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Only Neopets related art here, full gallery at Rets@dA C:

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  • 20.08.2013 - +1 sketch trade
  • 18.08.2013 - +1 sketch trade
  • 16.08.2013 - +1 sketch trade
  • 09.08.2013 - thanks to lookup spotlight, images got broken :,) hopefully fixed now
  • 08.08.2013 - purged broken affiliates + 2 affiliates
  • 10.03.2013 - + 1 sketch trade
  • 03.03.2013 - + 1 personal art stuff + 1 sketch trade
  • 23.02.2013 - purged broken affiliates + 1 art trade
  • 11.12.2012 - +2 personal art stuff
  • 28.11.2012 - +1 art trade
  • 24.11.2012 - +1 gift art
  • 23.11.2012 - purged broken affiliates
  • 22.11.2012 - new button! + log started!

  • Successful AG entries

    for Peophin day

    for Kau day

    For Nimmo day

    first neopets image ever

    Failed AG entries

    for a random day

    for Lenny day

    for Ixi day

    for flotsam day

    acara day

    for Kyrii day

    the greatpiku hissi

    Art Trades

    art trade with

    art trade with judalthemagi

    art trade with belac127

    art trade with maico199

    art trade with lastavenger

    art trade with seoxys6

    art trade with topatee

    art trade with fuzzballjesse

    art trade with reynbanker

    art trade with atpgirl

    art trade with lint_yay

    art trade with arcanium

    art trade with dean_winchester_fan

    special art trade with origamigiraffe

    art trade with oceaeon

    art trade with bosco4ver

    art trade with neoquest_krawk

    art trade with skull_kitten

    art trade with aldrae

    art trade with blackforestwings

    art trade with buelle

    art trade with rosehs

    art trade with rip_tides

    art trade with _jakk

    art trade with hardxcorps

    art trade with fuzzballjesse

    art trade with paperxhearts

    art trade with blackbluebird

    art trade with mousysnail

    art trade with kirjing

    art trade with chili19

    art trade with nocturne

    art trade with rali_side

    art trade with mybestfriendgina

    art trade with twistedfate_original

    art trade with scorninc

    art trade with origamigiraffe

    art trade with origamigiraffe

    art trade with silver_wolfen

    art trade with maraquan_mew :3

    Sketch Trades

    sketch trade with

    sketch trade with nocturne

    sketch trade with gorubeza

    sketch trade with thing00727

    sketch trade with hikabunni

    retouch of the sketch trade with amylai127

    sketch trade with neorocket__xx

    sketch trade with takila

    sketch trade with hoyunjoyce

    sketch trade with amylai127

    sketch trade with art_un

    sketch trade with xnzred

    sketch trade with mapplen

    sketch trade with faerieflowerwings

    sketch trade with philgilder1

    sketch trade with tygr_man

    sketch trade with dark_moon_blossom

    sketch trade with blo_0d_drinker

    sketch trade with mybestfriendgina

    sketch trade with veeektor

    sketch trade with mckennarf

    sketch trade with blo_0d_drinker

    sketch trade with natgrid1999

    sketch trade with brigpod

    sketch trade with mudiikip

    Personal Neopets-related art


    jghjhgjhgjhgjg's design

    a quick redesign sketch

    a quick character sketch for another failed app

    giftart for
    mhf1234 c:

    For a draik application that failed

    For random contest again

    another quick doodle for football_lint : D

    a quick doodle for football_lint : 3

    a gift for an awesome Neopian named project_shadow_omega

    Verminea's design

    Pet portraits

    collab with burchelly

    For random contest (YEY!)

    Haikma's design

    Xezb's design

    Failed attempt at pixel-art

    Wamcake's design

    gift for scorninc

    RetyRety1000's design

    Denedal's design

    Zhiil's 2nd design

    Biophysics' 2nd design : )

    Zhiil's design

    Vexal version 2 ^^

    Vexsal's first design

    Biophysics 1st design : )

    random darigan bori

    random darigan aisha :3 (dreamie)

    this was a gift to someone who i cant remember lol :0

    Zhiil's beauty contest entry (when he was a mutant xweetok)

    old pet's beauty contest entry : )

    lookup stuff(tried to do a lookup but got tired of it too soon)

    skeith lol

    nightsteed : D

    fire pteri

    1st winning BC entry

    NT attempts

    Random events are random

    A lazy tutorial!

    blo_0d_drinker for letting me harass your character : D

    Trade list:

    Empty! Or just too lazy to update hahaha!

    (or the stuff I want you to know)

    Q: Request?!
    A: They will (never) be open. So no. If I truly feel like taking requests, I'd make a board in the Art Chat.

    Q: Art Trade?! Collab?!
    A: Just try me! I really love doing these, even though I am pretty slow with my part, but seriously, just drop me a Neomail! I only reject the offer if I have too much stuff to do. Collabs are the most loved of the two though.

    Q: If we were to art trade can you draw ____?
    A: Whatever it is, I can. Would it be any good? You'd be the judge of that. I have my weak points, but I am always working on getting them covered. So don't worry too much about that.

    Q: What is up with the style differences?!
    A: They just happen. That and I sometimes feel experimental. IF we happen to art trade AND you don't want this to happen, please tell so, I can imitate my previous techniques and styles, just note which one do you want me to use.

    Q: Can I use *insert picture here*?
    A: Anything in the failed/accepted art gallery categories is fair game, if you don't plan on using it in the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery or in anywhere else where it's against the site's rules. Just credit me somewhere :)
    Some stuff in the Personal category is usable too, but not all, so drop me a Neomail.

    Q: Can you change *insert picture here* background to transparent?
    A: Sure, if I can find the original file. Just neomail me.

    Q: Hey can I draw any of your pets?

    Didn't answer your question? :O Feel free to
    ask me! Seriously! Do it!

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