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Hi there! This is Evaluate's archives page. I put past reviews here for my clients to reread what I've critiqued about their site in the past. If you're a visitor, you may view the reviews here as well - just remember that these are older and do not reflect the way I review now!
Reviewers, please do not review this page!

The Reviews

Ty @ Devilish Designs
Standard Review

First Impression (3/10) The first thing I noticed upon entering your site was a poor-quality banner that didn't span the length of the tables. Though it clearly displays your site's name, it can definitely use a lot of work. The layout looked incredibly plain and boring and appeared to be an unedited CSS template. Your introduction was hard to understand and was filled with grammatical errors – I'll address that in the Grammar section of the review. Overall, I didn't find your site pleasing at all and I didn't feel welcomed.

Layout/Organization (10/25) Your layout was three-columned, which almost always makes sites difficult to get along and disorganizes things. I suggest downsizing it into two columns – the navigation can be moved above the sitely bar and the rules can be moved near the "Request" section. Your layout is decently organized, although I found you put "Layouts" on a different page. Perhaps move "Requests" on a separate one too? It felt quite out of place on the "Graphics" page. I also saw you were missing some content on the "Layout" page, such as several link back buttons. Updates could stay in the middle column, although most people are used to having them on the sidebar. It's really up to you; if you plan on moving the Updates navigation to Sitely, place the updates below the nav. Your scrollbox for affiliates and listers are a bit too wide and extend over the column. Reduce the width about 5-10px. On your other page, be sure to put your affiliates and listers in scrollboxes. You did on your main page, but not on the "Layout" page.
Onto what in my opinion is the largest problem of your layout: the colorless, dull layout. You hardly edited the CSS template from KillTheLights, if at all. The point of templates is so you can change up the layout to reflect your site's theme – which you didn't do! The only thing you changed was the headers, and I could barely read the text over them. The image was too bright. I recommend visiting Technicality and using the first or third header. Grab some orange/red colors from your banner and add them onto other parts of your layout too – not just the first header! It's not hard – if you really have problems with it ask me. The black contrasts so much from the banner, and although I can see what you were trying to do there, it just doesn't work. Adding colors to your layout will make it look so much better. The background looked fine, but again, it was the color issue that knocked points off.
The banner was low-quality and barely had anything added to it – just simple, plain text. The image on the banner should have had some editing done. To enhance the banner and make it more aesthetically appealing, add textures/brushes, play around with gradients/effects, etc. The text was also too plain; it was just black and white and contrasted too much from the rest of the banner. In addition, the banner didn't even span the whole width of the layout – making the layout look awkward and unbalanced. I suggest changing the banner as a whole. The Studio and Foomanshu are two great places to request banners. The Create Impressions Banner Tutorial is a lovely guide to making gorgeous banners.
Another thing I noticed was the large size of the "Protected by The Neopets Police" banner. It seemed way too large. They provide other banners, so I'd recommend using a smaller one or simply picking up a button.
Your "Best Viewed In" sign was out of place and the color didn't match. Change it to an orange – Foomanshu provides that color. I also found you didn't credit them for the sign! The whos.amung.us counter also contrasted too much from the overall layout – choose an orange/red instead. Get a visitor counter too from boingdragon.
The space between the 1. and the name in your Waiting List was too large. Don't use the bullet code – simply put a space between the two.

