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April 1; Happy April Fool's day! Listed at Tightrope!

March 3; Hard drive disasters have kept me busy. Cleaning up the site. All pets listed are still up for adoption. :)


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sunset adoptions


Hello there, guest! Welcome to Sunset Adoptions! My name is Tash and I use my Lab Ray to create wonderful pets for you to adopt!

The name? The sun is setting on these pets' time with me. Soon, the sun will rise on a new day for them in your care. Please love these pets!

Transfer openings:
April; x0_lotr_0x, rebellious_x3, lionesshunt
May; x0_lotr_0x, rebellious_x3, lionesshunt
June; x0_lotr_0x, rebellious_x3, lionesshunt

how to adopt?

If you are interested in adopting one of my pets, just copy and paste!
Copy this stuff;

Then click this little yellow envelope;

Then paste, fill it out, and send away!

After I receive the message, I will respond so you know I received the message.

If I tell you that you are getting the pet, we will discuss a date that works for both of us. We can either do a user-user transfer, or a pound adopt.
*Specify in NeoMail.

for your information...

1. I have a limited number of transfers per month, as do you. I will hold a pet for you for up to two months.

2. There are account age rules with adoptions. Keep that in mind when you pick a pet. (Check out this petpage for a list of available pets for "underage" accounts.)

3.. First come, first served.

4. Be polite and patient!

5. I use the Lab Ray. I cannot make any promises on how these pets will turn out.

6. These pets have names and genders, use them please! Nicknames are fine too.

7. I'd prefer if you keep the pet you get. However, once you adopt the pet, (s)he is yours, so you can do whatever you want with him or her. This is just what I prefer.

and here they are!

Available pets; (Click the picture to view the lookup.)

Pets previously adopted from Sunset Adoptions;