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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow first appears in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), where he arrives in Port Royal in a sinking boat, ready to commandeer a ship of his own. Despite rescuing Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), the daughter of Governor Weatherby (Jonathan Pryce) from drowning, he is arrested and put in prison after a duel with Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). That night, the pirate ghost ship the Black Pearl attacks Port Royal and kidnaps Elizabeth. Will frees Sparrow, and they hijack the HMS Interceptor to rescue her. They acquire a crew on Tortuga before sailing to Isla de Muerta where Elizabeth is held. They rescue her but are captured by Captain Barbossa at sea. Barbossa maroons Sparrow and Elizabeth on an desert island while Will is taken back to Isla de Muerta for a blood sacrifice to lift the curse the Black Pearl are under. It is revealed Sparrow was the captain of the Black Pearl before first mate Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) led a mutiny and marooned him on the desert island, the same one Barbossa leaves him and Elizabeth on. Sparrow was given a pistol with one shot. The island was used by rumrunners, which allowed Sparrow to escape, though over the years a tall tale evolves that he escaped on two sea turtles.[1] Sparrow steps back into the moonlight, revealing his cursed formThe British Royal Navy finds them, and Sparrow makes a deal to deliver them the Black Pearl. During the battle, Sparrow curses himself to battle Barbossa before shooting him with the same shot he has carried for ten years, just as Will breaks the curse, killing him. The Royal Navy arrest the surviving pirates including Sparrow, who is sentenced to death. At his hanging, Will helps him escape, but they are quickly caught. Will is pardoned, and Sparrow escapes by falling off the sea wall. Sparrow is picked up by the Black Pearl crew, and he is captain once more. Commodore James Norrington (Jack Davenport) gives him one day's head start.[1] In the sequel's backstory Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006), Norrington pursues Sparrow and loses him and his own ship in a hurricane. Sparrow has been searching for the Dead Man's Chest. Thirteen years prior, Sparrow bartered his soul to the ghostly Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) to raise the sunken Black Pearl and making him captain. Now Sparrow must either serve for 100 years on the Flying Dutchman, or be taken by the Kraken to Jones' Locker. Sparrow must find the Dead Man's Chest containing Jones' heart to kill Jones and free himself from the curse. Sparrow hides on Pelegosto where the local tribesmen believe he is a god in human form, and must be eaten to release his soul. Meanwhile, Will and Elizabeth are arrested by the East India Trading Company for helping Sparrow escape. Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) wants Will to deliver Sparrow and his magic compass, which leads to whatever the holder wants most, or they will both be executed.[2] Will finds Sparrows on Pelegosto and they set sail. Sparrow betrays Will to Jones, as part of a new deal that if he can deliver 100 souls then he can be freed of his debt. Sparrow recruits pirates in Tortuga, and meets up with an escaped Elizabeth and a disgraced Norrington, who resigned his commission. Convincing Elizabeth that to free Will they must find the Chest, she uses the compass to pinpoint its location on Isla Cruces. There, Will appears, having escaped Jones' ship and stolen the key to the Chest. Will wants to stab the heart and free his father from Jones' service, while Norrington wants it to regain his position, and Jones' crew arrives to kill them. During the battle that follows, Norrington takes the heart to nobody else's knowlege. At sea, the Kraken attacks the Black Pearl, and Elizabeth ties Sparrow to the mast to save the rest of the crew: Sparrow is dragged down to the Locker.[2] However, in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007), with Jones' heart now in Beckett's possession, the nine pirate lords of the Brethren Court must gather to combat the combined threat of the Flying Dutchman and the East India Trading Company. Sparrow, who is lord of the Caribbean, must attend as he did not pass his "piece of eight" to an heir, which can be used to summon the goddess Calypso to their aid. A resurrected Barbossa leads Sparrow's crewmates to rescue him. Sparrow faces off against the Kraken just as he is dragged to Davy Jones' LockerBarbossa's crew sail over the World's End into the Locker, where Sparrow is suffering hallucinations of an entire crew comprised of himself, each representing a part of his personality. Sparrow deduces the map of Sao Feng (Chow Yun-Fat) that to escape they must capsize the Black Pearl: at sunset it upturns back to the living world. Sparrow attends the meeting, where he votes Elizabeth "Pirate King" following a stalemate (the other lords voted for themselves). He is traded for Will who was captured by Jones and Beckett. During the battle between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman in a maelstrom created by Calypso, Sparrow steals the Dead Man's Chest and battles Jones. He also helps a mortally wounded Will stab Jones' heart, killing him and making Will the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. He then captains the Black Pearl to destroy Beckett's ship. Afterwards, the Black Pearl is stolen by Barbossa, but Sparrow tears out the useful part of Feng's map. Sparrow is last seen on a boat, using his compass to guide him to the Fountain of Youth

    William Turner

    William Turner lived with his mother in England until her death while Will was still in his childhood. At the age of twelve, Will set off on a quest to track down his father, and traveled to the Caribbean. However, his ship was attacked by the Black Pearl under the command of Captain Hector Barbossa, and was set aflame. Will was the only survivor, and was ultimately spotted and rescued by a young Elizabeth Swann aboard the HMS Dauntless. Lieutenant James Norrington left Elizabeth to watch over the unconscious boy as his men set about searching the wreckage for further survivors. Alone with Will, Elizabeth was surprised to find a pirate medallion around his neck, and took it from him to protect Will from Norrington, who would undoubtedly consider the boy a pirate and deal out his brand of justice. Elizabeth kept the medallion in her possession for the next eight years. Will, meanwhile, was taken to Port Royal, where he became apprenticed to John Brown, a local blacksmith. Will became proficient at his trade, and it could be said that he carried out many of the duties neglected by his oft-drunken master. He also began forging a number of swords, and practiced with them for hours at a time. He had developed a hatred towards pirates, and wanted to be able to best one in single combat should the opportunity arise. During this time, Will's friendship with Elizabeth developed further, but grew into something more romantic as they grew older. Despite Will's feelings towards the girl, he remained reluctant to reveal his true feelings towards her, likely due to the social divide between them.

    Elizabeth Swann

    Elizabeth Swann is portrayed as a character who often fantasizes about pirates and life at sea. Her fantasy may have been fueled somewhat by her association with Will Turner, who Elizabeth, then 12, met when she and her father, Governor Weatherby Swann were en route to Port Royal eight years before. Will, also about 12, was rescued from among floating ship wreckage, the victim of a pirate attack. Now a blacksmith, Will secretly loves Elizabeth, but he harbors little hope of winning her. It appears that Elizabeth also has feelings for Will, but her father encourages her to becomes attached to Commodore James Norrington, a Royal Navy officer who seeks her hand. His marriage proposal at his promotion ceremony goes unanswered, however, when Elizabeth faints and falls off a rampart and into the bay. She is saved by pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, newly arrived in Port Royal to commandeer a ship, but he is immediately arrested and jailed for piracy. That night, the Black Pearl, raids Port Royal. Elizabeth is kidnapped because she possesses a cursed Aztec gold medallion—the same medallion she took from Will when he was rescued because she feared he would be mistaken for a pirate. Invoking parley, Elizabeth negotiates with Captain Barbossa to leave Port Royal in exchange for the coin. He agrees but keeps her captive, believing it is her blood that can break an ancient Aztec curse the pirates are under. Their true forms — immortal skeletons — can only be seen in moonlight. On Isla de Muerta, Barbossa discovers Elizabeth is unable to break the curse just as Will and Jack secretly arrive. They rescue Elizabeth, but distrusting Sparrow, Will knocks him out and tells first mate, Gibbs, that Jack fell behind. Barbossa pursues them in the Pearl and after a fierce battle, their ship, the Interceptor, is sunk and the crew captured. Will reveals his identity; unless the crew is released, he will shoot himself while falling overboard, rendering him useless for breaking the curse. Barbossa complies, but employing a loophole in their agreement, the pirate maroons Sparrow and Elizabeth on a deserted island and throws Will and the crew in the brig. It is Elizabeth who takes action for their rescue by burning a cache of smuggler's rum to create a huge smoke signal that is spotted by Commodore Norrington aboard the Dauntless. To save Will, Elizabeth convinces Norrington to attack Isla de Muerta by impulsively accepting his previous marriage proposal, although the Commodore appears to doubt her sincerity. She says nothing about the curse. At Isla de Muerta, Elizabeth frees Jack's crew from the Pearl's brig, but they refuse to help and set sail. A disgusted Elizabeth rows to the island alone. Jack tricks Barbossa into forming an alliance while secretly cursing himself by swiping a coin from the Aztec chest. As the other pirates battle the navy, Jack attacks Barbossa. Will, aided by Elizabeth, fight the remaining pirates. Jack and Will break the curse just after Jack fatally shoots Barbossa. He reverts to mortal form and falls dead. The surviving now-mortal pirates surrender. Will, Elizabeth, and Jack are rescued, although Jack is later condemned to death. In Port Royal, Will tells Elizabeth that he loves her before saving Jack from the gallows, but they are quickly captured. Both Norrington and Governor Swann are reluctant to arrest Will or resume Jack's hanging, and Elizabeth steps in to lend her support and declares her love for Will. Norrington releases Will and graciously concedes Elizabeth's hand to him. Jack, meanwhile, falls off the rampart and into the bay just as the Black Pearl sails into view. He is hauled aboard, captain once again. Apparently impressed by the wily pirate, Norrington allows the Black Pearl one day's head start before giving chase. Will is missing as Elizabeth is seen waiting alone at the alter. Lord Cutler Beckett and the British Navy arrive with Will shackled in irons. Beckett, a ruthless East India Trading Company agent, charges Elizabeth and Will with aiding Sparrow's escape; the punishment is death. Former Commodore James Norrington is also implicated, although he has resigned from the Navy and disappeared. Beckett offers clemency if Will agrees to search for Jack Sparrow and brings back his compass. Will finds Jack and the Black Pearl crew on Pelegosto hiding from the Kraken, a voracious leviathan controlled by Davy Jones, the mythical captain of the Flying Dutchman and ruler of the seas. Jones is hunting Sparrow to collect a blood debt, while Jack has been searching for the Dead Man's Chest containing Jones' beating heart. Whoever possesses the heart, controls Davy Jones and the oceans. Unfortunately, Jack's magic compass has failed. When Elizabeth escapes from jail, she learns that Beckett is only pardoning Sparrow. She confronts him at gunpoint and demands he validate a Letter of Marque—a document intended to recruit Jack Sparrow as a privateer but which she wants for Will. Beckett signs it but says he still wants Sparrow's compass. Disguised as a cabin boy, Elizabeth tricks a merchant crew into taking port in Tortuga. Searching for Will, she instead encounters Sparrow and Gibbs in a pub recruiting sailors to pay off Jack's debt to Davy Jones, who demands one hundred souls in exchange for Jack's. Another man applies—James Norrington, who is now a miserable, drunken wretch. Blaming Sparrow for his ruin, Norrington attempts to shoot him and ignites a brawl, but Elizabeth saves him by knocking him out. At the pier, Jack says Will was pressed ganged into Davy Jones' crew, claiming he was blameless; Norrington is skeptical, however. Jack convinces Elizabeth she can save Will by finding the Dead Man's Chest. Trusting him, she uses his magical compass and gets a bearing. As the Black Pearl heads for Isla Cruces, Jack becomes amorous towards Elizabeth, and even suggests marriage. Norrington observes her seemingly pleased reaction to Sparrow's attention, but she denies any romantic feelings. She becomes distressed, however, when the compass, which points to what the holder wants most in the world, points to Jack. She tells Jack he is a good man who will one day do a courageous thing, but he brushes off her comments. Encouraged by her coyness, he attempts to kiss her, but the Black Spot, a mark that Jack's blood debt to Davy Jones is due, suddenly reappears on his hand, and he rushes off in a panic. Elizabeth mistakenly believes he is respecting her virtue, unaware the Kraken is hunting him again. On Isla Cruces, Jack, Elizabeth, and Norrington find the Dead Man's Chest. When Will arrives with the key he stole from Davy Jones, a furious Elizabeth learns that Jack betrayed him. A conflict erupts: Will wants to stab the heart and kill Jones to free his father from Jones' servitude; Jack fears the Kraken will continue hunting him if Jones is dead; Norrington plots to bargain back his career. As a three-way duel erupts, Jones' crewmen arrive. Jack gets the key and opens the chest, but it is Norrington who escapes with the heart and the Letter of Marque. Pursued by the Flying Dutchman, the Pearl outruns her. Undeterred, Jones summons the Kraken, but the crew temporarily fight it off. Jack deserts the ship in the last longboat, but as Elizabeth predicted, he returns to save his crew. During the Kraken's momentary retreat, he orders all hands to abandon ship. Realizing the Kraken only wants Jack, Elizabeth distracts him with a passionate kiss while handcuffing him to the mast, claiming she is not sorry. She tells the others Jack chose to remain behind, unaware Will witnessed what happened. The Kraken returns for its final assault; the Pearl and Jack are dragged to a watery grave. It is during this final battle that Jack and Elizabeth's contrasting characters emerge: Jack shows heroism and loyalty by returning to the ship and saving his crew; by abandoning her duty and honor, Elizabeth becomes more pirate-like, using deception to sacrifice Jack to save herself and the crew. Norrington arrives in Port Royal and presents the heart and the Letter of Marque to Cutler Beckett. Meanwhile, Will, Elizabeth and the grieving crew make their way to Tia Dalma, the voodoo priestess who helped Jack find the Dead Man's Chest. As the crew drinks a somber toast to their fallen captain, Elizabeth silently agonizes over her betrayal. Believing Elizabeth loves Jack, Will comforts her. "If there was anything could be done to bring him back. . ." Tia Dalma interrupts, "Would you do it?...Hmm?...Would you brave the weird and haunted shores at World's End? To fetch back witty Jack and him precious Pearl?" All say, "Aye!" Dalma says they will need a captain who knows those waters. Incredibly, a very alive Captain Barbossa descends the stairs. Elizabeth joins Will, Barbossa, Tia Dalma, and the Black Pearl crew on a journey to Singapore to seek a navigational chart belonging to the Chinese pirate lord, Sao Feng. The chart leads to World's End and Davy Jones's Locker where Jack Sparrow is eternally imprisoned aboard the Black Pearl. Jack, Barbossa, Sao Feng, and the other six pirate lords have been summoned to a Brethren Court at Shipwreck Cove to address Lord Beckett's assault on piracy. Jack, lacking a successor, must attend. Sao Feng is persuaded to provide a ship and the chart, although only after Will negotiates his own secret deal with him: Jack Sparrow in exchange for the Black Pearl. However, they are overheard by EITC agent, Mercer. As the crew sails for World's End, Will and Elizabeth remain estranged; he believes she loves Sparrow, while she harbors her guilty secret of sacrificing Jack to the Kraken. After sailing over an enormous waterfall, they reach Davy Jones' Locker where they find Jack. He refuses to crew with them, however, exclaiming, "Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past! One of you succeeded." Only then does Will understand Elizabeth's despair. As Jack and Barbossa squabble over who is the Black Pearl's captain, the crew navigate their way back to the living world. Before escaping the Locker, Elizabeth sees her father's soul being ferried to the "next world," murdered by Cutler Beckett. Distraught when she is unable to retrieve him, Elizabeth vows to avenge his death. Will's bargain with Sao Feng is exposed, although Feng made another deal with Beckett, who double-crosses him. When Feng wants Elizabeth in exchange for the Pearl, Elizabeth agrees, angry at Will's deceit and to protect the crew. Jack throws Will into the brig. Soon after, Feng is fatally wounded when his ship, the "Empress", in attack by the Dutchman. Believing Elizabeth to be the sea goddess, Calypso, in human form, he bequeaths his ship to her, making her captain and Pirate Lord of the South China Sea. He then dies soon after. Elizabeth is taken prisoner aboard the Flying Dutchman where she is reunited with James Norrington, now an admiral. She berates him for serving Beckett and wrongly believes he was involved in her father's death. Norrington then helps her and her crew get back to the towed Empress, although he is killed during their escape. The Black Pearl. and also the Empress, head to Shipwreck Cove for the Brethren Court. Unable to agree on a course of action against Beckett's approaching armada, the lords attempt to elect a Pirate King, but each Lord only votes for themselves. Knowing Elizabeth will declare war, Jack breaks the stalemate by voting for her, although he has an ulterior motive. Elizabeth declares war. Will, who was tossed overboard by Jack, is reunited with Elizabeth during a parley session with Beckett and Jones in which Will is exchanged for Jack. the climatic battle is about to begin, Tia Dalma is revealed as the real Calypso, betrayed by Davy Jones who, believing she scorned him, told the first Brethren Court how to imprison her in human form. When the current pirate lords refuse to release her, Barbossa uses trickery to obtain their rank insignias to free her in a ritual. When Will tells Calypso her betrayer was Davy Jones, her fury unleashes a raging maelstrom. During the battle, Will proposes to Elizabeth. Realizing she still loves him, she tells Captain Barbossa to immediately marry them, and they exchange vows amidst the fighting. As the Pearl and the Dutchman clash, Davy Jones mortally wounds Will. As Will lies dying, Jack relinquishes his bid for immortality to save Will by helping him stab Jones' heart, killing Jones. As Bootstrap Bill cuts out Will's heart and places it in the Dead Man's Chest, Jack and Elizabeth escape before the Dutchman is sucked into the huge whirlpool. It quickly resurfaces with Captain Will Turner at the helm. With the Flying Dutchman now on their side, the pirates destroy Cutler Beckett's ship, and the armada retreats. Although Will's life has been saved, he is bound for ten years to serve aboard the Dutchman as the ferryman for souls lost at sea, allowed to step on land for only one day. Will and Elizabeth spend this one day on an island and consummate their marriage. Will returns to the Dutchman at sundown, but before leaving gives Elizabeth the chest containing his beating heart for safekeeping. Following the end credits, a short scene entitled "Ten Years Later..." shows Elizabeth and a nine-year-old boy, named "Young Will Turner" in the credits, waiting on a cliff overlooking the sea. A green flash appears on the horizon, and the Flying Dutchman returns from the netherworld with Will at the helm.