Content (10/30) You offer a good amount of content, which is great. The graphics you provide are comical and fun, but they're pretty low-quality. Most of the graphics are saved in .jpg form, which tends to make images look blurred and pixilated. Save them in .png (or .gif if it's an animation). Some of your graphics are also hard to read, such as the Dracula/Edward icon. After scrolling through your graphics for a bit, however, I found you didn't make most (or any) of the graphics – which pretty much makes the advice I offered earlier needless. I recognized the penguin animation and the smiley face image, and after running a quick search on a search engine I found others as well. I'm not sure if you just took them off a website or recreated them. Either way, you shouldn't do that. Most people could find the graphics you offer off websites themselves and put them onto their site/lookup/etc. easily. Instead of that, you can try making your own original graphics. Try downloading GIMP. It's a free (and safe!) image editing program you can get off the Internet that has much, much more functions than Paint. It works just as well as Photoshop! After downloading GIMP, I recommend visiting Create Impressions Banner Tutorial to learn how to make banners (although the info there can be applied to other graphics), GIMP Sensation, and Beautiful Rescue Tutorials. Consult these tutorials to help make your graphics better quality. You might even find a different type of graphic suits you better, such as glitters. At the moment your content probably wouldn't appeal to most visitors – try something new instead.
Your lookups are unattractive, and I doubt many would use them with the much better ones out there. You should offer a better variety of them as well – they're all dark and have similar themes. All are incredibly boring – you haven't done much to edit the lookup other than change the colors, add a background, and an image or tables. Compare your lookups with Foomanshu's. Yes, you both have different styles, but Foomanshu's lookups have been edited dramatically. Rebecca and Amy have added lovely images and coded it to personalize their lookups, whereas you have barely changed the format of the original lookups and only put unedited images straight from Neopets onto your lookups. Throughout your lookups, I noticed you have colors that clash from the color scheme – an example is the blinding purple and blue in your third lookup. The image does have those colors, but not that particular shade. Use an eyedropper (GIMP and Paint both have one) to determine the colors in the image and find one that matches. The background on your fourth and fifth are unattractive and made me quite dizzy looking at them. The fourth lookup had no navigation – add one in. Lookups without navigation are against Neopet's ToC now. In addition, the image used on the lookup I just mentioned makes the text nearly unreadable. The red text also contrasts too much from the rest of the layout. Your Three Sisters layout has a white background that should be removed – it contrasts so much from the black. The About Me text in your first Vira layout doesn't look great – the font choice is creative but there is no text effects. Try adding a text border or drop shadow to it (consult the tutorials I mentioned earlier for help on that). You should try to change the format of the lookups and add better, higher-quality images to them. Uber's Lookup Tutorials should be able to help you.
Finally, your requests. They're all low-quality like your content. It looks like you simply took an image and added text on paint. Like I said earlier, consult the tutorials for help on making higher quality graphics. It's not as easy to cater to what a person wants in requests, but try to make them look better. Most of your graphics are almost unedited and have no text effects – there's really nothing special about them.

Sitely (4/10) I'll start with your brother site. Moon Lit Graphics isn't a great site compared to the other ones out there. The site provided low-quality requests, and I couldn't even get around the site – the layout had major issues. After improving your site, I recommend moving them and finding a new brother site. You have a rather low amount of affiliates, and most of them are low-quality sites. Cipher was the only site in your affiliates of decent quality. The rest of those sites provided unattractive content that doesn't appeal to the public. Some affiliates had almost no content – such as TKC Forever! Your affiliates had barely any traffic to their sites – and a major part of affiliates is advertising each other's sites. If your affiliate gets no visitors, your site won't either – see how it works? What I suggest is going to Soroptimist Directory after drastic improvements to your site and asking sites marked recommended if they would like to affiliate you.
You're listed at a decent amount of sites – no problems there.

Link Back (2/5) None of your link backs were very attractive – the only one I liked was the fourth. The first button's image didn't work well with the animation – it made the button too bright and the text unreadable. The second was too plain – it was just a simple black background. Avoid having buttons that are too plain – they won't attract attention. The third button's border didn't go well with the image and the text wasn't centered correctly. The fifth button didn't have too many problems, although the border seemed a bit extravagant. The sixth button boasted a poor font and the animation clashed. The seventh button would have been fine if the text had a border. The last button had a horrible font. The image didn't go well with the button overall and the border's color clashed. You definitely need more link back buttons – below I've listed several sites I highly recommend. These sites often have requests open and provide high-quality buttons, so click away!

