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This Screenie Page was created on the 19 Feb 2006.

It was entirely revamped in Dec 2010.

Last update: 21 Jul 2012.

Total Screenie Count: 300
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On the 20 July 2012, TNT shared a video on their FB page. This video was created by me for my 7-year Neopets anniversary. Thank you for all of your lovely comments, I really do appreciate it and a big thanks to TNT for sharing it - and of course, for all the years of joy they have given us.

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Lab Ray

If you're wondering why there aren't so many screenies here, it's 'cause I never really thought to screen cap my good zaps. Don't ask why... anyway, I've created a list of pet's I've zapped that I didn't get screen caps of. See below.

Mutant Buzz
Pink Bori
Snow Moehog
Fire Wocky
Strawberry Jetsam
Maraquan Jubjub
Halloween Lupe
Pea Chia (And I didn't keep it for avatar! :O THE HORROR!)
Grape Chia
Pink Mynci
Striped Koi
Green Poogle
Shadow Moehog
Camouflage Elephante
Jelly Uni

I also zapped a Chocolate Meepit once!

All of these pets have since been adopted out. Do not ask me for them. I do not have them.