My name is Rot_Gut. I am an Usul. You can often spot me and my friends running through the tree tops in Neopia Central. That is where we love to play hide and seek and tag. I am very good at tag as I am so fast and strong, did you know my speed is 8!

I think I am a very outgoing friendly Usul, I always stop and say Hi to passers by and try to help out anyone I see in trouble. I am very loyal to my friends and family, but I hate it when people lie to me. Anyone that lies is a very bad person, and I am afraid I will never be able to trust that person again!

I think I am quite fit and healthy. My owner, reignofhalls makes me work out in the Gym and practice in the Battledome to keep in shape. Currently I have 11 hit points, which isn't at all bad! I am also pretty smart with an intelligence of 10 (Usul's are naturally talented:)).

What a Super Wonderful Day!

I just love to look my best, to keep my fur in such great condition I often pop down to the Grooming Parlour It really is the best place to get hold of all the best grooming supplies. Much more reliable than the Wishing Well! You want your Usul to look its best, right? Here are some of the best grooming supplies that Neopoints can buy.
Floss Looky Me! Gold Brush Lipstick Red in the Face Conditioner is Better Big Brush for Bad Fur Days Neopian Bath

A well-groomed Usul is a very happy Usul, not to mention a very popular Usul. Though it's not really mentioned anywhere, us Usuls know that NeoGlo Super Hold Hairspray is not healthy for our fur, especially if we want to win the Beauty Contest or look our best.

WARNING : There is Transmogrification Potion going around for Usuls. It looks like this:

If you give one to your pet, it will look like this:
For your Usul's sake, please keep an eye out for these disgusting things.

There are many famous Usuls in Neopia, such as my personal hero, Ursula Usul of Gormball fame.

Nice Catch!

As you can tell, us Usuls all have one thing in common, which is to be the best at whatever we put our little tails to. But Ursula is the ultimate Usul in Neopia. It's pretty much all about Usul Power!

Not all Usuls are friendly, love grooming, and helping others... well, there's one Usul out there that we should all be very afraid of. *GULP* The Shadow Usul.

Slowly Creeping...

From the Gallery of Evil: The Shadow Usul only appears at night, and has mainly been spotted in and around Neopia Central. What her motives are we have no idea, but we suggest you keep your wits about you.

Do You Dare Read This?

You have been warned....

Usul Power in Sakhmet!

All in all, Usuls are one of the greatest NeoPets... so next time you are passing through the forest, look up into the trees and you will find us smiling at you, and if you are cold or hungry, well, we'll open our doors to you. Remember: It's pretty much all about Usul Power! Also, remember our three secret weapons : The Eyes, The Hair, and The Tail. When combined it packs quite a punch. Don't be fooled by any Usul's good looks. Oh, one more thing: Just because I'm well-groomed doesn't mean I can't have fun! I enjoy a game or Deckball just as much as the next person... I just like to look good doing it :)
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