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Welcome to my screenie page. I've been making screenies for over a year, but I procrastinate when it comes to actually uploading them.

I have over 300 screenies, so I recommend keeping this open in another window/tab so you can do something while the page loads.

If you want to know when a certain screenie was made, check the image's properties and look at the URL. (MMDDYY.) URLs that don't have the date were made before 2007.

If I left /your/ username, pet's name, guild ID/name, shop/gallery ID in a screenie, and /you/ don't want it mentioned, neomail me so I can remove it ASAP.

If you have any comments, /legitimate/ criticisms, or want to rate my screenies (formally or not); feel free to neomail me.

2/16/08: Made a banner. Added it to the bottom of the page. And I've had a counter up for quite a while, too lazy to mention it though. Yes I've been making screenies, just haven't uploaded any recently. 12/29/07: Finished what I wanted to finish. May need to proof for errors.

::Random Events::

Go HERE to visit my house. I might not be home, so my grandma might greet you instead. :P

I've always wondered how those taste. *carefull licks the top leaf of the negg; wakes up two minutes later on an ambulance stretcher* o.0

Yellow Acara: My EYES!!1 They BURN!

Native #1: 30 bucks that SSS will win B)

That hairspray is gonna damage the ozone layer! Psh, and she calls herself an air faerie. Destroy the atmosphere, why don't ya?

Ghost Lupe: Where's my water-wingies when I need them? ;_;

Fyora: *puts it in the hidden tower for 2 million NP along* Sucker. $_$

Grundo Leader: *swinging rolled-towel in circles* CAR WASH! Workin' at the Car Wash, yeah! Come on and sing it with me: CAR WASH! *whips towel against car* Woo-ooh-hoo...

Swamp Ghoul: *picks up guest 's diary* "Dear Diary..." OMG, this stuff is gold! HAHAHA! I'm gonna publish THIS!

=( And the next day Ruu and Theo never did come out of the restroom...

Getting the right glasses will be a pain =C

Dark Faerie: o3o *sits on bike* Now how am I supposed to move those pedals without legs?

Oh great, now by entire deck is all soggy. *complain*

Mika: Can I touch your briefcase?
Nigel: No.
Carassa: Can I touch your cell phone?
Nigel: Uh, no.
Mika: Can I touch your toupee?

o_o Right...

Grundo Leader: *playing with Hula Usuki and a toy dreamcar* Working at the car wash...

Ruu: (offended) Low fat?! ;_;

Grundo Leader: *tries to grab kacheek out of snowglobe, but the glass globe prevents him to* o3o *tries again but fails* M-Ginger Smliten-forth! *smashes it on ground* =3=

An invisible man stealing your ca-ching. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Nuh-nuh-nuh-NUH.

*puts on bullseye hat, and an arrow immediately gets shot at it* O_o *takes it off*

Grundo Leader: *hands it to Dr. Sloth*
Frank Sloth: Yes, yes... step one is complete }=D

You heard the Lupe. Leave this page. ;)

Fire Faerie: Do you want stat points or not? =_=

Zombie: That'll be a charge of one brain, please. 0:)

Me: *puts cracker on head and a torpedo immediately get launched at it* 0_0 *takes it off*

Grundo Leader: *hands it to Dr. Sloth*
Frank Sloth: Yes, yes... step two is complete }=D

Streaky Bacon: *throws off its foil-wrap and starts running around the block* WOOHOO!

Blue Shoyru: *barely misses my head* Bah, so close ;_;

*free-falling* WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-- *splat*

Ruu: Who wants my autograph? =D

And thus the Petpetpet Protection League was born.
(Okay, so they're not officially petpetpets, but still o3o)

Grundo Leader: *hands it to Dr. Sloth*
Frank Sloth: Yes, Yes... the final step! *starts putting make-up on Usuki* Oh you'll be the most beautiful Usuki EVER.
Grundo Leader: o_O'

Ryshu: Sorry SSS, I already ate lunch...

Grundo Leader: Erm... by any chance, did you use this toothbrush?
Me: Yes.
Grundo Leader: *scowls*
Me: I mean no ^_^; It's safe to use. *backs away*

Monocerous: Jubjubs are part of a wholesome, balanced breakfast! *cheesy smile and thumbs-up*

o3o *sticks hand through window, and it doesn't come out of the other side* o.0

First she asks for a sweater while she's underwater, and now she can't even find what she already has on. ~_~;


First my deck gets all soggy, and now it's spread in flames ;_;

Fyora: *sigh* Not even the U-Bend Of Great Justice can fix THIS clogged toilet. T_T

Inferno Mollusk: I'm on Fi-yah!

