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I was very inactive, and I have finally decided to close my site. But it's still up for people to use codes; just no updates. I don't think I'll come back. :/
Affies, feel free to remove me. Owning a site was fun...

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 You can edit the font as much as you want but the credit still goes to me!
 Do not steal or get any of these fonts rated.
 Link back to your lookup to show credit to the font. Not mandatory, though.
 Do not redistribute my fonts.

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Click on the neoboard pen fonts if you have one or click on non-neoboard pen fonts if you don't have a neoboard pen.

neoboard pen fonts
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Neoboard pen fonts

Click on the type of font you want. ^^

text fonts
picture fonts

text fonts

Mumford & Sons - As the winter winds

Devlin ft. Yasmin - Runaway

Customizable advertising font

FB Font

Picture fonts

MSPP face | Works in: Chrome

Attack Pea | Works in: All browsers!

Shocked eyes | Works in: A bit better in Chrome

Super Attack Pea | Works in: All Browsers!

Non-neoboard pen fonts

Click on the type of font you want. ^^

text fonts
picture fonts

text fonts

Maroon 5 - Queen of 18

Bigbang - Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Far East Movement - Like a G6

Bruno Mars - Grenade

Enrique Iglesias - Tonight I'm Lovin' you

Customizable bday font

picture fonts

Attack Pea | Works in: All browsers!

Font: Wand | Works in: Probably Chrome

AC fonts

Font: Darigan Citadel font | Works in: Firefox

Font: Krawk Island font | Works in: Firefox



 Only request when requests are open.
 Put the word 'Sheep' somewhere in the form. Your request shall not be accepted if you don't.
 Fill the whole form, be specific.

To request a font, simply click on the button below & send me the form ^^

Form for text fonts:

Form for picture fonts:
Picture fonts can really take some time. But I'll try my best.
I would prefer the image url of the picture you want as a font too!

Waiting list.
1. none
2. none
3. none
4. none
5. none


Do not steal the fonts I've made for others.

Please notify me when you've taken your font.

For Ace:

For sosu:


Font tutorial
- A font tutorial which will help you make your own fonts!

- Top 5 sites of different categories in Neopia according to me.

Review a font
- Get your font reviewed here!

- Find the answers for your questions here.


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Buttons link back to creators. ^__^

Brother Site

Typografia is an amazing font site by the extremely talented Chev! His fonts are high-quality and unique. Don't forget to visit his site!

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Button Requests

Buttoness is a unique button site. Rebecca comes up with something different everytime. Buttoness even has some dazzling & beautiful layouts which you wouldn't like to miss out. :D

→ DAR closed. Utopia enters at #3.


Kaleidoscopic takes the top spot for competitions. Kelly's site is a very unique one. Make sure you visit it!

Kaleidoscopic is #1 due to the closure of Dreamer.


With over 3500 links listed, Soroptimist Directory grabs the first place. Cass offers various amount of extras at The Reserve, Soroptimist's division. The Guide Library, another division of Soroptimist contains guides for almost every game!

→ None.


Mint Condition's fonts never lack quality. Evan has a variety of amazing text fonts & picture fonts. They even review fonts! You should really check out this site. :)

→ & the Cool enters at #2.

Premade Layouts

With over 100 layouts; avatar and background related, Autumn Breezes tops the rankings for premade layouts. This site is a must visit if you're in need of lookups!

→ None.

Review Sites

The Teahouse grabs first place for this category. Rika's site always offers very, very in-depth review. Her site is totally unique! Go visit The Teahouse if you wanna see it's uniqueness!

→ None.


Inspiration from Katie's fonts.

Want your font to be rated/review? You have come to the right place!
Just screenie your font & neomail me with the form!

