TNT, I have a question: why did you freeze the Pound_Release? I mean, isn't that a staff member's account? What will happen to all of the Neopets in there? Will all of the beloved unconverted Neopets be deleted? ~neoadopterz
We're very sorry that we apparently traumatised you guys, considering there were about four pages of panicked comments to the Editorial about this. x_X; We'd like to assure everyone that the account being frozen in no way impacts that account's capacity for releasing Neopets back into The Pound. The script that runs it will still function exactly the same. According to the programmer, it was simply frozen to keep players from visiting the User Lookup.
thank you Elizabeth

Welcome to Pound_Release names! Here I wrote a lot of names of pets stuck in pound_release.
Pound_release is this account; it doesn't have any pets. But if you search any of the following names, you'll figure out that the owner is pound_release.
It's an account created by the Staff and they put there a lot of pets!
There are UCs, Royals, Pea Chias, Draiks, Krawks, RNs, RWs!
Anyone knows when the Staff release pets; we only know that they release a lot of pets around 8:47:00 am NST.
If you want to search for a pet, this is the link
For any question about pound_release, neomail me here, but read the FAQS before!
If you want to link me back, you'll find the banners in the end of this page!
© This page has been created by Faith.
A big big thanks to Oldskoolgamer & Jimmy for the ton of names!
Thanks to Sarah who helped me with colours and genders!
In the end, thanks also to Tamara!

Last update: 1/30/10 (in English calendar) & 30/01/10 (in Italian calendar)


You can ask me what you want, don't feel shy, I don't bite. I always answer every question; I like chatting about things I like (:

-How do I adopt pets from pound_release?
•You just have to stalk them everyday ;D

-Where do you take the names?
•There are a lot of lists in the web, but I sometimes check out topics where they're talking about pound_release :)

-Have you ever adopted pets from pound_release?
•No, but I'm stalking a few - I won't add them to this list :D

-Where you got the time for pound_release?
•From the boards.

-What are "strings"?
•So basically, it's neopets starting out with the same "string" of letters (or numbers), or a certain word. You might have noticed this pattern in the pound! An example of this: cutemegan, cutebaby48, and cute__shoyru would be on the same string. The Pound_Release account releases pets in certain "strings" and therefore makes your pets easier to stalk. So if you notice a lot of pets being released that start out with "red", and the pet you're stalking is RedRuki, you know that your stalkee is bound to be released soon.
{Thank you Joelle}

-How do i try to do a trade with the neopet?
•You can't trade pets with pound_release, because it's not owned by anyone.

-Are you adding pets from users?
•Sure thing! I love when people send me their names. They're really kind (:

-Where are the pets released?
•In the pound.

-Do you know anybody who /has/ got one?
•I actually know that Meepit was released on 07.08.09 and Emma and Krawkz have been released too.
So, yes, it's possible to get a pet (:

-I clicked on the link to search for a pet, but neopets said that the person had their account frozen.
Can you help me?
•When you search for a pet, you have to put the pet's name
instead of "PetNameHere", which is only there to make your search easier.

-Are these pets on pound_release waiting to be adopted?
•They're waiting to be put on pound_release.


-Allen, Robot, male
-woopies, Yellow, female
-Twigis, Yellow, male
-PoneyboyCurtis, Island, male
-Acatatjuh, Skunk, female
-chatabeau, Tyrannian, female
-Judiiey, Royalgirl
-Cephelia, Maraquan, female
-arisal_17, Baby, female
-Superman, Split, male


-Coco_Nenetl, Baby, female
-Sondelle, Alien, male
-Tempurr, UC Grey, male
-Shrunen, Maraquan, female
-Residents, Christmas, female
-Asyll, Snow, female
-Absorbers, Blue, female
-Artelian, Fire, male
-Emotiona, Blue, female
-Tallaiss, Silver, male
-elvireera, Spotted, male
-Caived, White, female
-Leialialea, Ghost, male
-marimuz, Baby, female
-Sposhes, Baby, female
-SportsJock, Camouflage, female
-Aisyo, Faerie, male
-Bakazgon, Grey, male
Boquire, Maraquan, male
-Kaxulu, Maraquan, female
-Rosey_B, Sponge, female
-Kanish345678, Sponge, female
-Deliicea, Tyrannian, male
-DelilahDreaming, Sponge, female
-janieb1rd, UC Faerie, female


-Tevins, Baby, male
-Manvasy, Maraquan, male
-Schilz, Darigan, female
-Firewyze, Fire, male
-Naramata, Sponge, male
-eLmO_HoP, Sponge, male
-_cosmia_, Jelly, female
-tomato_salad, Jelly, male
-Letyvian, Checkered, female
-Hopp, Red, male
-Bunderra, Jelly, female
-Lauracinda, Split, female
-Zanister, White, male
-Woolymammogram, Halloween, female
-roo24, Camouflage, male
-Ravaiya, Faerie, female
-Rilany, Faerie, male
-Juiblex, Snot, male
-Mastacatra, Snow, male
-Kashewyn, Fire, female
-Shalyara, UC Faerie, female
-BonjuAvatar, Red, male
-Bonjuel, Orange, female (thanks to teddy_bear418)
-Kulone, Pink, male (thanks to pawprint_balloon)


-Cozylen, UC Plushie, female
-Miorx, Island, female
-Mystalian, Plushie, male
-Kaily_Cloud, UC Tyrannian, female
-Floppygemoo, Snow, male
-Salaam_22, Snow, male
-nofood15, Faerie, male
-Narmenos, Darigan, female
-Yevetha, Custard, female
-Balipia, Robot, female (thanks to angelofthedarkearth)
-Korialle, White, male (thanks to angelofthedarkearth)
-Lanshor, Disco, female (thanks to angelofthedarkearth)
-Kashielo, UC Tyrannian, male


-Accios, Christmas, male
-BRUCEH, Blue, male
-rukyni, Spotted, female
-pengu9520, Rainbow, male
-PeridotWynter, White, male
-Lilcali1, Faerie, male
-LilApachy, Spotted, female
-multiplication, Mutant, female
-concededly, Mutant, female
-GoldenSnack, Christmas, male
-SelfEsteem, Faerie, female
-luropo, Maraquan, male
-Absence, Red, male
-kill_bill_08, Blue, male (thanks to stoofington)
-Sesers, Maraquan, female (thanks to stoofington)


-draik, Red, male
-Balkaar, Electric, male
-Buthainah, Halloween, female
-ZapMeNicely, Maraquan, female
-Kiltru, Snot, female
-Thymorian, Darigan, male
-Kayellor, Maraquan, male
-Lihahi, Snot, female
-Milo, UC Plushie, male (thanks to 100sugarbabe100)
-Pinale, Faerie, male (thanks to poogletastic)


-Cayriec, Pineapple, female
-lowai, Plum, male
-choreographed, Green, male
-Leyks, Green, male
-Peeping, Snot, female
-jamy1325521, Avocado, male
-Chiazii, Fire, male
-cheops47, Desert, male
-sketeks, Tyrannian, male
-bestbugger, Mutant, male
-Skippoii, Chocolate, female
-thunder_machine, Chocolate, female
-kizzzmee, Faerie, female
-Toniy, Apple, female
-Christalmabella, Blueberry, female
-sawyer22849, Carrot, male
-Meropei, Chokato, male
-Coniat, Gooseberry, male
-kaylastorm, Grape, male
-mintcutie, Lemon, female
-Phizzee, Lemon, male
-Evuelchen, Lime, female
-Chibena, Peach, male
-Chysuki, Pepper, female
-Chocolate241460, Tomato, female
-Austrian, Yellow, male (thanks to xserverusxsnapex)


-shortysbaby, Maraquan, female
-happyboy_forever, Maraquan, female
-Kalvino, Faerie, male
-Aristology, Red, female
-Charatry, Yellow, male
-chomm, Yellow, female
-coyak, Blue, male
-kyoto_song, Yellow, male
-Wenth, Green, male
-Zan_x61, Blue, male
-misunolas, Fire, male
-Lovely_spotted, Red, female
-VesVerin, Red, female
-dringed, Green, male
-Proiettore, Disco, female
-Sapphifire, Ghost, female
-Konvicta, Ghost, female
-dawnotime, Checkered, female
-Thyneh, Blue, female
-little_mr_chomby, Blue, male
-Chomua, Yellow, male
-Kaseylime, Yellow, female
-Shatarupa, Yellow, female
-Lino_x3, Yellow, male
-Shawkes, Snow, female
-lavender_rose, Red, female (thanks to koopalings)


-Cleooh, Maraquan, male
-VivaMartini, Blue, male
-bluelinia, Pink, male
-tonya_blue, Baby, male
-Sugarings, Yellow, female (thanks to puffzooy4)
-Rexint, Yellow, male
-cye64, Blue, male
-moomoochow_, Blue, female
-Jeweliasiaa, Blue, female
-Cocopuffs116, Ghost, female
-___Snowee___, UC Royal, female (thanks to tuxedokamen)


-bluebaby1278, UC Plushie, male
-Kesantia, Faerie, female
-Blue_Icey_Snow, Blue, female
-Bonemer23165, Maraquan, male
-Mountain_Saphire, White, female
-neomo_9_9_9, Baby, female
-Mortal_Draik, Darigan, male
-Al_HadiyeBadr666, Royal, male
-Xx_Thaze_xX, Yellow, male
-gamecube117, UC Plushie, male
-Cleopatra69572, Mutant, female
-Westtun, Baby, male


