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Welcome everyone ♥

Welcome to Rosilly's button page. I'm Ana and super new to button making. I would really like to improve more so feel free to request buttons :)


  • April 16th 2017 | | Customs temporarily unavailableA bunch of requests have reached me in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I am not able to do any right now since my brand new laptop (less than a year old) broke down. I am out of country until June and don't want to fix it here since i still have warranty on it. I am using my bfs laptop for neo and my work laptop for uni and stuff. But my bfs laptop is super slow so it's hard to make requests or even work with it. i hope you understand ♥
  • September 30th 2017 | | FinallyI have decided to reopen the button requests cos I really miss making them. Feel free to request buttons again ♥
  • September 30th 2017 | | So I have been in America for almost two month now and I have to admit that you guys work way more than we do - lol. Anyway - university hit me hard and I haven't been on neo a lot. I managed to finish all open button request today. And I am so so SOOO sorry that it took that long. I just haven't had time for neo. Requests will stay closed for a while, although I am really missing making buttons. I will try to get back to neo and open the request within a month again. But I can't promise anything yet. ♥
  • August 13th 2017 | | I have arrived in the states and have had some issues with my internet - as well as my schedule. I will finish all requests I have gotten until now but it might take a while - I am sorry for letting you wait. I have also decided to close the requests for a while until I have the others finished. ♥
  • August 4th 2017 | | I have moved back to my parents and I'm heading off abroad soon (to most of your guys' home country). I am taking button requests (and still have plenty to finish) but I might take a bit longer. Hope you don't mind ♥
  • July 6th 2017 | | This page's has been finally been upated with the amazing layout from Mahou! Thanks a lot for creating this awesome layout for me ♥
  • 01.02.2015 | | this update box has invisible scroll
    I got this awesome new layout from Mahou today. It's so beautiful and modern. I'm loving it so far. I think everyone should get one. I'm going to use every kind of layout I can. XD
  • Request something maybe?

    requesting rules

  • Please DO NOT steal or claim the art as your own
  • Please link me somewhere (I don't mind if it's not right next to the button but somewhere on your pages would be nice)

  • If you want to request a button, you can either pick border, font and effect by yourself or let me decide. You can also pick an image from various images on neopets or leave it to me again!
    It doesn't matter how you decide, I will always try to make the best button I can.

    Pick a border?

    Pick an effect?

    Pick a font?

    Please note that not ALL fonts will work woth your text. This is an array of fonts you can pick from. If the font doesn't work with your desired text, I will contact you.

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