Eliv Thade


You saw somewhere, that there is this avatar available?
And now you've asked yourself, how to get it?
O.K., sit down, take your time and first start reading the following clues completely:

Before starting the game:
what is it about?

You have to wander over the field with the little girl-usul and visit all of the rooms to find the hidden items there.

You can choose if you want to go 1, 2 or 3 fields.

Within the easy-mode, that is equivalent to 4-, 5- and 6-letter words

Within the hard-mode, that is equivalent to 5-, 6- and 7-letter words.

To exceed a field, you'll have to solve the anagramms.

What? You do not know what an anagramm is?

That's easy: an anagramm is a 'scrambled word'.

A word, that is shaken completely and therefore not recognisable.

Simple example: 'ionpst' will be re-scrambled to 'points'.

Got it? Fine.

The playing field:

On the left bottom you can see the little heads of the usul, that shows, how much lives you still have.
Next to the heads: the score (your aim for the ava: 1200•)

In one edge, you can also see these pictures:

- if you choose this one, the sound will be on

- if you choose that one, the sound will be off

On the right side, you can see all items you've already collected.
(it is not really important which ones these are)

All the rest of the field is the card of the castle.
When you wander there around, a square pops up,
where the anagramm you'll have to solve is shown.

Here is an anagram for you, pathetic mortal
Your Guess:

Type your answer there in that line and press Enter.

You also can use the button "letter hint", by clicking it you will be shown the first letter of the answer.

How to play?

Start the game here.

Choose as difficulty the "hard" version, because you will get more points there.

Then the game begins.

Try to walk over 3 fields at once to get the most points.
But be careful and do NOT use one of the porous stones,
because there your chance is 1:1, that you fall and lose a life!

I suggest to take a sheet of paper and a pencil.
Write down the anagramm the game gives you.
Now you'll have to try to unscramble the letters to come to a reasonable word.
Perhaps you'll have to look in a dictionary.

If you believe to have found the right word, you can type it in.
If the answer was right, the hovering
head from Eliv Thade would disappear and you can walk on further.
If it was wrong, you would see the right solution, but lose a life.

I recommend to note the right word, perhaps in a booklet or on a notepad,
or simply on your Computer (there you can sort it the best way).
Somewhere you'll find the words again and you'll do not lose them,
because sometimes the anagramms are repeated...

Don't give up if you don't succeed at tbe beginning.
As a newcomer you'll have to try several times before you start getting a feeling for the anagramms...

I cannot find reasonable words! What to do now?

There are several possibilities:
First - look down, I already listed some anagramms with the right solution.
Second - ask for help on the games board. Don't be impatient, it can take a little time to get an answer there...
Third -
La Trieste also has a petpage with a loooooong list of words

I hope now you can find the right solutions!

What to do when I find more than one solution?

In that case I have a good hint from Phoebetron:

If you have more possibilities to choose,
look for every word at 'google
and take the one with the most hits,
in the majority of cases this one is the right one!
THANKS! for that!

If this however still does not help - hold your breath and take the risk ;-)

How long do I have to walk through the field? One time completely?

If you just want to play the game, then it is enough to walk through.
For the avatar not at all.

You need at least 1.200 points at the end!

To achieve this, you'll have to walk further on
after having visited all the rooms.
Just remember to take three steps at once to get the most points.

Be patient, the game takes a little time.
Don't lose your aim: you want to get the avatar!


Do I have to walk until I have 1.200 points?

Hypothetical this would be the safest way, practically it is not necessary.

Because when you reach the Crypta (the aim in the right edge), go in
and solve the last - 8 letter - anagramm,
you will get bonus points.

How much?

Sorry, I don' t know exactly.
I think it is different, but most of the time between 200 and 400 extra.
Have the heart to go in if you guess it is enough...


Special hints:

Very important: Be prepared to have enough time!
Collecting points is not that easy, it lasts,
perhaps about
one hour at least!
It depends on you, if you already have a feeling for anagramms or not...
Be sure you don't have to go for supper or to walk the dog or anything like this...

~ type "rehaxtint" for getting an extra "letter hint".

