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My little snout wiggled to the ground, taking me on an adventure. I took to the playground, or Danny's room, where everything was there to play with. Or everything was breakable. I dunno, I often forget. Hi. I'm Rudy, a baby lupe. My name may say 'Ruby' on my Look-up, but I had my name changed. MY NAME IS RUDY! I was zapped baby on 10-25-06. Let's go into the information about, well, me! I start my day with a bowl of- oh wait, I think I hear Indigo calling. Hold on.

Indigo is my older brother. He's a fire lupe. He's real mean looking, and acting too, but he can be nice too! He is the lead guitar dude in his band and the lead vocals. His band is called 'Neoback'. Once he let me on stage! He played a song while I climbed on his shoulder and waved to the crowd. It was so much fun! But that was when I was younger and smaller.

Anyway, my favorite color is purple, but I'm mostly blue. Oh well... Danny, my Mommy, still thinks I look adorable! ^_^ I like to play games with my favorite brother, Indigo, even though he doesn't like to play with me back. So I just go outside and practise my powers.

My powers are control of water. I can make water in a cup float and descend. But I can only do small things with water. I'm not too good and I need more practise. Another power I have is wind. I can form wind with my arm movements. But so far, I can only make a subtle breeze. But now I can mix breeze with water and form a cloud! It's so cool! I can also fly, well, float for a short period of time. It's not too easy, really.

There's another lupe I know, with a kind owner, Crystal. The lupe's name is Baby Lupey, and he's also a really good friend of mine. Although, my older sister Skye, hates him, we can still hang around and stuff! He's real great! So is Axloy, another baby lupe I know!

Baby Lupey,actually is my brother! Neat, eh? We hang out and do stuff that babies gets in trouble for all the time! Axlot too! Usually our punishment is that Skye throws rocks at Axloy, chokes Lupey to death by using his hankercheif as a tissue, and dunking my head in the toilet... oh wait, she does that all the time.


I don't know who my real parents are. Indigo and I were abandoned at the peak of Terror Mountain. Baby Lupey wasn't there. He's our long lost brother, but he wasn't at that terrible scene. It was cold, scary, frightening, and I just wanted to die right there. What else could I do? I started to cry. Indigo was half dead, trying to keep me warm. It was hard to share body heat when I could barley exchange. I would be warm, but Indigo would.... die.

A light shined through the blizzard. A type of search light, maybe a flashlight. Indigo, wtih all of his strenghth, got up, and bellowed out to the light source. When he howled, fire came out of his mouth. Black fire. He was fire lupe, that could shoot fire. See a corralation? Anyway, the light source came closer in a trot. It was a human. I think she said her name was 'Danny'. Danny picked me up and but me in a pouch she had. Then a Shadow Gelert with wings was attached to a small sled. This Gelert's name was Fang.

Indigo fell from weakness. Danny carefully tried to pick him up and set him in the sled pack on the sled. "Fang, let's go before these two die." She said. Fang started out in a trot, but then his wings opened up to take flight. I was flying! I never flew before! It felt so.... terrible! I wanted to get down. I cried out in fright. Fang's ears swiveled back. "Do they want me to land?" He asked bitterly. Danny replied. "No, we'll get lost in the blizzard. We have to keep going." Indigo had enough strength now to realize that he was flying. He growled at Danny. "Where are we, human?" He said in a type of threat. Danny saw smoke from the ground, her cabin. She directed Fang to fly down. "Home." She smiled.

It was quite a bit of relief when we landed. I breathed calmly now. Indigo, as soon as we landed, lept out of the sled and growled. "I don't know what you want with us, but trust me, if you do anything to hurt me or Rudy, I swear I'll-" "She's not gonna hurt you, brat." Said a shadow Gelert, standing in front of us. "I'm Auburn." He said in a growl. Danny snapped. "Auburn, I don't need this right now." She said. Auburn shrugged. "Eh, you want me to bring the rest of the family?" He asked, angered. Danny nodded.

