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Are you new to Neopets? Back from a hiatus? Or is it simply your first time venturing into the wild world of the Pound Chat? Either way, you'll find all sorts of help regarding what you need to know here. I realize that this guide is fairly long. I go into so much depth so that all of your questions are answered before you even have to ask them. I promise that if you take time out to read through this entire guide the benefits will be well worth it. However, if you come across a question that hasn't been covered here or you want to suggest something for me to add, please neomail me! I really don't mind neomails at all. Best of luck!

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Update - 12/27/13

Fixed broken background image, removed broken link from "Dangers of the PC" section, corrected a typo in the "Lingo" section, corrected outdated information under "Account Purges", added links to helpful guides under "UFT Pets", and added more guides to "PB/NC Mall/NP Clothing".

Dangers of the PC

Unfortunately as with any area of Neopets, the PC has certain scams that you will need to look out for. This section will teach you what those scams are and what you can do to prevent yourself from losing your account.

Please keep in mind that the best protection you can provide yourself is by using your common sense; the following information is simply advice and is not 100% guaranteed to keep you safe, you have to play a role in protecting your account as well.

Although for the most part the PC is fairly void of scam boards, in the past they were a large problem. The main thing to remember is to never click on a link you are suspicious about. Some users refuse to even view userlookups and petpages because they are wary of such pages containing harmful properties. While I am not an expert on the details of how to protect your account, these guides wonderful advice and I highly encourage you to read through them:

Now that you know how to protect your account, here are some examples of past scams that have been conducted on the PC. The following screenshots will show you CG's and FLP's in action.

A common scam involves users creating false Tarla alert boards. To find out who/what Tarla is, go here and here. The first post of these boards contain fake Tarla links; always be sure that whatever link you're clicking has NEOPETS in it. These links will take you to a FLP = fake login page, tricking you into thinking you've somehow been logged out and now need to enter your special information again.

Another common scam amongst the PC includes the advertising of "Free Neocash" with a link provided to where people can obtain it. Do not click on the link under any circumstances. The title to these boards typically say: QUITTING/DONATING PB'S AND POUNDING MY DRAIK. These sites contain CG = Cookie Grabbers, which means it is a site that will trick your browser into sending them your "cookies", which are small files that contain information on your computer such as your username and special word.

CGs are embedded into places we Neopians visit the most: userlookups, shops, petpages, trades, and more. Since they are very difficult to avoid, heed the advice in the guides mentioned earlier and be cautious about sketchy links!

Another form of scamming I've seen occured when a user created a board titled, WHOOOOOOOO!!!!! FINALLY GOT MY DREAMIE, FREE CODESTONES IN SHOP TO CELEBRATE!!!!!" When you went to the users' shop, it looked as though there was only one codestone left priced for 150 NPs. Once clicked on, the codestone would take you a FLP.

** NOTE ** -- Unfortunately the petpage /~Macky is no longer 100% correct. While very helpful during it's time, the information on there is now outdated and I encourage you to focus your attention towards the guides provided above.

However, despite taking every precaution sometimes things just happen. About a year ago I tried to log into my main account to find that it had been "frozen for my own protection". Just two weeks later, TNT returned my account just as I had left it. Why? How did I get so lucky? Well, the following guide prepared me for the worst and ultimately is the reason my account is still intact today:

I can't stress how important the above link is; it may be a "plan C", but when worst comes to worst it's best to have a backup. The TNT staff member who reviewed my ticket was very impressed with how well I knew my account inside and out and had no doubt that it truly belonged to me. This is a huge "thank you" to Sarika!

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If you're new to the actual PC boards, then there are a few abbreviations you'll need to know so that you can decipher all of the topic titles.

Let's start off easy. If you have a pet named "Dubach", you would consider that a nice name, right? However, most people would consider a pet named djaokjoi____78oyggads_____ to be badly named. When going through this portion of the guide please remember that what you consider WN/DN/BN may differ from the opinion of someone else, so the following examples are meant just as a general guide!

VWN = Very Well Named (ex. Nuv)
WN = Well Named (ex. Alrida)
DN = Decently Named (ex. MrsJuliet)
BN = Badly Named (ex. Kasandra_6401)
VBN = Very Badly Named (ex. djaokjoi____78oyggads_____ )

Now you have a basic concept of what pet names are referred to on the PC. It gets a little more complicated, though. Some pets are named after items in real life, such as You, Me, Lamp, Ocean, etc. are special because the majority of really nice names have already been taken; thus, they are considered rare. Names that are real, such as Ashley, Carly, Samantha, etc. are also popular. If these names are nice enough, users will offer very highly for them.