Monocerous: *licks lips* Mmm...

Fire faeries swimming, and water faeries gardening. What next? Earth faeries lighting meadows on fire???

I repeat: Is THAT a monkey?!

Me: *takes a bite of the sandwich, and then realizes it has cheese in it* BROTHER??? What have they done to you!!! T_T

Sick Kyrii: *twisted look on face* ^_____0###
Grundo Leader: ... *backs off*

Poogle: Well that's not SOUP-er =(


Right Stocking: *dancing about* It's getting hot in here, So take y-- *accidentally shakes loose from nail it's hanging on, and falls into fireplace*

Ruu: It's raining neopoints! *one lands in his mouth, down his throat* KAH! *passes out*

Strawberry Kacheek Head: Don't eat meeeee! ;-;

Me: *sneaks baby paintbrush off table* IDidNotTakeThePaintBrush! *runs away*
Mika: ...?

Dr. Sloth: Psh, is THAT supposed to be a drawing of MY /GORGEOUS/ face?! I'm insulted! Vaporize him, Miss Magical Hair Usuki.
Me: O_o; *looks over at Usuki*
Magical Hair Usuki: *pointing a vaporizing lazer gun at me*
Me: o_O;

Jimmi: *bounces off trampoline* Whee!
Woogi: *bounces off trampoline* Whee!
Jimmi: *bounces down, but misses the trampoline*
Woogi: O_O Jimmi go splat?
Jimmi: Jimmi go splat.
Woogi: O_o"

*throws codestone at Acara* OWND! *picks it up, and runs off*

Later I sold it and used the NP to buy ourselves KitKat :p


You can tell that dude has been *pause* SNOTTY! Get it? I said snotty instead of naughty! Hehe... *wipes tear* Sometimes I make myself laugh...

Uggsul: Ugg Ugg Ranuthe Veravu! (Translation: guest , you're wasting your time reading these screenies. Go on and do something meaning ful in your life.)

Ruu: *knitting a blanket when suddenly a huge three-dimensional cereal box drops from the sky onto him* ... *twitch*

Ruu: Hey guest , what are you doing here? *looks at screenie* SSS! TAKE THAT DOWN THIS INSTANT! :K

An invisible wolf, threatening YOU. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Nuh-nuh-nuh-NUH!

Cotton Candy, Candy Apples-- EVERYTHING tastes better on a stick.

Potato: Psh, if I'm gonna die, AT LEAST could you ready some sour cream?

Why'd someone write a book about their 1st Shovel?? It makes not sense!

That's definitely not gonna make Ruu's health any *pause* GUTTER! Haha, there I go again. *wipes tear*
(Obviously the image was editted to make his neck longer.)

I couldn't get it last year thanks to a strict bedtime. XP


This takes "unfairly frozen" to another level xD

I seriously doubt I'll EVER get that down to 100. :O

*stealthily snatches asparagus off obelisk; it activates a trap* Shoot! *runs off with boulder rolling after me*

Fire faeries hanging out underwater, water faeries wanting books about gardening and shovels, air faeries asking me for CFC-induced hairspray, and now a dark faerie wants a kawaii kite. I'm still waiting for an earth faerie to ask me for a fire jug.


Being dead it's surprising Coltzan takes the time to apply eyeliner every day.

Me: *hands the Techo-Master the codestone* Raise Ruu & Theo in attack please :3
Techo-Master: That's a choconillaberry toffee piece o_o;
Me: *realizes it's toffee* If that's my toffee, then what did I eat for lunch?...

I. Am. Not. Marrow. Pie. Grr.

Choco, Taco. Taco, Choco. Choco in the taco, taco in for choco! Taco made with choco, choco surely made for tacos! n_n Yaay.

Grarrl's Dentures: HELP! I can't swim, I'm drowning! ;_;

Onion Ice Cream. The only type of ice cream that actually makes kids cry.

Me: What makes those berries so magical in the first place? *casually pops one in mouth, and goes into a coma*
Theo: See? Magic.

What do you mean a rare artifact? It's just a yellow snowball-- OMG, why is it yellow?

One less mortog makes a Less-tog. o3o

Pocket #1: (in a silly mood) HA! SSS keeps his wallet in me. I'm the favourite. :p
Pocket #2: (aggressive mood) Then explain why he keeps his cell phone AND used tissue in me I dare you explain why oh you got nothing huh you got nothin' what now Mr. "I'm his favourite look at me with my wallet" WHAT?! *heavy breathing*
Pocket #1: (hurt) *looks away dejectedly* Sh-shut up. *sniff*

Dweams weally do come twue :3

Pant Devil: Now I can be one of them hip sk8er boys! B)

Pant Devil: Whaa... what is this? Is THIS berry half-eaten? I'm-- I'm not eating this. It's unsanitary, I'm not risking my health by eating this piece of garb-- *stuffs it in his mouth* What? Never saw some guy eat before?

If you call 1k decent...

A fish. And a stick. A fish-stick. How creative is THAT?

Omelette: I'm delish ;)

Who in the right mind jellies their eggs? I mean, gross. X_X

Abom-Snowball: *getting thrown* Goo'bye cweul, cweul wuld *crashes against snowager*

Ruu: -_-; You know the medical bill will be well-over 800NP right?

A jackpot of 7k. Boy I'm lucky. *rolleyes*

Lava Ghoul: Oh... y'still burned! *flies off*

Squid: I've got my eye on you.

Never Trust Success Baby"-- Quoth Shrew.

Don't cry Ruu, you might electrocute yourself.

*spends the next five years building a time machine; finally finishes* There :D Now I can go back in time and prevent myself from wasting that one second. n_n

Ruu: *electrocuted* -_-
Me: Told you.

Well if that one word is all you need to write a song, I supposed it's likewise when it comes to jokes ^_^;

Okay, okay, it didn't /really/ make sense, but at least it makes more sense than that "baby" joke...

Woah. I just realized Skarl's tongue is as big as his hands. 0_0;

Okay, okay, so this game is actually based on luck, but it's still a good score...

How can a faerie that stays underwater all day keep her hair so manageably fluffy? :O


Here's my problems with the Golden Stalk. Firstly, it's a vegetable. Secondly, it's a vegetable made out of rock. Thirdly, coating a rock-like vegetable in sugar won't make it more edible.

*finds a billion NP on the floor* Woah, that Tombola-dude was right, the kindness sure did come back to me :O

Apple: OH EM GEE IM BEIN EETN ALIVE BY WURMS LYK ONG SUM1 DO SUMTHIN, IM DYIN!!... but on a more positive note I've never had such a great figure before n_n

RIGGED! *tosses pebble and runs off*

Hagan: Wait... like that's some sorta figure of speech you youngins are usin' these days to describe the properties of physics, yes?

Ruu: *cheesy smile* Well I don't wanna electrocute myself with my tears again....
(This screenie was taken before customisable pet images had emotions.)

Spyder: Who ja' callin' four eyes?! :K

Hagan: *switches into his ninja/robot/fairy-princess outfit* Give me your best shot, scum-wad.
Meepit: O_O
Hagan: What? I got something in my teeth-- *falls dead*

Or wait, was he saying I had a small head?

King Skarl: *thinking while laughing out loud* If this game wasn't based on luck, he'd sooo be in the dungeon.

My dad called me over to eat lunch while I was doing the crossword, if you're wondering how that's possible...

Ruu: Yay I'm soooo strong :D
Me: Further proof that this game is rigged. *sips coffee* Ruu: -_-#

If the pant devil steals pants, and the pant devil stole my bacon-omelette, then what does that make my bacon omelette? o_O;

Kiosk Wocky: We have a winner! *cough*loser*cough*

Me: *cough*Sir Count Pantless*cough*
Von Roo: Vat? Customization vasn't out before I was drrawn.

Me: *splashes acid on Skarl's face thinking it's water and witnesses the dreadful effects* Ooh... I'm gonna be... mosin' along now... to Brightvale... yyyeah... *runs off*

Princess: Thank you sooo much :3
Me: *looks away from her modestly* Well, it wasn't much really...
Princess: *picks up cash and avatar and tiptoes away unnoticed*
Me: ... though I guess it's all in a day's work...

Pompous much? Stealing an item based on himself...

Talk about a nasty papercut...

Arnold: And to cover the costs of the machine, one Gnar should do it. }=D

o3o ... *chucks artichoke at Snowager* PWND AGAIN! *runs off*

Pant Devil: Hi there little gnome, what's your name? :3
Gnome: What do you mean "what's your name"? Don't you 'gno-mee'?