Grammar (2.5/5) I'll begin with your introduction – it had so many run-on sentences and hardly made any sense. You wrote:
Hello there it seems as though you are lost or maybe perhaps you wanted to be here? Well it matters not you are here now so allow me to introduce myself. I am one of Ty's loyal demons there are not many of us but I am Ty's favorite anyways welcome to devilish designs a graphics site soley run by Ty. There isn't much now but I assure you as time passes this site will put all others to shame. So make your self comfortable by our fire and enjoy the graphics. Oh and if you would like become one of Ty's minions or even a special demon like me please neomail Ty at anytime. Don't tell her this but she could sure use your help you know taking over the world isn't that easy.
I rewrote your intro:
Hello there, you've stumbled upon Devilish Designs, a graphic site run solely by Ty (tygalmp). This site was established on (date you opened here) and strives to provide high-quality graphics, requests, and more. Make yourself comfortable by the fire, and enjoy the content!
As you can see, I not only revised the sentences/corrected your mechanics but also deleted some parts of your introduction. I removed the first two sentences – they weren't important and made your introduction lengthy and tiring to read through. Intros should be kept short and sweet and contain only what the visitor needs to know – who you are and what you offer. I also deleted the "loyal demon" part – it wasn't necessary and rather irrelevant. I cleared the fourth sentence – saying you don't offer much is unprofessional. In your intro, you should always bring out the best parts of your site. The "demon/minion" thing was not necessary and didn't belong in the intro. If you want to keep it, move it to another section of your site.
Under "Rules", the first sentence should be You have three tries to get the rules right. If you do not get it right the third time, I will not allow you to request any more. The "the" in the second rule wasn't necessary, but I didn't take off any points as it still made sense. The third rule should be If you request a banner or icon please use it. The fourth rule should be Hate mail will get you reported, on the other hand, fanmail is greatly appreciated. Rule number five should be When requesting, be sure to be very specific so I don't mess anything up.
Under "Brother Site", it should be Moon Lit Graphics provides awesome banners, buttons, and graphics – the things they make are amazing and the layout is fantastic! The owner, Michael, is incredibly nice too. What are you waiting for? Visit Moon Lit Graphics now!
You misspelled portfolio (under pickups).
Under credits, it should be Banner by Moon Lit Graphics.

Originality/Effort (2/10) There really wasn't anything special about your site. From what I can tell, your premade graphics aren't made by you – and if you did, you borrowed other ideas. Your lookups are generic and boring, and they're hardly different from the original ones – you simply added color and low-quality images to them. You hardly edit your requester's images and only add text. Try to provide your own graphics. I suggest deleting your Requests until you improve. Also learn how to make and code better quality layouts – yours are so plain right now. I cannot see much effort thrown into your site – if you did, it isn't evident.

Revisit (1/5) I'm sorry, I wouldn't revisit. There was no content in your site that really stood out. Your graphics aren't made by you, your lookups are plain and hardly edited, and your requests can be easily made in Paint. None of the content you provided was high-quality.

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points Ty, your site has lots of room for improvement. Please don't take that the wrong way; instead, take my words as motivation to do better. As I've said several times earlier, use the tutorials. The ones I referred you to are extremely in-depth (Create Impressions was what helped me with this layout). Don't use ideas off the Internet, make your own graphics! You can always look up to some of the acclaimed graphics sites out there and try to match their quality (while keeping your own style, of course!). Try to see what they offer – those are the type of things that appeal to visitors. Be sure to make graphics that visitors would like to use. I can see potential in your site – I wish you the best of luck and hope your site grows to become successful!


Heidi @ Canvass
Focus Point

Content: Your reviews are pretty in-depth and constructive. You also offer unique reviewing styles for every site which is great. One phrase I noticed you used a lot in your reviews was "that's just me" (or something similar). Avoid using that, it makes what you're saying seem more like an opinion. In your criteria, I noticed that most of your First Impression revolves around the layout. You should say more in that section, such as if you could tell the name of the site, etc. You could have written more when it came to the sections such as Sitely on some reviews. Be sure to point out every detail when reviewing sites – don't let anything go overlooked! I also felt the Final Comments section wasn't very necessary, you can keep the section but don't have it scored. Maybe add the points used for that to the Content section. After looking around your site for a few minutes, I found that you didn't provide much other than reviews. One major thing I noticed you were missing is a ranking system – the majority of review sites have one these days. Try adding one to your site as well as additional features. The review site guide is a pretty good idea, and though it's under construction I can already tell it's very in-depth – nice job!

Originality/Effort: I can tell Canvass is different from other sites – you offer many different styles of reviews as well as graphic inspections. I can see so much improvement from your first reviews, which I remember reading a while back. You also provide a review site guide which describes each step in great detail. However, you definitely need to add more extras, such as a ranking system like I mentioned above. Café de Lis is a great example of one site with lots of creative ideas. Don't get too carried away with add-ons, but try putting them there to make your site stand out.

Revisit: I'd probably revisit if I ever needed a review. However, nothing else made your site very memorable. Though you offer several styles of reviews, I'd still like to see other features – not just reviews.

Final Thoughts: Heidi, you own a marvelous review site that has great potential. The only thing that really dragged your score down was a few snags in your reviews and the lack of extra features. To make your site more memorable for others, add something to your site that no one else has! There's lots of ways to make your site stand out, you've gotta think a bit though. Also, keep reviewing, you've improved considerably since I last saw your site.


Ricky @ The Lodge
Standard Review

First Impression (9.5/10) Your site has such a professional, welcoming vibe to it! I loved the colors and the feel of your site. Your site's name was clearly displayed at the top, and the introduction told me what your site offered. My only problem was that the subtitle "A Review Site By Ricky" was hard to see – the purple outline blended in too much with the background. Overall, your site gave off a calming air and made me want to look further into your site.

Layout/Organization (21/25) As I previously stated, your layout is absolutely gorgeous – Chev truly has outdone himself with this one. The colors complemented each other nicely. I especially loved the little tree shadows near the title – they were a nice touch. The inspirational brushes used on your banner were great as well. However, I feel that your subtitle needs to contrast more from the background, especially since it's a pixel font. I believe you could fix that easily by penciling the outline in with a different color on Paint. Another problem I had was how small the text your third header (the purple one with the dotted line) was. Perhaps make it a size 20, or change the header altogether. It looks too similar to the first header. The color of the navigation didn't really stand out – maybe make it something lighter or darker.
I liked the cute little holiday pixels on the front page – it gives your site a warm, wintery feel. However, I felt the stocking clashed a little with the color scheme. Perhaps replace it with the snowman in the "Check Out" section – the snowman seemed a bit out of place there.
I had no problems making my way around your site, though I feel the "Our Ratings" tab could be closer to "Business Files" to avoid confusion. Of course, you could always merge that section, the credits, and Business Files together to create one big sitely section. It's not really necessary to have so many tabs when you can combine that into one. Doing that would also allow you to have larger navigation tabs. Your other site should belong under "Business Files". Your sister site(s) should go above affiliates.
Another thing I wanted to address was the size of your review boxes. They're a bit of a scroll right now – perhaps make them wider to fix that problem? Your textareas also look rather large at the moment (for your buttons). I suggest making them the same size as the ones you used for the Help Desk codes.

Content (28/30) Your reviews are so in-depth and you give honest, constructive advice. I remember how much your review for my former font site Splendor helped me improve. I'd be quick to request a review from you any day. The styles of reviews you offer are great. However, I felt that on the review box, you could also write what style of review you used along with the owner's name. You could also make the Neomail link open up in another page, just so visitors could return to your site conveniently. Add target="_blank" in your code to do that. The Help Desk is a particular favorite of mine – it's such an innovative and great idea! Keep adding more codes to it – maybe the Neopets footer removal code? I also noticed Viridescent and The Lighthouse, two sites you've ranked, are inactive. I suggest replacing them with active sites. Overall, your site offers great reviews – there's not much you need to improve on. Keep up the wonderful work, Ricky!

Sitely (9/10) You've got a great amount of affiliates, and all are high-quality sites! Weview is inactive at the moment, so I suggest either removing them or moving them into a section titled "Inactive/Hiatus". You also have wonderful sister sites, although Amazing Alpine is quite inactive at the moment. The Smoothie Bar has also revamped into Parasol. You are listed at so many directories – I'm impressed! Meepits are Love is closed though – I didn't take off any points for that as the owner's account was disabled just last night. Dictionary is also closed, as well as Gumdrop Listings. I tried not to deduct too many points for closed sites as you have so many listers.

Link Back (4/5) You have a great selection of link back buttons! The only ones I didn't like much was the 10th and 11th buttons. The 10th button's gradient was awkward, and though the colors matched, the way it was done made the button look strange. The 11th button's font didn't go very well with the image and border.

Grammar (4/5) Under "Rules", "you read through the rules" should be you've read through the rules. In the criteria for the Winter Escape under Grammar, "Review sites note I will check" should be Review sites: Note that I will check. Under "Check In", "after the review was completed" should be after the review is completed. In the "Help Desk", "we'll get too it for you" should be we'll get to it for you.

Originality/Effort (10/10) The Lodge is definitely a one-of-a-kind review site. You have an incredibly unique theme which is carried out throughout your entire site. In addition, you offer styles of reviewing I haven't seen before and the Help Desk. I can tell you put effort into your site by your extra features and your in-depth reviews. Great job, Ricky!

Revisit (5/5) I'd definitely revisit your site if I ever need a review or just check in to read any reviews you've done recently. ^-^

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points Ricky, you host a lovely review site. You offer constructive, in-depth reviews that can certainly help any site out as well as extra features and a ranking system. Fix up a bit of smudges with your layout/organization and polish those little edges, and your site should be good to go. I can't wait to see how much your site will grow over the next few months – I have a good feeling your site will prosper and soon be among those highly ranked! All in all, congratulations for hosting a super site! +1 bonus point for the Help Desk


Cat @ 30 Below Zero
Standard Review

First Impression (5/10) I was greeted with a blinding background when I first visited your site. The little raindrops you've added are unnecessary and are more of a distraction than a decoration. Your site seemed quite cluttered at first glance. The banner displayed your site's name clearly, although there are some problems with it that I will address in a different section. Your introduction was great; I saw no problems with it (although I suggest changing one of the "small" in your introduction to a synonym to avoid repetition).

Layout/Organization (10/25) To me, three columned layouts are usually hard to organize. I suggest downsizing it into simply two columns – one large for your content and one small for sitely. Your second column needs to be wider – I felt a bit claustrophobic browsing around. The awards can go under your SOTM, and the Updates can go on the column above your sitely section. The "Best Viewed in Chrome" sign should be somewhere near the introduction – it's more noticeable there.
The color of your text is too light - I'd change it to a darker grey. I'd also make the bold and italicized text different – they're a plain blue right now. Use some purple or a different shade of blue – try the colors c098eb, 9899eb, or ce98eb.
Your banner is pretty low quality. The lines on the banner make the image blinding and are too dark. Not much has been done to the banner – I would add more textures and have the colors balanced out better. The drop shadow used on the text should be lighter. the future, I would request a banner from Foomanshu. Of course, you could always make your own with Create Impressions.
The background contrasts too much from the image – that shade of blue isn't found anywhere in the banner. A suitable color would be c3c4ff.
The headers are generic and boring, I suggest visiting Technicality and using the first premade header. For the headers, I'd change the colors – they are too bright and don't go well with the banner. I suggest incorporating some of the purple used in the banner into them – maybe use e3cbff? Change the text color to a456ce or similar. The subheaders should be different from the main headers – there's hardly a difference from the two. For the subheaders, I would, again, visit Technicality and use the second premade header provided. The blue on your navigation is too bright; again, change it to something calmer. b1a3fe would work well for the background and 676cdb for the text.
The raindrops on your page, as I mentioned earlier, aren't needed and don't improve your layout.
Your second award and Best Viewed In sign both had a link border around it. Add border=0 in the code to fix that.
There are some organization problems with your site – first off; the navigation out of Neopets is unnecessary. You should, instead, use that section for navigation around your site. If you need help with anchoring visit CSS For You or The Practical Guide to CSS. There's no need to put the "Vote for me Button" in its own section – just put it under your link back buttons. The "Sites Entered in the Dec. SOTM" is unnecessary – visitors can tell the entrants from the Voting section. I cannot find a Neomail link to enter/vote for the SOTM – add one! Reviews should be located under Affiliates and Listers. I recommend placing Affiliates and Listers in (separate) scrollboxes so that your columns don't get too long.

Content (10/30) I was pretty disappointed to learn that you only offer one type of competition – a SOTM. You should definitely add other competitions, such as BOTMs. You only have four contestants for the upcoming SOTM, and none of those sites are high-quality. For a fiercer competition, I'd recommend neomailing the owners of high-quality, well-known sites and asking them if they're interested in joining your SOTM. Try to have more sites in your contest for a tighter competition!

Sitely (4/10) You have a reasonable amount of affiliates – but they're all low-quality sites. I don't see any sites offering high-quality content in your affiliates. I suggest going on an affiliate sweep and searching for better sites that relate to your content. Another thing I noticed is that your own site is your affiliate - there's no point in doing that. Affiliates are pretty much like "partners" where you communicate against one another. There's no point of that if you are the site owner. Lunascope is currently on hiatus - you can either remove them or put them in a separate section titled "Inactive/On Hiatus Affiliates".
You're listed at some directories, although I noticed in your updates you stated you were now listed at Soroptimist – you didn't link back yet. In addition to those directories, I think you should get listed at the major directories such as Compendium. Those sites generate much more traffic.
I also noted you didn't list my site under Pending Reviews. D:

Link Back (2/5) You provide five link back buttons as well as a Vote for Me button. The ones with your site name all sport the same image. You should provide a variety of buttons with different colors and images to give the visitor a better selection. You also should have a few more Vote for Me buttons. I wasn't very pleased with the quality of your buttons – the first, fourth, and the "Vote for Me" are the only good ones. The second button's padding is too thick, the third button's animation is too dark, and the fifth button's font doesn't go very well with the image. Below I've listed several sites below which are great button request sites.

Grammar (4/5) Under the "Rules", No Hiatuses should be No hiatuses! There should be a space between that and (Is hiatuses a word?). On-Neo should be on-Neo. Under "My Pick", the period should be after the closing parentheses in Coming Soon. Below "Why", remove the smiley.

Originality/Effort (4/10) There really wasn't anything different about your site from other SOTMs. You didn't offer any other competitions such as graphic competitions or BOTMs. Try to add other competitions as well as "extras" such as ranking or a Featured Site. Though SOTMs can be frustrating to run, I don't see much effort thrown into your site. You only offer one type of competition and don't have many sites in your current one. Your site has the potential to become great – good SOTMs these days are extremely hard to find. Advertise your site more to gain more contestants, and try to add extra features.

Revisit (1/5) To be honest, I probably wouldn't revisit your site. Your site is simply another SOTM out there. As I said earlier, try to add extra features/other competitions to make your site memorable and interesting.

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points Cat, your site has potential to become a large site. However, not much sets it apart from other sites in your genre. Adding more competitions and extras will likely boost your site's popularity. Try to gather more contestants by neomailing site owners and advertising your site on the boards or at Soroptimist. Don't be discouraged by your score - instead, be motivated to do better! 30 Below Zero is certain to prosper with some tweaks to your site.


Quinn @ Quinn's Price Guide
Standard Review

First Impression (9/10) When I first saw your page, I noticed that your layout wasn't too extravagant or complex – perfect for a guide. Some of the colors didn't match so well though – I will go into further details about that in another section. Your introduction clearly explained everything I needed to know, and I could easily tell what your site's name was. However, you should have listed one or two "Quinn's Price Guide" buttons under the introduction in addition to the "I got my prices at QPG" buttons. My suggestion is having a select number of regular link back buttons and one "I got my prices at QPG" button under the intro and provide a link to a wider variety of buttons.