RW = Real Word (ex. Shoe)
RN = Real Name (ex. Emily)

Here's a simple one: when a pet is statted, such as my pet Venvito, they are also sought after because people can use them in the Battledome to defeat tough opponents. Depending on how tough your pet is, the more trading value he or she will have! I personally use this guide to train Ven.

BD = Battledome

The entire purpose of the Pound boards is to give Neopians a place to advertise the pets they have up for adoption and/or the pets they'd like to trade for others. Trading pets can only be done through a 1:1 ratio, which means only one pet can be traded for one pet. Pets cannot be traded for anything besides another pet, meaning you can't offer neopoints or items for one.

UFA = Up For Adoption
UFT = Up For Trade
HTT = Hard To Trade
UFQA = Up For Quick Adoption
UFQT = Up For Quick Trade
UFVQT = Up For Very Quick Trade
UFVQA = Up For Very Quick Adoption

MSPP (sometimes MSP is used) stands for Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS A PLUSHIE POOGLE. Since they can only be obtained from the Labray, they are considered fairly rare. For more information on MSP Poogles, go here.

Plushie Poogle

MSP Poogle

MSPP = Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie

There are some pets that cannot be created any time you feel like it; some have special days where they are released at certain times by TNT. For example, on Cybunny Day, Cybunnies may or may not be released. It all depends on if TNT released them last year and if anything else special is going on. They can also be released the day after their special day as a surprise. This was the case on Poogle Day of '08. These pets are called Limited Edition. Limited Edition pets include: Chomby, Cybunny, Hissi, Jetsam, Kiko, Koi, Poogle, and Tonu. Draiks and Krawks ARE NOT LE pets because they aren't released on a special day. They have to be bought and hatched or morphed, so they're actually called restricted pets.

LE = Limited Edition

These next two are easy. Let's say we have two basic Lupes: one is male, one is female. Both are then painted Royal. Like a few other colors, since they are different genders even though they were both painted the same color, they'll look different. Example:

Royalboy Lupe

Royalgirl Lupe
(also called Lupess)

RB = Royalboy
RG = Royalgirl

The colors for which this occurs include:

Back in the day pets didn't always look the way they do now. They used to be quite a bit larger, they were all drawn very differently, and they couldn't wear clothes. On April 26th, 2007, users logged on to find an entirely new site layout and an option to convert your pet to the new drawings. We called this the "conversions" or the "redraws". A lot of people kept their pets in the old form because they were so beautiful. This could only be done with certain colors, though. There is no way that a pet today can be turned into one of the old pets, hence their rarity. For a fantastic guide on UC pets go here.

UC = Unconverted

**"C" is rarely used to describe converted pets.
All you say is "such and such pet is UFT", and people will assume it's a converted pet.

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When trading, people obviously want the nicest pet they can get in return for the one they have UFT. If someone gets a nice offer they want to consider, they'll use that offer to show others that they expect that kind of pet or better. They call it the offer to beat.

OTB = Offer To Beat

There are a few pets that closely resemble animals in real life, so they are sometimes called by those names. For example:

Nightsteed = Halloween Uni

Flamingo = Pink Lenny

Peacock = Faerie Lenny

Werelupe = Halloween Lupe

People often search for "avvie pets" because by owning them they can add an avatar to their collection. To get the Werelupe avvie you must own one and view its lookup.

OG = Orange Grundo
To get the avvie, you have to own the Grundo and view its lookup.

FB = Fire Blumaroo
To get the avvie, you must own a Fire Blumaroo, have a Fire Petpet attached that is 30+ days old, and view its lookup.

IQ = Island Quiggle
To get the avvie, you must own a Island Quiggle and view its lookup.

MR = Mummy Ruki
To get the avvie, you must own a Halloween Ruki with a 58+ day old Mummy Baby and view its lookup.

Please note that there are several other pets that give you avatars. I have just mentioned the ones here that have acronyms. For a complete avatar guide, visit:

When you offer your pet for someone elses', they're not always going to accept. A lot of times it takes a while to find a good trade. Traditionally on the PC we say, "No thank you" to offers we don't like.