Rating format

Quick Review

Screenshot of your font.
Status: Date Reviewed:

3 things I like about your font. 3 things I dislike about your font. Suggestions.
Score: ???/100 or ???%
Final Comments:

Regular Review

Screenshot of your font.
Status: Date Reviewed:

First impression: ??/10
Is you font nice? Is it easy to read?
Avatar Cohesion: ??/15
Does the siggy/color match with the avatar? If it's a picture font, does the picture match the avatar?
Improvements: ?/5
Is your font perfect? If no, then what you could have done to make it perfect. The more improvements I point out, the more points you lose. ):
Overall: ??/20
My final comments.
Score: ??/50 or ??%


Subject: Font review.

Waiting List

1. Shaolin.


Status: Complete Date Reviewed: 26th March 2011

First impression: 10/10
I love the font, especially the butterfly trail. The font was easy to read and good choice of the font face too. (:
Avatar Cohesion: 13/15
The siggy goes very well with the avatar. The colors match with the avatar, too.
Improvements: 4/5
The butterfly looked a bit weird. You could have used this butterfly instead: ʚϊɞ
Other than that, everything is perfect.
Overall: 19/20
A very amazing font, Shaolin. I love it. But the butterfly was the only thing that kept you away from a perfect score. Good job, though! Keep up the good work!
Don't forget to pickup an award for yourself. (:
Score: 46/50 or 92%!


Only take it if you have earned it!

Award's base from Comsopolitan.

frequently asked questions

  • Can I use your font please?
    Of course you can. I put them here so that you all can use it, right?

  • welcome guest, to my font tutorial

    Chapter 1 - The Basic Tags

    To get started, click Boards - Preferences or simply click here.

    The tags

    neoHTML - This tag is the most important one. Whatever you type or want to post is replaced by neoHTML and make sure you always put this tag in the NeoHTML Bar because it cannot come in the NeoSignature bar.

    [center]text here[/center] - This tag centralizes your NeoSignature. Simple.

    [b]text here[/b] - This tag makes your font bold. The second tag ends your bold font.

    [i]text here[/i] - This tag italicizes your font. The second tag ends the italicization.

    [u]text here[/u] - This tag underlines your font. The second tag ends the underline.

    [sup]text here[/sup] - This tag superscripts your font. The second one ends the superscription.

    The first picture doesn't have the superscript tag while the second one does.

    [sub] [/sub] - This tag subscripts your font. The second one ends the subscription.

    Notice the difference here? The first picture is not subscripted while the second one is.
    The [sub] tag comes before '2' and ends after '2'.

    [fontc=INSERTCODEHERE]Text[/font] - This tag assigns a color to your font. If you want to know how to assign the color, make sure you go to the next chapter.

    [fonts=INSERTSIZEHERE]Text[/font] - It assigns the size to the font.
    Remember: The maximum size you can assign is 4.

    [fontf=INSERTFACEHERE]Text[/font] - It assigns the typeface to the font.

    [fontc=COLORs=SIZEf=FACE]Text[/font] - This tag is used if you want to assign color, size and typeface all at once.

    IMPORTANT: Changes won't take place to your font if you DO NOT end the tag.

    Chapter 2 - Modifying the font


    Feel free to use and edit this tag to the way you want to.

    Adding color

    There are many software programs for eye-dropping. You can use SunnyNeo's online eyedropper. I recommend you to use GetColor or if you are using FireFox, you can use the ColorZilla add-on.

    This is the GetColor software. I think SunnyNeo shows how to download/install this. I don't think I need to tell how to use the program. Pretty self-explanatory. ;)

    So, lets come back on how to add colors.
    Its easy, just copy the RGB HTML code from GetColor and replace 'COLOR' in the code mentioned above to the color you get/want.

    Assigning the size

    Size is simple, just replace 'SIZE' in the code mentioned at the top with the size you want.
    Remember: You can only take your typeface up to size 4.

    Assigning the typeface

    Typeface is simple too. Replace 'FACE' with the one you want. For the list of Typefaces, check SunnyNeo. ^_^

    Changing the text

    Just replace 'text' with whatever you want. You can even replace it with the NeoHTML tag.

    You can even use the template below and edit it!

    Like this tutorial? Feel free to give me feedbacks and suggestions!
    Looking for more tutorials? Try the ones below!

    So come on, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow!