Heya! Welcome to Rhev's Gnarbin Screenies! My screenies are usually of odd things I find around the site, sometimes of acheivments I am proud of (though not always that big of acheivments). Basically anything I can find, and I hope they prove to be of some entertainment to you. Enjoy!

Last Updated: April 28th, 2008

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I was just having too much fun...! X-

With that kind of title he was begging to be in a screenie!
It continues! 0.o

Wrong board, don'tchya think? *coughroleplaycough*

Okay, so this chain of neomails started out as a conversation about pirates, which then evolved into one of the Cup, and then... MUFFINS! XD

My brother and sister helped with those ones, the nuts!

Whizmuffin... hah, that was my little sisters idea!

I still can't remember what -blocked-tmuffin was! The mystery shall remain...

Evilbenevolentmuffinofdoom still takes the cake!

Some people... Jeesh.

*lied* She made a topic saying 'I fell out of a tree' or something. It's obvious that she just wanted to make that account so she could spam the boards! I mean, her account's a newbie! x.x

Hah, the thing is no one thought of checking the boards and had enough brains to figure out this was person was sending empty threats, they just went right ahead and believed this scammer (I dunno, is that what you'd call her?) and make a topic. If only they'd looked...
See below for the neomail she'd been sending. I included the person's username because by now I am sure she's been frozen (looked it up myself).

Haahh... that was refreshing. I sent this and one other neomail she didn't reply to, and I didn't think to save it. Not only that, I'm sure you guys don't want to listen to me vent.=)

Hohkay, the topic just struck me as odd and I had to get a closer look! XD

Roffle XD

My thoughts exactly, Brie.=)

I've gotten permission to keep most of the username's in these screenies in from their users. I'll leave the topic creator out, didn't ask for permission to use their username and didn't want to after what is about to follow...

Kudos, Megpie679!

Roffle! *pets the little birdie*

Haah... I am fully aware of what a n00b is and I'm quite comfortable calling people who are n00bs n00bs. ^^

To put it bluntly, that's exactly what they are and what she/they all seem to me. I'm not the only one who thinks this, so don't go sending hate mail!
And this is what I leave you with! ^^

Ah-huh... We'll call this attention seeker 'Cow', shall we? =)

Took them a bit, didn't it? Realize that this came AFTER people started agreeing to report 'Cow.

*dies of laughter* Reasons for dieing of laughter: 1) Stevie is what Gazz calls Steve Irwin, 2) they spelled Irwin's last name wrong, and 3) I just find it hilarious that he died from a sting ray! XD He was just asking for it messing with crocs, snakes, etc.!

Erm... pretty self-explanatory, eh?

Mmhm... he's my best friend and worst enemy! xD

This was just an overkilled topic a little while ago. There were tons of topics on this and it was just insane... o__o

Heck, I've been wrong before. ;P

Counter started: June 12th, 2006
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