NTY = No Thank You

However, it's also common to wish people good luck even after you've said no to their pet. Some people randomly go around the PC and post "Good luck!" on any board they feel like.

GL = Good Luck

Additionally, sometimes when people wish others good luck, they may ask that you vote for their pet in the Beauty Contest.

BC = Beauty Contest

Some users get annoyed by constant BC advertising and refer to it as "BC spam".

Have you ever gotten a Faerie Quest? A Fountain Faerie Quest is a rare quest that most users only get once (sometimes twice) during their entire stay at Neopets. There have been cases, however, where lucky users have gotten them early on during their Neo experience. After you get the item the Fountain Faerie has asked you for, your reward is the ability to paint one pet almost any color you like (see colors it CANNOT do in the FFQ section). When you put an FFQ up for trade, just remember you have to create the pet and paint it. The person you are trading with is not allowed to send you a pet that already exists for you to paint.

FFQ = Fountain Faerie Quest

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PR = pound_release

Yes, pound_release has been frozen for quite some time now. This was done by the TNT staff member in charge of PR so that users wouldn't be able to view the lookup any longer.

Proof that PR being frozen is in no way related to the purge is in the Neopian Times Issue #428 in the 5th question.

The user account "pound_release" is owned by TNT themselves. Although at first glance the account appears to have no pets, it holds hundreds (perhaps more) of pets that were dumped into the pound a few years ago right before and during the time it was down for maintenance. It is filled with oodles of amazing pets that would make any Neopian drool at the sight. Some users are "stalking" certain pets, meaning they know the name(s) of a pet on the account and are hoping to adopt it when he/she is released. The latest rumor is that pets from the account are released at 9:47 a.m. NST on some days. TNT finally acknowledged that the account existed in Issue #383 of the Neopian Times (the 2nd question).

Pets on the account are released by "string". Basically, a "string" is a group of letters/numbers in the name, so there could be an "xx" string or a "cute" string. If you're on at release time and you see a bunch of pets with similar names in the Pound, and you're stalking one with a similar name, odds are it will be there. There are a few petpages that list the names of some of these pets for all to see; however, if you want to find a pet in pound_release by yourself all you have to do is type some random pet name into the search engine on your left hand sidebar. Then, check out who the owner is (pound_release). This is a slow strategy, but the only way to find PR pets on Neo.

A more in-depth and very helpful guide to PR is located here:

Pound Surfing

Users on the PC pretend the Pound is sort of like an ocean. When the pound is wet, it means that there are a lot of painted, WN, and LE pets. When the pound is dry, it's the opposite - filled with BN basics. Other terms such as damp can be defined as a few painted pets here and there. The vocabulary for pound surfing is very loose and widely understood. "Surf" refers to refreshing the pound with the F5 button and trying to adopt nice pets. Sometimes people say other things, such as, "Pound Skiing" or "Pound Sledding" when the weather is cold.

A common saying used concering adopting/abandoning pets is "The pound is fair game." This means that if you adopt a pet and interrupt a pound trade between two users you have the right to keep the pet or return it to the user who was supposed to catch it. On the other hand if you pound a pet and the wrong person adopts, they have every right to keep the pet if they wish. If you're uneasy about the thought of using the pound just stick with safe transfers.

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Account Purges

An account purge is where TNT goes through and purges (or permanently deletes) accounts that have been untouched for 2+ years. This includes BOTH frozen and regular inactive accounts.

The latest purge ended November 12, 2012. Typically TNT performs purges every couple of years to clear up spaces on their servers.

Once again, accounts both frozen and simply inactive will be purged so long as they have been abandoned for 2 years or longer, so if you have any old sides that you haven't used in a while you may want to log into them so they won't be subject to termination.

For a very detailed and helpful guide regarding purges, please click here!

UFA Pets

First of all, account age determines what sort of color users can adopt. The only age restriction concerning this is accounts that are younger than four months. If you're new to Neopets, there are only certain colors you can adopt until then. These include: Blue, Brown, Checkered, Glowing, Green, Invisible, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Shadow, Silver, Skunk, Speckled, Split, White, and Yellow. (**When someone says, "painted" pet, it means a pet that is any color aside from Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green, because those colors can be created. Grundos can also be created in the basic colors and Brown, Purple, and White at the Virtupets Space Station) Accounts younger than four months also cannot adopt LE/Restricted pets or pets that have a level higher than 2.

