Welcome to Always my personal adoptable site. I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the content of this site. If there is anything you would like to see on the site send me a neomail at jessirochelle and I will do my best. Thanks for visiting!

Update Log

27 April 2011
New Layout! Hope you guys like it. Send me a neomail and let me know what you think? One new vector :)

26 April 2011
5 new Neo-Related Pixels, so cute go check them out!

24 April 2011
Featured site at Soroptimist! XD Also now listed at Android Directory(such a cute layout) && working on some more NR pixels!

23 April 2011
New Pixels and Vectors as well as Link Back Buttons! Enjoy!

23 April 2011
Featured in Soroptimist's "Notable & Newly Listed"! So exciting! Also listed at a few other directories! New content soon :)

21 April 2011
Always is OPEN!


I do not mind if you use any of this content in a layout or for any other purpose as long as you link back or give me credit in some shape or fashion. I do not want to make a Wall Of Shame. :)

About Me

My name is Jessi, I am 19 years old and I am a nursing student. Most of the content from this site is from my former site Monster Block which was not hosted on Neopets. Feel free to contact me anytime by neomail!

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