    Captain Hector Barbossa

    In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Barbossa is captain of the pirate ship the Black Pearl, although he was originally the ship's first mate under Captain Jack Sparrow. Barbossa persuaded Captain Sparrow to reveal the bearings to Isla de Muerta. Hidden there is the Chest of Cortez, containing Aztec gold. After Sparrow divulged the location, Barbossa led a mutiny and marooned Sparrow on a tiny island. Jack escaped after three days and spent the next ten years seeking revenge. Barbossa and the crew found the Aztec treasure which cursed each crew member—they became undead skeletons whose hideous forms were only visible in the moonlight. To lift the curse, the crew must return all the gold to the chest and offer their blood. They also need their former shipmate, "Bootstrap Bill" Turner's blood, the lone holdout against the mutiny. Believing the crew deserved to remain cursed for betraying Jack, he sent one coin to his son, Will. In retaliation, he was tied to a cannon and thrown overboard. For years, Barbossa searched for the last coin that has since come into the possession of Elizabeth Swann, Governor Weatherby Swann's daughter. Barbossa sets sail for Port Royal when he detects a "signal" after the coin touches the sea. Unknown to him, Jack Sparrow is also in Port Royal. Believing Elizabeth is Bootstrap's daughter (and thus, the means to breaking their curse), Barbossa makes off with her and the medallion. He reveals their cursed state en route to Isla de Muerta. Upon arrival, Barbossa performs a ritual offering Elizabeth's blood, although it fails. Will rescues Elizabeth and they escape with the medallion. An unconscious Jack Sparrow is left behind and taken prisoner aboard the Pearl. Barbossa pursues the Interceptor. Catching them, Barbossa learns Will's true identity. He maroons Jack and Elizabeth and imprisons the rest of the crew, including Will. Before he can finish performing the ritual using Will's blood, Sparrow makes another unexpected return and strikes a bargain with Barbossa with the intent of betraying him. While the pirates battle the Royal Navy, Jack duels Barbossa, having secretly swiped a cursed coin while bargaining with him. Now both are immortal, unable to defeat one another. Jack throws his bloodied medallion to Will, then shoots Barbossa with the same pistol he has carried for ten years. Barbossa stares at Jack, and says "Ten years, you keep that pistol, and now you waste your shot!" Will calls out "He didn't waste it." Barbossa looks in horror as Will drops two bloody medallions into the chest. Barbossa opens his jacket, and looks at the gunshot wound. As blood gushes from Barbossa's wound, he says "I feel... cold." It is the first physical sensation he has experienced since the curse was put upon him. After he falls dead, a close-up shows an eerily content -disallowed_word- killed by Davy Jones), and Elizabeth has been made the Empress' new captain and the Pirate Lord of Singapore. A fight breaks out as the lords argue over going to war and releasing Calypso. According to the Pirate Codex, only a Pirate King can declare war, and the lords move to elect one. Knowing they will only vote for themselves, Sparrow casts his vote for Elizabeth. "King" Elizabeth declares war. As the pirates prepare to fight, the horizon fills with Lord Beckett's massive armada. Barbossa, who tricked the other pirate lords into giving him their rank insignias, frees Calypso (Tia Dalma) in a ritual. He pleads for her intervention, but Calypso refuses to aid those who kept her imprisoned; her fury creates a giant maelstrom. Barbossa takes the Black Pearl into battle against the Flying Dutchman. During the fighting, Captain Barbossa marries Will and Elizabeth. Soon after, Davy Jones fatally wounds Will; Jack, who has captured Davy Jones' heart, helps the dying Will stab it, killing Jones and making Will the Flying Dutchman's immortal captain. After Beckett's defeat, Barbossa again commandeers the Pearl, stranding Jack and Gibbs in Tortuga. The crew mildly protest leaving Jack Sparrow behind (again), saying they want Barbossa to share the bearings to the Fountain of Youth, mirroring the original mutiny that made Barbossa captain in "Curse of the Black Pearl." Barbossa agrees and unrolls the chart, only to discover that Jack has already removed its middle.

