Sakotas' character is based on a real wolf I used to own, named Kota. Keep this in mind when reading the story.

It was dark once more.

I opened my eyes and adjusted myself in the damp, desolate cage. The epitome of misery. I was being moved once again. I was alone. The last time I saw my partner was after a transition like this. Instead of being taken to the bigger cages where the master 'cared' for us, she was loaded into another truck. I haven't seen her since. I could still smell the sedative, this drive was meant to be a long one. I closed my eyes once again.

I dreamed.

I dreamed of a field. It was green- dandelions and open field as far as I could see. And I ran. I could feel the wind against my face and how it ruffled my fur. I heard the buzz of the insects flying past me, the distant snap of a twig a doe had stepped on. I ran and I ran, until my legs collapsed under me and then I rolled in the grass and felt the sun on my fur.

...if only dreams lasted a lifetime.

When I woke up this time,

my eyes were blinded. I hadn't seen the sun in 13 days. When I could finally see, I was in a kennel. It was bigger than my cage at the masters. It was padded with hay, a few blankets, and saw dust. I wasn't chained to the ground.

This shocked me. I wasn't quite sure what to do. What was outside the door? Was it master with the whip, ready to chain me up again and drag me to the cage? Was there food? I hadn't eaten in 6 days.

Hesitantly, I stood. I approached the door of the kennel and peered out. There were three logs, perched upward against one another. There were dirt paths among the plants, grass, and several trees. It was a cage, but it wasn't black. It wasn't dark. It wasn't small by any means. And there was food.

I gorged. I ate the entire dish. I drank half the bucket of water. I bathed in the sun. I ran, I climbed. For the first time, I felt happy.

As I was lying on one of the logs,

I heard the gate to the cage open. This had to end. I knew the master would come and sedate me and take me home. But I wasn't about to do it without a fight. I stood and howled, snarled, then stopped. It wasn't the master. In fact, as I sniffed the air, I couldn't even trace his scent.

The human I looked at was female. She wore jeans and a tshirt with holes and boots. Her hair was long, blonde, and she was small. She didn't reek like the master. She smelled fruity, dirty, but clean. She held milkbones when she came in.

Hi, there. She smiled. I motioned my head toward the bones.
I'm Dana, I'll call you Kota, how does that sound? She held out a milkbone that I graciously accepted. She game me a /name./

You'll be staying here now boy, I hope you like it. Are you lonely?

The sting of the word lonely was felt deep in my heart and shuddered through my bones. In my soul, I shuddered. If only she knew.

Insert, The Partner

Kota has trouble telling this side of his story. That's why I'm here to tell it. *waves* I'm Victoria. You'll hear a bit about me later c:
Kota once had the love of his life. Her name I won't mention, Kota might see it and go hide and be mad at me. Anyways, she was a wolf like himself. She lived with the master as well. Both Kota and his love were born into captivity with the master, who used them and abused them to make money by showing his wolves. Eventually, the substances got to the best of him (which, there really wasn't anything good about him at all) and he couldn't even care for the wolves. He gave Kota's love away, and they were separated for two years until Kota found Dana.

Long story short, Kota was abused his entire life until he found Dana. So excuse his bitterness and irritability. He loves me so I don't care ;) But I do wish he could find her. I think all the wholes in his heart might be filled.

Don't tell him I told you that... *poofs*

Days past, weeks past, then months.

Dana would visit me daily, take me on walks, feed me. I would have never dreamed my life could be so good. After nearly 5 years with the master, this was heaven. The day Dana introduced me to her boyfriend, I nearly took his hand off. He reminded me of the master. But it got better.

One day, Dana's boyfriend came to see me. At this point I could tolerate him. However, today he smelled odd. Kind of like Dana, younger.

He had brought his daughter.

Her name was Victoria.

She was a young human, with dark hair and eyes and a shining light inside her. She looked at me in awe. I've never seen such a jubilant child.

Daddy, is he a /real/ wolf?
Yes, sweetheart. His name is Kota.

This was my home. With these people.

Dana began to bring Victoria along with her. Victoria often called me her wolf. She grew as I aged, and even though I didn't always show it, I loved her. With my old age brought pain and blindness, and coping became difficult. I did my best to stay happy for the people who gave me so much.

One day, Victoria started coming on her own. Dana would show up sometimes, but Victoria became my main caretaker. She came one day with a surprise. A friend.

Victoria called him Bear.

He was a mutt- a very energetic mutt. He had way more energy than I, especially at the age I was.

Dana and Victoria rescued Bear like Dana had rescued me. Bear's experiences weren't nearly as excruciating as mine. However, he can tell you his own story.

Victoria explained that Bear would stay with me. This way, you aren't so lonely when Dana and I can't be here.

All in all, I am very satisfied

with the way it ended. The scruffy mutt Bear really isn't all that bad, and I got a loving family. I couldn't be happier with Victoria. She loves me unconditionally.

My story has come to an end now.
But really, it is still being written.


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