Stranded Adoption Agency *

Hello and a warm welcome to Stranded! ^^ We are a new adoption agency that just opened! In case you're not sure on what Adoption Agencies do, I will fill you in. We adopt pets from the pound, generally, sick, hungry or lost pets and take care of them by making them happy by feeding, playing or curing them. x] We also zap them, hoping they will turn into pretty colours and help them find new permanent homes.
Way better then being stuck in the pound, eh? ;D
If you don't find a pet you like do check back frequently as we are constantly re-zapping abandoned pets that we have saved from the pound so who knows you might find your dream pet here someday! Alternatively, you might want to check out our Affiliates for other pets that are up for adoption :)!

Origin of Adoption Agency name

In Case you were wondering:
Stranded {adjective} : cut off or left behind
We got inspiration for our Adoption Agency's name from one of Stacia's Online games' Guild xD and we figured that it was sort of relevant to have a name like this for an adoption agency =)

Our mission

To help spread the love among pound pets, even if they are badly-named or do not seem appealing to other neopians. They still do require love! Although we can't possibly empty the whole pound one day. We are at least happy to help save a neopet one at a time :)

Badly named pets should be loved too!

We do not support trading pets!

Always remember to love your pets! =)


This is a non-profit adoption agency and we DO NOT ACCEPT neopoints or items for pets. We are in no way or form selling, trading, taking other forms of payment for my fosters or having any form of transaction with you! The only charges that you will ever have to pay is that of the pound fees when you adopt our pets from the pound.

About Us *

Stranded is run by Rachel and Stacia

Hi, I am Rachel ^^! I am an avid avatar collector and a decent gamer :D I restock sometimes or play Keyquest to earn neopoints. I lurk the AC and PC chats alot *shifty eyes*. Now that I am back from a Hiatus I will work more on running this agency and working towards my dream pets. I do all the updating on the adoption agency page, make sure that tranfers go right and help choose suitable parents for our fosters. I hope you enjoy your visit here and maybe even apply for one of our fosters. They just want a good loving home! In case you were wondering me and Stacia are sisters in real life. :)!

Hi, my name is Stacia! I am a plushie collector as you can see from my gallery. I am currently inactive due to school and real life commitments but I still come online sometimes on neopets to check on the progress of the Adoption Agency. Moreover, I still get to decide on the new parents for our fosters. Yes, I will be strict on some of the application of the pets that I foster so please read the rules CAREFULLY!!!! Any noob mails will be immediately deleted. Good luck in your applications! :D

faq *

Question: Can you tell me what time you are pounding *insert name of pet*?
Answer: No, we are finding good homes for my fosters and will not give them to random strangers.

Question: Why dont you keep the pets that you zap?
Answer: Our main goal is to help pound pets find better homes so keeping them would kinda defeat the purpose of our goal :X

Question: Lyk OMG!!! You hve sooooooo cool petz!!!! Lyk cn I h've ur (name of pet here)???? I wll be sooo gd to it!!!
Answer: 0_o

Question: Why won't you allow us to zap/trade our adopted pets?
Answer: We are only interested in permanent homes for our pets. Please only apply for them if you're sincere in keeping them the way they are. They have been through enough =(

Question: Can I be a member of Stranded?
Answer: Sorry, we don't plan to get people to help out at Stranded.

Question: Can I place *insert name of pet* in Stranded?
Answer: We will have to say no to the offer as it can get quite tedious and confusing if we accept other neopians' fosters.

Question: Hey, i noticed you have a few typos here and there on this petpage....
Answer: We will gladly appreciate if you point out any mistakes that you come across while browsing the page. We will fix them as soon as possible. :D

Question: Do you have a *insert colour and species of pet* up for adoption?
Answer: Just click on the "Homeless Pets" link below and check ^^! Incidentally, if you don't find the pet you are looking for you can always check back or just take a look around! You might find a pet here that you would take a liking for.

Question not answered? Send Rachel a neomail!

Pets UFA *

Fosters count: 10

Just so you know: We are dedicated to re-homing pets and thus we assure you 100% that we will not remove them from being up for adoption =)
DISCLAIMER - If we do not find a suitable adoptee for a foster, we have the right to temporarily take them down from adoption to rezap them!

All fosters here, including those undergoing labbing, are CONVERTED. We are just using the UC pictures cause they are cuter :D!

piedieo the Ice Usul (Female)

piedieo is your typical girl next-door. She's a very cheerful usul with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Ever since she was zapped Ice by the lab ray, she has had a phobia of fire ever since and she needs a loving owner that would look out for her all the time. She loves taking trips to terror mountain to play snow wars and her favourite past time is drinking slushies while sitting at the top of Terror Mountain. Among all the other fosters, she has been with us the longest but her hopes of finding a good home never dies :)!