    Davy Jones

    He is the captain of a ghostly and feared ship featured in other nautical lore, The Flying Dutchman. In the movie, Captain Jack Sparrow owes a debt to Davy Jones for raising the Black Pearl from the depths for thirteen years in return for his soul, and the plot of the movie is his race to pay it off or else forfeit his soul for a hundred years. Davy Jones also controls the loyalties of "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, whose soul he was given in exchange for saving Bootstrap. Like his crew, Davy Jones' body is mixed with features of various aquatic fauna, with cephalopod facial features and a crustacean-style claw for his left arm, and the right leg of a crab (resembling a pegleg). In addition to his moustached face, depicted by multiple tentacles, he "breathes" through siphons at the sides of his face. He also possesses the power to summon the Kraken and speaks with a clearly distinguishable Scottish accent. He would appear to have additional powers, numbering among them a strange sort of teleportation. Davy Jones, the supernatural ruler of the seas, hid away an item called the Dead Man's Chest. This chest is that which Captain Jack Sparrow must find as leverage in exchange for his soul. The Dead Man's Chest holds Davy Jones' heart, which he carved from his body because of the loss of his one true love. This, in turn, made Jones dedicate himself to inflicting as much cruelty and pain to others (even his crew) as possible. Davy Jones is practically invincible as long as his heart is not destroyed. Should Davy Jones die, all those who traded their souls to him and joined his crew would be free and restored to their original forms. Despite Jones' determination to cause pain and suffering, he appears to have a soft spot when love is concerned. For example, when Jack tells him of Will Turner's love for Elizabeth, Jones' -disallowed_word- 0, 0, 0); width: 200px; height: 100px; overflow: auto;"> In an interview, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that Norrington was originally going to be in the first film only, but partially because of the positive reaction towards the character, and his respect for Davenport, decided to make him a prominent character in the sequel. The casting of Davenport came in part from his father, Nigel, being a major character in the 1960s pirate film A High Wind in Jamaica, which both Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski enjoyed. He is first seen as a Lieutenant aboard HMS Dauntless when it transports new Governor Swann and his young daughter Elizabeth Swann to Port Royal in the Caribbean. During the voyage, he expresses his views about pirates to Elizabeth, saying that they all deserve a "short drop and a sudden stop." In other words, being hanged In the first film, Norrington is introduced as a Lieutenant on HMS Dauntless as it makes a crossing from England to deliver the new governor to Port Royal. Over the next eight years, he becomes an established figure in Port Royal and rises to the rank of Captain. At the start of the movie proper, he is to be promoted to Commodore and according to Norrington, the only thing lacking in his life is marriage. He proposes to Governor Swann's beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Swann at his promotion ceremony, but he is interrupted when she faints and falls off the rampart wall into the bay. He truly loves Elizabeth Swann, but she harbors deep feelings for Will Turner, a handsome and charming young blacksmith's apprentice. Norrington opposes her attachment to Turner (creating a rivalry between the two), but he later helps them and Captain Sparrow in their fight against Captain Barbossa and his evil pirates. In the end, he graciously accepts Elizabeth Swann's decision to be with Will Turner. Norrington's personality initially seems rigid, even slightly bigheaded. However, it becomes apparent that he is a kind and compassionate man who eventually comes to discern between what is lawful and what is right. When Will halts Jack Sparrow's execution, Norrington is hesitant to resume, believing it is unjust. However, he unwittingly provides the wily pirate an escape avenue when Jack Sparrow falls off the rampart and is rescued by his crew. Reluctantly intending to give chase, James Norrington allows Jack Sparrow one day's head start. It is important to note that Norrington is the one character who is not driven solely by his own goals or needs. This is best demonstrated when he tells Jack Sparrow that he is able to forfeit the fame and prestige to be gained by capturing the Black Pearl, "by remembering that I serve others, Mr. Sparrow, not only myself." In several deleted scenes on the DVD (specifically "Accepting the Proposal" and "Happy Endings"), Norrington's character is further developed as a kind and decent man who loves Elizabeth so much that he is prepared to abandon any hope of having her to ensure her happiness with another In the second film, Lord Cutler Beckett has issued an arrest warrant for James Norrington's part in Jack Sparrow's escape, but he has disappeared. While unsuccessfully pursuing Captain Jack Sparrow, his ship fell victim to a violent hurricane in a costly gamble that destroyed not only his ship, but his career and reputation as well. Disgraced, he chooses to resign his commission because of the damage his obsession to capture the Pirate Captain had done. He resurfaces in Tortuga when he applies for a position on the Black Pearl, although he also attempts to shoot Jack. Upon his reappearance, he has descended into a ragged, drunken, bitter man, who schemes to regain his honor and seek vengeance against Jack Sparrow and (later) Will Turner, whom he blames for ruining his life. He also suspects that Elizabeth now prefers Jack over Will. On Isla Cruces, where the Dead Man's Chest is buried, Norrington accompanies Jack and Elizabeth to dig up the chest, shortly after which he becomes entangled in a three-way battle with a recently-escaped Will Turner and Jack in a bid to capture Davy Jones' heart. Norrington plots to regain his career by taking the heart to Lord Cutler Beckett, who wants it to control the seas. Jack obtains the heart, but when they're attacked by Davy Jones' crewmen, Norrington steals it. Stuffing it into his coat, he grabs the now-empty chest, and deviously feigning he's sacrificing himself in a ploy to divert Davy Jones' crewmen away from the others, flees. Jack believes the heart is still hidden in the longboat, but in fact, Norrington has actually absconded with the heart and the Letter of Marque that grants the bearer clemency. Norrington relinquishes the now-empty chest to Davy Jones's crew who, believing they have retrieved the heart, let him escape. He reappears in Port Royal, having been found adrift by an East India Trading Company ship. To win back his honor and career, he presents himself and the Letters of Marque to Lord Cutler Beckett. Beckett says that if he expects the Letters to be certified, he must have something to bargain with. Norrington tosses a small pulsating bag onto Beckett's desk and declares it, "The heart of Davy Jones". In a deleted scene from the movie, Norrington asks Beckett if the heart is enough to regain him his career. Beckett declines, claiming that he has something much better in store for Norrington. In the third film, Norrington has been promoted to Admiral of the East India Trading Company by Cutler Beckett. He sails on the Flying Dutchman with Davy Jones, where he meets Elizabeth Swann again after she and the crew of the Empress are captured. He is overjoyed to see her, thinking she was dead, though Elizabeth is angry with him as she believes he knew of her father's death. Unknowing of Weatherby Swann's murder at the hands of the East India Trading Company, he denies any knowledge, though she still refuses to talk to him, associating him now with the side that killed her father. That night, Norrington decides to help Elizabeth and her crew escape, as he still truly loves her. He lets them loose from the ship's brig and watches as they clamber across a tow line back to the Empress. Elizabeth is the last to leave, and asks Norrington why he's letting them free. He replies that he has now chosen his side, though he knows this does not absolve him of his sins. She implores him to come with her, so that he might escape too. He replies that he will, but she doesn't believe him. He kisses her, telling her that their two lives have always been intertwined, but never joined. Elizabeth climbs onto the line as a deranged Bootstrap Bill Turner discovers the prisoners escape. Staying behind to shoot the line down and ensure her safety, Norrington is impaled by Bootstrap. Elizabeth watches from the ocean and screams, "James!" and appears to be crying. Davy Jones appears and asks the dying Norrington if he fears death. Norrington responds by defiantly stabbing Jones through the shoulder before passing away. Jones pulls the sword out of his shoulder, saying, "I'll take that as a no... Nice sword." Norrington's death is strikingly similiar to Duncan Heyward's noble sacrificial death in the 1992 adaptation of The Last of the Mohicans, with his willingness to sacrifice his life to save a woman for whom he has an unrequited love for but has chosen another