~ On the field, there are two "abbreviations" or special ways. You find them here (see markings):

~ You do NOT find any solution, even not with a dictionary? Perhaps it is a word from Neopia!

Check the follwoing list
(look for the letters,
the sequence of them is different each time,
so I put them up here in an alphabetical order - sort and search with Ctrl • F):



submitted from:

aafrsz zafaras K
eeklsst selkets K
abkorst korbats K
agkorsu kougras K / presea23
bdlnoou dubloon K
eillnsu illusen K
ehiksst skeiths K
ablstuu usulbat K
hknmsu khnums LiebeElfe
ehinopps peophins LiebeElfe
aeikpt piraket LiebeElfe
efnoopry fernypoo LiebeElfe
efilorr froiler Pingufish
aaacrs acaras memu2
aagkrrx kargrax memu2
aceehkk kacheek Dotsredrooster
anrstuy stunray woelfin666
aeekky kaykee nastycatjulie
agorxyz zygorax steffish160
nooorv vonroo peggy3001
aaabbs babaas lena_lena122
ehilpsu plushie touchoftropical
cinootu uniocto touchoftropical
ggikruy kyruggi kehlchen
bhnorsy hornsby kehlchen
eeoosww weewoos darkness_gallery_
knotuuz zonutuk kehlchen
agitwz zaptwig kehlchen
aeehipz zephiea sassi2307
aehkmow meohawk tropsylein
elprsuu luperus makbi
aeinnop neopian monschwan
lnooryz zyrolon

eggilqu quiggle lena_lena122
aeilmno neomail chaoswoman7
bbjjsuu jubjubs chaoswoman7
adhjoru jhudora bella2005555
aggrrr grarrg anze1986
abeejlu jubalee anze1986
adejstw wadjets anze1986
aanntx Xantan sarif999
acelnoo neocola toinlina
acfhiy Achyfi cailliat
eggns neggs asteria781
aenortw neowart bullyparade
airv vira blackdiamant
aefilnn faleinn lilluzi
aghnrtu ghartun kiwakochan
eilluy yullie calligraphy77
ejruu jeuru calligraphy77
aaikrsv arvakis davy_crockettt
bcnnuyy cybunny firetiger05
eikllo kollie the666er
ahorsty thyoras kabaji
caehnot neochat kabaji
aaaglmr magaral kabaji
aeinnop neopian kabaji
einnop neonip kabaji
eeelnsz neezles kabaji
eeggnry neggery kabaji
adhhiju jhuidah kabaji
dflou floud kabaji
eehmnoo neohome kabaji
bjoppsu jubpops kabaji
achkoot chokato gecko302b
fglors florgs formicidae
abclors cobrals crxbabe
aaeennz zeenana crxbabe
aahis aisha sailormerkur115
cimnsy myncis roheryn5
belrsuy yurbles yve2709
ikssuu usukis yve2709
aaamqru maraqua crappygirl_1
aejnr jeran shojo_majou
ainnnp pinanna shojo_majou
deikmnr nerkmid gatto_diamante
lsuu usul popcorn_rules_07
aaklor kalora bl0nde727
aajnz jazan dreamer012778
aeinnops neopians presea23

Here is a second list of words you do not find easily:



submitted from:

omstuu outsum knuddelwuddel14
eeelnsz neezles knuddelwuddel14
ippquy quippy chaoswoman7
abiklu kublai anze1986
abeegrv verbage anze1986
ehjort jethro anze1986
aadnpu paduan sarif999
aadeqru quadrae sarif999
fginort grifton ebmgirl76
ceegitu eugetic whitesabine
abeflp beflap whitesabine
dgginru gurding lenalena_122
bdiors disorb lenalena_122
beeiz zebie lenalena_122
biilnos nobilis lilluzi
ejlprsu jurples kiwakochan
effiost offsite kiwakochan
aggrsu sargug calligraphy77
adeerw weared calligraphy77
dejmow jewdom davy_crockettt
aeeprry repayer davy_crockettt
denrsuu unsured davy_crockettt
bdfimo fibdom davy_crockettt
annswy swanny davy_crockettt
abdenw bedawn the666her
efghiln fehling the666er
aaacmrt tamarac kabaji
aainnz zianana kabaji
aeglkr grakle kabaji
ehorssu horuses kabaji
aaemnt teaman nadinejakob
belnouz zebulon thailamaus
ccehilt chiclet thailamaus
aaceetv evacate krikard
ehirstz zithers gecko302b
gnoort torgon gecko302b
abbhit babith melon_tiger
ceeikk kickee melon_tiger
ahnotw nowhat crxbabe
hkorswy workshy crxbabe
dghiknoo kinghood sternfaeger
aeghin hangie nightmaresierra
ceehikm kimchee nightmaresierra
loot tool toennchen
ikoy yokl toennchen
ginz zing toennchen
adrw draw toennchen
arxy xray toennchen
itqu quit toennchen
eirs rise toennchen
bntu bunt toennchen
boot boot toennchen
essu uses toennchen
ahkn hank toennchen
ansv vans toennchen
agoy yoga toennchen
iquz quiz toennchen
ajzz jazz toennchen
ciky icky toennchen
bbis bibs toennchen
ersu sure toennchen
chittwy twitchy tinalein14
aehippt epitaph tinalein14
deeilry yielder tinalein14
ceehikm kimchee tinalein14
agjlruu jugular tinalein14
ahilpps shiplap tinalein14
eeenqu queened tinalein14
aelmnru numeral tinalein14
afghins fashing tinalein14
celrsu curlers tinalein14
eirsttv trivets tinalein14
dimnopu impound tinalein14
eiklnnm linkmen tinalein14
egrpsty gypster tinalein14
aaelprs earlaps tinalein14
aelnrt neutral tinalein14
iflloty loftily tinalein14
aeehlsy eyelash tinalein14
fiinrty nitrify yve2709
bdennsu unbends yve2709
fimnors informs yve2709
ehiswzz whizzes yve2709
boopstx postbox yve2709
rssttu trusts yve2709
deemnst dements yve2709
aallnsy nasally yve2709
ceehilv vehicle yve2709
aaegrrv vagraer yve2709
deeorxx xeroxed yve2709 / psycho1408
bddelou doubled yve2709
eeprst presets yve2709
aehnt thane kishajavin
deortuw outdrew kishajavin
ekopprs koppers kishajavin
abeems embase kishajavin
agimnn naming kishajavin
gijns jings kishajavin
koostww kowtows kishajavin
eknnstu knutsen kishajavin
abelst stable kishajavin
abeflly flyable kishajavin
ahnstu haunts kishajavin
hnoopst photons kishajavin
edossu douses kishajavin
aginppz zapping kishajavin
impstu misput kishajavin
acellot collate kishajavin
aedffqu quaffed kishajavin
egiprs gripers crappygirl_1
aoorrty oratory crappygirl_1
agiilnw wailing crappygirl_1
aabhkss kasbahs crappygirl_1
aeenstt neatest crappygirl_1
eelprsy yelpers crappygirl_1
aegnost onstage crappygirl_1
acegilr glacier crappygirl_1
gilnowy yowling crappygirl_1
adlnotu outland crappygirl_1
eglntu gluten crappygirl_1
eiqrttu quitter crappygirl_1
norttuu outturn crappygirl_1
aehknrs harkens crappygirl_1
ceikkrs kickers crappygirl_1
giosst spigots crappygirl_1
ahimpss mishaps crappygirl_1
eeglnoz lozenge crappygirl_1
ehinstz zeniths crappygirl_1
bdhirsu hubrids shojo_majou
afgorr fragor shojo_majou
hknnoow knowhow moriaprofa
affhins fanfish krista00000
adilopr dipolar ruka80
diijnos disjoin ruka80
iiorstv visitor ruka80
abcemrs cambers ruka80
abenox oxbane ruka80
deeenk keened ruka80
cenors censor ruka80
aadnoty daytona lynpy
