Melina's Omneo Application

Welcome, melinasantoso6!, and thank you for taking your time to read my very first guild application.
This page is designed for you to get a quick understanding of who I am as a person, both on Neopets and in real life, and hopefully you will consider in letting me become an active member Omneo. :3

I meet the avatar block requirement, currently owning #315 avatars

About Me

Name: Melina
Username: melinasantoso6
Age: 18
Timezone: midnight NST = 5pm Sydney
Likes: cute baby animals, rainbows, tea, the sound of rain tapping on windows, turtles
Dislikes: corriander, headaches, making mistakes, pressure of any kind, spiders, talking on the phone
Interests: collecting avatars, habitarium, lurking the PC and occasionally the AC


I live in Sydney and I'm currently studying 1st year economics in university. I am also learning Japanese as an elective. I'm really not good with time management, so unfortunately I don't play any sports. However, if I could, I would totally do archery, and this was not influenced by a certain Hunger Games character. xD

I grew up with Neopets since 2004 (8 years ago) and have been hooked since, and it is a means for me to take my mind off real life and the stress that comes along with it. Therefore, would usually be online on a daily basis.

I enjoy watching comedy (and sometimes action and romance), though I can't stand watching horror or anything gruesome. I also enjoy learning Japanese in a leisurely manner. I do have trouble reading kanji, so one of my lifetime goals is for me to be able to read a Japanese book without stopping.

I would consider myself a nice person, though I am a little bit shy and tend to ask a lot of questions. This is mostly because I am more of a listener than I am a writer. Please feel free to neomail me! I'm always up for a chat.

Why Omneo?

The guild I am currently in is completely inactive. My friend and I created it back in 2005 with the intention of having people we knew in real life as guild members. However, throughout time, the people we knew, and even my friend herself stopped playing neopets, even to the point where her account got deleted during the purge.

Therefore, I am seeking an established, active guild which has the potential to last indefinitely, and judging from Omneo's guild stats, I think that this is the guild for me. Furthermore, I am likely to get to know and make friends with other players that have similar goals and gaming experience because of the guild's relatively high requirements.

I do have sound knowledge in some aspects of Neopets, particularly in UC pet trading (despite obtaining my UC Peophin family, I can't stop myself from lurking the PC boards), and I am more than willing to share this knowledge with my -potential- guild buddies. I do promote playing Neopets by the rules whilst achieving/striving for goals, and I personally believe this is an important characteristic of any Neopet player.


Started working on this profile.

I am now eligible to use 'Carnival of Terror' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
#315th avatar!
I have also manually added the items in my NP wishlist. That took ages!
Added the items in my NC tradelist, and worked on my Dream Pets section. Spent most of the day learning how to put page anchors on this page.
Added a Goals tab, and worked on the about me section.

My Pets

My Family

Dream Pets

My Family

Einadur the UC Faerie Peophin

Out of the four, this beauty was the last to join the family, mainly because UC Faeries are difficult to trade for, especially WNed ones.

Equinadon the UC Tyrannian Peophin

His name derives from the word 'Equine,' meaning 'horse.' The suffix '-don' is usually added to prehistoric animals, so his name is quite fitting, no?

Sakazariel the UC Grey Peophin

She was the first Peophin I traded for, and has been on this account ever since. She looked so sad! This encouraged me to trade for the other peophins, so she won't be lonely.

Xhyer the UC Darigan Peophin

I just love how majestic he looks, bursting with confidence and without fear.

Dream Pets

Judging from the looks of my account, it seems as if the only Neopet species I like are (UC) Peophins. However, I like a variety of pets, both converted and unconverted. Here is a list of them:

These are the top two baby pets I like, with particular emphasis on the Baby Pteri. It would be so cool to have one with the name 'Egg' or something.

These are the top two chocolate pets I like. A Chocolate Cybunny with a name relating to Easter would be awesome, but then again a Chocolate Shoyru with a Valentines Day related name would also be amazing.

I really prefer the unconverted grey pets because they look genuinely sadder. The Grey Wocky is probably the only converted grey pet I like.

I like turtles. Self explanatory. The uni comes second, but nothing really beats owning your very own turtle.

I used to own an unconverted plushie chomby many years ago (pound find before the conversion), and this has influenced me to prefer the unconverted artwork relative to the converted ones. The unconverted ones just look a million times cuter! Nevertheless, I do like the converted plushie gnorbu.