Keep in mind that no matter what your account age is you can create any type of pet if they are released on their "special" day. For example: on Poogle Day, if Poogles are released, you can create Poogles if you've been on Neo for 95 months, one week, 3 years, etc. There are a few ways in which users adopt out pets to other people. One way is your typical, POUNDING.. board. These boards consist of a user wanting to quick adopt out a pet to someone. Depending on the owner, they may post the time on the actual thread for all to see or neomail a select few people. Either way, since the pet is going to the Pound there is no telling where it will end up. No matter who adopts the pet, they have complete and full rights to owning him or her. It is also common to see what I and many other PCers consider to be a very annoying thread which reads: POUNDING (INSERT PET HERE)..if no offers. These threads make some people particularly irritable because most of the time they are UFT threads in disguise. Occasionally the owner will actually pound, but the chance is iffy. Don't get your hopes up when visiting these boards.

Due to the extremely fast pace at which the PC threads run, people have to constantly bump their board to keep it on the first page for people to see. This also leads to false topics, which are topics that are created with a noob title such as, "OMG LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN THE POUND!!1!1!!111". Once you click on the topic, however, the user goes on to say something along the lines of, "Haha, just kidding(: I do have these pets UFT, though.." The purpose is to draw attention towards themselves in hopes of increased amounts of trade offers.

The last type of UFA pet are ones that require applications. TNT declared that users who have UFA pets may no longer ask for specifically petpage applications, therefore it is now optional. Keep in mind, though, that depending on what type of pet he/she is, how WN they are, and what the owner is looking for doing a petpage and going that extra mile might just be a good idea. For instance, for an UC pet if you send a neomail application you have a much smaller chance at being chosen as the owner than someone who put a good deal of time and effort into a petpage. However, there are some instances where owners want to adopt nice pets out quickly so that they can keep zapping more. I was chosen as the owner of Dovn (Grey Kau) with a neomail application that was three messages long and contained the links to my writing and pet lookups. Once again, it all depends on what the owner wants. Here is the most modern guide on how to create a wonderful petpage application:

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Dream Pet Giveaways

Some people utilize the term DPG = Dream Pet Giveaway.

On a DPG board the thread creator has usually made sure that his or her lookup does not give any indication as to what the secret dream pet is. They typically list a set of rules in which people interested in adopting the pet would have to follow. For example, they may say: "only three posts per person and five guesses per post" in which case you would have 15 guesses to try and guess correctly. If you guess the correct color/species combo the person giving the pet away will tell you that you've won and send you your new pet.

These boards are usually very crowded as many users would love a free dream pet; some DPG's give out hints, others don't simply because you should know what your dream pets are already. If the person giving the pet away finds no one they deem suitable to adopt their pet, they are not entitled to give it away even if someone guessed correctly. They may even give it to the second or third person to correctly guess the pet based on who they feel would be a better owner. Don't get your hopes up at these boards because they are tough competition.

Please note that Dream Pet Giveaway boards (as well as gifting boards in general -- items, neopoints, pets, etc.) are now against the rules! Many users question whether this is true or not, but TNT has been deleting pet giveaway boards regularly for some time now.

TNT's reasoning for making giveaways against the rules and where proof can be found in the Neopian Times are as follows:

  • People dumping items from scammed accounts (#386)
  • Users pretending to give away items in hopes of getting gifted from people who are thanking them(#321)
  • To prevent people from getting beggar mail (#321)
  • They can count as "contests", where a user has to do or say something to "win" a prize (#269)
  • TNT regards them as begging and gold digging, particularly when NC is involved (#508)

  • Thank you to Sunny for the Editorials!

    A/R/B Boards

    A/R/B = Accept/Reject/Beat

    These boards are made by users who have gotten an offer or offers on their UFT pet and are debating on whether or not they should trade. The title is basically asking, "Should I accept the offer, reject the offer, or can you beat my current offer?" Users typically are only asking about one pet, but of course you can ask about several of your UFT pets at once.