-rupara, Blue, male
-Mejuniorele, Faerie, female
-_Sox__, Purple, female
-Zafaragil, Cloud, male
-Kasqua, Christmas, male
-Stowdy, Pink, female
-Kruth, Snow, female


-Charness, Grey, female
-Alphonsimon, Grey, female
-Malfoy, Blue, male
-Garbage, Red, male
-zenu, Striped, male
-Galaxoc, Darigan, male
-Wise_Flyer, Darigan, male
-Baramir, Grey, male
-Cortric, Grey, male
-Jalax, Grey, female
-Elysabelle, Tyrannian, male
-Gorw, Tyrannian, male
-Karasym, Tyrannian, female
-Moslyeu, Tyrannian, male
-SnowagerGaurdian, Tyrannian, male
-durdian, Faerie, male
-Masarii, Tyrannian, female
-Kauvaras, Blue, male (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-kyutti, Cloud, female
-Swumed, Royal, male
-twisterla, Spotted, male
-Buzin, Red, female
-Raonai, Royal, male
-__Klarissa__, Royal, female
-Nenq, Plushie, female
-Broagin, Faerie, female
-Krawz, Blue, male
-Flotsam, Green, female
-katopia12, Red, female (thanks to azarte)
-Karp, Blue, female (thanks to azarte)
-Tuteeana, Green, female (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-Unlove, UC Darigan, female
-Money, Green, male
-Citako, Shadow, female
-Corallia, Rainbow, female
-Rexi, Blue, male
-Barclaii, Striped, female
-fluffyloo1, Christmas, male
-Shyien, Sketch, male
-Allducado, Speckled, male
-CodaMaestoso, Speckled, female
-happiness_615, Baby, female
-Mimi_LaRue_, Baby, female
-Brooke_Lindsey, Darigan, female
-lightsunray, Faerie, female
-Minexila, Faerie, male
-Monchousen, Maraquan, male
-zappyzappy07, Pink, male
-La_Enfoncez, Strawberry, female
-the_fantastic_gelert, Strawberry, male
-_tye_, Halloween, male (thanks to peppy20)


-xx_wee_baby_boy_xx, Baby, male
-Kujeka, Rainbow, female
-Loudle, Blue, male
-Mixisya, White, female
-Syyborg, Rainbow, male
-Sparkshooters, Red, female (thanks to gummystyle)


-__Puu__, Snow, male
-Tyrannidz, Brown, female
-Rexie, Red, male
-Rexuu, Red, male
-kinsieta, Grey, female
-larry_the_pooper, Darigan, male
-Blaze, Yellow, male (thanks to sadinei)
-stephalephalephalie, Red, male (thanks to iloveakaila)


-Pluishy, Shadow, female
-Krokers, Christmas, male
-Kyrby, Red, male
-Reika, Purple, female


-Sanctium, Ice, male
-Der_kleine_da, UC Darigan, male
-ash_star_baby, Darigan, male
-Tuition, Blue, male


-Spinkzy, Red, male
-Ruemor, Grey, male
-darkyuuki, Faerie, male
-Thunderwingsk11, UC Faerie, female


-Melsipic, UC Darigan, female
-bahalors, Starry, male
-Caylite, Blue, female
-Tivyn, Green, female
-Emptied, Striped, male (thanks to rooskee5466)
-Quooki, Robot, male (thanks to heuristic)


-Goudeno, Coconut, male
-Cocodub, UC Coconut, male
-Mirta, Blue, female (???)
-Selzimo, UC Grey, male
-garfieldgonewild, Grey, female
-Blobbule, Blue, male (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-Con, Red, male
-Noelleah, Electric, female


-Sinsii, Sketch, male
-Morbidity, UC Grey, male
-Bestie, Blue, female (thanks to sadinei)


-Bast_Lily, Red, male
-Beckham_v3, Speckled, female
-Salayli, Red, male
-lopij, Striped, female


-Fawncy, Baby, male
-Kallal, White, male
-Frushia, Mutant, female
-Kikokoi, Blue, male (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-Polly, UC Darigan, male
-stulto, Mutant, male
-frutish, Spotted, female
-Lucidine, Striped, female
-Korcutie, Red, female (thanks to cream_sicle)


-Cysah, UC Plushie, female
-Harvler, Tyrannian, female
-Rumoll, UC Faerie, male
-purricat, Baby, female
-hinhan, UC Baby, male
-choco_0v0, UC Baby, male
-haloly, UC Baby, male
-The_OC_Rawks, UC Baby, female
-avnitia978866, UC Grey, male


