Moltara Guide

Welcome to the little petpetpage I created to help show the steps needed for getting the Red Moltite.

If You have any questions that haven't been answered by my guide, feel free to neomail my main account here

Bug Report

January 2012
There is currently a bug so the darks caves is not linked from the Magma pools page, however the direct link to the dark cave still works.

November 2011
This bug appears to have been fixed, however the orange and rainbow worms have changed possition. I will get my screenshots updated ASAP New screenshot now up
Thanks to stararan for letting me know about the fix.
It has come to my attention that there is currently an ongoing bug when collecting the worms. TNT is aware of the problem and is working to fix it soon.
It seems that those pesky Moltara worms are up to no good again! We have informed our developers and we hope to have the issue fixed soon!
Thanks to emraz for letting me know of this problem

Worm Guide
Material Locations
Magma Pool

Some Useful quick links
Moltara City
Moltara Caves
Dark Cave
Magma Pool
Cave Pattern Guide
Petpet recipes
Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic

Sharksteeth, my Magma Jetsam ^^

Worm Guide

Start by going to Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic (Shop on Right, below Cave Glider)

There you are given a lantern.

Now you can catch those pesky worms!
(Note: You need to have the lantern in your inventory, it won't catch worms hidden away in your SDB ^^)

Here is where some of the worms can be spotted :)

Five worms appear in Moltara City

The other five worms appear in Moltara Caves

The Black and rainbow seem to appear the least, but they will eventually appear, so don't give up!

I advise refreshing the page every few mins (it seems they "refresh" every 5mins, so checking every couple should be fine ^^)

Also note, the worms appear on a "personal timer" so make sure to keep a note of when you find each worm, they should appear at the same time the next day ^^

Once you have collected all 10 worms, head to your inventory. There, use the lantern and select the "add worms" option

Now head on over to that really Dark Cave!

By pressing the buttons you navigate a maze you will come across dead ends, monsters and eventually the Red Moltite.


A Pattern for the caves been found! ^^ Thanks to Lyn (nyllyn2) for your work to find the pattern!
Depending on what the initial saying is will determine which directions will take you to the Red Moltite.
(In the screen above, the saying "Look at those Shiney rocks" has the directions "Left, Right, Right, Left")
Lyn's guide has full tables for the possible sayings.

Now head back over to Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic where you can exchange your lantern for a wearable.

The two prizes you will end up with are

The Red Moltite is the 4th material that can be used in Tangor's Workshop
There you can combine the 4 materials (Gears, Scrap metal, Obsidian and the moltite) to create robot petpets.

You can now also combine five of the robot petpets (Adagio, Daloop, Goyalbotnik, Raverge and Valteek) To create a warable toy robot. (Vaggendotra 5000)

I've put together a helpful page to show which materials are used to create each petpet here

At the beginning of the new day, I went to Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic as advised the previous day, and disaster! The worms have escaped!
I now have the empty lantern and the worms have appeared on the pages again!

I have been informed that completing the quest line again rewards you only with the moltite. You do not get a second lantern!

Material Locations

The miscellaneous gears can be found on the Moltara City page.
Here is a screenshot to show you were you might be able to find the gears.
I have also highlighted the area to click to find the Shiny Obsidian.
The Scrap metal is found in a random event whilst browsing the moltara pages.
The gears seem to appear randomly (once per day) but may also follow the "Personal Account Timer" (If anyone notices they find the gears at the same time each day, let me know ^^)

Magma Pool

The Magma pool is unrelated to the worms. Here is the screens I took of my visit. (I only had 9 worms at the time, so collecting the worms will not let you paint your pet magma).

You can randomly gain access to the magma pool at a random time (again there is an "account timer" so keep a note if you ever catch the gaurd sleeping!)

Alternatively, you could see the following before painting your pet :)

(Thanks to gmdaddy for the screenie + info ^^)

So far, no one knows for sure how to gain full access to the moltara pool. It seems that full access is only possible on your main account.
There are of course lots of things I could have done on my main account but not my side (such as playing the games/finding the parts/making the petpets) but no one really knows why :(

In the most recent issue of the Neopian times, neopets said you are free to catch the gaurd asleep on your side accounts, but to gain access you have gained NP.

Further Update! I have confirmed that you can gain full access having not taken part in the Moltara plot.
Thanks nolliemarie for letting me know.

Frequently Asked Questions
and attempted answers!

What items do I get from completing this quest?
For completing this quest, you are rewarded with a wearable lantern, and some red Moltite

Painting your pet magma doesn't have anything to do with the worm collecting, and seems to just be random when visiting the Magma Pool

I've completed the steps and given a new lantern! What happens if I complete the quest again?
If you repeat the quest you will receive the red Moltite from the cave, however you will not receive another wearable lantern.

The shopkeeper didn't give me a lantern, how do I catch the worms?
If you visit the shop and find you do not receive the lantern, it's most likely you have already collected the lantern, and perhaps stored it away in your safe deposit box
(it's particularly easy to do this when using quick stock to make space in your inventory)
Click here to search your Safe Deposit box for your lantern.

I was only able to find 9 worms, will I still be able to finish the quest tomorrow?
Don't worry! You can find the last worm (it wont be reset or anything) the next day.
As you can complete the quest daily for the red moltite, you will have to wait another day if you were planning on repeating the quest :)

I have been refreshing for hours but still haven't found the "insert name of worm here" yet! Am I doing something wrong?
I'm afraid not :( Some of the worms seem to be harder to spot (i.e they never appear when you refresh!) than others, but they will eventually appear.
Just keep looking every 5mins or so (or as often as you can) and eventually you will find them.

I lost one of the worms to a random event! Can I get another one?
Don't worry, no need to panic! The little worm will start apparing to be caught on the moltara city and magma pools page.
(Hopefully you kept a note of the times you found your worm at originally, so it doesn't take too long to find again!)

Note: Your worms will be safe if you leave them in your safe deposit box or gallery, but remember to take them out when you want to use your lantern!

I have collected all the worms. Why can't put them in the lantern!
You must have all the worms in your inventory (not hiding away in your Safety Deposit Box) Count up all the worms in your inventory to make sure you have all 10 out.

Can I paint a pet from a side account?
Yes, its a rare chance you will get lucky enough to find the guard asleep, but as you don't receive any items from him, its fine to paint a pet from your side account.
Please remember though, that you should not collect the Red Moltite on a side account!