    UFT Pets

    When entering the world of trading be sure to pace yourself; many users find themselves regretting a trade they made or an offer they didn't accept. When offering on a pet or looking for offers make sure that you're positive you're ready and willing to trade your pet. The majority of the time your pet will be re-traded unless the owner is looking for a permanent pet. Ultimately, know the pros and cons of giving up your pet to another person before going through with it. The first thing you need is a pet to have UFT. VWN/WN/RW/RN basics and painted pets work just fine. Obviously nicer pets will get nicer offers. Once you have this, create a thread on the PC with a title that resembles: "WN Faerie Ruki UFT". Then, after you've gotten some offers you like (or an offer you really like), you need to decide which offer you'll accept. If you are completely unaware of whether or not the offer you like is a nice one, try making another thread.

    This time your title should read, "I'm new to trading, is this a good offer?" Be aware: you might be greeted with a few flamers who say something about how pets don't have value, you need to decide for yourself, etc.

    However, I support users asking others for advice trading-wise so that they are not tricked into trading for a pet that doesn't meet the standards of their own. Also keep in mind that you don't have to find a good trade in one day. Some people (like me) will spend months looking for the perfect pet to trade for. I mentioned earlier that you should be sure that you want to trade before you do it: I can't stress this enough. It is considered very rude and inconvenient for the other person if you have accepted their offer and suddenly don't trade because you've changed your mind. The closer you get to the end of the month, the more ruder backing out becomes, because that's when transfers are renewed. So, if someone saves their transfers for the trade and you've decided to do something else, they've wasted their time and transfers.

    The following button is to an excellent guide on the value of converted pets when trading. I use it frequently when I'm fuzzy on what a certain type of pet has traded for recently:

    This guide is helpful when trading unconverted pets:

    This one gives advice for the purposes of trading BD pets:

    And finally, this guide is helpful in regards to trading RW/RN/VWN pets:

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    The number of transfers you get per month is now based on your account age!

    1 - 23 months 1 user-to-user transfer
    24 - 47 months 2 user-to-user transfers
    48 - 71 months 3 user-to-user transfers
    72 - 95 months 4 user-to-user transfers
    96 - 119 months 5 user-to-user transfers
    120 + months 6 user-to-user transfers
    144 + months 7 user-to-user transfers

    (the above table courtesy of SunnyNeo)

    Transferring is a tool that TNT created to provide us with a safe, easy way to send pets to other accounts. It is only because of transfers that TNT finally agreed to allow us to trade pets. Before I explain how to use transfers and their benefits please be aware that you can't transfer or accept pets on an account under 4 months of age if they aren't the colors mentioned in the UFA Pets section! For example: if someone has a side account that is only one month of age and decides to morph/hatch a Draik on that account, the user will not be able to send the Draik anywhere until the account has aged. This also applies when pets are painted on underage accounts. Likewise pets such as Draiks and the aged account colors can't be transferred to an account that is underage.

    Transfers are pretty simple to use, it's just explaining the process that gets complicated. First of all, the age of your account determines how many transfers you get per month. As of now I get five each month, meaning I can send and receive a pet five times before the 1st of the following month rolls around. One for an incoming pet, one for an outgoing pet. This applies to all accounts, even sides; keep in mind that when you use transfers, you don't have to send a pet to receive one. I may send three pets this month and only get two sent to me. Transfers are renewed on the 1st of every month. If you're using regular transfers, at least one party must have a spot open for their incoming pet. This way there is freedom for both people to trade. If everyone has four pets on their account, then there is no room for the pets to be moved around. This can be solved simply by asking someone to send their pet to a side account where you may have room. Make sure that if you are using plain transfers you screenie all neomails between you and the owner of the pet you are trading for. By doing this if you are scammed out of your pet you will have full proof that the pet belongs to you. Screenie the pet on your userlookup, too.

    If you are not using a direct transfer (see below), it would be very wise to create a witness trade thread on the PC. This is simply a thread that says, "Witness a trade?". This way other users can watch as you and the other party switch pets and prevent any funny business (or, if something does happen, you'll have other users who saw it as proof to TNT). Which leads me to scamming: oftentimes you will come across a user who wants you to go first, meaning you'll send your pet to them, then they proceed to send your new pet to you. As mentioned earlier, this can lead to a scam. Not that you should automatically be untrustworthy of the person, just use the precautions mentioned. PETS CANNOT BE SENT AT THE SAME TIME WHEN USING PLAIN TRANSFERS. This is due to the fact that once a pet is sent, it needs to be accepted. It costs 1000 NP to send a pet through transfers to someone. Depending on what sort of stats the pet has, the cost varies when accepting an incoming pet.

    An awesome feature that was later added to transfers is called the exchange option. This was an attempt by TNT to reduce scams when trading. It works well because instead of each person having to send a pet somewhere, one person can "exchange" the pets, meaning the pets literally swap places. If someone ever sends you an exchange request and you had not agreed to trade with them (or you've never even met them) simply reject it. You can also reject plain transfers if needed. Completely and utterly confused? That's okay! Just check out the following step-by-step screenies.

    First, go to "Pet Central", then click "Neopian Pound", then the middle door with the Robot Hissi that reads, "Transfer". You'll end up with a page showing all of your pets and a Transfer button below each one. I've taken out the name of the pet I'm transferring for these screenies because I no longer own him. No matter what type of transfers you're going to use (safe option or not) click the button under the one you want to trade.

    The box shown in the screenie below pops up after you click the button. Here you will type in the name of the user you're going to trade with. Be very careful when doing so - if you send a pet to the wrong person they have the right to accept the pet and keep. After you're done, click OK.

    At this point you're going to choose either to continue transferring the pet to someone or you'll click the "click here" in blue near the bottom. Since I had no need to switch my pets around personally, I don't have a screenie of the exchange page. Once you get to the exchange page you'll see a list of the user's pets that you entered into the box previously. Choose the pet the both of you agreed on and click OK.

    Once you've sent your pet over to the other person, you should get this message:

    Go here to see if you've used your transfers for this month or not.

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    Now that you know what trading is and how it works, lets talk about customs. A custom is a type of offer that is in the form of neopoints. I know you're thinking, "But I thought pets couldn't be traded for items or neopoints..?" You're right, they can't. A custom is different; lets say that I have a WN Faerie Uni UFT. Someone comes to my board and says, "How about a 600k custom?" I accept, and the user proceeds to neomail me. I would tell the user what name I want the pet to have, what color I want, gender, etc. They then create the pet using the name I requested and paint him/her, then we trade. It's called a "custom" because it's a custom pet! The only problem that arises dealing with customs is the fact that pets must be at least 7 days old to be traded. So, if you're the person who is doing the custom pet, make sure you create him or her a little over a week before you're supposed to trade. Or, the person performing the custom may adopt a pet from the pound to do it on (but you may not send them one). Don't morph or paint the pet until RIGHT BEFORE you're going to trade so that you don't get stuck with a pet that other people may not like!

    Also please note that putting customs UFA is against the rules. It's okay to create and paint a pet (or even adopt a pet from the pound to paint) and then put it UFA. However, offering a budget such as "1 mil" and making users apply for the custom as an UFA pet is not tolerated. This was confirmed in the Neopian Times Issue #369 in the 5th question.


    Technically, FFQs are a type of custom. They work the same way as a custom aside from the fact that they are in the form of a quest rather than neopoints. In the Lingo section you learned that FFQ stands for Fountain Faerie Quest. Just like any other quest, the Fountain Faerie will ask you to get her an item. The difference is that the item will cost much more than regular quests would. Your reward will be the ability to paint one pet almost any color your heart desires. The colors that an FFQ cannot do are: 8-bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Robot, Royal, Sponge, Quiguki and Usuki. You can paint a pet for yourself or offer it as a trade. Please be wise when choosing a color - why use something like White when you could have a chance at Plushie, Pirate, etc.? FFQ's are a rare occurance and will most likely only come around once; however, TNT has been selling an item in the NC Mall that increases your chances!

    The above item is called a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie and can be purchased for 100 NC at the NC Mall. When you open it you will be guaranteed a Faerie Quest everyday for a week; however, whichever Faerie you get is random. This item has led to quite a few more FFQs in circulation on the PC than there were before it was released.

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    Pound Trades

    There is so much confusion on the PC about pound trades, and I'm going to clear the air right now. A pound trade is pretty simple - it takes place through the Neopian Pound. Here are a few rules about pound trading:

    1. If you are going first and pound the UFT pet to the other person and they miss, they are still obligated to pound the pet they promised you in return.

    2. On the flip side of #1, if the other person is going first and you miss the pet, you are still required by the rules to try and pound your pet to them.

    3. If someone not part of the trade catches either of your pets, they have every right to keep the pet. Even when trading, the pound is fair game.