    Lord Cutler Beckett

    In a series of prequel books about Jack Sparrow's adventures before the events of the trilogy, it is revealed that Sparrow was once employed by the East India Trading Company, in Beckett's service. Providing Sparrow with the Wicked Wench (later the Black Pearl that Jack negotiates with Davy Jones to release from his locker), Beckett commands Sparrow to transport a certain cargo to Port Royal; but Sparrow, learning the cargo is slaves, defies Beckett and frees them in Africa. Enraged, Beckett orders the Wicked Wench sunk and brands Sparrow a pirate. He claims in Dead Man's Chest that Sparrow also left a mark on him. It is unknown what this mark is, and Beckett has never revealed its nature. When asked by Will about the mark left on him by Jack, he changes the topic. However, in the third installment, when Jack meets Beckett in the latter's quarters, Jack unconciously reveals the pirate brand when Beckett mentions their previous encounter. At some unspecified point, prior to assuming the title of Lord Beckett, he encountered Weatherby Swann, who he would later meet again during the events of Dead Man's Chest. Beckett is Chairman of the East India Trading Company and travels to Port Royal to capture Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). He has a Letter of Marque with which to recruit Sparrow as a privateer. He arrests Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) for abetting Jack's escape. He also intends to arrest former Commodore James Norrington (Jack Davenport), who has resigned his commission and disappeared from Port Royal. Beckett makes a deal with Will: if he successfully locates and recruits Sparrow as a privateer and brings back his compass for Beckett's use, he and Elizabeth will be pardoned. It is not revealed until later that Beckett's true intent is to find the heart of the legendary Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). Whoever possesses the heart controls Jones and the ocean realm, thus dooming piracy. After Governor Weatherby Swann frees Elizabeth from jail, she confronts Beckett at his home. She forces Beckett at gunpoint to validate the Letters of Marque he intended for Jack's pardon, desiring to use them to free Will. Beckett agrees, but tells Elizabeth that he still wants Jack's compass. She escapes and heads for Tortuga to find Will. Shortly thereafter, Beckett's henchman, Mercer, informs him that Jack, Elizabeth and Norrington were seen leaving Tortuga. Beckett passes the news on to Governor Swann, whom he has arrested for freeing Elizabeth from jail. He blackmails Swann into using his power and influence as Governor to aid him and the E.I.T.C. in exchange for Elizabeth's safety. At the end, Mercer informs Beckett that Norrington was found adrift with the Letters of Marque in his possession. Beckett tells Norrington he will only be pardoned if he has something valuable to trade. Norrington places a pulsating sack on Beckett's desk, proclaiming it to be the heart of Davy Jones. Beckett now has Admiral James Norrington and Davy Jones under his command. Utilizing the supernatural power of the Flying Dutchman, Beckett, the Royal Navy, and the East India Trading Company set out to purge the world of pirates. Beckett begins his extermination of piracy by ordering the execution of thousands of people who are suspected pirates or are in some way related to piracy. One of them is a young boy who begins to sing a pirate anthem that all the prisoners begin to sing as well. Beckett was waiting for this, as this is a signal for the Brethren Court, which Beckett plans to wipe out in one swift battle. At the same time, Beckett orders Davy Jones to attack pirate vessels on the sea and bring the survivors to him for interrogation. Jones does attack pirate ships, but leaves no survivors, angering Beckett. Jones chafes under his new command, but is kept in check, since Beckett has placed men (soldiers Mullroy and Murtogg) around Davy Jones' chest, threatening to destroy it and the heart therein should Jones disobey. Here Beckett reveals that he ordered for Jones to kill the Kraken, so that the Kraken could not be used against him. Lord Beckett shares his disdain for the supernormal with Davy Jones, remarking that "the immaterial has become...immaterial". Beckett consolidates his power further by eliminating Governor Weatherby Swann, leaving Lord Beckett the most powerful man in the Caribbean. Governor Swann is quietly murdered on Beckett's order because Swann had asked too many questions, over time learning the true nature of the mysterious chest in Beckett's possession and the strange thumping sound that emanated from it. Working with Sao Feng, Beckett captures the Black Pearl and with it, Jack Sparrow. It is through his conversation with Sparrow that he learns of Shipwreck Cove, an impregnable fortress that serves as the meeting place for the Brethren of the Coast. Sparrow convinces Beckett to release him so that he may lead the EITC to the cove, while Sparrow, at the same time, will convince the pirates to emerge from the fortress and face an armada with the Dutchman at the lead. Beckett initially intended to use the Compass to lead himself to Shipwreck Cove, but his plans are proved ineffective as the Compass points to what the holder wants most, and what Beckett wants most is Jack Sparrow dead. Beckett then says that he doesn't need Sparrow to lead him to the Brethren Court as all he will have to do is kill Sparrow and take his Compass, allowing him to find Shipwreck Cove himself. Beckett then draws his pistol and is about to shoot Sparrow when the Endeavour is struck by cannon fire from the now liberated Pearl. Beckett is distracted by this and it gives Sparrow enough time to flee. Beckett pursues Sparrow but arrives on deck to find Sparrow escaping the Endeavour in fashion typical of himself; firing a cannon and using the recoil as leverage by which to swing onto the Black Pearl. As the pirates make their escape, Beckett orders his lieutenant to pursue the Pearl, but Sparrow's escape has also destroyed the mainmast of the Endeavour, effectively preventing the ship from giving chase. Meanwhile, Beckett has also worked out a deal with Will Turner, who had been leaving a "breadcrumb trail" of bodies for Beckett to follow. Since Sparrow reneged on his part of the deal to lead the EITC fleet to Shipwreck Cove, Turner offers Beckett Jack's compass, which will allow the fleet to find the pirates. Before the final clash between pirates and Beckett's forces, a parley is held on a small sandbar between the two fleets. During the negotiations, Will is turned over to Elizabeth, and Jack is given to Davy Jones. When it appears that battle is inevitable, Elizabeth swears that Beckett and all his men will die. The Black Pearl will face the Flying Dutchman, in single combat, to decide the fate of both fleets. If the Pearl emerges victorious, the Royal Navy and Trading Company fleet will leave. If the Dutchman sinks the Pearl, the fleet will attack all remaining pirate ships and no quarter shall be given. Lord Beckett, aboard the Endeavour, watches the battle between the Pearl and the Dutchman and waits out Calypso's maelstrom. When it ends, he sees only the Pearl remaining. It is heavily damaged from battle and storm. When asked for orders, Beckett, fully intent on breaking his agreement with the pirates, commands the Endeavour to approach the Pearl and sink it. Musing to himself, Beckett mockingly apologizes to Sparrow by saying, "It's just good business." However, as the Endeavour sails toward the Pearl, the Flying Dutchman, under the new command of Will Turner, emerges from the depths. Beckett watches in dismay as the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman forge an alliance against him, realizing that his vessel has no chance versus the two legendary ships. The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman quickly flank Beckett's flagship and unleash a devastating two-way broadsides attack. Stunned, Beckett is unable to even give the order to return fire. As his panicked officers and crew abandon ship, Beckett looks on as the Endeavour- and his plans- splinter to pieces around him. Resigning himself to going down with his ship, Beckett slowly makes his way down the stairs from the stern to the main deck, with the stairs and everything behind it being pulverized from massed cannon fire as he walks past. Shortly after, the twin broadsides penetrate the Endeavour's powder magazine, blasting the ship apart and engulfing Beckett in a massive inferno. His lifeless body plummets onto an East India Trading Company flag afloat amongst the debris.