Fostered by: Stacia
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Sparkles__x3 the Fire Uni (Male)

Sparkles is a Uni full of fiery compassion and has won the hearts of many of the other neopets. He just loves to help anyone who is in need of help. He even tries to keep a distance from piedieo as he knows she's afraid of fire. Sparkles loves to eat and would be seen wandering the fields of Meridell gathering food and not forgetting to bring back some for his fellow fosters. Stacia found him off a lost pet directory and would love to see him go to a good home. You can't possibly not like this beautiful boy!

Fostered by: Stacia
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Leitodo the Pink Kau (Female)

Leitodo was the first foster pet to be zapped into Snow by Rachel and wanted to lend her out to others for the avatar. However, It seems not many people need the Snow pet avatar and thus she is now being placed UFA. While she might prefer to stay indoors, don't mistake her to be a pampered brat as she's a lady of manner and politeness :D! Leitodo is rather hopeful in hopes of finding a good, new home after being freed from being stuck to a side account!

Fostered by: Rachel
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Blu_Baby the Mutant Cybunny (Female)

Although Blu might be scary looking, she's actually a rather timid Cybunny who always cowers behind others for protection. Her timidness makes her vulnerable and hence she's often teased by the mroe playful fosters :/ We hope that her new parent would be able to protect her and at the same time help her to overcome her timidness and learn to stand up for herself. Would you be the one? :)

Fostered by: Stacia
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Jecotivo the Faerie Buzz (Male)

Jecotivo is a pragmatic Buzz which contributes to his rebellious streak D: He is not one to change his mind easily once he has made his decision thus, often, causing his good intentions misjudged. Often found flying around the clouds of Faerieland, he enjoys freedom and hates to be restricted to the indoors. He has been through back and forth the lab ray and has finally emerged with a handsome coat of Faerie. Hopefully, he will have better luck finding a parent this time!

Fostered by: Rachel
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

ayofun the Faerie Meecra (Male)

ayofun is a mischiveous Meerca who can be found flying around the clouds of faerieland. He just loves to have fun which is in his name! xD Being the youngest in this agency, he is the baby of the fosters and is well pampered by the older fosters :D! His playful streak causes him to plays pranks on the other neopets fosters, although they can never catch him as he flies away too quickly. His parent abandoned him shortly after creating him and we can't help but feel sorry for him D: Hopefully, he will be able to find a new, loving parent :)

Fostered by: Stacia
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Andiegh the Chocolate Bruce (Male)

When Andiegh first came under Stacia's care he had a rather mean streak and started bullying the other younger fosters. We found out later that he had an unpleasant pound where he was bullied during his stay in the pound and thus resulting to his defensive nature. However, we know somewhere deep down, he is actually a kind pet at heart! We suggest that you keep him away from your hungry pets as he looks too delicious, don't you think? ;)

Fostered by: Stacia
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Learenzeo the Island Peophin (Male)

Learenzeo was also zapped Snow by the Lab Ray and was on a side account meant to be lent out to others. Often called Lea for short, Lea has been neglected on my side for a very long time. So I would want to give him the home that he deserves! =D Lea also loves going to Mystery Island to take long, leisurely swims with his friends along the beach. Not to mention, swimming to the depths of Maraqua to take a look at the colourful seashells that have on display. You can say he's literally one with the island spirit!

Fostered by: Rachel
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Torith19 the Woodland Tonu (Male)

Torith was a a permanent pet of Rachel's. Unfortunately, Rachel's plans for him did not work out well and hence she has decided to put him UFA. Torith is a true nature lover and prefers a peaceful and serene environment. He takes great care of his little garden in the Aoption Agency. ^^! A game of hide and seek with him is definitely of much difficulty since he camouflages well with his surroundings.

Fostered by: Rachel
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

_Pictures_x the Wraith Bruce

Pictures was actually a lost pet that Stacia adopted from a lost pet directory. When Pictures first came home to Stacia, he was rather timid and unsure of the unusual surroundings due to him being used to the pound. At first, he was scheduled to be transferred to a Pteri lover whom later got frozen before Pictures could be transferred. Perhaps is a stroke of luck for Pictures that he wasn't frozen together with the account :O After a long time of re-zapping, he turned into a recently released colour, the Wraith Bruce :D!

Fostered by: Stacia
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Undetermined (labbing) *

You are still welcomed to apply for these pets even though some of them might be unpainted. Please Note that these pets might change colour or species anytime since they are undergoing labbing!
If you wish to apply for any one of them do drop the respective foster a neomail ASAP!

