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The Basics

Full Name: Rekoned Tobias Makimono
Nickname(s): Rek, Rei, Rei-kun, Errand Boy
Pronunciation: Wreck-on-ed
Neopets Name: Rekoned
Species: Lupe
Gender: Male
Paint Brush Colour: White
Conversion Status: Converted
Birthday: October 24th
Age: 22
Birthplace: New Quake, East Side, Little Asia
Languages: English and Japanese fluently
Accent: None
Height: 5'10
Weight: 152 lbs
Build: Slender, only slightly athletic, effeminate. The appearance of a young man with only a slight softness.
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Hair Colour: Bright blonde
Jewellery: None
Markings: Network of scars across his back, otherwise unmarked.

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Shaken, Not Stirred

+ Walking
+ The ocean
+ Beautiful things
+ Kage
+ Salty food
+ Seasons changing
+ Watching others
+ Family
+ Showing Off

- Being still
- Ignorance
- Whiners
- Pipko
- Damaged items
- Thinking too much
- Surprises
- Not having control
- Other Showoffs

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Intro .. Welcome to New Quake .. Basic Stats .. Meeting New People ..
.. How I Like It .. Associations .. The Past has Passed ..
.. Interactions .. All for the Fans .. Plot ..
.. Award .. A Quilt .. Visit any Time .. Farewell ..


12.20.11 After forever of doing NOTHING I'm getting some work done. About time.
02.17.11. Thanks for the code change TNT, everything all messed up now /sigh. Still under construction, but we're getting there. going to try and make a BG to get rid of negative space, and I have so many folders dedicated to Rek's history that it's baffling. Should be all done soon!
01.14.11. Failing miserably at the content update. Why does Rekoned have so much info?
01.13.11. Writing up all major content and fixing the background today.
01.12.11. Stef gave me permission to use her codes. Rekoned's petpage is being redone at last!


Are you tired? Work getting you down? Maybe it's time to step out of your real life, get away for awhile, and take some time to recenter. Looking for that perfect place? Relaxation, culture, shopping? Sunshine and a night life to die for? Well then New Quake City is the destination for you!

Spend your days on the beach, enjoying the sun! Stay in any five-star hotel and you and your family are within walking distance to the ocean. Walk our boardwalk; enjoy the shopping where each unique store can keep you entertained for hours! Looking to bring the kids along? No problem! New Quake pier's have attractions for all ages, including the Celestial Ferris Wheel known all over the world!

Enjoy the nightlife of New Quake while you're here. Wine and dine in a true Italian restaurant, or perhaps you'd like a more immerse experience? New Quake's Geisha Sector is renown for the most authentic and true to life portrayal of culture and entertainment in all the country!

Planning a vacation or a business trip? A Wedding or maybe even a honeymoon? Maybe just a weekend get-away. Think of New Quake for all occasions. There's something in beautiful New Quake for all tastes, and styles.

So take a load off, leave your worries at home and bring yourself to New Quake City! It's the experience of a lifetime!

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Welcome to New Quake

The city of New Quake was all its' name implied. Things here were fast, scary, and on the cusp of fame. Set against the hard side of the ocean, the city was always holding host to a plethora of tourists in the good seasons, meaning many businesses had gone out of their way to settled down in fast paced New Quake. The city was oddly constructed, a mixture of suburbia and inner city life. At first all was well and good in New Quake. But as the world sped up so did it's inhabitants, and when trouble began to brew; it was all authorities could do to keep up.

Along with the industrial boom, the nightlife and all the attractions that came with it began to grow. New Quake quickly became the vacation spot for any big money, and for any sorry middle class pencil pusher that wanted to live it up a little. The city boasted culture and class, and it was quickly split into four quarters with all there own attractions.

The East Side held Little Asia at it's head, including authentic Asian restaurants and attractions, and the most often sought after Geisha Sector. It was all wine and dine, and only the high end folks found welcome company there. The lives of those in the Geisha Sector were a well kept secret, and some never even left the confines of Little Asia for their entire lives.

The South Side was most often referred to as Tourist Land. Here was the boardwalk and pier, branching out over the warmest parts of the ocean. Novelty and gift shops competed to hold place here, and with all the high end hotels nestled on the shore line, it was a tough business. Some would even say life threatening.