-Terashie, Plushie, female
-Bekrawzie, Green, male
-Kamaliay, Shadow, female
-ceyonce_beyonce, Mutant, female
-Jiyk, Tyrannian, male
-Deveranzalin, Pirate, male
-Mitchar, Red, male


-Rychella, Yellow, female
-tyrantish, Halloween, female
-Napoleon_Don_Juan, UC Royalboy
-Lundenn, UC Grey, male (thanks to dallastomboy13)
-Sintily, Royal, female (thanks to twilight_princess1_)


-Payments, Split, male
-Zalequa, Speckled, male
-Pinkfit, UC Faerie, female


-KanchelsisMoonglow, Mutant, female
-Sarcasm, Red, female
-Seraenia, Baby, female
-IcyPaw, Grey, female
-Cooked, Ghost, male
-Tyzari, UC Halloween, female
-stiners_lupe, Halloween, male
-Carninon, Grey, female
-Kalovi, Baby, female
-babyfireguardian211, Grey, male (thanks to guipotter4)
-Barriers, Red, male (thanks to gummystyle)
flight__girl, Faerie, male (thanks to hogwartsbean3)
-sinddri, Green, male (thanks to teddy_bear418)
-Vexiing, Glowing, male (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-united, Gold, female
-DeRosenquill, Purple, female
-MumbleH, Green, male


-Lissyn, Faerie, female


-Preview, Darigan, female
-Carrot, Green, male (thanks to dust_bunnie_creator)


-NovaraRae, Island, female
-Moin, Blue, male (thanks to sadinei)


-Cronaldu, Baby, male
-Greece, Orange, male
-Corthele, Pink, male (thanks to teddy_bear418)
-Snert, Green, male (thanks to chaly_vero)


-Donneh, Rainbow, male (thanks to Reira)
-babyprincess__13, Disco, female (thanks to paint_horses_rule)


-Lollistica, Baby, female
-jem11223344neo, Glowing, female
-pongo98123, UC MSP, female
-Renalorino, Blue, male (thanks to lovelylivily)


-Solo, Red, male
-Typicl, Red, male
-Corvid, Green, female (thanks to insane_plantain)
-Keymaii, UC Faerie, female
-Spritzer, Green, female
-Mop, Yellow, female (thanks to philippa_unicorn)

-Lytinna, Skunk, female
-Quiggumz, Rainbow, male (thanks to hogwartsbean3)


-LiL_p0m_p0m, UC Faerie, female
-crazybug76, Mutant, male (thanks to wr3nched)


-Niiavin, UC Mutant, male
-superne, Brown, male
-Clods, Blue, male
-Scoorea, Camouflage, male


-seikuu144, UC Grey, male
-Mirphs, Faerie, female
-Gareth_2004, UC Faerie, female
-Lollina, Blue, female
-Moissonneuse, Blue, female (thanks to pawprint_balloon)


-Wevo, Plushie, male
-Sandwich, Yellow, male
-lereigh, UC Grey, female


-Letchin, Brown, female


-Kerogi, Yellow, male
-Tania775896, Mutant, female
-SecurityDuckie, Snow, male
-Denotes, Blue, female (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-Tuskaninny, Green, male
-mametchi_3, Mutant, female


-Fire_Drake1000, Marquan, female
-Ponygon, Blue, female
-ponyboy (thanks to ztq2000)
-UniMuffin, Blue, female (thanks to puffzooy4)
-Conchiglia, Red, female (thanks to lucyweb)


-Drives, Usuki, male
-SirCadigan, UC Usuki, male
-Campus, Blue, male (thanks to dablupanda)


-courtney, Yellow, female
-Shell, Glowing, male (thanks to bigmew)
-Tarseo, UC Grey, male
-Kymberley, Red, female (thanks to squin)


-Eryhn, Starry, female
-Luimina, Pink, female
-Kiparon, Faerie, female
-Cron, Camouflage, male
-Redxw_9, Baby, female
-football_star18, Baby, female (thanks to sadinei)
-Coffe, Mutant, male (thanks to Reira)
-toksin420, Mutant, male (thanks to _introit)
-GLTS_GLTS_5, Sketch, female (thanks to teddy_bear418)


-Allocer, UC Darigan, male
-Rainblug, Red, male
-Musical_snoopy, Fire, male
-nirvana6475, UC Grey, female
-Marblisa, UC Grey, female
-howend829_2000, UC Grey, male
-VinoTinto, Red, female (thanks to gastiii)

-sto, Blue, male
-Kaijyry, Christmas, female
-Becks_v23, Gold, male
-Tarquian, UC Grey, female

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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

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