Fo r T ho rn !

Real magic comes from the inside

Welcome to yet another UC project. This if for my UC dream, a UC Grey Wocky or Thorn as I will be calling him.

Current offer

Why Thorn?

Grey Wockies have lost a lot of their charm after the conversion.

But a part of why is cause of the character idea that I got for one. The wise wizard fits the look of the UC.

My Story Idea

One of the reason the Thorn is my dream, is cause of the story I've made. It was originally an app I made and fell in love with.
To read the app in full click *here*. I am rewriting this app bit by bit so please excuse the mess.

Want to Help Me?

I will be training a pet and try to trade my way to my goal. Any help is appreciated.
I make most of my nps by reselling so buying anything from my shop or from my trades will always help (I also sell everything as low as I can)
Also if you can spare any codestones, they will go straight to training Riuq.


Level: 72
Strength: 141
Defence: 143
Health: 162
and counting.

Began with:

Level: 1
Strength: 9
Defense: 11
Health: 34

Special Thanks


August 8. 2014

Long time no update. Riuq has over 400HSD and I now have a FFQ to offer with him.

April 13. 2014

Riuq is over 300HSD now
I just realized that my dates were all set to 2012 for some reason. Fixed it.

March 27. 2014

About to hit 270HSD stats updated

Feb 24. 2014

Stats updated, over 150HSD now.

Feb 24. 2014

Got battle faerie and faerie queen quest today. Yay for extra stats!

Feb 20. 2014

edit2; Found the credits, thanks Count! edit; The credits also got wiped I am searching for them again right now! Somehow my updated got wiped...
Anyways, I removed my codestone counter, since burn through them pretty quickly.
Riuq will also hit 100HSD today!

Feb 10. 2012


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