Fosters count: 1

pubeall the Yellow Techo

pubeall is the clumsy one among all our fosters in our agency. If you hear things collapsing, you can be sure it's pubeall fault yet again. This is partially why she tends to get into trouble most of the time ;) Similarly like Pictures, she was supposed to be transferred to someone but her new parent went on a sudden hiatus. She is undergoing lab treatment again due to the lack of interest in her, how long more does she have to wait? D:

Fostered by: Rachel
Please read the rules before applying!
- Apply for Me! -

Going Home *

The current pets listed here have had their new parents being decided on/ awaiting for a decision. Do not send me applications anymore for these pets. Lets hope they fit in well into their new home ^^!

-None at the moment-

Happily Homed *

We have re-homed a few pets in the past way before we decided to set up this adoption agency and have forgotten most of the pets' names we have re-homed. So, we decided to list only those that we have re-homed since the start of this agency. ^^ Pets most recently transferred are listed at the top.

Number of pets Re-homed: 8

Dhaihla the Desert Kougra

Dhaihla was adopted by Rachel from a pound surf she happened to be lurking on. Luckily, she was well-fed and rather healthy when Rachel adopted her. However, it seems that she was an impulse created pet and was shortly abandoned after 11 days of her birth, poor girl! Due to her age, she does not know much about the world of Neopia and she is just like the baby of the Adoption Agency. After much labbing, she finally changed into a beautiful Desert Kougra and is now on her way home! ^^

Adopted by: Emerald on a side account :D!
On the 1st day of Sleeping, Y13
Fostered by: Rachel

Taukith the Island Zafara

Taukith is a very playful zafara who is always playing pranks on the other adoptees. [which sometimes gets on their nerves. Whoops! :X] Mystery island is where he loves to go to play Mynci Beach Volleyball. Despite his fun-loving character he can be serious at times if he wants to! Although he doesn't ask for much we can tell that deep down inside he is hoping for a new permanant home and being able to travel around the whole of neopia. His wishes are going to be granted soon.

Adopted by: Kay on a side account :D!
On the 1st day of Sleeping, Y13
Fostered by: Stacia

SnileDC the Halloween Flotsam

Oftenly nicknamed Snile, Snile was rather wary of us at first when he came under the care of Stacia but he has learned to warm up to all of us. Snile can be often found swimming in Maraqua looking at those adorable Maraquan petpets that he hopes to own some day. Don't you think he looks cute with that ghost outfit of his? He will soon be brightening up someone's Halloweens.

Adopted by: Mei Hun :D!
On the 11th day of Celebrating, Y12
Fostered by: Stacia

Kikoelo the Chocolate Xweetok

Kikoelo turned Chocolate on her first zap (lucky girl and Stacia!) We are sure that this girl would have a bright future ahead of her. Despite being a dependable neopet to trust errands with, she is a rather timid girl and gets scared off rather easily =/ We hope her new parent would help her build up her courage ;D!

Adopted by: Sheap on her side account :D!
On the 14th day of Storing,, Y12
Fostered by: Stacia

Butterisi the White Hissi

Butterisi is a rather shy Hissi. He acts rashly and never really thinks of what are the consequences of his actions. However, he's actually a kind hissi at heart. He loves the haunted woods where he feels at home. We actually chose a new parent for him a while back but unfortunately the new parent never came back for him x.x! Fortunately, we found a new parent soon after and his hopes have been re-ignited :D!

Adopted by: Anthrax :D!
On the 20th day of Gathering, Y12
Fostered by: Rachel

Tiponte the Garlic Kiko

Tiponte is an adventurous Kiko who likes to eat ALOT that even the gourmet club would be proud to have her as a member xD You can often find her swimming to the depths of Maraqua as she absolutely loves eating at Kelp but sadly we can't take her there often due to the cost of the meals there. :/ Fortunately she might just have her dreams come true, our first edible pet has finally found her forever home.

Adopted by: Lollie on her side account :D!
On the 7th day of Swimming, Y11
Was fostered by: Stacia

Xweethug the Chocolate Xweetok

Xweethug was once a permanent pet of Rachel's but since she can't take care of Xweethug anymore Stacia decided to help re-home her. Xweethug is a sweet and lovely pet as indicated by her name which comes from "Sweet hug" Perhaps she lives up to her name as just a warm, loving hug from her can definitely sweeten up your day ;) She was successfully transferred out and is now happy in her new home.

Adopted by: Hanna :D!
On the 2th day of Relaxing, Y11
Was fostered by: Stacia

Hamisen the Island Hissi

Hamisen was among the pioneer batch of fosters our agency has and she was definitely the most popular among applicants! Although this might not be surprising as Hamisen is an outgoing and cheery Hissi who loves to warm up to others! She is rather protective of the younger fosters and is looked up upon for her maturity :). After 2 long months, she finally found a new home. She has also become our first foster to be homed since the official opening of this adoption agency.