    Pintel and Ragetti are recurring pirate characters in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series of films, primarily providing comic relief throughout each film. Pintel portrayed by Lee Arenberg and Ragetti portrayed by Mackenzie Crook appear first in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl serving under Barbossa upon the Black Pearl. It is revealed that Pintel and Ragetti are regretful of their mutiny against their captain, Jack Sparrow and their involvement in sending Bootstrap Bill to Davy Jones' Locker attached to a cannon. Pintel and Ragetti along with Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl share in the Aztec curse and are immortal for the majority of the film. In the second film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pintel and Ragetti serve under Captain Jack Sparrow, again providing comic relief and additionally the occasional important insight into other characters. In the third installment Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Ragetti and Pintel's roles have a bit more importance to the plot although primarily providing comic relief. In this latest installment they serve under both Barbossa and Sparrow however not consecutively nor at the same time. In the video game Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Pintel and Ragetti are both voiced by Greg Ellis.


    Read above, his bio is combined with Pintel's.

    Tia Dalma

    Tia Dalma is the voodoo priestess who lives in a dark and eerie swamp on Pelegosto. It was she who traded Captain Jack Sparrow his famous compass seven years prior for gold (as told in Disney Adventures). In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Sparrow seeks Tia Dalma's assistance for information about Davy Jones and the Dead Man's Chest. In exchange, he gives her Jack, Barbossa's undead monkey, whose sudden good behavior in Tia Dalma's hut foreshadows Barbossa's presence when Jack is seen perching atop a pair of boots of an unseen individual in the adjacent room. Tia Dalma also foreshadows Will Turner's fate, stating he has "a touch of destiny", which was ultimately unveiled in the third film. She later provides shelter and comfort for the surviving Black Pearl crew after the Kraken destroys the ship and takes their captain. It is Tia Dalma who proposes sailing to World's End to rescue Jack; she then reintroduces the resurrected Captain Barbossa to the stunned survivors Tia Dalma joins Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, and the rest of the Black Pearl's motley crew as they travel to Singapore. There, they infiltrate Sao Feng's headquarters to acquire the navigational chart needed to sail to World's End and Davy Jones' Locker, barely escaping the clutches of the East India Trading Company. On the journey, she explains to Pintel and Ragetti that Jack Sparrow cannot be resurrected the same way Barbossa was because Sparrow was taken as both body and soul. When the crew finds Sparrow on the shores of the Locker, he implies that Tia Dalma is one of the four people who tried to kill him. She flirtatiously retorts that Jack enjoyed her fury at the time, a hint that they might have had a romantic relationship. [1] As the group search for an escape route back to the mortal world, they encounter numerous souls adrift in the water. Tia Dalma explains that Davy Jones' duty as captain of the Flying Dutchman was to ferry the souls of those who died at sea into the next world. Believing that his true love, the sea goddess Calypso, had scorned him, he abandoned his duty and became the cephalopod-like monster he is now. Whilst caressing her locket, she reminisces that he was once human. It is revealed that Tia Dalma is actually Calypso, bound into human form, and that she is actually more powerful than she first appeared in Dead Man's Chest. Her true motives for resurrecting Barbossa and Jack are unveiled when it is learned that both are Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court. Each has their respective "Pieces of Eight", the talismans necessary to free Calypso. She resurrected Barbossa to obtain his piece (actually Ragetti's wooden false eye), and aided Jack's rescue because his Piece went with him to Davy Jones' Locker. Upon arrival at Shipwreck Cove, she reminds Barbossa of her power by gripping his hand and temporarily reverting it to its formerly cursed state. She angrily warns him that it was only by her intervention that he is alive again and to fulfill their agreement. Undeterred, Barbossa locks her in the brig until she is to be released from her human shell. She and her estranged lover, Davy Jones, briefly reunite while she is imprisoned. Calypso says she still feels deeply for Jones, and explains why she failed to meet him on the appointed day, saying that Jones never would have loved her if not for her uncontrollable and unpredictable nature. Jones claims he no longer cares for her. Calypso chastises him for failing his duty to ferry souls to the other world. It was because he neglected his charges that Jones corrupted his mind and soul and become a monster, cursed to live eternally at sea. Calypso is also furious that the Pirate Lords trapped her in a human body and threatens to unleash her wrath upon them once she is released. She adds she will fully give her love to Jones, and it appears they reconcile. When she touches Jones, he momentarily transforms back into the man he once was. Before leaving, Jones wistfully remarks that his heart will always belong to her. As the battle between the East India Trading Company armada and the pirates looms, Barbossa burns the nine Pieces of Eight in an unsuccessful attempt to free Calypso. It is Ragetti who releases her by properly whispering the incantation, as if speaking to a lover. Before Calypso is fully freed, Will tells her that it was Davy Jones who betrayed her by revealing to the first Brethren Court how to bind her into her human form. Bound by ropes, she grows to nearly sixty feet high. Barbossa asks that she fulfill their agreement and use her powers to aid the pirates. In a fury, Calypso breaks free, transforming herself into thousands of small crabs that engulf the ship and flee into the sea. Refusing to intervene, her fury creates a violent hurricane and maelstrom that becomes the battlefield between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman. Her wrath is vented both at the pirate lords for imprisoning her and at Davy Jones for his betrayal.

    Governor Swann

    Weatherby Swann is the fictional governor of the Caribbean town of Port Royal, Jamaica in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Dead Man's Chest (2006), and At World's End (2007). Swann is the father of the movies' heroine Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley. In contrast to his strong-willed daughter, he is something of a milquetoast. Both Elizabeth and the Governor sailed from England to the Caribbean eight years before, along with then Lieutenant James Norrington, presumably when Swann assumed the governor's post. Swann is a doting father, and he wishes for his daughter to accept Commodore Norrington's marriage proposal. However, he eventually comes to accept that she truly loves Will Turner. According to the Pirates of the Caribbean Visual Guide, Elizabeth's mother died when Elizabeth was a young child. Governor Weatherby Swann is portrayed by actor Jonathan Pryce.


    Gibbs is a generally knowledgeable person, often providing the movie's cast as well as the audience with background information. This puts him in a mediating position, giving the audience quick run-downs of important plot points and concepts. Examples include his explanation of the mutiny against Jack Sparrow, and knowledge of the Kraken. He also acts as a voice of fatherly warmth and maturity, acting as a foil to the manic anarchy of the remaining crew. His last name is likely based on Charles Gibbs, a 19-century American pirate. He is also deeply superstitious and makes frequent references to various causes of "bad luck". It has recently been discovered that Gibbs was a writer as well, and self-published a book called The Pirates' Code Guidelines sometime during his post-plundering years. A copy of the metafictional book was uncovered in the wreck of the Titanic and has been reprinted by Disney Editions. This copy appears to have belonged to Gibbs himself, as it includes personal notes inscribed by him, and letters from his friends Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann.


    Mercer is Lord Cutler Beckett's loyal personal assistant in Dead Man's Chest, played by David Schofield. In addition to these duties, he is also a spy and an assassin and does whatever he can to further Lord Beckett's agenda. He killed Captain Hawkins, who offered transport to Governor Weatherby Swann who had planned to use to rescue his daughter, Elizabeth Swann. Later, Mercer was at Tortuga, where he located fugitives Elizabeth, James Norrington, and Jack Sparrow's crew. Mercer led the search to find the Dead Man's Chest, and returned with Norrington. In At World's End, Mercer led an assault at Sao Feng's hideout/bathhouse. There, Mercer aimed a gun at Elizabeth however, she was saved by Will Turner. Mercer learnt a deal between Sao and Will. Later, Mercer led the crew to take control of the Black Pearl. However, after Hector Barbossa and Sao made a deal, Mercer fought Barbossa to escape the Black Pearl by jumping into the water. Mercer was then left in charge of Davy Jones, captain of the Flying Dutchman. Mercer, despite his assassin ways, was terrified by the battle in the Maelstrom. When a blast killed most of East India Trading Company's marines, Jones grabbed Mercer with his crab arm in order to apparently save him from falling, but he is then killed when Jones inserts his facial tentacles into Mercer's head via mouth, nose, eyes, and ears and breaks his neck


    Jack is a Capuchin monkey; According to Hector Barbossa, Jack was mockingly named after Jack Sparrow. He is also dressed in a similar fashion to Jack. He is Captain Barbossa's pet and sailed with him aboard the Black Pearl and cursed along with the rest of the crew. The curse, which robbed Barbossa's crew of their passions and made them undead in moonlight, also bestowed superhuman indestructibility. Jack lost this power like his crewmates when Will Turner lifted the curse. However, in an Easter egg after the film's credits, Jack was shown swimming back into the cave, where he stole an Aztec coin and became cursed again. A recursed Jack appears in one of the opening scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The monkey is later captured and bartered to Tia Dalma for information about Davy Jones. The monkey then goes to a back room and climbs on top of a black boot, apparently belonging to Barbossa. When the resurrected Barbossa reveals himself at the conclusion of the film, Jack is once again perched upon his master's shoulder. In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Jack returned to Barbossa, his owner. Jack serves mainly as a comic relief character in At World's End. He sets off a chain reaction of fireworks explosions that rescues the crew in Singapore. He is one of the crew members who rescued Jack Sparrow just because they missed him. Jack in the first movie was played by Tara, a 10-year-old female monkey, and Levi, an 8-year-old male. The Skeletal monkey was added in post-production by Industrial Light and Magic. In the second and third movies Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, Jack is played by Boo Boo, a twelve year old male monkey and Mercedes, a ten year old female monkey. The monkeys are white-throated (cebus capuchinus) capuchin monkeys. They were obtained in Pennsylvania. The animals were trained by Boone's Animals for Hollywood, Inc. The monkeys were described to sometimes be difficult to work with as they were easily distracted. Reportedly actor Geoffrey Rush, who played Barbossa, would patiently wait for the monkey to look in the direction it was supposed to, then deliver his lines. In some occasions, a water gun was used to grab the monkey's attention by squirting it a few times. It is said in the commentary that Geoffrey Rush got hit a few times by accident. Jack the Monkey was made as a plush by Disney World.

    Curse of the Black Pearl

    *Not In Chronological Order*

    Bring me that horizon..

    You best start believin' in ghost stories Mrs.Turner, you're in one.

    Dead Man's Chest
    *Not In Chronological Order*

    Unfortuneatly Mr.Turner, He's right!

    If we was any kind of decent we'd remove temptation from their paths.

    I know what I want, I know what I want!

    Turns out not even Jack Sparrow can best the devil.

    You have a touch of destiny about you, William Turner.

    Jack Sparrow! I knew the wind would blow you back to me someday.

    Why is Jack afraid of the open ocean?

    Times run out Jack.

    If it weren't for these bars, I'd have you already..

    I think it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding..

    At World's End
    *Not In Chronological Order*

    It's Me! It's Will!

    Hoist the Colors.

    The captain shall have my quarters.

    Captain Turner?

    Come with me...Quickly!

    You summoned me sir?

    It signals when a soul comes back from the dead!

    And its captain will sail as commanded.

    Just kiss!

    What's that over there?!

    Witty Jack is closer than you think...

    Will you marry me?

    Words whispered through prison bars lose their charm..

    Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship...

    It depends on the one day...

    We leave with Will, and you can have Jack.

    Is his face familiar to you?

    Welcome..to Singapore.

    Do you fear death?"
    You have no idea.

    The Dutchman must have a captain..

    My heart will always belong to you...


    The Actors

    Johnny Depp
    Jack Sparrow

    Orlando Bloom
    Will Turner

    Kierra Knightley
    Elizabeth Swann

    Geoffrey Rush

    Bill Nighy
    Davy Jones

    Jack Davenport
    James Norrington

    Johnathan Pryce
    Governor Swann

    Tom Hollander
    Cutler Beckett

    Naomie Harris
    Tia Dalma

    Lee Arenberg

    Mackenzie Crook

    Kevin McNally

    Stellan Skarsgård
    Bootstrap Bill Turner



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