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Night had finally settled upon the streets of... wherever you were. You were unaware of your exact location, or how you ended up here, and nothing about the curious city looked familiar to you. You searched the city looking for a bus stop, or a taxi, or anything that could get you back safely to your Neopia Central home, but found nothing. All you could find was a nearby clock that read... oh my, was it really that late? Surely there must be some way to return home... But it looked hopeless. You sighed and dug your nails into your head in frustration, then flopped down on a nearby bench in front of an old auditorium. You were so overwhelmed with stress, you even felt a small tear roll down your cheek.
A few minutes had gone by. You soon noticed a man exiting the auditorium; it was too dark to really get a good look at him. He approaches you.
I couldn't help but notice how frustrated you looked, he said. His voice was a little rough, yet strangely soothing. Is something wrong?
Yes, you replied. I have no idea where I am, and I really need to get back to Neopia Central.
You're in the town of Verston. And I'm afraid the next bus to Neopia Central won't be here for about 40 more minutes, he said. You were about to sigh, but a terribly cold breeze out of nowhere took you by surprise. Instead, you began to shiver.
You look cold, the man said. Why don't you come on into the auditorium? We just finished our final performance for the night, but refreshments are still available. I know a warm cup of tea always does it for me on nights like these.
You agreed to follow the man into the building.
Upon entering the auditorium, you marvelled at how large it was. A beautiful chandelier hung high above the lobby, sparkling elegantly from angle to angle. To your left, there were two large doors, and glancing through the tiny windows on the doors, you could see a magnificent stage, draped with long, red curtains. You were left nearly speechless by the magnificent old auditorium.
You heard the door close behind you. You turned around to take a better look at the man who had lead you here, and were surprised, even a bit startled by his appearance. He wasn't exactly the handsome gentleman you had expected him to be- his hair was a most unusual colour, perhaps dirty blond, although it looked a more greenish-grey than it did blond. His fur was a light acid green, and he had a somewhat creepy-looking face, with two golden, bloodshot eyes that almost seemed to glow. He was dressed almost like a prince, with a long, red coat, as well as a black top hat on top of his head. Confused by his strange appearance, you asked,
Who are you?

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The man chuckled as he took off his hat.
Oh, did I not introduce myself? he asked. Do forgive me - I must be quite tired this evening. Here, allow me to fix that.

Neopets Name: Rodentu (Usually goes by something else)
Goes by: Troden; Tro; "Tro Bro
Age: ~30
Date of Birth: Exact date is unknown, but February 12th is the date he made up for himself.
Birthplace: Darlam (a small town just outside of Brightvale)
Current Residence: Verston (also a small town just outside of Brightvale)
Gender: Male (I hope that's obvious enough)
Species: White Rat (Xweetok)
Brush: Mutant
Height: (Anthro) 5 ft. 9 in.; (Quad) about the size of a possum
Weight: I'd rather keep that private.
Accent: English
Hair: Greyish-green
Eyes: Golden; bloodshot
Occupation: Magician/Illusionist
Family: Only known relative is his twin brother Tigien; also considers Choan to be his "adoptive" older brother.

Personality: Tro is very out-going and social, with a kind spirit and the heart of a child. He's very much a dare-devil, and he's always seeking a good thrill. He's genuinely more of the organized, neat-freakish type as far as his daily habits go. He's very independent, and has a pretty bright mind- almost to the point where he might seem a bit nerdy. He's also a bit of a perfectionist, and easily becomes irritated when things aren't exactly the way he wants them to be. Despite this, he's remarkably patient with people, and he makes a good, understanding friend who is always there when you need him.

Strengths: Very independent; has a warm, friendly sense of humour that can turn just about anyone's day bright.
Weaknesses: Very hesitant in unfamiliar situations; still somewhat stuck in his past and not entirely up-to-date with the world.

Additional Info: What with being a mutant and all, Tro's body works rather abnormally. For starters, he is able to go an extremely long time without food (typically three weeks or so). He also never gets too hot or too cold; his external body temperate more or less stays the same regardless of his environment (although weather affects him in other ways, i.e. cold weather makes him sluggish, etc). Additionally, he doesn't feel pain, and never gets sick.


Anthro, Quad

Likes and Dislikes

* Puzzles
* Reading
* Crazy tricks/stunts
* My job
* My friends

* Rudeness
* Waste
* Negativity
* Sticky candies
* Being told I'm creepy-looking ;~;

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About Tro

So, how about that tea? the gentleman, whom appears to call himself Troden (or Tro for short), asks you.
Some tea would be lovely, you reply with a nod.
Here, I'll go and get some. Please, have a seat, he says, pointing to a sofa next to you in the lobby. You sit.
As you wait for him to return, you consider the information he has just given you. There was something about this man that somehow sparked your interest. This left you curious. You knew that there had to be more to him than just a few basic facts. You wanted to know more about who he was, and how he became that person.
He returned shortly with two cups of tea.
Here you are, he said, handing one of the cups to you.
Thank you, you replied. After a brief moment of silence, you spoke up.
So, please, tell me a little more about yourself. How did you go on to become a magician?
He smiles.
Well, my past has certainly been a strange one. I don't normally tell people about it, but eh, if you're curious enough, then I suppose I'll share.

Tro's story is currently being re-written, because what I had before just sounded downright terrible.
Better story will *hopefully* be up sometime in the near-ish future.

