My name is Riddleful and I am a Tonu! Did you know that Tonu are EXTREMELY rare and come from a very special part of Tyrannia... My owner, krunam told me that. They are really smart and take very good care of me, which is very important as I am only 88607 hours old!

Now, you may not realise, but I just love to read. Every weekend as a special treat my owner takes me to the Book Shop and lets me pick out a new book. I am trying to get hold of a few rare books, if you see any that look like these, can you please let my owner know. I am dying to find out what Zafara Lore is all about and it would really make my day if I could get my paws on a copy :)

I am not really a geeky pet, I do get out of the house sometimes... Me and my friends love to go out in the fields and kick a ball around. Its great fun and is good training for the Battledome too! Talking of the Battledome, if you fancy a friendly match, just drop krunam a Neomail. As long as you aren't WAAAAAYYY stronger than me, I'll give it a whirl.

= FUN!!!!!!

I also LUUUUUUUUUUUURVE to eat. My owner says I am a bit of a Snorkle when it comes to lunch time, although I hardly think thats fair. Have you seen how much a Snorkle can eat? Those things are munching machines, not petpets! Here are some of my favourite foods :

One word of warning - don't eat more than three Flaming Burnumup's at a time, otherwise you will be gargling with cold water for hours!

Ooopsy, looks like my cousin here had a few too many Candy Canes. If ever you feel a little bloated (easily done, especially when your owner just wins the Lottery) there really is nothing for it except just sitting still for a few hours. Eventually you will feel better (usually accompanied by a large burp). Don't be conned into buying Flat-U-Less, despite its name it really does nothing for good old fashioned over eating. Apparently it is very good for a case of Bloaty Belly, or so I hear!

Well that's about all I have to say, except don't eat omelettes, I can't explain it, but they just seem evil to me. I mean who would want to eat something that has been out cooking under the sun for days - Yuck!!!