    4. Just because you're using the pound doesn't mean you have any right to trick people. If you trick someone into pounding their pet for you and then refuse to pound YOUR pet, you are now considered a SCAMMER. This is absolutely 100% against the rules. Just like in a regular trade, when you promise someone your pet you are signing a virtual contract.

    5. Purposefully pounding your pet at the wrong time or pounding your pet and catching it on your side account before or after you've gotten the new pet also makes you a scammer and is fully against the rules.

    3-way Trades

    Say you have a Grey Blumaroo UFT. Your best offer is a Baby Jubjub, but your dreamie is a Royalboy Grarrl. Looking around the PC boards one day you notice someone has a RB Grarrl UFT. You offer your Grey Blum, but they reject. The owner of the RB Grarrl is only seeking Baby Jubjubs, drat! What are you going to do?

    A three-way trade consists of exactly what it's called - three people. In the case above you would make sure the owner of the Jubjub is okay with you advertising his or her pet for a 3-way. Once you have permission, then you could offer the Baby Jubjub to the person seeking them for their RB Grarrl, your dream pet. If they accept, you now have a 3-way trade on your hands! Since the whole deal becomes a bit complicated, it's best to do these types of trades on a witness trade board (as mentioned earlier). It doesn't matter who goes first/second/last, but keep in mind account space (if someone has four pets on the account that they are sending a pet from and wanting to receive one on, they'll have to go first to make room).

    In the scenario mentioned above, you would send your Grey Blum to the user who offered the Baby Jubjub. That user would send said Baby Jubjub to the person who has the RB Grarrl. Last but not least, you would finally get your dreamie of a RB Grarrl once that person has sent him to you.

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    PB/NC Mall/NP Clothing

    Ever since pets were converted to the way they look now they have been able to wear clothes. This also means certain PB colors (ex. Royal, Pirate, Halloween, Usuki, and others) give your pet a set of clothing to go with their new look. These clothes can be removed and used to customize pets of the same species.

    PB = Paint Brush

    This is an example of using another color PB clothes on your pet:

    (Rainbow Usul Bow and Rainbow Usul Headband on an unclothed Usuki Boy)

    The only way to transfer PB clothes from one account to another is by having them on the proper pet. For example: you need a Pirate Gelert to transfer Pirate Gelert PB clothes from one place to another. It doesn't matter if it's not the same Pirate Gelert who originally got the clothes or not. You can't put Pirate Gelert clothing on a Shadow Gelert and then transfer the Shadow Gelert somewhere; the clothes will come off before the transfer and be put into your closet.

    If you pound a pet with the correct PB clothes on (such as an Island Zafara with Island Zafara clothing) then the clothing will also come off the pet and go into your closet. The only time you'll see clothed pets in the pound is when there is a glitch or if the pet is unconverted. When zapping a pet that is already a PB clothing color, if he or she changes color you get to keep the PB clothing from the previous colors. In the closet on my main account I have many colors of Usul PB clothes.

    This is my Usuki Boy Usul, Venvito; he has all of his PB clothes on.

    This is what an unclothed Usuki Boy Usul would look like:

    Another form of clothes for pets can be bought with Neocash at the NC Mall, located here. Neocash must be bought with real money in places like grocery stores and gas stations. For more information on how to get Neocash anyone at the NC Mall boards can explain how. Like PB clothes, NC Mall clothes will not go into the pound with your pet. The only way to transfer NC Mall clothes from one account to another is by using the boxes (called giftboxes) given to you when you redeem your Neocash card(s).

    If you are interested in purchasing and/or trading Neocash items, this directory links to dozens of helpful guides that explain every aspect of the NC Mall:

    No type of clothing, whether it be PB, NC Mall, or bought with neopoints will stay attached to your pet when pounded. However, wearables bought with neopoints (a list can be found here) will stay on your pet when transferred to another user. Be sure to remove them before trading/adopting out pets if you would like to keep them.

    Paarlei is a wonderful example of how users use all three types of clothing for their pets:

    Are you unable to get Neocash due to your location, age, or finances? Don't fret, you can still customize! Like I previously mentioned, NP customization items do exist. Here are two wonderful sites that list NP wearables alongside their NC Mall look-a-likes:

    Before the owner decided to discontinue updating it, this site used to list all NP wearables:

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