In the meantime, here's a really quick summary (in bullet-point format):

- Born in a small town outside of Brightvale called Darlam; son of a couple of ex-labratory rats who died shortly after giving birth b/c they were so sick/mutated from being experimented on. Tro was born a mutant, too
- He and his twin brother Tigien grew up as transients (for lack of a better word; they were basically raised by various neighbours whom they stayed with for certain periods of time before moving in with someone else for a while (I think that's called 'couch-hopping'?)); they had many adventures together along with their friend Choan
- During his late childhood, Tro became obsessed with magic tricks & became a street magician
- He eventually became so good/famous that he was recruited by a professional stage magician in a neighbouring town (Verston) to work with him (was looking for a new act in his shows, and Tro was the right fit)
- Accepted the job offer; went to perform/live with him in Verston when he was just 16
- Years later, Tro took over the show after the other magician dude decided to retire
- Bumped into his old buddy Choan; they now perform together as a duo & also share a flat down town
- Occasionally goes to visit his brother in Darlam/invites him over; he, his bro, Choan, and their petpets are all one big, happy family now. Yay.

Tro takes a small sip of his tea as you sit and process the information he has just given you, somewhat intrigued by his story. He wasn't joking when he said he had lived a strange life, but that's what made it somehow interesting. However, there was one part to his story towards the end that left you curious; his assistant. Who was this person he worked with? You asked to know more about him.

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Ah, yes, he begins to explain, where would a magician be without his team? I work with a few characters; allow me to tell you a bit about the crew:

Choan is undoubtedly my best friend. Like I was saying earlier, we've shared a close bond ever since our youth; Tigien and I used to always bump into him at the library in Darlam, and we would always talk and joke around with each other, like the way friends do. He later decided to run away from home and become a circus acrobat, and after that we had never really heard from him again; I was afraid I would never see him again, which is why I was so surprised to find him here after I moved to Verston. He had suffered from a terrible accident while in the circus, which is why he had resigned and came to work with me instead. I feel a bit sorry for the poor chap; ever since the accident, he just hasn't been himself. He always freaks out over any little thing that could potentially be hazardous, and he's always warning me to be careful before I perform any of my tricks, as if he's my mother... But despite his anxiety, we're still just as good of friends as we've ever been. He's a great person, and I look forward to many more fun years performing with him.

Ah, my dear little Jupiter. Where would I be without him? He was one of my very first petpets, and we've been performing together for many years now. He's a tricky little fellow, and he always manages to catch the audience off guard during our shows; he knows just how to slither in and out of all sorts of tight places with ease, so you can never be too certain as to where he'll pop up. I just love performing with the little guy. When we're off stage, he's pretty much my baby. I usually keep him at home inside his snake tank, but he's always wanting to come out and wrap himself around my wrists while I do other things. He's a very loyal companion of mine, and I'd take him over a cat or a dog any day.

Kira, Jasmine and Dash are practically the heart and soul of all our magic tricks involving pets. Dash likes to consider himself the leader of the group, whereas Kira and Jasmine are a little more shy. We adopted them when they were just puppies a few months after we had adopted Jupiter; they were very enthusiastic about training to perform, and they were quick to learn all sorts of simply amazing tricks. They love being around Choan, which is why he's the one who typically looks after them when they're not on stage. They're always a joy to work with, although they have been known to cause trouble every now and again. But in general, they're big sweet hearts. Everybody loves them.

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*Static* We interrupt this petpage to bring you: ADOPTABLES!
Because who doesn't like those? :3

Rules should be pretty common sense, but I'll post them anyway:

I. Don't run off with these saying you made them.
II. Don't edit them; if you want a custom, just ask. ^^
III. Please keep the link back on these; it's annoying when you click on an adoptable in hopes of seeing more of the kind, only to discover that it doesn't take you anywhere. -.-
IV. Don't enter these in contests, the art gallery, the NT, or anything else. These are simply for prettying up your web pages, nothing more.
V. Don't take a custom that wasn't made for you.
VI. Follow rules I-V. If you don't, you will hurt my feelings. : (

Also, feel free to use these off site. Same rules apply for off site use.

Pretty simple, no?
If you can follow these, which hopefully shouldn't be too daunting a task, then feel free to use one. ^^

Requests and trades are now permanently closed. Sorry, but I'm hardly ever on Neo anymore! :c You're still welcome to use any of the default colours, but just be aware that I will not be making any new customs (Unless, of course, you knew me on other websites and wanted to bribe me with a trade or something...)








Miskie's Oyia (App)




Kyra's Persiio (App)


Cat's Persiio (App)






By the way, "Baconman" is an old nickname of mine that I don't really go by any more; I just don't feel like changing it on the adoptables. xD

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Gift Art
Really? I-I can has gift arts? =D
Thank you so much, everyone! ^^

Artists (from left to right): Miju, Duckie, Trink, Anne, Hillary, Chirpmonster, Bones. Thank you all so much! :3
^ Any names without links attached to them are users from other websites
(The one by Bones is of his old design.)

Adoptables of Me:

Other Lovely mutants:

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As you take the final sip of your tea, you glance over your shoulder and read the time on the nearby clock. You realise that your 40 minutes is almost up, and the bus that takes you back to Neopia Central will be here at any moment.
I'm sorry, but I'd best be on my way, you tell Troden, the bus will be here soon. Thank you again for the tea and the company.
I understand, he says, I'd hate for you to miss it. I hope you have a safe ride home.
As you slip on your coat, still seated, Troden suddenly notices something.
Say, what's that behind your ear? he asks. He reaches behind your right ear, and out he pulls a shiny, red and gold ticket.
Huh, I wonder how that got there... he says with a smile as he hands the ticket to you.
Feel free to drop by the auditorium for a show any time, he says, and please don't hesitate to stay afterwards and chat. I'd love to meet with you again sometime.
Thank you, you reply as you prepare to gather your things. He wishes you farewell as you leave the auditorium and board the bus back to Neopia Central.


And for those of you afraid of ruining your perfect link quilts, here's a 50x50 badge as well:

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Other Characters of Mine:

Eimms Zara

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