Layout/Organization (21/25) As I mentioned earlier, I really liked the overall simplicity of your layout. Everything was organized – I didn't need to search around to find what I wanted. However, some of the colors clashed. The navigation is too dark and contrasts too much with the teal. Perhaps change it to a grey or light shade of blue? The banner suited your layout nicely, though it is plain – making it brighter may have made it more attention-grabbing. Your subheaders are larger than your main headers – you should switch them around. The key seemed a bit out of place – maybe move it under navigation and make it slightly smaller? The hover effect you used on it was a nice touch though. Though I wasn't fond of the huge space that appeared after scrolling down, I didn't take any points off because that would mean reducing the size of your content boxes (and your Trans. Potions/Paint Brush sections need the extra space).

Content (30/30) I've been a fan of your price guide ever since I discovered it. It's updated frequently and provides accurate prices. The FAQ covers most of the questions any visitor has. I almost always direct my friends to your site if they're looking for a price – it's such a convenient link. To be honest, there's not much I can say about your site's content – it seems great the way it is. (Though I noticed you're missing the brand-new Maractite Paint Brush – it's going for about 4,000,000 at the moment). Maybe add petpet paint brushes to your guide? Also, rather than putting /~PETNAME for "Need more help", link it to the site itself. All I can say is to keep growing and adding more prices.

Sitely (8/10) You have a good amount of affiliates, all of which amount to your site's quality. Yield, Roulette, Kandi Designs, Audacious Reviews, Enticing, and Button Up are inactive – you can either remove the sites or move them under a section titled "Inactive/Hiatus". You are listed at a good amount of sites. Apple Tree and Summer Breeze are both on a hiatus, so I'd recommend doing the same thing I suggested you do with inactive affiliates. I'm impressed with the number of reviews you've applied for – to me, it shows determination to improve. Under "Awards", you can unlink Premier's button. For your image awards, it's not necessary to link them.

Link Back (3/5) You have a nice selection of link back buttons, although some weren't the best of quality. Buttons 5, 6, and 9 didn't look the best. For the "I Use Quinn's Price Guide/I got my prices at QPG" buttons, the second wasn't very attractive – the glow was done incorrectly. Some of the sites you've requested buttons from have closed, so link them to the userlookup of the maker rather than the petpage.

Grammar (2/5) Your site has some errors – let's begin with the introduction. "Hello there daybirth and welcome to Quinn's Price Guide V.5 Back to Basics!. This guide has prices for all the items you'll ever need whether you're a restocker or just saving up for your first lab map. All of our prices are checked on the Shop Wizard or Trading Post and we update every 2 - 3 weeks to give time for prices to fluctuate." should be Hello there, daybirth, and welcome to Quinn's Price Guide (v.5 Back to Basics). This guide has all the prices you'll ever need, whether you're a restocker or saving up for your first lab map. All of our prices are checked on the Shop Wizard or Trading Post, and we update every 2-3 weeks to allow time for prices to fluctuate. On your FAQ, "a bit" and "previous" are spelled incorrectly (in the paragraph under How do you determine the prices). "I sometimes also not count prices" should be I sometimes do not count prices. Under "Past layouts" (your first layout), "as its a CSS base" should be as it's a CSS base. Under the second layout, "definitely favourite layout" should be definitely the most favorite layout.

Originality/Effort (10/10) Your site is truly one of a kind - although I've seen many price guides, none are as user-friendly and provide the variety you have. I can tell you put effort into your site – it must be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing prices. However, you manage to keep them updated!

Revisit (5/5) I'd definitely come back if I need a price – either for myself or a friend. I'd also be quick to recommend your site to others. Your site is definitely helpful and can be used by everyone.

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points Quinn, your site is absolutely lovely - there's lots of information on your site any Neopian can use. Your site is definitely helpful – keep it going! Fix up some minor things and your site should be good to go. You host a very useful, practical guide – be proud of yourself! +1 bonus point for overall helpfulness



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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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