Adopted by: Kaja on her side account :D!
On the 30th day of Eating, Y11
Was fostered by: Rachel

unfortunate pets *

In memory of the not so fortunate pets, we decided to list them here. The following pets were either frozen or have been re-pounded.

Fosters Count: 4
let's keep it that way T.T

Matchiba the Mutant Ruki

Matchiba is an outgoing Ruki who just loves to make friends! He has been zapped for a rather long time and is finally going to his new home! ^^ His closest buddy would be Blu a fellow mutant =D! No matter who it is, as long as Matchiba meets someone new, he would always try to make friends and expand his ever-growing circle of friends. However, we feel he needs a circle of people to be called family and we thought he had finally found his forever home. Unfortunately, he was adopted out by his chosen parent and now resides on an active account.

Fostered by: Rachel

Arkipon the Robot Kacheek

Arkipon had a long wait to be zapped by the ray as we had many other pets to tend to but after a few short days of zapping he turned Robot, much to out delight. He is a rather tolerable Kacheek but make him angry and you will feel his wrath! Arki hates magnets and would cower at the sight of one. After months of having our computer malfunctioned, Arki was finally transferred to a new home. However, much to our disappointment, he was re-pounded and now resides on an account that has been frozen. RIP Arkipon :'(

On the 8th day of Running, Y12
Fostered by: Rachel

Rukarihime the Dargian Cybunny

Rukar was a Blue Ruki from the start whom turned into a handsome Darigan Cybunny. Perhaps, a symbolism of the bright future that he has ahead of him. Rukar is a true, loyal comapanion, he would protect his fellow Cybunny friend, Blu, if she was bullied by others. His fiesty nature would most probably make him a good battledomer. He was stuck in a frozen account before which thankfully has been unfrozen. Soon after, he was re-pounded to someone else who is active (thankfully!)

Fostered by: Rachel

Wendely798 the Fire Gelert

Wendely is a headstrong Gelert that although stubborn at times, he is determined in whatever he feels is the right way. Hence, this leads to his obstinate character. He has been in the agency for the longest time already and is always seen together with fellow fire mate, Sparkles until he was fostered out. Unfortunately, he was re-pounded and has been adopted by someone else. On the bright side, he seems to be well taken care of there :)

Fostered by: Rachel

Spare Paint Brush Clothing *

Through zapping our fosters, we have gathered up quite a number of spare PB clothings that we will gladly give away to clothless pets :)!
Our only rule is that you do not take the clothes for the sole purpose of increasing the pet's "trading value".

Shadow/Red x2/Yellow/Blue/Ghost Bruce

Orange/Silver/Yellow x2 Usul

Christmas Gelert

Christmas Ruki

Christmas Kiko

Snow Kougra

Tyrannian Usul

Zombie Kau

Zombie Pteri

Island Korbat

Robot Korbat

How it works

1) Ensure that your account where you are transferring/ receiving the pet is at least 4 months old
2) Neomail Rachel and inform her which clothing you will need, put the title as "Spare PB clothing".
3) Rachel will inform you on which account to transfer the pet to and you will transfer your pet to the designated account.
4) We will put the clothes on your unclothed pet and transfer your pet back on the next neopets day. Do ensure that you have sufficient incoming and outgoing transfers.
By giving away clothings, we are using up our precious transfers so we do hope that everything goes smoothly and as planned. Do note that we are doing this out of kindness and would never try to scam your pet!

Adoption Agencies *

Classic Falls Adoptions

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Other Sites *

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Want to be an affiliate?

1)Please place one of our buttons on your site.
2) If you are closing down your site, a short neomail informing me is appreciated!
3) Any default sites will be removed if no further notice of moving the petpage is given.
4) As of Sept 2010, I will not affiliate to anymore trading agencies. Sorry for the inconvenience!
5) In your neomail, please include the link to your site.

Neomail Rachel for an affie request.

link back *

They may not be good buttons but please help advertise us =D
We are currently in the process of editing our buttons. If you do find a broken image link please do take a new button. (: Thanks!

Just for advertising:

For your newly adopted pets:

Updates *

12/12/2012 - Preparing to reopen Stranded, added extra PB clothing section.

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Since the 20th day of Running, Y11
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Credit *

Layout by Vibe.
Neopets for their images
Ashyaruu for the button tutorial.
Picnik for the great site in helping to make buttons.
Boingdragon for the counter.
Other sites willing to affiliate us :)!
All the people who made this agency successful by adopting the pets.