is! Thanks so much, Luna! :D
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Thank you _sebis_, this is adorable. ^^

Thanks, Rach! :D It's cute!

Aw, this picture really is cute. Thank you! :D

Thanks a ton Aly, it's wonderful!!! :D

Thank you, Amie, for this adorable artwork! ^.^

Here are some adoptables other users drew.

Mini Adopts  II
Aren't they cute? Note: Wicky is currently re making all of our pages. Much more content to come!

Pixel Perfect

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