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Name: Ryuustar
Nickname: Ryuu
Species: Hallow-salamander
Neo Species: Halloween shoyru
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Ryuu is ridiculous. He has enough energy for all of his family members combined, and is always wearing a smile on his face. Although he is loud and somewhat obnoxious, he is selfless and puts others ahead of himself. Despite being non-violent, he can be a formidable opponent if needed.


In Depth

Ryuustar is a young salamander who seems to be carefree and energetic at first glance. Even those closest to him are not entirely aware of the extent of his insecurities. In a world full of brightly colored creatures, Ryuu still stands out amongst a crowd with his red, white, and black colors. Unlike Cazar, who is brightly colored as a sign that he is dangerous, Ryuu is just brightly colored for a reason he doesn't know. These colors cause him to stand out, and standing out is not good for a salamander.

Ryuustar has survived years of abuse and bullying at the hands of many dragons and serpents. He has a hard time trusting any species other than salamanders, though you would never know this from how he gets along with everyone - he might have fun with them, but he never lets them get close in other regards. The only people he truly trusts are Sieirou and Mikoumoo, and they are the only ones who know what he has endured.

As a salamander, he is considered by serpents and dragons to be less than a citizen. He worked for a noble he will not name since he was a child and this dragon was the cruelest. Ryuu ran away from the city he lived in to escape this noble, and was taken under Mikoumoo's wing as a refugee in the Salamander Rebellion headquarters. Not a participant in the rebellion, but living there nonetheless in order to feel "safe."

Above all, Ryuu fears being alone. He was never treated poorly when surrounded by other people - but when he was alone, he was a target. This has developed a fear to the point of hysteria.


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