*no comment*

Snails in sub: TAKE US WITH YOU! T_T

Air-Faerie: Not enough air... in bottle *passes out*

T_T It was only worth 900NP. Better than most prizes but still.

This would make a GREAT soap opera! I think I'm gonna call it "Cardboard Boxy and Me".

Grarrl: What? Floss wasn't invented yet...

Pant Devil: And I dub you as my most faithful guard :3
Gnomey: O_o

When you think of it in a different perspective it looks as if that Gruslen had an unpeeled banana in its mouth...

Puppyblew: Hey, why don't /I/ get a banana in /my/ mouth??? :K Ever stop to think /I/ want a banana as well? /I/ have needs to you know, what about /my/ needs???

OMG, that's the best trick TNT has ever pulled on me and I wasn't even expecting it XD

Me: Eww, so you've been eati--
Ruu: Not that green stuff.
Me: Oh so you mean--
Ruu: Not that green stuff either.
Me: Which means you've b--
Ruu: Yes that green stuff.
Me: Oh... *confused*

I need something to wash that out with *guzzles down the stew and then remembers it's toenail soup* -_-;


Me no like faerie avvies. Icky :C
*pulls the plug and a lava spouts out of it, and hits my face* o_o *blinks*

I Got a fish negg at the beginning of the game! Or should I say end because the negg goes to... nevermind -_-

It doesn't happen to me anymore, though I wonder why it did in the first place *unsure*

Rainbow guns so pwn B)

Dark Faerie: *receives ball* =3 *bounces ball* =3 *bounces it again* =3

Meerca: Neggs go straight to my tail. ;_;

That's one of the first screenies I've ever made, if you're wondering why it's so crappy.

WOOT! I creamed them all on the last second and got a supah' rad score!!!1

The score finally got accepted on the 2nd, so I got my bronze pack-of-deli then two :P

Is it me, or do those trophies look like packaged turkey slices? xD

I got my self a shiny bronze trophy :3 *pets it a few times, and it suddenly blasts a pirate tenna right at your screen* Oopsie. ^^;

Little People: *floating on "dubloon" while getting sucked down the whirlpools* We're floating on Chocolate Island! We're floating on Chocolate Island!

Power Negg: *getting sucked down through the black hole* I'mTooYoungToDie! ;-;

Umm, why is Tomato Sauce oozing out of that broken-down car's fuel tank? o__O"

Fuh-root-ast-ick! =3

Wow, at this rate, that stone car will KO us all with his 'cutting the cheese.

Ugh, that guy is taking 'hit the gas' a little bit too literally...

I just noticed now that Kasuki Lu kinda looks like a yam o3o

Mmm. A'splodin' pizza pastries. Just like mom used to make.

*heavy breathing*

Arm: *rips itself out of the clone's elbow socket* Goodbye sucker! Heheheheh! *jumps in a cab, and they speed away*

*clicks the Techo's eye* o3o *it falls out* o.0

Where did that blue puddle under him come from?...

I think the Grarrl had an accident...

^_^ You can figure it out. ;D

Techo Cup Fanatic: ONG HOO THROO DIS CAMRU AT ME HOOEVR DID WL B SOZ SRY!!!111341eleven!1

I know my cropping skills stink, get used to it.

I got that after pushing a ton of buttons during Tug o' war :P

Sloth Head: ONG where did my body go???

*does my happy dance while the meerca and fish negg gets sucked into the black-hole*

::Sim Chat::

Buh-nah-nuhz. :O
(The funny thing is that I'm really allergic to them.)

Turns out it was at the Tiki Tack Shop. NO ONE would have EVER thought of checking there. X_X

Mystic: Ok, that'll be a charge of 2800NP, please. }=D

Do I has a goodly singing voice or what? B)

This is a job for Pepto-Bismol!

I knew I shouldn't have colored it with a sharpie...

I blame the pollution of Kiko Lake!!! DOWN WITH POLLUTION! Wooooo! Woot.

Can I be a goodly analyzerist or what? B)

*starts rubbing to pickle slices together* o3o

Today's Neopian Haiku is:
Give me that piece of the treasure map!!! Oh, and leaf falls, solitude.

Ruu: *takes off hat, and has no fur under* o_o

guest : *quickly picks nose*

I know this screenie is a tad hard to read. Follow the asteriks to find out where to skip to. :/

*checks NPv2's lookup* ONG ITZ JENDUR EESH MEEPIT!1

If you want to chat with NPV2, click HERE.