Need that Attack of the Slorgs avatar?
Well you're at the right place, so read on!

Meridell. Home to some of the finest fruits and vegetables
in the whole of Neopia. At least that is true most of
the time, for when the icky, nasty Slorgs decide they
are hungry there is not a farmer in the land who can
stop them.

In Attack of the Slorgs you play a resourceful Yurble
farmer (my uncle) who has decided to take things into his own hands.
You have spent the last few weeks making your
Slorgeriser X4, a machine that spits out balls of Slorg-B-Gone.

Slorgs can only be repelled by balls of Slorg-B-Gone that
are the same colour as them, and it has to be at
least three of them at a time. If you fail to repel
the Slorgs, they will increase in number - so watch
out! Use the arrow keys to aim the Slorgeriser right and
left, and press the Space Bar to fire.

Good luck, Meridell is counting on you!

First of all you need to know all the controls.
Left and Right arrow keys move the laser from side to side.
Down and Up arrow keys will aim the laser back to the centre.
Space Bar is to fire. Thanks to this magical gun you have unlimited... ammo thingies.

Now let's meet some of our Slorgs.

Cute, aren't they? No!!! They want to eat all your veggies
that you have spent months growing! The gun above
is the best defence we have against them! Use it!

Next some Codes/Extras.
Type in "marrow" after you press play to get an extra life. (One Use)
Type in "chargex4" to recharge the laser. (Unlimited Use)
Hit the frog (randomly pops up from hole) to get 25 points.

Now the Power Ups!

Power Up
Slorg Block
Creates a block in front of the Slorg you hit for about 10 seconds. You can destroy it by aiming at the block
Creates about 10 Slorgs
Light Red
Super Slorgeriser
Destroys about eight Slorgs
Dark Red
Slorg Destruct
Destroys all the Slorgs behind the Slorg you hit
Slow Down
Slows down all the Slorgs if you hit one
Puddle Water
Changes all the Slorgs into one colour if you hit one
Revenge of the Slorgs
Make controls reverse. i.e. Left is right, right is left
Random Event

* Not all the colours are the power ups. i.e. Not all blue are Slorg Blocks.

Now the Tactics!
Now that you know how to play let's go on to the tactics. Find an empty space somewhere on the screen
(around the sides most of the time) and fire.
Keep tapping space until you come across a good power up.
This is not essential for the first few levels.

With Slow Down fire it straight away at one of the Slorgs, this should save you some time.
Do the same with Super Slorgeriser.
For Slorg Destruct wait until the Slorgs are close to the end and then fire at the leading one.
This will destroy all the Slorgs behind it.
Do the same with Puddle Water but a tad earlier because it could take a while to find the right colour.
As soon as your laser starts disappearing type in Chargex4.

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide. Hopefully you get the avatar and trophy as a result of it!
If you have any further questions Neomail me! Ta ta for now. (Good Luck!)
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