Just then, an Electric Gelert, and a Shadow lupe all came out, followed by Auburn. Indigo raised his hackles, but lowered them at the sight of Flair, the shadow lupe. "Finally," he said, "Another Lupe." He smiled, and bowed in a Lupe manner. "M'lady." Everyone laughed at him, except for Flair, who bowed back, "Sir." They all looked at Flair. "It's a Lupe thing." She said, protecting Indigo from humiliation. Flair seemed nice, but there was something abouth er cyan eyes that told me that she was trouble. She spotted me. "Your daughter?" Flair asked with a snicker. I dared to speak up. "I'm his sister." I smiled.

Indigo hushed me down. I guess he didn't want me to speak because /he/ was frightened, although he wouldn't admit it. "Come inside." Danny said, unhitching Fang from the sled and shooing the other pets in the house. The house was nice when we got in. Spacious, yet cozy. All of the pets sat in a circle around the fireplace as Danny served them soup. She then put a blanket around me and Indigo, so we could warm up. Then she set two bowls of soup next to us to eat. "It will help you two gain strenghth. Eat up." Then Danny had a small helping of soup herself. But I could tell she hated it. "So," Skye, the Electric Gelert started, "how long do you guys plan on staying?" Indigo got up and scooted me towards the door. "We're leaving now.

Auburn, the skulking shadow Gelert, spoke up. "So, you're just using Danny for food and leaving? Ha! I laugh at your pitiful attempt." He added with a smart remark. I ran back towards Danny's side, trusting her a bit. "I want to stay Indigo." I said. Indigo looked suprised. He then growled at me. "Before Mom and Dad went missing, they put me in charge of you. I'm the boss, and we're going home!" He snarled. Flair frowned. "You don't want to stay?" Indigo replied with a quick "No." Auburn snickered. "Typical." Knowing Indigo, he would of took that as a challenge. "You want to start something?!" He barked. Auburn got up, his paws blaring a black color. "Gladley." I dug my nose into Danny's side. "Please stop them." I pleaded.

Danny got up and pushed Auburn to the side and pressed her hand down on Indigo's shoulder. She pointed to Auburn. "You will stop your taunting now!" She snapped. Auburn rolled his eyes and sat. Then Danny turned to my big brother. "You can't leave now Indigo. There's a blizzard approaching. You'll die out there." Indigo snorted at her remark. "Fine, but I'm leaving when this storm is over. Rudy too." He said, pointing at me. I hiccupped.


~~~ It turned out that we stayed months after the storm. I grew a little bigger, but not by much. The cabin was a great place to grow up and develop. I loved it there, as did Indigo. But sadly, we had to move from our Cabin home because Danny could afford a house down in Pet Central. Indigo seemed even more miserable.

The trip was rough, but worth it. Indigo was dissapointed to leave his first home, but I was excited! The home we went to was like the cabin, big but cozy. As soon as we unpacked, Danny directed us across the street to her old friend, Crystal. Crystal had a Faerie Xweetok named Alla, a spotted Gelert named Gelert, who Skye, the Electric Gelert, started to flirt with, Rizito, a ghost lupe, Liienah, a cloud Gelert, and Axloy and Lupey, two baby lupes just like me! Well, Axloy was a baby Starry lupe, but he was a baby! I could meet Shade, Axloy, and Lupey! It was great. Shade was a baby Faerie Ogrin with a lupe tail and Lupey was just a baby Lupe. But I couldn't ask for better friends.

~~ It turns out that if Danny never found me and Indigo, I wouldn't be here now, lying against a tree practicing my powers with my new friends. I'd probably be dead, as would Indigo. Even Indigo didn't regret either that he decided to stay after the storm. But we still dream about seeing our real parents. All in all, I'm happy, Indigo's happy, and we couldn't of wished for anything better.


Indigo and I took a trip to the park one day. Who we met was a Lupe named Shadow, and his partner, Light. They were an Alpha pair of a very nice pack. Indigo did not like them... especially Shadow. He tried to pick a fight. I was terrified of him. He looked menecing. I hid behind Light, who protected me. I liked the two. They were nice, but Indigo hated them. But out of weakness and happiness, I asked, "Will you foster me and Indigo.?" They were proud and excepted.. which made Indigo even more furious.

(To be continued)


Clones of me! Thanks everyone who made these. (un-custom)
Clones of me! Thanks everyone who made these. (custom)

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