The West Side held The Burbs. Here was where the growing population of New Quake settled. Being nicknamed the Burbs was a running joke by the ever busy inhabitants. Suburbs were in short supply in the tightly packed apartments and narrow streets. The beauty of New Quake was hard to see now, with a booming population and ever more need for housing.

The North Side was Industry. Plain and simple. Towards the converging points at the center of New Quake was where all the big business planted themselves. In the downtown of the city were the corporations, those beautiful glass buildings that gave the appearance of true money, but the outskirts had the true factories. Most of the inhabitants of New Quake worked in these often spoken of but seldom seen buildings.

Yes, New Quake had become a city living on the brink. Most only came to visit, to escape and live in a surreal world where no one cared about your name; only your intentions. Those who chose to live in New Quake usually had their own skeletons to deal with, and most people lived out their lives peacefully - with their heads down and in their own business. Crime wasn't such a big factor either, there weren't many muggings in bustling New Quake. That'd be bad for business. There did seem to be a nasty habit of nosy people going missing, but with so many eyes glued to the floor, who would notice?

There was one flaw of New Quake. A flaw exploited over and over again. With everything moving so fast, how could anyone get what they needed? Parts to a car, or maybe medicine for a child. A message delivered safely even. Most people stuck to their sides of the city, but there was a certain class that took a certain type of soul.
Couriers passed though the streets and beyond the shadows, somehow always available when wanted - and they always, always have what you need.

More than a coincidence? Sure. But who can complain in a place where faces pass faster than the time. They almost always have some dirty ties, and with an unrivaled knowledge of New Quake they're nearly impossible to find unless they want you to find them. Most Couriers are the citizens born and bred in New Quake, and have known no other life than the one they lead. Generally they work exclusively for one guy or another - but it's a fair few that hold no ties and work as they go. Amongst the crime and misdeeds in dear New Quake, amongst the scum and the criminals, it is they who are the most dangerous.

Why? Pretty simple. In a place moving on fast forward, everyone has to find some roots to keep them grounded. How firm those roots are varies, but roots are roots until the bitter end. Those without the roots? They need no one. They know the current and the speed of the city, and without those roots they're the ones who are free to move with the flow. They don't fall or fade, they just ride the waves.

So, what is it that you need?

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Meeting New People

Meeting new people is an art. That was something my mother taught me from day one. She never meant it in the way that most people do. Meeting new people was not something that was done in passing, where you'd mention "Oh, I met so-and-so today." When she talked about meeting new people, my mother meant something all together different. To meet someone was to make a connection with them. You could talk to someone many times and not really meet them. I guess an easy way to say it is to meet the 'true' person; to understand them in a more intimate way. My mother taught me how to meet people.

Then, she taught me how to figure out what they need.

My mother, one of the greatest Geisha that has ever lived in New Quake, always used herself as a tool. When she painted on her face, she was painting on whoever her customers needed her to be for that evening. Maybe if I was a girl I'd be a great Geisha too, I'm sure she'd have preferred that.

I'm good at figuring out what people need. Sometimes, I can tell them what it is before they even know. So when I… left my mothers' home, it was only natural I became a Courier. Turns out I was pretty good at getting what people needed after I figured out what it was they needed.

At first, I lived on the streets when my mother put me out. It was hard, lonely, and at times dangerous. Unlike most of the people living in the Geisha Sector, I'd gone to different parts of the city. I thought that made me some kind of expert. I was totally unprepared to take on New Quake in all her glory at the sweet age of 14. I'm not sure what would have happened if I hadn't met Deavon.

He was the first Courier I'd ever met, and he became my best friend. He, like most couriers, was contracted exclusively. He was working for the Mob, which was dangerous as working for anyone can be. The Mob is well known for shooting the messenger; and their products don't attract the best clients, but Deavon loved the thrill of it all. He taught me everything I know.

Throwing your lot in with anyone is a dicey business. As a courier its' hit or miss on who's a reliable backer or contact; you have to know how to 'meet' people. Most are content to have one secure backer or simple delivery jobs, and those are the part-timers. Couriers are privy to information that can't go unheard or unlearned. We know which pop star has what addiction, or what which pit boss is feeling a little desperate. There is very little security in this job, this way of life. I didn't realize how little until Deavon was dead.