I really, really like 'regal' looking pets (especially in pairs), so it is not surprising that I would be fond of the Royal colour. I do like the Royal Peophins, but besides that, these are the top three pairs I like.

Woodland is a relatively new colour, so there's only one I like so far. The Woodland Cybunny reminds me of Spring, my favourite season of the four.

These are pets that would be nice to have in order to expand my Peophin family, but I do admit that I would only like them for status, rather than liking their style of art as with the Peophins I currently own.

If I had to choose a few relatively low-end UCs, I would choose the above. Priority goes to the Jubjub, of course. Although they are classified as low-tier, WNed ones are valued more than draiks and krawks.

My Goals

Current Goals

Accomplished Goals

Current Goals

[ ] #330 Avatars
[ ] Peophin Themed Gallery
[ ] Train Peophins to Even 80s
[ ] Complete Peophin Pet Lookups
[ ] Completed Neohome
[ ] 25 Game Trophies
[ ] 200k Portfolio Shares

Accomplished Goals

[x] UC Peophin Family
[x] Level 50 Habitarium
[x] #325 Avatars
[x] 75 Kads Fed
[x] 20 Game Trophies
[x] 150k Portfolio Shares

My Wishlist

NP Wishlist

Gallery Wishlist

NC Wishlist

NC Tradelist

NP Wishlist

Thanks, Khan!

Thanks, Lizard!

Thanks, Lizard!

Thanks, Lizard!

Gallery Wishlist

NOTE: Bolded items are items I still need.

Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin

Baby Peophin Plushie

Being Stinky

Bendy Peophin Comb

Blue Peo

Blue Peophin (TCG)

Blue Peophin Morphing Potion

Blue Peophin Plushie

Blue Peophin Squishy Plushie

Blueberry Gummy Peophin

Blumaroo Court Jester (TCG)

Bouncy Peophin Ball

Caring For Peophins

Carousel Peophin Collar

Carousel Peophin Hat

Carousel Peophin Saddle

Ceramic Peophin Goblet

Checkered Peophin Plushie

Cherry Peophin Lollypop

Chocolate Chip Peophin Cookie

Chocolate Dipped Peophin Cookie

Christmas Peo

Christmas Peophin Morphing Potion

Christmas Peophin Stocking


Darigan Peophin Collectable Figurine

Darigan Peophin Play Set

Darigan Peophin Plushie

Dark Chocolate Peophin

Deluxe Peophin Burger

Desert Peophin Morphing Potion

Desert Peophin Plushie

Dewy Apple Peophin Tail Cookie

Disco Peophin Plushie

Dress For Success

Earthen Peophin Urn

Easy Peophin Recipes

Enameled Peophin Brooch of the Deep

Enchanted Peophin Blinkers

Exquisite Peophin Ring of the Deep

Faerie Peo

Faerie Peophin Morphing Potion

Faerie Peophin Plushie

Fire Peophin Plushie

Full Peophin Armour

Garin To The Rescue Stamp

Ghost Peophin Morphing Potion

Gilded Peophin Vase

Gold Blade of the Peophin

Golden Peophin Harp

Golden Peophin Urn

Grape Peophin Lollypop

Green Peo

Green Peophin (TCG)

Green Peophin Morphing Potion

Green Peophin Plushie

Green Peophin Squishy Plushie

Grey Peophin Plushie

Halloween Peophin Plushie

Harquins Day

Hold Your Breath

Island Peo

Island Peophin (TCG)

Island Peophin Morphing Potion

Island Peophin Plushie

Jewelled Peophin Face Mask

Keeping Peophin

Learn to Swim

Lime Gummy Peophin

Loveberry Peophin Tail Cookie

Lustra the Golden Peophin

Marak Stamp

Maraquan Foot Soldier Plushie

Maraquan Troops Stamp

Maraquan Warrior Peophin Bracers

Maraquan Warrior Peophin Chest Armour

Maraquan Warrior Peophin Tail Armour

Maraquan Warrior Peophin Trident

Mighty Peophin Blade

Mighty Peophin Flute

Mighty Peophin Helmet

Mighty Peophin Shield

Milk Chocolate Peophin

Mint Chocolate Peophin

Mutant Peo

Mutant Peo (TCG)

Nadia the Peophin of Love

Nutz N Bolts

Orange Gummy Peophin

Orange Peo

Orange Peophin Squishy Plushie

P is for Peophin


Peo (TCG)

Peo Conditioner

Peopatra Stamp

Peopatras Petpets

Peopatras Story

Peophin Babies

Peophin Bath Toy

Peophin Battle Saddle

Peophin Berry Bread

Peophin Blue Exercise Shirt

Peophin Booster Pack

Peophin Bubble

Peophin Bubble Bath

Peophin Cards

Peophin Chocolate Medallion

Peophin Dart Gun

Peophin Desperado Hat

Peophin Desperado Jacket

Peophin Desperado Mask

Peophin Desperado Scarf

Peophin Dominoes

Peophin Ear Guards

Peophin Emblazoned Maractite Shield

Peophin Exercise Headband

Peophin Exercise Tailwarmer

Peophin Fragrant Soap

Peophin Frozen Yogurt

Peophin Fruit Medley

Peophin Fur Spray

Peophin Leg Shields

Peophin Legends

Peophin Lightning Hooves

Peophin Magical Medallion

Peophin Mane Brush

Peophin Mane Clip

Peophin Maractite Helm

Peophin MD

Peophin Nail Varnish

Peophin Pie

Peophin Power!

Peophin Shampoo

Peophin Spy Glasses

Peophin Spy Suit

Peophin Spy Wig

Peophin Squirt Gun

Peophin Tail Loaf

Peophin Tank Top

Peophin Toothbrush

Peophin Transmogrification Potion

Peophin Ultra Battle Mask

Peophin Waverider (TCG)

Peophin Wildlife Shirt

Peophin-shaped Souffle

Peophins on Parade

Pink Lemonade Gummy Peophin

Pink Peony Field Background

Pink Peophin Morphing Potion

Pink Peophin Plushie

Pirate Peophin Plushie

Plaid Peophin Bow

Plaid Peophin Dress

Plushie Peo

Plushie Peo Plushie

Poetry For Peophins

Popular Destinations

Pretty Peophins

Proper Peophin Lady Dress

Proper Peophin Lady Necklace

Proper Peophin Lady Rose

Proper Peophin Lady Wig

Pull Along Peophin

Purple Peophin Gnome

Purple Peophin Lutari Pop

Purple Peophin Morphing Potion

Rainbow Peophin Plushie

Red Peo

Red Peophin Morphing Potion

Red Peophin Plushie

Red Peophin Squishy Plushie

Refreshing Peophin Burger

Rugged Peophin Hat

Sad Peophin Stories

Scary Peophin Tales

Seaweed Peophin Toothpaste

Shadow Peophin Morphing Potion

Shimmering Blue Peophin Bracers

Shimmering Blue Peophin Crown

Shimmering Blue Peophin Dress

Shimmering Blue Peophin Necklace

Silver Peophin Morphing Potion

Sketch Peophin Morphing Potion

Spicy Peophin Burger

Spotted Peo

Tangy Peophin Burger

Tchea Peophin Tail Cookie

The Dark Peophin

The Peophin That Couldnt Swim

The Tricky Ixi

The Wave (TCG)

The Wave Stamp

Time Traveller Peophin Boots

Time Traveller Peophin Hat

Time Traveller Peophin Jacket

Time Traveller Peophin Suit

Time Traveller Peophin Watch

Tobbie Fruit Peophin Tail Cookie

Tyrannian Peophin Plushie

Vanilla Peophin Cookie


White Chocolate Peophin

White Peophin Morphing Potion

Woodland Peophin Morphing Potion

Yellow Peo

Yellow Peophin Morphing Potion

Yellow Peophin Plushie

NC Wishlist

Flower Basket with Straps

Fresh Strawberry Basket

Grass Foreground

Shamrock Tree Foreground

Spring Flower Wig

Zenco the Magnificent Contacts

NC Tradelist

New Years Celebration Background

New Years Hat of Happiness

Colourful Painted Negg Wings

Flower Parasol

Faerieland Entrance Gates

Pretty Poinsettia Trees

New Years in Lost Desert Background

Dropping New Years Glitter Ball

Delicate Lace Garland

Neopet Shaped Topiaries

Flower Bud Vase Foreground

Flower Petal Wings

Negg Pinata

Jeweled Negg Earrings

Regal Gemstone Staff

Handheld Net of Pirate Petpets

Marooned on an Island Background

Crossbone Mask

Pirate Fence

Mynci Defender Symbol Garland

Stained Glass Floor Lamp

Peppermint Queen Wig

Sparkling Peppermint Dust Shower

Among Hearts Background

Gothic Hearts Jacket

Glitter and Trim Wig

Festive Birthday Wig

Land of Gifts Background

Crokabek Garland

Lucky Clover Shower

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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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