welcome to my draik directory.

Hello and welcome to my Draik Directory!
My name is Ryesling and I'm a purple Draik. To many, it's not a very impressive color but I love my color as I'm actually a Grape Draik. I have traveled all around Neopia, meeting people of all cultures but find it particularly interesting to meet other draiks like myself. It's amazing to see so many of us but in different sizes and colors so I decided to make this directory to showcase all of those draiks I have met!

Feel free to explore the page and then adventure out to other pages who are connected with me.

This is a big page so it will take time for the images to load

New Section

Hello. This section used to host the spotlight pet but rl has me too busy to keep up with is. So I'm seeking new ideas for this section. Please neomail me if you have any ideas. Thank you.


Decided to move my pets around and put my hosting pets onto one account. Ryesling was moved but don't worry, everything is back up and running.

New draiks and updates have been made. Also a new Spotlight Draik has been chosen for the month of July.

Many more draiks have been added the past few days AND we have added a new paint color to the directory!! A Camo draik has now been added to the directory!

WE HAVE A SISTER SITE!! Head over to A Plushie Paradise! Taelliy is collect all of the information she can about plushies. She loves them as much as I love draiks.

Another draik has been added to the list and the spotlight has been updated for the month of May.

Hello everyone. A few new draiks were added as well as a new collect. Still having issues with broken images but hopefully Neo will fix that soon.

And we're back!! Had a silent close of the site because of pet images being down. But everything is now back up and running!

More draiks and affiliates have been added to the page! Also, Frozen's deadline to adopt has passed.

Updates have been made to the pages and new buttons have been added. Thank you Missy for your amazing work! :)

More items has been added as well as previews of the what the collector trophies will look like. I hope to get them completed soon.

Draik items have been updated! Debating on how many draik items to add to the section - neomail your opinion.

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NEW IDEA has been added to the page - Collector Trophies! I'm planning on creating different trophies for the number of draiks people own as well as a UFA sign owners can put on their description/petpages. Keep checking back to add them to your pages.

Many draiks have been added to the page! How only have 10 colors and 3 UC slots to fill to have all draik colors added to my directory.

The Directory is officially OPEN! Still have some things to adjust but welcome mat is being rolled out!

Directory layout is complete! Thank you Mahou creators Jewls and Ashe for this amazing layout. :)

Construction of the Draik Directory has officially begun!

We're all about any type of draik


Just a little bit about myself. My name is Ryesling and I'm a purple draik. My mother created me in the summer of 2017 when she got the idea of having a food-themed Draik. She also wanted to combine me with one of her favorite beverages and well... I'll leave you to figure that one out.

I love to travel and experience new cultures as well as interact with the locals, just like mom. I guess that's where my idea of this directory came into place. There were SO many fascinating draiks out there that I started writing them down and now, here is my directory

If you wish to add your draik to this directory, please read the rules and the FAQ's so you better understand how I wish this page to be run. Please fill out the form and neomail me using the link below. Should I not have replied in a few days, please neomail me here.


want to list your draik?
or list a draik who's seeking a home?

  • You must use the form to the right!
  • No UFT or Lab Ray Draiks will be listed.
  • UFA Draiks allowed but must include a rules page.
  • Make sure spelling is correct. entry deleted otherwise
  • If Draik is CrossPaint, only say that base color.
  • Be Kind! I will not add your draik if you're rude
  • Only list draiks that you own

  • FAQ's

    What if my Draik is a permie but will be moving to a different account?
  • I will still add your draik as long as you still own it and don't transfer to another person
  • Can you add my permie Draik to the Draik Life?
  • Yes... Just fill out the form and neomail it to me
  • So, my draik is crossed painted, what do I put for the color?
  • Put the base color. For example, you have a female RoyalBoy Draik with Desert clothes so you put the base color as RoyalBoy. I'm not concerned about gender or customization, just the color.
  • Can we be affiliates?/Do you want to be affiliates?
  • Sure. Just view the end of this page to see how.
  • Is it ok to add multiple Draiks on one form?
  • Yes so long as you state what color each draik is painted.
  • Why can't Draiks being zap get listed?
  • It's because the Lab Ray is very random and could change your Draik into another pet. This is a Draik Directory and i don't want to have a random Uni on my page.
  • Why isn't my Draik listed?
  • There's a few reasons why your draik isn't listed. Either you didn't fill out the form and send it to me, I missed your email/board post OR you were rude and I don't promote rudeness so your draik wasn't added. Just resubmit the form should your draik be missing from the page.
  • Can I add a Draik that's coming home to me?
  • I would prefer that you wait until you own the Draik as things tend to happen we don't prepare for. If it's getting transferred within the week, then I might consider it.

  • If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to Neomail Me. Thank you.
























































    Swamp Gas









    UC Darigan

    UC Faerie

    UC Plushie

    UC RoyalBoy

    UC RoyalGirl

    UC Tyrannian

    draik history

    The Draik ("drake") is a little dragon native to Meridell that is seen by many pet owners as a symbol of wealth due to their rarity and subsequent price. The Draik was released to the Neopia world back on Jun 25, 2002. This is a scaly Neopet that walks on two clawed feet. It is easily recognizable by its large ears (which are split into two parts, a little like those of the Acara), the whiskers sprouting from near its nostrils, and its wide wings. It has spiky ridges along its spine that reach down its long tail. At 100cm, it is larger than the majority of Neopets.

    some famous draiks

  • miles is the intellectual Draik who runs the Wheel of Knowledge. His charming smile entices many Neopians into spending 400 NP on a daily spin.
  • Swordsmaster Talek is an expert in Maraquan weapons, and a military officer for King Kelpbeard. He made a name for himself during the underwater city's clash with the pirates.
  • Valrigard was once a knight of Meridell, but was erroneously accused of a weighty crime and imprisoned in the castle dungeons. You can find him in Escape from Meridell Castle, apparently not bothering to wait for a lawyer.
  • Altador Cup fans can cheer for Draik player Luvea Trivon (Team Lost Desert). Older fans might remember Cawley Embith (Team Altador).
  • all possible draik colors

    awaiting colors

    unconvereted draik colors

    in loving UC memory..

    how to obtain a draik

    hatching an egg

    Draiks can be hatched by obtaining a Draik Egg at MeriFoods in Meridell. Their rarity varies from 95 to 99. These can also be obtained through the Trading Post or Auction. Prices vary on color.
    Draik Eggs can only be hatched at the Draik Nest.

    using a potion

    Morphing an existing pet is another way to get a Draik. To do this, you can use morphing potions or transmogrification potion. Morphing potions can cost millions of Neopoints, and are often more than the cost of an egg. They do come in a wider variety of colours.


    Trading and/or adopting a pre-made draik is another way to obtain them. With this method, you won't be able to choose the name you want unless the person you're trading with is doing a custom on a brand new pet.
    Seeking Draiks - Click on image to visit project petpage

    UC Faerie Draik

    Username: sliver_dragon1
    Gender: Female
    extra notes: NA


    Username: ??
    Gender: Unknown
    extra notes: None


    Username: ??
    Gender: Unknown
    extra notes: None


    Username: ??
    Gender: Unknown
    extra notes: None


    Username: ??
    Gender: Unknown
    extra notes: None


    Username: ??
    Gender: Unknown
    extra notes: None
    Draik Collectors Trophies
    Under Construction


    Own 1-6 Draiks
    For those of you who only have a few draiks. We can see that you definitely like draiks but not as obsessed with them as you might be with other pets.


    Own 7-12 Draiks
    Your love for draiks is starting to show. This is considered to be the beginning level of draik lovers as you now have close to two accounts full of draiks. You could add more but find yourself still drawn to other kinds of pets.

    The Collector

    Own 13-18 Draiks
    You absolutely love draiks, that's evident by you having at least two and a half accounts full of draiks. But it also shows that you have a love for other kinds of pets as well. You could add more but you could also add other pets. There's still hope that your collection won't over power you..

    Draik Hoarder

    Own 19-24 Draiks
    You are the Smaugs of the draik world. Your collection is never complete even though your liar no longer has room for more treasures. You're never satisfied and continue to want to add to your draik treasure but also love the treasure you currently have as well.

    Draik Master

    Own 25+ Draiks
    You live and breath draik. No other pet species has room in your life. Though you see other pets around, you are always looking for draiks. You are a true master and lover of the pet and no other pet comes close. 100% Obsessed

    UFA Sign

    Draiks Up For Adoption
    This is a sign you can place on your UFA draik's description page that will link back to this page. It's a way for you to show off that you're trying to rehome your amazing pet to an amazing home.

    some draik items


    Daring Draiks

    Draik Ditties

    Draik Legends

    Draik Magic

    Draik Secrets

    Draik Tales

    Hatching a Draik Egg

    History of the Desert Draik

    Popular Draik Names

    Tales of the Desert Draik

    The Draik

    The Loneliest Draik

    The Velveteen Draik

    The Way of the Draik


    Chocolate Draik Lollypop

    Chocolate Draik Wing

    Dark Chocolate Draik

    Lemon Draik Lollypop

    Lime Draik Lollypop

    Milk Chocolate Draik

    Milk Chocolate Draik

    Strawberry Draik Lollypop

    Sugar Draik Skull

    White Chocolate Draik


    Chraming Pink Draik Gown

    Elegant Draik Dress

    Enchanted Draik Cape

    Evening Draik Dress

    Draik Archer Trousers

    Draik Archer Tunic

    Draik Boxer Shirt

    Draik Boxer Trousers

    Draik Sorceress Belt and Tunic

    Draik Sorceress Cape

    Draik Sorceress Skirt

    Draik Survivalist Pants

    Draik Survivalist Shirt

    Draik Survivalist Vest

    Draik Traveller Pants

    Draik Traveller Shirt and Jacket

    Lady Draik Lower Armour

    Lady Draik Upper Armour

    Martial Draik Coat

    Martial Draik Trousers

    Mysterious Draik Jacket

    Mysterious Draik Trousers

    Red Draik Dress

    Tribal Draik Dress

    Shrouded Draik Shirt and Sash

    Shrouded Draik Trousers

    Superwoman Jacket

    Superwoman Draik Pants


    Baby Draik Plushie

    Blue Draik Plushie

    Brown Draik Plushie

    Chocolate Draik Plushie

    Desert Draik Plushie

    Draik Guard Plushie

    Glowing Draik Plushie

    Ghost Draik Plushie

    Green Draik Plushie

    Mutant Draik Plushie

    Orange Draik Plushie

    Pink Draik Plushie

    Red Draik Plushie

    Royal Boy Draik Plushie

    Royal Girl Draik Plushie

    Shadow Draik Plushie

    Yellow Draik Plushie









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