The branch that we worked for didn't seem too concerned. As a matter of fact, they seemed a little pleased with the whole deal. It didn't take long to figure out the truth, or that the only backer any Courier should trust is a wall. So I made a decision. I was going to be my own backer.

It took some work to break away from the Mob, to bring down those responsible for Deavon, and to this day I owe some favors to a new Don who I helped put in place. Then I had to figure out how to create the biggest legend this city had ever seen. It was hard going at first, trying to take orders and deliver when I had no backer. I was back on the streets at the time too; I had nothing to my name but my clothes and what little money I had gained from doing some unsavory things. When I met Zu, everything changed.

I'm not really sure why he decided to help my sorry self out, but after I proved my worth to him a couple times he agreed to be my partner and get the ball rolling. We had a team: Eukyo as our pirate, Zu as our base, me as the mover. My ghost, Hakku Konpaku became a living creature. We made him powerful, but unobtrusive. He never stepped on anyone's toes, he did enough business to show he was not to be trifled with.

Of course, there is no Hakku Konpaku, and things don't always go so smoothly. Brickd came along, and aside from nearly killing me he has a serious issue with stealing things. But he helps out more than he hurts, and I know he needs help he's not asking for. Eleanhor is another odd factor, but she's not my issue anymore. The only thing I'm worried about is… nothing. I'm not worried about a thing.

Perhaps it is weak of me, but I love this power, this ability to change lives. I can take what work I want, and help those where I see fit. Maybe it's a god-complex, but you've never seen the look on the face of a mother who just got handed the medicine for her sick kid for next to nothing.

I'm good at meeting people. It is my most useful skill in my line of work. Someone once told me that I was too smart to do this shadows and smoke work, but I don't think they realize that this is what I was made to do.

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Association is Coincidental

Brickd I don't know if it's his real name, this is Brickd; he lives with me. I met Brickd when I was walking along the beach near my house. He was washed up on the shore, beaten and bloody, and when I touched him he woke up and almost killed me with a brick. I guess I have a sick sense of irony, because that's what I've called him for ages. He disappears a lot, and his english is awful, but he's a loyal monster. Like a little brother I never wanted.

Zu Zu took me in when I was 17. I tried to pick-pocket him, and he was the first person to ever catch me in the act. Then he almost broke my arm. He's ex-Army, and doesn't take my crap at all. I lived with him for awhile, and he helped me get my life straightened out so I owe him a whole lot. He runs a popular cafe downtown, you should check it out sometime.

Eukyo Another Ex-Military slag, Eukyo rarely spends any time on the ground. She's the pilot of this transport ship called 'Hitotoki'. She's beautiful, but dangerous; still bitter about losing the wars. She loves the idea that she's a space pirate, and who am I to argue? She gets me most of my products and I help her on some errands when she needs me.

Pipko Pip is Eukyo's little onboard computer. He's a little perturbed because he has a crush on Eukyo and can't do anything about it because he's a giant piece of metal and wires. He likes to try and clip my tail in doorways and all matter of sorry comebacks. Thinks he's so smart..

Elle Elle is this little girl Brickd found on the streets. She wont talk about where she came from, or why she's alone, but she keeps saying that she's a 'two-tailed fox of magic'. I don't believe in magic, but some odd things happen around that kid that I can't explain. She lives with Zu, and apparently can't stand me. Take a place in line little girl.

Kage. He's getting old now, but I've had Kage since I was a little kid. Kage means Shadow, and he lives up to the title. In his younger days he would cling to my head for hours at a time because he's scared of everything, including his own shadow. Now that I have a permanent residence he seems to have calmed down quite a lot. He isn't very playful, but he's a good snuggle buddy


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The Past has Passed


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This will be a log of Rekoned's RPs that stand out, or I just want to put here for the sake of keeping track. Keep in mind posts that are in NORMAL TEXT are mine, and posts in italicized text are my friend A's posts. C:

insert hur

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All for the Fans

((Drag and Drop))

Art By Others

By Quez

By Cee

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The Plot Thickens

NQ Plot goes here

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How to apply:
It's really quite simple to apply for the award. Just neomail me with the name of your pet and a link to their petpage. After you do that, all that's left is to wait for a neomail from me saying if you've won the award, and which one you've won. Simple, huh? 8D

Winners of the award so far:
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