eeginrr reigner lynpy
ahinnsy hyannis lynpy
aadillw laidlaw lynpy
ceilllu lucille lynpy
eenppu penpue lynpy
eikkkrt kriktek lynpy
bellrtu blurtle lynpy
cdeiopz zipcode lynpy
aimnn inman wetwilly3403
eeffjry jeffrey wolfiegrrr
ahlostu outlash xflubbyblubbyx
ahipst ashpit vellen_
cjlu culj sparkle_dragon_2312
gino gino sparkle_dragon_2312
alop opal sparkle_dragon_2312
adis dais sparkle_dragon_2312
afmor foram sparkle_dragon_2312
eikrt trike sparkle_dragon_2312
imno omni sparkle_dragon_2312
boowx oxbow sparkle_dragon_2312
adeilrs derails i_love_daisy_100993
ackosv kovacs gahoole_forever
eklln knell pistole_man
biillno billion golden_aisha21
efgins feigns Aquilausa
ceipry pricey Aquilausa
lnrtuuy untruly fun_thomas
emows meows fun_thomas
bdeeors sobered fun_thomas
eoopprv popover fun_thomas
bbeirt ribbet fun_thomas
ekkops kopeks fun_thomas
giilnps lisping fun_thomas
cdeeorw cowered fun_thomas
aclnuy lunacy fun_thomas
deknrsu dunkers fun_thomas
iiknrst kristin fun_thomas
aehnst athens fun_thomas
aegrrst graters fun_thomas
adeegnr grenade fun_thomas
eloostue outsole fun_thomas
ejkmnnu junkmen fun_thomas
illopsw pillows fun_thomas
aaddist dadaist fun_thomas
adegrsu sugared fun_thomas
bfimoyz zombify viretyenten
aaccdeen cadence gabizinhapaes
abglrru burglar gabizinhapaes
eilotu outlie gabizinhapaes
ehrsu usher gabizinhapaes
cefor force gabizinhapaes
aeqruv quaver gabizinhapaes
ghinpy hyping gabizinhapaes
ceiknr nicker gabizinhapaes
abegl gable gabizinhapaes
bddjoo oddjob debbzerz
cdiinst indicts dragoonary
ddeinw winded dragoonary
eilorst loiters dragoonary
deggij jigged dragoonary
cdstu ducts dragoonary
edhoopw whooped dragoonary
ciklnry crinkly dragoonary
deelly yelled dragoonary
adeeggn engaged dragoonary
elrstu rustle dragoonary
adefnuz unfazed dragoonary
deiioz iodize dragoonary
beikoos bookies dragoonary
aellsvy valleys dragoonary
boopty potboy dragoonary
billowy billowy dragoonary
cfiilnt inflict dragoonary
egiilpz Leipzig ( xD ) dragoonary
ciinors incisor dragoonary
agiklwy gawkily dragoonary
efggior foggier dragoonary
gortuy yogurt conei40
amprs prams dreamer012778
eelsu eleus dreamer012778
egort grote dreamer012778
dfnors fronds dreamer012778
aghnstu naughts dreamer012778
aeggijs jaggies superkacheekgirl4345
norsty snorty ms_oblong
egilmrs mirgles ms_oblong
aelmno melano ms_oblong
ilntu unlit winz_sn248
eegrv verge puckstopper_2004
ekosy yokes puckstopper_2004
ijst jist puckstopper_2004
eggy eggy puckstopper_2004
aahhtt tahath hospol
afloo loofa hospol
bilmo limbo hospol
flnruu urnful hospol
bgmou gumbo hospol
edknoz zonked hospol
edoqtu quoted hospol
aeghp phage hospol
deilsy yields hospol
aantux xautan hospol

If the word is still not to be found,
you have to make a guess or take one of your "letter hints"!

The lists are already long,
but surely there are moooore words to find!
Please send me a Neomail,
if you know anagramms I do not have listed!
MANY THANKS so far to all the people
who helped me collecting!
If you sent me a mail and your words are still not listed here:
I am very sorry, but sometimes I forget to note the words in time :-(

What do you say? You know other petpages with listed anagramms? Tell me!

Do you have other hints? Terms? Clues? Found mistakes? Please write to me, I will mention you here!

I point out that it is strictly forbidden by TNT
to search the world wide web for programms
that help to solve the game - this would be a reason to be frozen!

Link me!

German version of this page is available on the petpage of Jhannaru!

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Up-Date: 09.03.09